Gingerbread man, Aliens and Stuff
September 20 2012

Last night I had an alien encounter! It was the strangest floppy little thang. He looked like a puppet! He was like a voodoo doll, or like a white gingerbread man. He was just an outline of slender torso, two legs, two arms, and a humble head. Two eyes, no hair, no ears, no genitals, no clothes, just the basics. A floppy gray figure. He chased me a bit but I wasn't scared. I can't wait to see him again. But in the morning when I attempted telepathic communication with this thing after our close encounter at night, he was quite the attitude.

Also last night I had a long sit down with one of the men in black, one of the United States government or military people in black suit. I did not recognize him, unless perhaps if he is Aulis Greenshaw. Black hair, a perfectly human man. We sat by the kitchen table of the home I grew up in. I'm thinking maybe the Zetas put us in a fake scenario that I would feel at home and comfortable in. He talked to me about money and other formal affairs.

Later in class I saw how the human surveillance remote viewing man surrendered the remote viewing over to one of the Illuminati hybrid chums, who also wear black suits. I asked why am I under such constant remote viewing surveillance? He said that it is because I have alien DNA and they need to see how I act and what I do. That made sense. So I finally know why they spend so much time and effort at me.

Then later Hamish brought one of the Japanese men in close contact with me remotely. Hamish was using the orange blunt bumps on his forehead to establish some kind of magnetic stimulus which caused the Japanese man's frontal lobe and mine and Hamish's all to connect, kind of like a conference call. It was very invasive, but having Hamish there I didn't quite mind having the Japanese man around too. I kept asking Hamish why he was bringing him in, but I still don't know the answer to that.

And later today Hamish said again, "No, carpet wash". He doesn't want me to wash his bathroom rug.

Oh well, aliens and stuff.

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