A Friendly Trip to the Crematorium
September 16 2012

Last night the Draconians took me to their crematorium / morgue down in the basement. Yep. Who would like some cookies and lemonade? It's just right for a picnic. Pass me the ham sandwiches.

Why the Crematorium?

My Draconians like to show me mental images of what is going on over there at their quarters. These scenes most often depict the hybrid children, presumably my own children. Typically the children are just carrying toys, and being adorable kids. One precious little girl yesterday was carrying a big childrens' book. The toys look as if they were given from earth humans. A lot of the toys look to be from the 1970's. Well, the other day, either yesterday or the day before, the Draconians show me that they brought a little girl into the crematorium room.

The crematorium is a big box compartment in the wall. It lies not head-on like the boxes at morgues on Earth, but along the long side. When I see it I've been confused as to what it is, but I've always known it to be a sarcophagus of some sort. Something where you put a body in and it dies and doesn't come back.

There is also a similar sarcophagus in the center of the room. This sarcophagus has been a central figure throughout my one year with the Draconian and alien team. It's been shown to me in mental images every now and so often. The Draconians spend some time there, and it occupies their thoughts, and they have also wanted me to see it. Probably not because they are sadistic, in this case, but because it is a tool that they work with and that provokes some thought in them. Maybe more of a humility in them, than something vicious or sinister, I would say.

There have been many references made over the year where they have threatened, or talked about, putting hybrids and things into those boxes. They may also use it as a threat to the children, as in this case with this little girl. She was left all alone in the room and the Draconians were telling her that she would be placed into one of those boxes if she didn't comply with a certain task that they had given her. That task involved one of the Japanese men. I will say no more because it would ruin your life if I did. I told them that I don't want to see this scene. I don't know why they show me.

The girl remained calm in the room and she was thinking about her options. She had the option of dying, or doing something that children don't really fancy doing. Because the Zeta team and Draconians are impatient to wait until children grow up. I will keep lecturing the aliens until they change their routines.

I invite myself as a distinguished guest

I've been nagging at my aliens to please let me visit! No matter who I ask over there, they always refer me to The Black One, Incubus Malik, who is the boss of all things. It is his decision, whether I go or not. So I've been asking The Black One if may I please come to visit down in their underground basement. I would not be afraid, and I would love a visit with my Scaly Ones. I mean, all these aliens - although they are weird and in many ways highly inappropriate - are my friends after one year. I want to meet them, oh yeah and even Malik the Black One is dear to my heart. It does that, he's been around so long that I want to see him.

I refer to the Black One as "my Honored King". It's not really "King", because this is in another European language. The word kind of translates as "emperor", "high military leader", "king", all of it. Calling him that keeps him totally at bay and behaving with me. It's funny how a word appeases such a scary hellish master, but it does. As long as I'm nice and respectful against my distinguished Draconians, they treat me well. And then things actually work, I actually enjoy having them here, they don't hurt me.

As for all the bad things they do, such as the insatiable sadism of Incubus Malik against hybrid children and his plots to conquer all worlds including this one of ours, I am not responsible for those, and if I were to choose to be hateful or judgemental of him then I would become consumed by it. I decide that I will not entangle myself with his darkness, and then on the other hand my Arcturian lady can keep reaching out to Malik in the nice ways that she does. My Arcturian lady protects me from Malik, without which I would have been lost and turned into what he is... gulp, that is an endlessly scary thought. I would be someone who draws pentagrams on the floor, by His personal instructions, reading from Aleister Crowley while on the drug Mescaline (as instructed by Oh The Black One), and doing other questionable things, and then the sadism, and insanity, and Satanism that he brings... Oh the Horror, Malik! How dare thee oh honored scaly one! But I am safe. Thanks to Arcturian Angelic Beings.

So, please Malik may I so kindly pay a visit to your underground facilities? Yes I did, last night. Well, I expected to be brought to the hallways perhaps. Where I might get to see Hamish my Kissy Feet Turtle, or perhaps some Zetas even though I don't want to. But a visit nonetheless. Where do they take me? To the crematorium.

Desolate Crematorium

This crematorium is not the same room as where the sarcophagus is. The room with the sarcophagus feels like it is "higher up", and not so much underground as this. And its walls are black, it's up in the fashionable black spaceship-looking place. This crematorium was a ridiculously large room, white walls, very sterile and clinical setting. I found myself suddenly conscious in one of the aisles with medical benches in a row on either side of me. There were several such aisles with more benches placed head-to-head with one another. Luckily there were no corpses on those benches. Every single one of them was empty.

To one far end of the room, the one closest to me, was a crematorium oven. But I don't think it uses fire to decompose the entries.

A little toddler hybrid girls is brought in with me. So it's just her and me in the large open desolate crematorium room. It's very chilly in the room actually, it's cold and I wish I had a sweater, but it's cold in a way that would cut right through any sweater or cardigan you would bring. The cold cuts at you like sharpened pencils poking your arms.

Yes. - Hamish right now, he pops his red scaly head here and says Yes
Hamish!! - me shriek out of utter delight at seeing my red Hamish and him saying Yes like he does
We wanted to train you not to be afraid. - Hamish, is he talking about the morgue?

The little girl had pooed, and her being a little toddler it was of course messy. For some reason I find myself with her and trying to figure out how to clean up her poo. I wished there was a shower hose I could have quickly had her taken care of. And a towel and some clean clothes, and hopefully a diaper because she needs them. In fact I've told the ETs many times that if only they would let me visit at nights I would be happy to help them with some of their tasks, and I have specifically suggested that I don't mind taking care of little children, such as cleaning and feeding them. So I don't mind, but this sure wasn't the place for a diaper change, in the crematorium.

Then things get a little weird. The little girl gets scared and then so do I, because the crematorium becomes filled with ghosts. There are little flashes of white Zeta ghosts. Funny because last night before bed I saw a white flash of an ankle on my floor, but I had figured (or hoped, or thought by default because I love him so) that it would be Hamish. The crematorium was haunted, or it definitely felt that way and seemed so. Even the little girl was scared, well, she noticed it before I did.

My pyy-pyy. - says one of the ETs now, not a Draconian, I think the ET meant that "mine" is "theirs"
"Pyy-pyy" is the Zetas' word for my lady parts. What's awesome is that when I was a little girl age 5 and 6, I used to call mine that, so now I know I was a Zeta abductee even then and that I got the word from them, without remembering it. They call the male parts "vippen". Another word that the Zetas use from their language, is "hunch".

Right now I see Hamish and his eyelids are closing and he looks sleepy-eye. "Hamish, I become so happy when I see you." I say to my Red Dragon. "Yes-No", Hamish says... or wait a minute, did he say No-Yes for the first time ever? Anyhow, the No referred to that a scientist named Fick had used the delta sign in his derivations of an equation, and the delta sign is a pyramid so it's a copyright violation (see more about it here, under COPYRIGHT VIOLATION), and his Yes was something here on the bed where I'm at, either him, or me, or the fact that I'm staying away from that blasphemous delta. His thoughts of the delta was also that the pyramid is something made out of gold, something precious. Oh well, that was just an interlude of Hamish's thoughts...

I used to think that they said "hush". The Zetas use this frequently, when they are appalled and outraged at my behavior. But I think the past two times when they've said that, it was "hunch". They say that when they are reprimanding me as if I were a child or a puppy. They also say hunch to the hybrid children, and I kind of like that they are treating me as one of their own. I feel part of the family. Hunch means stop and be quiet... It's funny. The Zetas were very rude again last night, tossing me around and being obnoxious.

Malik kisses me Good Morning - not literally

When I woke up from the trip to the morgue, maybe it was at 3:00 AM because my alarm went on them. Don't worry! I actually put my alarm on for 3:00 AM! It was for a study night the other day! I just haven't remembered to switch it off. Malik was with me when I woke up! (Either at 3 AM or later around 8 AM when my other alarm resounded.)

I WISH I HAD WRITTEN DOWN WHAT MALIK WAS SAYING. Because it was awesome. And now I can't remember a dang thing. He was really talking! I have to start to force myself to just get up and either get on the computer or grab a piece of paper and a pen. Because we're losing important documentation here. Especially when Malik talks. Anyhow, Malik did a few "eating my juice" this morning at 8 AM. I was welcoming him to do it, I think it's fun to be tossed around (they call it hitting) by a scaly person.

The Draconians, either Hamish or Malik, explained to me (I think it was Hamish) that the crematorium is where they place dead bodies but also trash and excrement. It turns all disposables into a fine ash that they then can expel. I told them that it is a wonderful idea. It sure is better than us humans collecting trash in big dumps that then just sits there. That's why the Draconians don't like when I leave trash in a trashcan. They think I should have a nifty crematorium to just toss it in there!

I told them that the crematorium was haunted from all the spirits of the Zetas whose dead bodies had been cremated. I once visited a crematorium here on earth and it was filled with human ghosts who were standing around looking into the oven. I'm not kidding. (And I saw the ghosts before I saw the crematorium, because we were at a church and my sister needed to use the restroom, so we went to the basement where the restroom was. I then saw a line of ghosts standing and just looking in towards the wall and I peeked around the corner and only then did I see that they had a crematorium oven there, and all the ghosts were just staring into it. So I didn't know it was a crematorium, it was supposed to be where the restrooms were. In fact I didn't even know that there was a crematorium in the wall when I saw the wall. I asked my mother why is there a line of ghosts staring into that wall. And then my mother told me that the crematorium oven was right there.)

My Zetas declared to me that they had no idea the place was haunted! I told them that we need a cleansing ceremony. We would need a priest who says the right words from the Bible and holds a Holy Cross up. My Arcturian lady suggested this, and she explained that the cross is a line upward, and then the lines to either side bring to a new place. The cross guides spirit up and then away. She also suggested that we can place flowers in the crematorium. Flowers in a vase are also up and then spread, along a positive artifact. It helps to lift spirits up and out.

And then my Arcturian lady and Malik the Incubus had a deep and meaningful conversation, again about the fact that Malik is a young one and that he does not know that he causes suffering onto others. Malik has an organ in his belly that contorts a being's life force into his sexual pleasure. My Arcturian lady offered to alter his belly so that instead of these short moments of pleasure as he feeds on the souls of others, he would instead have his own soul come to him from the ether.


Anyhow, I had a trip to the morgue crematorium with the aliens in their underground facility. Zetas are being very rude and mean. They call my lady parts pyy-pyy, and they are very keen on seeing and using those. Not that I care for it. There are many hybrid children over there, and they are precious and adorable. The children like toys and are often seen carrying a book, or a stuffed animal. They dress the little girls in little princess dresses. Hamish is my favorite. Malik is scary and has white eyes, but he listens to my Arcturian. I have an Arcturian who watches me ever so closely, without which I would now be part of the Illuminati Satanic Agenda because Malik would have made me into it, but he can't. And Hamish considers it a copyright violation that the scientist Fick used the delta sign in his derivations. Just another day in the life of me and my dysfunctional alien family.

"You can't have a picnic there." - says Hamish now
"No my Honored Hamish. I would never have a picnic there." - me
"You just said that so you wouldn't be scared, or afraid." - Hamish
"Yes Hamish. That is true. How did you know? How do you know me so well?" - me
"I have not become angry at what you wrote." - Hamish
"Thank you Hamish!" - me
"But it should not say "vippen"." - Hamish
"Why not?" - me
"Because you do not have one." - Hamish
"I know that I don't have one..." - me
"It is only said by those who have it." - Hamish
"Oh... I didn't know that." - me

Oh and I totally forgot to say that out of all the things Malik said to me this morning, about my DNA, about making hybrids between Zetas and humans so that they can "rule mine/our DNA and take over the Earth" and about other thoughts of Malik's. The final thing he then said was. That he doesn't care for the smell of onion in my kitchen. Because yesterday I grated some onion to put in my potato cake.

That's what I love about Malik. He makes of himself this great figure and leader character, and talks about massive large-scale racial wars and the conquering of worlds. And he is this "great Man" who tortures and murders, rapes and pillages. And then he doesn't like the smell of onion in my kitchen.

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