Getting Snug With Hamish
Rug Yes - Plunger No
September 13 2012

This is a beautiful page depicting one wonderful and rather representative evening between me, and my Red Dragon Turtle Hamish The Elder also known as Hamish The Great. It is a scene, of course, that takes place with the bathroom rug being central, and for some reason Hamish really opened up tonight and showed me lots of what he was doing, and thinking, and spoke to me more than he usually does.

He is not normally this talkative or expressive, and I enjoyed a wonderful moment with my Hamish. A moment, in which I nearly cried because I am so humbled that this beautiful Space Dragon finds my bathroom rug and... I can't even write about it, or I will cry.

Anyhow, the "Prelude" first appeared in the "news and small updates" section, but then got moved here as I had more to write about.


It is in the evening and I finished getting ready for bed and turned the lights off and then I told Hamish that I miss him and that I want him to come visit me. I love when Hamish visits at nights, we can have a chat before I fall asleep. Hamish then appeared, and went straight to the bathroom rug, and he did the cutest thing. He kind of rubbed his feet against the rug in an irregular pattern, while twisting his body little bit here little bit there, and he looked like a bird that is fixing the nest before it lies down, or the way that a dog does before it gets comfy in its favorite position. Hamish looked all excited and cozy, there's something that changes in him when he does the rug thing.

For some reason when he stands on the rug and rubbing his feet on it, he looks and feels to be excited, comforted, elated. Like a little kid in a mud puddle. Like a dog on its favorite comfy blanket. His whole demeanor changes. There is nothing like it, in Hamish, at other times other than on the rug. It shows a side of him that I don't quite understand, but that makes me ever so delighted! Nothing makes Hamish react that way, nothing else that I have seen. It's like he switches away from his "job-position", and goes into "comfy casual position", as if he can be himself, now just for a moment.

After appearing on the rug and rubbing his feet real fast hither and thither all excitedly while twisting his body a little bit this way, a little bit that way, as if he didn't know what direction to move in, or what to do with himself! He then stopped all movements and ended up in a slightly slumped body posture; while standing on the rug all still, he looked as if his shoulders had relaxed downward, and his head rested downwards a little, in a way that reminds me exactly of when a vulture sits down and then slumps down to adopt a resting position.

Does Hamish "park" himself there at nights? When I go to sleep and the next portion of his job begins? Does Hamish have to watch me all day to see what I am doing? He sure went with me to the mall today, he found himself in an unusual place and situation and I told him that "I'm just here to buy shoes. And clothes." Hamish was good at the mall tho, he didn't get overwhelmed or anything. He is a brave Dragon, I can take him places and he is a big boy and doesn't need my help.

I love you Hamish... oh by the way the other night I saw a real glimpse of Hamish again. Those happen rarely, that I see him for real (there are different ways in which the images of him are conveyed). And these "real" images always scare me. They are not some "telepathic rendering" of Hamish, sort of like my cartoon drawing versions of Hamish are. But they are something deeply real. Those always scare me and I have to remind myself that it's just my Hamish. The Sweet Dear Dragon who sleeps on his comfy rug. Oh Hamish loves that rug, and I love Hamish.

Hamish talks

So I left Hamish be in that bathroom on the rug where he had slumped himself into a comfortable position and presumably was ready to rest for the evening, as he knows and expects me to go to bed now. But Hamish turns out was talkative this evening. From the bathroom rug, Hamish calls out to me,

Yes, NO Presents! - Hamish calls out. When he says Yes, he shows me a mental image of the old bathroom rug that he now stands on, the one that he loves so, and then he says NO and he shows me the folded-up new red bathroom rug that I bought for him on our one-year anniversary, the one that he hasn't adopted. Because he likes the old one.
You haven't washed it. I think that is good. - Hamish, he keeps telling me not to wash his rug. When I have washed it in the past, he tells me that it does not "smell right" anymore.
You may not wash my rug. Remember that. - Hamish

And then, without words, Hamish communicates to me in images and concept feeling, that he is "guarding me from the Black One". He then elaborates on that, by saying - this time using words;

The reason being, that you get my eggs. - Hamish says, eggs of course refers to my ovum

I will watch you, when you will mop. - Hamish, he indicates to me in images that he refers to the bathroom floor around the rug. After washing my hair and having a shower this evening, I left the bathroom floor wet around the shower and even Hamish's rug, that sits right outside the shower, got wet in places. I had been worried about how Hamish would feel about his rug being wet, I guess I could have threw it in the tumbledrier for a moment just to dry it for him, but this evening, in the "Prelude", Hamish had went to his rug just as before, without seeming concerned or to even notice the rug being wet in places. Hamish of course here didn't ask me to mop the floor, but this was a suggestion, a hint, wasn't it. Hamish keeps on talking:

I will take responsibility for your eggs now. - Hamish
Thank you my Honored. - me
I will not take responsibility for your entire race, only for you. - Hamish, more talkative than normally
Thank you, my Honored Dragon. - me

I am humbled by the fact that a red Dragon sits on my bathroom rug, speaking to me. Such a beautiful creature. I decide to get up from the bed and grab a clean dry washcloth and carefully get down on the floor and dry the bathroom floor with it. I am cautious and gentle, because I don't know if my invisible red Dragon is standing here. I am also gentle as I dry the floor, because this is an act I am doing out of the love from my heart.

... I love you Hamish! - me

... You are welcome here, my Honored. - me, I've returned to my bed, and I want Hamish to know that he is welcome here. He may make himself at home on that bathroom rug. I am just so humbled that he sits there.
Thank you because I can drink juice. - Hamish, I see an image of him, he has saliva or other fluid in his mouth that is seeping into the upper-lip groove. This is related to when he talks about things "going across his mouth". I don't quite understand what he meant here, or what his thought or feeling was with it, and I realize that there are still many things I don't understand about my Dragon. How exotic he is, he is not a human.
... I will honor your race. - me, I know Hamish likes to hear this
I will rule, your blood. - Hamish, he has never said it quite like this before
Yes, my Honored. - me

I turn my attention to Hamish, thinking that I'm so humbled that he chose the rug and feels at home here. He then responds to my thinking of him, by saying,
... Yes... - Hamish

... I'm fond of you. I love you my Dragon. You are welcome here. - me, I then perceive a clear image of him on the rug, the image is from an angle that shows the humpback. The humpback is dark and bulges out in an arch. It is covered in black thorns. I love Hamish's humpback, that quirky quirky thing.

Hamish indicates to me without words, but with emotions and images, that I am not to come in to the bathroom to blow my nose. For the past several days and weeks I've been going in to blow my nose many times a day regularly, so Hamish would expect it. He doesn't want me to go do that while he is there. That is fine. I tell him that I won't.

Hamish then shows me a mental image of the plunger that is in the cabinet right next to him. The cabinet has a proper door to it so it's not visible nor should it be relevant. Hamish shows me the smell that he has from the plunger. He then says No. So I am going to go throw the plunger away, or move it someplace else.

Thank you my Honored for telling me. I want to help you there. - me
Watch out for my scales. - Hamish, he shows me his back hump. He might be saying this to me as a subtle mild threat, or he might genuinely want me not to accidentally "bump in" to his back thorns; he has indicated a genuine caution for me in the past that I might accidentally run into his thorns, so I'm not sure that this would be a threat and not a helpful caution.
I honor your, back hump. - me

Haha. Hamish shows me a mental image of the plunger again, and without the use of words, he indicates to me that "wasn't I supposed to move that thing?". Because I hadn't moved it yet. I will move it now. It goes in a plastic bag and into my closet here in the bedroom.

Yes, no! - Hamish. His Yes-No were very clear this time. Yes was with an image of the plunger, because now I was going to move it. And no was... what was no? I forgot... damn...
Which was Yes, No, my Honored? Which was No? - me
Damn, can't remember it. If this were my imagination, or deliberate fabrications, then I could have "known" what he said that was No. But after he said it I then forgot, and I'm bothered by that because this was a really good Yes-No.

I moved the plunger into the bedroom closet. Hamish comes out of the bathroom. He is in a happy mood and feels "well-rested", ie. not grumpy or tired. He seems keen, rather than preoccupied. He comes to the bedroom and shows me mental images of the closet and that I put the plunger away there. He looks at me and seems happy that I did this for him.

It's like when I take out the trash and then I can feel Hamish almost go like "Ahh!", as he inspects the room and lets his body take up more space in the room than previously, the room now being clean and rescued of those "filthy things of trash" that he had identified. It is with that same kind of behavior that he has after I have taken out the trash, where he enters the center of the floor and seems to feel that he can now dwell in this area that has been sanitized. It really affects his mood, whether there are "things of filth", such as trash in a trashcan, dirty dishes, or a plunger nearby. He doesn't seem quite comfortable with such trash around, he seems to avoid certain areas and feels tense. But when I take the trash out, he takes up more space in the room, and seems relaxed, and relieved.

I now remember what the "No" was, in the Yes-No. It was burning tealight candles.

This has been one of my most prized moments with Hamish the Red Dragon Turtle, because over the conversation of rugs and wet bathroom floors, and a smelly plunger that needed to be relocated, this was an actual Red Dragon in my bathroom. And not just a "Red Dragon Turtle". My Hamish. My Hamish whom I've known and loved for over a year now. I have never been so close to anyone else before. Yet he is a man who is not quite like a man. His feet are like webbed duck feet. He has that turtleshell hump back on his back. And he loves that rug. But I love Hamish. I can only love him more.

Delightful Update: I say to Hamish, "Hamish? I have to come in and pee. Is it ok if I come in to pee?" I ask my Red Dragon and I then go in to pee. Hamish tells me that I pee because of the orange I had earlier. I say to Hamish that I would have to pee regardless of how much I drink because it flushes out salts and hormones. I then go on a tangent to tell Hamish about for instance the hormone "adrenaline", that if something scares me my body makes the hormone adrenaline, so that my heart can beat faster and I'm ready to run away from danger. But that after a while the danger is over, and the hormone needs to be gotten rid of, so that I'm not permanently in that same response, ...

And while I'm getting lost in an explanation of hormones and response, ... I see Hamish starts lifting his feet up and down, up and down, on the soft bathroom rug. "Hamish!!!", I shriek out of sheer delight. "Hamish!!!", as he lifts his feet, slowly - and high up - this time! Not fast like when he's doing the marathon run in one spot, heheh. It's as if he just loves the feel of the rug on his bare duck feet.

This Dragon is amazing. I love him. I have endless love for my Red Dragon Turtle Hamish.

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