The Creepy Have Crept Closer
September 7 2012

Warning: this page is an uncomfortable read about dense dark stuffs

The clutches of the Illuminati Agenda are after me. I've been asking my alien abductors if they could please wake me up at around 4:00 AM when they come to get me, because I'm tired of being asleep during it and missing out on some cool stuff. Hamish then informed me that they are now coming for me at 5:00 AM, and not 4:00 AM like before. Which is interesting because ever since I started asking a few nights ago, I have been waking up at 5:30 AM in the mornings, finding the Draconians and Illuminati being all around me in the act of talking and explaining things, and I'm like "What, huh? I just woke up."

25% Royalty

Last night I had an interesting and very vivid dream. In it I was in the home of a particular royal family of Europe. I was treated as if I were a daughter of the royal leadership. They regretted that my hair was short and not long, brown and wavy like it was meant to be. I felt very welcome and at home. It was around Christmas and I was part of their Christmas celebrations in the evening. The King sat down next to me on the lavish ancient sofa and he put his arm around me and pulled me in closer to him, and then he read a childrens' story to me. At first I was a bit awkward about having a ruling monarch in my presence, but it all felt so familiar and cozy. The accurate detail in their costume and in the architecture was quite impressive, having come from my dream.

I was told that I was related to this royal family. That I was 25% royalty. I tried to figure it out then, and I tried it some more this morning and now I can try again. Somehow I was a daughter of the King, but not daughter of his Queen. And only by 25%. As if his other children were my cousins, and not full siblings. And yet, there was an undertone that I was somehow supposed to have children with the King. My calculations make of it to be inconveniently overlapping and incestuous in various ways.

And this morning as I was puzzled by the family tree revealed to me in the dream, The Black One told me something about my father's father having been someone royal. Which is completely not true, because both of my parents come from very humble lineages.

*Not the British royal family this time

Strange Things

I sure wish I had written down our conversations at 5:30 AM this morning, because the Draconians were saying a whole lot of strange things about all kinds of things. The Black One said that they want to make me pregnant, so that they can take my babies away from me and drink the babies' blood. And they asked me if I would want to drink some blood, and I said no I don't. Why would I want to do that?

And last night a Draconian with yellow scales and beautiful reptile eyes, was throwing himself at me several times, though seemingly somewhat reluctantly, as if he were trying not to do it. And then I told him that if he wanted to "drink my juice" (ie. Draconian version of sexual intimacy but without using sexual organs), that he would have to ask Hamish for permission. I said this out of loyalty to my red Hamish. Hearing this from me made the yellow Draconian pissed. But I invited him to "cuddle" me. It was nice, tumbling around with the Draconian.

I know it's supposed to be taboo and that we women in today's society are somehow not allowed to admit that we like a good cuddle with someone. We women are expected to suffer from any intimate cuddlz from a nightly Reptilian visitor, but I will boldly admit that I enjoy a little tumble with the scales. I worry that the large popular hatred against Reptilian cuddlz might not be based on actual issues with it, but on our own human society's widespread ban against any woman enjoying anything sexual. We are supposed to be timid and ashamed, meanwhile men are allowed to admit to having been intimate with women.

In part, I enjoy a Reptilian cuddle for the same reasons I can enjoy holding a cat in my lap or petting a dog for instance. It's just nice being close to someone, and to have that silent moment together with an animal, it makes us humans feel whole. But the fact that the Reptilian is also actively cuddling me, and invoking in both of us a huge sexual feeling, well that adds to it the human factor of enjoying intimacy. It becomes a combination of being with a man and being with an animal. I have never turned down a Reptilian cuddle. And if that means that I should be stigmatized, then that is not for any other reason than our prevalent hatred against womanhood.

Other strange things were said to me, and the Draconians had me promise that I would not write about it here or tell SETI or anyone about it. Good thing then I forgot most of it. But overall the gist is the following.

The Gist

The main character of the plot is The Black One. He is a black scaly short guy who looks a lot like the black Gremlins in the movie, except that he does not have the ears. He is an ominous character who doesn't come across the way that he should. He comes across as little and weak, cold and tragic, yet he holds great power, somehow. He is black with a tail and his eyes are white. Oh yes, one of the things he said to me last night before I went to bed (also, the cuddlz with the yellow one was last night, not this morning), was that he remarked on the fact that I was able to see his white eyes without being afraid. And I told him that I find Draconians to be beautiful, and that I was not afraid to see them.

The Black One devours souls, believe it or not. He will come close to a dying or suffering being in agony, and he somehow makes their life force turn into this massive sexual energy, which he then pulls into himself and enjoys. But the life force doesn't stay with him for long, before it dissipates and he is once again hungry and cold.

Seemingly based on nothing other than his hunger for souls, he constructs this Agenda which I would call a political, militant, and religious movement which spans across several worlds and many races of beings across time. He recruits those he wants, typically going after men in power. Such as here on Earth the military officers, high ranking politicians, royals, yes even sports coaches and priests.

He creeps close to those men, being a dark demonic entity, and he lures them in with temptations of intense sexual reward. And once a man gives in to that feeling, their soul is lost to him and their minds are corrupted and now controlled by Him.

Draconian Reptiles are not themselves the Agenda. Rather, they are recruited by the Black One to serve His Agenda. Hamish in fact fears the Black Ones, and by right. When the Black One is near, I sense a distinctly hellish demonic Satanic portal open around him. One morning I woke up to have the Black One hanging over me, and from that brief encounter, what I saw and felt was so horrific I ended up praying intensely for hours without end, for Jesus Christ and all the Angels, and I swore from the depths of my soul to start attending church regularly. In fact had it been daytime I would have ran as fast as I could to the nearest church to go cry on the shoulder of a priest and tell him about the Demonic Malik the Black One.

They want me to join. Somehow my DNA is good for them. They can make suitable babies with my DNA, and seems that the babies are sacrificed and devoured by not only the Black Ones but also by their cohorts. There is something in my blood that the Draconian Reptiles then enjoy consuming somehow. Oh yes last night they were very keen on some property in my blood, and for some reason something that they were doing - unseen by me - was causing my heart to go weak, and when I told them that my heart felt like it was dying (which it was), they told me that oh yes it was because of this thing they were doing there. Yet another one of those "strange things" that they did last night, throughout the night, and until early this morning.

It also seemed that the Black One would actually like to eat me. Let's just hope that he neither manages to ruin my mind, or cause me to be killed and eaten. By the way, the other day, the man who is one of the Majestic Four, said, "Do you know why we killed Heath Ledger?" Hesitantly I asked him to explain, but he didn't. And what's creepier is, the Black One the other day said "Helter Skelter". My heart dropped and it was one of those hellish scary moments with the Black One that I wish I had never had.

Me and Malik

The Black One (Malik) and me sort of get along. He's like having an alcoholic husband or father who I know at any moment *might* have one of his bad moments and start breaking beer bottles on things and causing a fight and beating on the family, only that every moment that he is on good behavior, we are all relieved, but we all live with this cloud of tension in our chests knowing that things are only well on the surface.

The Black One is in fact probably the most horrendous creature you could ever meet. He can draw you into a state of pure madness and hell, a place of a different vibration of the universe, a deep dark hole that none of us can imagine unless we visit it, a place which is so horrific that it makes you scream out of agony just from being there, only that it is far worse than that and therefore you cannot even scream, because it takes the breath away. It is a horrendous place that is cold like a tomb, and filled with maddening fear.

There is something about the mere full presence of Malik the Black One that causes a human mind to snap and go insane. I have had only two close enough encounters of Malik to sense that this is the fate that surrounds him. Other times he "only" feels like a "somewhat" ominous demonic presence. The pure hellish only becomes apparent when he creeps far closer.

And when Malik comes near, his breath smells of pestilence and death. The smell and vibe of him causes my body somehow to twist in its tissue into a contortion that would undoubtedly lead me to strange illness. I start to feel that my body needs to vomit, and I feel very weak and sick in a way that I have never had to feel before. But as soon as he backs off, my health returns.

Yet, when Malik keeps his distance properly, he is not the unfortunate alcoholic uncle, but rather a somewhat adorable black monster that tip-toes around my home like a little cutie-pie. There is nothing about his appearance in itself, that provokes the Satanic effects that he has on people. He seems cute and trustworthy, nice, and kind of fun to have in your home. He tip-toes like somebody who is wearing socks. I do not fear him, and I have no issues with having him here, so long as he does not come close. Because the horror that he can bring about, is only found within a short radius around him. So long as he does not lean over me, he is a welcome part of my dysfunctional extended alien family.

In fact, sometimes The Black One wants to cuddle me, and I invite him to do so, only I ask him not to do it "too much", because once he nearly burned out my Kundalini and I was having some pains in my lower back. I really don't mind him spending *some* of my vital force to cause us both an intimate moment, because my energy replenishes rather quickly back to its original bright glory.

What is it like to cuddle with the Black One? First of all I have to say that good thing this isn't the "witch hunting seasons", because women who used to report having "had sex" with a black scaly beast were said to be in legion with the Devil. I don't doubt that The Black One could be referred to as the Devil that we speak of. Yet there is something rather velvety and sweet about this creature.

It's not that he slashes through people like with a sword, rather, his approaches are gentle and velvety. He recruits, he tempts, he allures. He is a mystical man, someone captivating and intriguing, yet the other side of him is that he is also a disappointment and a let-down. He gives you something mysterious and intriguing. Yet after he has used your soul to fuel the fire of pleasure between the two of you, without remorse he leaves you as the lifeless grey ashes after your fire has burned out.

"You can't say that!" - Hamish hisses at me quite seriously, it is rare of Hamish to muster a whole sentence unless it is important, and right now the manifestation of a white arm flashes next to me on the bed, probably a form of Hamish, so this message was serious. I am not to speak such things of their Master.

"He might become angry if you refer to him as Satan." - Hamish

"You haven't seen all of our torture devices yet!" - my Illuminati boyfriend says
"No, I don't think I want to see them." - I say approximately (forgot my exact words)
"Don't let this one get away! She is a good one!" - someone there
"Yes, we don't like to just eat the frogs." - someone, frogs is a reference to the Dinosaurs
"And we don't mind if Malik makes you feel cold." - that someone

I will end with saying that my first ever encounter with Malik and Hamish was when I met my ex-boyfriend for the first time. The night before he found me on the internet, I was shown an image of this man and told things about him. I was told that he was part of the Satanic and Free Masons. The next day this man finds me, and for some reason I am on a date with him. Turns out he was a Master, as in Master/slave D/s type of stuff. I saw a "red monster" and a "black monster" during that entire visit. I now know it was Hamish and Malik. They had put me together with this man so that we would have a moment of "torture devices", so that my Reptilian boys could enjoy it.

Malik is a very powerful man. He also brought an old friend of mine to me and caused him to talk endlessly for hours all night like possessed about Thelema and Aleister Crowley, just a few days after I had been told about Crowley by Malik. And Malik then caused this person to bring me three books by Crowley. He can influence what people do, think, and talk about, without them ever knowing that Malik is working behind the scenes. And that is powerful.

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