Majestic Four - and the pointless allure of Satanism
September 6 2012

Got a telepathic-remote viewing visit from one of the Majestic Four today. This is the so-called Majestic Twelve, whatever that means, but that now there are only four remaining. My Illuminati hybrid feller told me about the Majestic Four several months ago, and now this visit came out of the blue. The guy was puzzled as to why I won't "join". The Agenda are so in love with their Satanic boys' club that they don't understand why anyone would choose not to join when so courteously invited to by everyone including the Black One Himself.

In fact, resisting the "temptations of the Devil" (which this is, the Black One) is very difficult. They conquer and enlist military officers, politicians, royals, Hitler and the Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, Free Masons, Rosicrucians, Aleister Crowley, even sports coaches and religious priests. Anyone in positions of power is a target for the Black Ones. It really is Satanic possession, or demonic. It's this big encompassing sect that runs across the earth, across nations and organizations, and across history and time. It is the Yellow Pyramid with the Creepy Eye on top. And they want me to join. But I won't.

The only reason I have not joined, is because I have Angelic protection. The Angels are Arcturian light beings. One Arcturian Angel protects me so closely that she lives in me and through me and we walk together. Sometimes when the Black One comes close to me, well once when he got really close, I felt that if I let him, I would have been lost forever and gone insane. And the Black One wants me to do Pentagrams and read from Crowley and stuff. But when my Arcturian Angel is with me, the Black One cannot even physically throw me around.

What drives the Agenda-goers is that there is Satanic "power" or "sexual lust" as a reward. The "temptations" of the Devil is intense sexual pleasure, I rate it as being at least 1000 times more pleasurable than anything humans normally can feel. The Black One induces this feeling in a person, but it's only a trick. He does that so that you will let him eat your soul. Does that sound like science-fiction or mythological literature? Sadly I am not making this up, but if you want to think that I am, by all means go ahead and think so. You need to know nothing of Angels and Demons, or the underlying Illuminati thing here on Earth, if your life can go on without knowing it.

I must confess I find this entire topic quite boring and excruciating. The only reason I write about it, is because I seem to be a good first-hand source, and there are others of you out there who are trying to figure this out.

My Arcturian had a talk with the Black One today. I can see him. He looks just like one of the black Gremlins in the movie, except that he doesn't have the ears. He likes to tip-toe around my home. The Black One comes across as a very tragic character. He seems lonely and sad, hungry and cold. My Arcturian tells him that he is a younger brother, and that he too will one day find his way to the light. She tells him that he is growing his roots in the ground, and that one day his leaves reach out from the dark soil and into the light and he then lives in the light. And then later he will grow into a beautiful white flower, which would not live without its roots in the dark past, or leaves reaching into the light. "I am your Elder Sister", my Arcturian tells him. "You will one day become what we are, and that is why we can only love you".

The Black One remembers when I read his Thoth cards, that all of his power and destructiveness and tendency for aggression and violence due to "insanity" was listed on the cards precisely, as was his refusal of Light and Love. But we both remember the card that he didn't like. The card that tells his future, and says that he is headed toward the Light. My Arcturian reminds him of this card, so that he can understand who he is and where he is headed. My Arcturian has many chats with the Black One, and he listens.

Anyhow, the other night Hamish showed me a Japanese man in Komi Saki with a little hybrid girl. Let's just say I don't like to be shown those things, so I got very upset. I really don't want to see those things, let alone for it to happen. The Agenda thinks that it is ok for the hybrid children to be sexually active. I guess one argument in their favor is that the hybrid children do mature mentally very fast. For instance their infants are already capable of communication, whereas our babies take years to get anywhere in mental development. But I still say it's all a lie, the hybrid children are being lied to. They are supposed to be engaged in personal development, something that is all about themselves, and nothing to do with other people needing anything from them. The hybrids and Zetas all call me "dog race" and offend me when "I don't understand". But I don't care. I know right from wrong.

I don't like the Agenda very much. It is headed by The Black One, who is a pitiful tragic character, lost and lonely, suffering and frail, ever searching for that glimmer of light that is evading from a dying corpse, that he can feed on. If just for a moment of glimpse of what it means to be alive, before it is lost again, gone, his black clawed hands cannot grasp onto light, his body remains empty, after that brief glimpse, that let him feel alive for one moment.

The Agenda is based on this patriarchal character, The Black One, and many others like him. It is his influence on others, it is he living through others, as he replaces his own lust for soul, into the minds of others whose own passions, dreams, souls, and life, are given away and scattered as they fall for the temptations of the Devil, who lures them into surrender by placing intense sexual pleasure into them.

I have so much more I need to write about The Black One, and my conversations with him. I must write a book about this. And to all you who like Satanism and enjoy the velvety smooth lust experiences with the Black One, I know precisely what you have given away and what you have received. The only reason I never fell into it is because of the Angels. I just want to say to you that in the end, you realize that it was not worth it. Just like the Bible says. You have sold your soul to the Devil, and you will burn in Hell. Hell is a place that appears in the mind-frequency of The Black One when he comes near. When Hell sweeps past, it changes the way that the world vibrates, and it looks like a flame. There is endless suffering there. Of course you laugh at that and don't think that He will desert you. You think that he loves you, but the only thing that he loves, is he loves when you suffer.

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