Abductions, Juice, Rape, Molestation, Aliens, and Draconians
Mean Zetas, Meeting Hamish in a cave, and Flying UFO with Malik
An Assortment of "Weird Stuff"
September 3 2012

Juvenile Zeta

A few nights ago a juvenile male Zeta Hybrid showed up and was acting all attitude with me. He was ordering me around and he was using the mental powers to throw me around with. I remember from my teen years when I was having Zeta abductions that the Zetas could move my body with their mind powers. This juvenile was doing that this evening. He was telling me to bring out my chair so that he could sit in it. I was telling him that I was sleepy and that I didn't want to do that this evening. He got real upset with me for not obeying and that is when he started slapping me around like a real jerk.

Not even the Draconians or Malik the Black One himself throw me around with such meanness. I was really being rough-handled. He was so offended that me, in effect a cattle and a dog race, would not pull up a chair for him to sit on. What a jerk. The next day I did put a chair out beside the bed and told them that here, there's the chair in case somebody wants to sit.

But that night when he was being fussy about the chair he also commenced into molesting and raping me. I try to be nice and positive because this is supposed to be awesome alien contact, and I try to be friendly because I have alien visitors in my home. But the way that he was treating me really hurt and offended me deeply. He treats me with such disrespect. Why are the Zetas so mean and condescending? I don't get it. Not even the Draconians are mean to me like that. Compared to Zetas, the Draconians are perfect gentlemen.

The Black One drinks my juice

And last night The Black One showed up to drink my juice. But I liked it. I saw his black scales and he got really close to me and we cuddled and tumbled around in bed, as he tossed and turned me around violently and fiercely. It was pretty hot and we both enjoyed it.

If Black Ones drink juice from a woman who is not ready or willing then it can be extremely traumatizing and harmful. But maybe I'm a bit more daring sometimes and I can handle it. It can be really nice, I love a good cuddle with the Draconians.

Ha ha in fact I think it was yesterday when I was bored I started nagging at Snake the Draconian to come drink my juice with me, and I wouldn't stop nagging at him. I was just bored with nothing else to think about or say. He didn't come drink my juice but I had a fun time asking him. So maybe I invited the Black One in. It was fun. I love playing around with my Draconians, not that they have a sense of humor, but I get to enjoy my sense of humor even if they don't.

Flying UFO with Malik and Meeting Hamish in a cave

Last night I came to and was in a UFO spacecraft with Malik the Black One and he was the pilot operating it. We were at the dashboard by the big window. Operating it was real easy and he didn't have to keep his attention on it the whole time. The UFO has a repel-system that keeps it from crashing into things, and the UFO flies smoothly, it's kind of like a bumper car and it's pretty much crash-proof. You give it a nudge and it goes forward and it will slow down and make angles in a clever way. It was fun.

We started out in outer space. I looked around and saw all the stars in space all around. I looked up and left and right and down and everywhere were stars. I got vertigo it was unsettling to see. Planet Earth was down below and I really wanted to get back down to ground again. I didn't like being in space.

Malik told me that we could go anywhere at all on Earth and he asked me where I would like for us to go. He suggested Australia and other interesting places. I said my home country in Europe, so we headed that way. Malik had to decide what part of the country to go to and he decided with the coast. We were by the cliffs by the sea. He had no trouble maneuvering the spaceship because it was impossible to bump into cliffs so he was pretty blasé about steering it, he didn't have to do much at all. Then we went into the sea with the craft.

Oh and before we went into the UFO, Malik took me into a cave. In the cave I got to meet Hamish. I felt a bit shy about finally meeting with my Malik and Hamish, my two Draconian boys. I was of course happy to meet with them both and I wasn't nervous or scared or anything, I guess I could have blushed a bit because I really love these guys after our one year together and it's really deeply meaningful for me to get to be in their magnificent presence.

In the cave Hamish pointed my attention to a spot on the floor of the cave. It had some sort of green mark on it and a spot of red blood. Somehow I knew that this is where they had killed or injured or chopped up some hybrid baby or something like that. He wanted me to see it. I was on all fours because the cave was really dark so I crawled over to that spot on the floor to have a look. And then Malik took me for a ride in the UFO. Aren't my boys great?

Hamish was cute today

Today Hamish was extra cute. He told me that he likes to sleep on my living room sofa. I told him that he may, and said to him that I would like to come and sleep on the floor next to him if he does. He also had thoughts about liking my red hairy pink blanket that I keep on the sofa, so that was nice.

Then Hamish came to my bedroom and he had thoughts about going to his bathroom rug in the shower room. I saw what he was thinking about and I told him that he could. So he went there. I then pulled out the new red rug that I had got for Hamish and told him to give it a try, that it was nice and soft and just for him, but Hamish said that he didn't want the new rug, he likes the old one. The new rug was clean and he didn't want to get it dirty, because I've learned that Hamish in fact wipes his feet clean on the bathroom rug, from his excrement and he also stands on the rug to groom and clean between his scales. He has some kind of white stuff like filth or dead tissue that he cleans out from between the scales that sits against the skin deep down. I tell him that I would like to clean and groom my big red space lizard. I would like nothing more than to have grooming moments with Hamish.

Hamish also tells me that the red rug doesn't "smell right". In fact Hamish doesn't like it when I wash the bathroom rug. He then tells me that it doesn't "smell right" anymore after I wash it, but I wash it anyways every now and then. Oh how he loves that rug! And then he showed me an image of one of the men in Komi Saki, Japan. And he shows me an image of me and says Yes, then an image of the Japanese man and says No, so he does a Yes-No that says that he'd rather be wtih me than with that Japanese man. Oh how cute is that!

Then Hamish does the very best thing in the world. He scrapes his turtleshell back hump on the sharp edge on the shower door handle real frigorously and he gets all excited! Oh Hamish I nearly bursted from joy when I saw that after all the cuteness the door handle thing is beyond my tolerance! It took me quite a while to calm down, so happy I was of all of Hamish's cuteness today.


Hamish said that they would like to have my calculator. I said that I would give them a brand new one if they could prove to me that they can remove an object out of my room first. They asked me if I would compute some numbers for them. The ETs asked me that "if they collect 7 work samples in a day, how many work samples in total if they do this for several hundreds of days". So I computed for them a few examples, with 900 days, or 700 days, and 600 days, and told them how many "work samples" in all. The numbers end up being in the thousands, but they asked me how many "hundreds", so I told them. Aren't they something? The ETs have been wanting to use my calculator many times now, every now and then they mention it to me.

I live with Aliens

Normalcy in my life now means having these aliens with me. They are part of my life, even part of who I am now. I live with Hamish every day, he is my big red Space Lizard, I love him. Oh, and when Malik the Black One had drunk my juice last night, he almost did it too violently because it nearly burned my Kundalini. (Kundalini is the life force that flows across the human spine, which the Draconians and Black Ones drink.) Because I was feeling some pain in my lower spine, so I told the Black One to be careful and not do it too much because it would surely kill me if my Kundalini burns out.

Hamish, Malik, Snake, White Lizard Lady, Thuban white Praying Mantis, Green Praying Mantis, Orion doctor, Dinosaurs, Illuminati fellers, the juvenile male Zeta Hybrid, the little Hybrid Kids, the orange-beige little ones, the adult Zeta Hybrids. Drinking juice, Draconian conquests, egg collections, bacteria in my mouth, prohibition from having "sweet drinks", requests to take "compressed iron". Asking me to take out my trash, to not play music.

Most of the time they are invisible when they visit, but I can catch mental images of them. I keep asking them to give me more conscious abduction experiences. I know that the Zetas will be mean, and that no matter how pleasant or positive I am in my outlook and expectations the Zetas will manage to traumatize me. They call me sheep and dog race and cattle, they treat me like an animal in a pen at their "Noah's Arc". And then there's all the sexual stuff. Too much sexual stuff. I don't like it anymore. The Zetas are obsessed with my sexuality.

But I wouldn't want them to leave me just yet. I almost would, because of the cruelty of the Zetas. But, I like having these visitors in my home. I love the interaction, the friendship, the laughs, the fun. And I do love Hamish. I will keep asking for conscious abductions, even though I am scared to meet the evil Zetas. If only they weren't so mean. It's not that what they look like is traumatizing, or even what they do. They just have a way of being so cruel.

I will have another conversation with them tonight about letting me stay awake. Then they always bring Malik the Black One, who is in charge, over to make the final decision. I will plead to my Honored the Black One. I think Malik likes me. And I am not so scared of Malik. I mean, there was that one time when I woke up with Malik over me and I have never been so scared in my life, so scared I was that I prayed to Jesus Christ and all the Angels for hours and swore to go to church for the rest of my life. But Malik listens to me, and then we had that one fun night when I read him his Thoth tarot cards, and he still remembers and talks about his cards. He thinks that I did a good job.

I want to have a conscious encounter. I want to meet my Hamish, I want to look Hamish in the eye and tell him that I "Honor his scales" and that I "Honor his turtleshell back hump". Good night!

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