Good Morning with Hamish!
And Snake wants some cuddlz
October 16 2012

Warning: This page is far too cute. Oh so cute with Dragons. Cuter than Puppies.

Good Morning with Hamish

My alarm went off at 8 am but I like to stay in bed till noon or an hour after noon since it is my Fall Break and I get to sleep in late. So as I was snoozing in bed, trying to remember yet not sure if I wanted to, my nightly encounter with the Zetas, Hamish of course showed up. And mornings with Hamish have proven to be a wonderful delightful time.

It is fun when Hamish meets me in the morning. I often get the feeling that Hamish has been watching me dead asleep all night and built up a lot of things to say and tell me and then as soon as I wake up he is eager to start tellin'. Cause Hamish is often so talkative and full of thought in the mornings. And what makes it extra special is that I, am not so much. I have got nothing to say or think about in the mornings, so I am all ears for Hamish the Space Dragon. So it is his time.

So what does a Space Dragon Hamish think about to tell me in the mornings? What goes on in that little head of his? (Literally, Hamish's head is proportionally very small to the rest of his body, and he doesn't really have a "block head" at all like we humans or Zetas have. It is just a slender tube that becomes the neck. The head is not thicker or bulkier at the back than the neck. I still find it a peculiar and odd sight still after more than one year of knowing him, but he is my Hamish.)

Hamish shows me his mental image of a beautiful forest here on Earth. It is clearly Fall there too since the leaves are all golden. Hamish, or someone, has prepared a pile of those golden leaves and under those leaves they have placed all of Hamish's shedded scales. Hamish indicated to me without words that his scales would decompose there. Seems that our Dragon has finished scaling over night, and aren't we pleased of that? His big and stressful ordeal is over. And someone else seemed to say, perhaps it was Snake the Draconian, that other Reptilians tend to scratch their shedding scales against rock walls to get them off. I didn't see Hamish doing that, though Hamish did talk about "being washed" so maybe that's how somebody helped him shed the scales, but I never saw his procedure.

I asked Hamish if he would let me have a piece of his shedded scales. Hamish indicated to me in mental images that he feels disgusted by those shedded scales and that he wouldn't let me have any because they are like filth, like what I shower off from my body in the shower. I then proceeded to say a Yes-No to Hamish. I showed him a small piece of his scales (using the very clear image that he had shown me yesterday of his scales) and said Yes, and then I showed him the vase with ostrich feathers that I have here and I said No. Yes-No! Get it? I can make those too, but you have to be clever. I was in effect saying to Hamish that I would "honor his scales and his race" by having some of his body here instead of "honoring the weak race ostrich", which Hamish doesn't like.

Right now Hamish makes the low grunt in his throat that seems to mean that he is watching something that he has got something to say about. It is a sound like when humans clear their throat to say "ahem". I love the sound when Hamish does that. He obviously didn't like the mention of "ostrich feathers" again.

"I would love it if they weren't here", says Hamish now in English actually. "Yes my Honored Dragon. I will honor your race.", I say. "Do you ever wonder what we do here?", says he. "I don't know what you do.", I say. "We are watching your pyy-pyy.", says Hamish. Ahem, refer to the Zeta vocabulary for what that means.

Then Hamish showed me a mental image from my childhood and I didn't know Hamish and the Zetas had been a part of my life back then! It was amazing to see such vivid and clear images of myself from an outside perspective! It had all the details right, my bed, my big plant, and I was sitting on the floor messin' with my cassettes. Yes, it was back when people had cassettes before CD's or DVD's in the early 90's.

Then Hamish showed me his mental image of when he was standing on the bathroom rug, back when the bathroom rug was still yellow-beige before I moved to this new place and washed it with my roommates bright pink rugs that turned his rug a pale pink which I just adore. Hamish showed me a close-up image of his red Duck feet against the soft plush bathroom rug, and I could feel how Hamish had felt when he had stood on that soft rug, how much he loves to see it and to feel it against his feet. He then showed me that he had stood on the rug and watched me while I took a bath in the bathtub right next to him. It felt as if this was a tender moment for Hamish. And oh I do know, how all the aliens used to gather round to watch me in the bath. There was that one time I will never forget, when the Zetas popped up, then the Dinosaur, then Orion doctor, Hamish, and even Malik, and everybody was there just watching me in the bath. (Ahem if we are an adult audience the main reason probably was that they thought that I would masturbate, and one of their main studies is to incorporate human sexuality into the new hybrid race so they actually want to see things like that.)

But Hamish liked to stand on that bathroom rug. I then showed him mental images of the rug as it is now, light pink, and sitting here next to the shower since I don't have a bathtub here anymore, and I showed Hamish an image of his red Duck feet and I said "Yes" to him.

Then Hamish went on to his next thought, he showed me an image of the red onion I have in the refrigerator and he says, "No, the onion!!", and he even says it with a voice of contempt and disgust that I adore. And so I say to Hamish, a few times, "No, onion. No, onion." He doesn't like the smell of the onion when I chop onions. It used to be "Malik doesn't like the onion", but I found out that neither does Hamish! I don't know if the Draconians have a sense of smell but it could be a taste sensation too. Anyway, Hamish doesn't like the onions, and so I've actually taken a fun habit that every time when I go to the refrigerator, I say to Hamish, "No, onions.", and I even do the same contempt in my voice that he does. (The red onion still sits there, and I don't know if it will ever be used up. I wouldn't want to hurt my Dragon Turtle.)

And then as a wonderful finale, Hamish pulls me up on all fours in bed. It was wonderful. I felt so close and connected to Hamish, I could feel as if I were almost in his limbs not just mine. Whereas my body is soft and feminine and with a yellowish-beige skintone, Hamish's body feels more like beef jerky, and it is a different feel, a different sensation altogether than our human bodies. But at that moment we were together, as Hamish had hoisted me up on all fours and just held me that way in bed.

The reason he did that this time I think is because he got a bit excited. Because right before he yanked me up, I was talking to another of the ETs about how Draconians are "sassy, dominant", and other similar words I used. That made Hamish get all encouraged and it triggered his behavior to show some dominance on me. I just giggled, of course, and I thought it was fun because had he not pulled me out of bed at 10:30 in the morning I would have been in bed until 1 pm or so. I just laughed and said "I guess I am getting out of bed now".

Mornings with Hamish are a lot of fun. I get to see him, and he brings to me a lot of thoughts and thought images and there tends to be a bit of "show and tell". His thoughts tend to center around things like the bathroom rug, no onions, or his scales. I feel very lucky if it is a morning when he nibbles me with his toothless soft mouth against my upper arm, or when he yanks me out of bed those mornings are just priceless. Yay mornings with Hamish!

Oh and after Hamish had hoisted me up on all fours he then thanked me for a "juice sample". Juice is the human life force and it makes them feel good. I wasn't aware - this time - that Hamish had felt some juice, but I guess he did. Cutie-pie Dragon.

Snake wants to cuddle!

Snake the Draconian (I finally have a drawing made of Snake, see it here, in the Pumpkin drawing) really wants to cuddle with me. But for one, Hamish doesn't let him. Snake is inferior in the hierarchy to Hamish. I can imagine that the two of them have had strength measurements where Hamish was declared the winner. Every time Snake sees Hamish, Snake goes quiet, especially when Snake sees the turtleshell hump back on Hamish. But Hamish is very big. On a very rare occasion when a Zeta is misbehaving (and quite frankly acting really stupid) if Hamish loses his temper he bites into the Zeta and flops it around like a rag in his mouth. Hamish is not prone to aggression but sometimes a Zeta just needs to listen. The two occasions when I've seen Hamish do that to a Zeta are times when I too would have liked to grab a Zeta by the shoulder and shake them up a little, I mean, they were acting just ridiculous and they didn't listen, so listen up!

It could also be that Snake and Hamish never quite had an actual battle for dominance. Could be that Hamish belongs to an "older race of Draconians" (which he does) or is somehow automatically granted higher position than Snake is. But anyway, Hamish forbids Snake from cuddling me. Hamish also forbids me from cuddling Snake. It's tough, cause both me and Snake want to cuddle, but I can't just disrespect Hamish's wishes. (Aren't I so far from how most Reptilian contact persons relate to their Draconians? I mean, most humans just scream bloody murder but I actually get to know my Draconian guys and they are like people in my life.)

This morning Snake said that he would like to be with me, and he divulged himself into a little bit of shivers of desire from the mere thought of it. But then he declared, that (and I warn for graphic language, but I didn't say it), "he doesn't want to be called a sheep fucker". The others, and I'm gonna bet you these are Zetas, call Snake either a sheep fucker or sometimes a dog fucker when he wants to cuddle with humans. Because the Zetas refer to us Homo sapiens (human beings) as "sheep" or "dog race". (Snake doesn't use a penis so it's not sex. It's just cuddles where he enjoys a lust sensation and shivers when he comes near me or thinks thoughts about my tongue and my blood. That is all he does. It is not actual intercourse. That needs to be said.)

I told Snake that it should not matter if we like to be together. For a better understanding of what a Reptilian feels when they shiver with pleasure from being with a human,
Ken Bakeman got cuddled by an Alligator Man
Salad Fingers with the rusty spoon always reminds me of the shivers a Reptilian feels from the human life force. YouTube also has a longer version of the cartoon but you have to log in because they think it's creepy.

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