Cuddlez with Snake, Hamish shedding Scales, TRASH!!!
Chats with The Mr. Creepy Eye Lord, Cupcakes and Poo
October 14 2012

Warning: This page contains some sexual content about cuddling with Snake the Reptilian Man and then there's some descriptive information about how aliens like to collect fecal samples. You have been warned. (It's not too bad. It's just that people don't normally talk about it, but hey, it's aliens.)

Snake has gotten Cudd-lay!!

In the past few nights Snake has appeared and cuddled me. He cuddles me as if I were his extra special kitten. I know that other humans have also reported being fondled and cuddled by Reptilians, as if we were some cute little pet animal. However, there is a marked difference between the cuddle of humans to pets and with the cuddle of Reptilians to us humans. The Reptilian fondness comes from sadistic, not intimate, pleasures. Notably, see Ken Bakeman's Cuddly Alligator Man.

A Reptilian can ingest a human's life force from our nervous system. They call this "juice", and the act of retrieving it they call "drinking juice". You can understand that it took me ages to finally figure out what "drinking your juice" meant, because since the beginning they talked about it as if it were something obvious that I should know about. No, I did not know what it means, until I eventually figured out this exotic and oh-so-alien behavior! Most of the "juice" comes from my spine, but they also find sites of concentrated "juice" in my pelvic belly, chest, and brain most notably spinal cord near the medulla.

The first night I ever met Snake the Draconian was for a juice fest. I recall Snake watching me very closely and carefully. He watched me until he calculated that it was the perfect time to jump on me. Snake then ambushed me and jumped on top of me and clinged to me. Accompanying him was the White Lady, who is either a Thuban or a form of Zeta, and her job was to threaten to beat me with a white bat so that that would arouse in me an energy of nervousness or fear. If a human is aroused energetically, either with fear, pain (torture), or sexual, then that is precisely what sparks up the juice for the Reptilians to "drink".

I will never forget how horny and turned on Snake was while he was slithering on top of me and enjoying the juice. He also directed his attention to my tongue, and that aroused him beyond comprehension. There has never been a human man who was so aroused and turned on and ecstatic from being intimate with a human woman. I loved it of course. I loved being able to give a man, albeit an alien man, such immense pleasure and by such simple means, but above all I was sensing what he was sensing so oh boy it was great! Giggles.

It is not sex. The Reptilian does not have a "penis" and he does not "have sex with a woman". It doesn't even need to involve my genitals, and in almost all cases it doesn't. It is a purely tantric, or energy thing. But it is far better than any human sexual encounter or pleasure.

However, like I said earlier here, it is not about intimacy, cuddling, fondness, it is not a mammalian loving cuddle. It is a Reptilian cuddle. The pleasure is based on sadism, torture, dominance, and overempowerment of another being. While the sensations come purely and all on their own from the "juice" (energy) itself, there is the psychological element of "dominance" which adds - from the thought of the Reptilian - to their experience. Just like we humans can have sex purely in a "sensory" sense, but when we have thoughts of fondness or love or the sort (or how many humans like to fantisize during sex), it adds a whole other element that makes it more than it would be.

I love cuddling with Snake, in fact every now and so often I beg him and I invite him to come cuddle me. Because I get to feel his sensations too, we are somehow connected. By the way. The Reptilians have told me that "most humans do not feel the power with them". "Feeling the power" is then, the sensations they get, when drinking the juice. They say that I am rare in that I can "feel the power" when they do.

Which is why most humans who get "ambushed" by a horny Reptilian, they feel that they are being raped. It becomes a traumatic experience, because the pleasure is one-sided only. I was for a long time confused as to why humans who report having "had sex" - or "cuddles" - with Reptilians call it such things as "rape". Why am I not offended? Well, for one, I love the pleasure sensation it brings. I rate it as being 1000 times better than human sex. But I also enjoy it being a handsome man who is not a human, but this gorgeous man with scales and reptile eyes. They are handsome gorgeous men, aren't they?

As for sexual taboo, I know that we human women are supposed to not divulge in sexual pleasures. We are supposed to feel guilty and filthy and all of that. But, at the risk of sounding really vulgar, I will say that I do enjoy and welcome intimate cuddles with the Reptilian men and Dragons. However, don't get me wrong. I am very shy and blocked. In fact I tell them that, when they cuddle me, that I struggle with being a human woman who is not supposed to or allowed to enjoy bodily pleasure. I have a hard time to relax with them. Maybe if they did some foreplay that might help, but Reptilians don't do foreplay. They just dive into it. No kissing, no gentle massage, no sweet words whispered into my ear. No dinner or a movie first, and no roses or chocolate.

Every time I beg for Snake to come cuddle me he tells me that Hamish won't allow. And then Hamish appears and lets us both know that he forbids it. But Snake did sneak in a few nights recently and we cuddled some.

Snake's favorite is my tongue. He goes bananas thinking about my tongue. He likes to make me put one or more of my fingers in my mouth on my tongue, and he might even make me bite into my fingers a bit. Totally turns him on. I have never been able to turn on a man as much as that does to him. He also looks at me and thinks images of my red blood cells tumbling around in my blood vessels, and then he goes almost mad with lust (he calls it "lust"). Blood, and my tongue. That's all it takes.

Snake started talking about "blood drinking" and such but he doesn't ask me to do anything more with it. I have offered him however that I could prick my finger and let him see some of my blood. I know I know, this is leading to some gross proportions. I am by no means into Satanism or the occult or the Gothic or anything of the sort. But watching this beautiful handsome scaly man squirm with immeasurable bodily pleasure from the thought of blood, of course you want to offer him a drop of your blood. It is so much fun to give this man pure delight. I haven't done anything with my blood yet to him, but I certainly will if the time is right. Just harmless.

Snake looks at me sometimes like I were a piece of meat or an edible steak. He always looks at me as if I were "little". He does not see me the way that we humans see one another. I am catnip to this man, he loves to wrap himself around me and enjoy like a cat clinging on to catnip.

Hamish is shedding his scales

Yesterday I noticed that Hamish looked all white for some reason. At first I nearly choked up not knowing if I was about to have to cry more than I have ever had to cry before, was Hamish perhaps sick? Or was he dying? Everything else was normal and as it always has been. But then I noticed that Hamish was avoiding to be seen by me a bit. And a while later an Illuminati hybrid (one of the chums) said to me that Hamish was shedding his scales and that he felt embarrassed about it. The Illuminati hybrid said that "Hamish felt embarrassed about it like someone would if they have dirty underwear", he said. I said profusely that Hamish does not need to feel bad about shedding scales.

There was one time in the past year when Hamish was shedding some scales on the top of his forearms and I remember how stressful this situation was for him, and how bad he felt about it. This time the white shedding scales cover most of his body, even all across his turtleshell hump back and all over the arms and large parts of his back. He looks totally white. I said to my Hamish time and time again that he is a handsome Dragon and that I can't wait to see his brand new scales when his shedding is over. I said so much encouraging things that Hamish actually eventually felt better about it and he became happy and his energy brightened up, rather than feeling all ugly and awkward and ashamed about it. I cheered him up, and he knows that I love him even when his scales are shedding.

I told Hamish that "I shed scales all the time", except that mine are small skin cells, too small to be seen, but that I am shedding all over constantly. I think this helped Hamish to feel better about it. Wow, I bet he is going to be so extra-special handsome when the shedding is finished. Brand new and bright red Hamish Dragon.

There is trash here in my path!

Last night was so funny. Hamish showed up to my room and he showed me a mental image of the stack of papers and folders on my bedroom floor and he said that my floors were not clean or tidy. Interestingly this stack of papers has been there for months, and only now did he ever tell me about it.

He then showed me a mental image of the two cardboard boxes sitting on the armchairs in the living room and this too, was untidy for him this evening. These same boxes have also been there for weeks at least, well the boxes have been here for months but only recently on the armchair. He then looked into the bookshelf where my roommate has tons of DVD videos and pocket books, and Hamish thought about it but didn't see a reason to complain about it being a mess. He then noticed the mirror in the bookshelf and looked into it deeply.

Then Hamish showed me a very clear image of the laboratory room up where the aliens work and he showed me the floors there and how the floors are perfectly void of stuff and all clean. I then told my Dragon that he is so good at making sure that things are kept clean and tidy, and I told him that it is messy here and that I need to clean. I love reassuring Hamish and agreeing with him. I love to understand my Dragon and confirm what he is saying to me. I Love my Hamish.

Hamish showed me the laboratory room floor for a surprisingly long time. His mental image transfers to me don't usually last anywhere near that long, but obviously he wanted me to really see how clean and tidy it was. Then Hamish returned to my bedroom. Previously I had been in the shower when he showed me things, and now I was already in bed when he came. Hamish shows me an image of the styrofoam cup with lid that I had sitting on a counter here in my bedroom. I had already finished the orange soda (yikes!!! totally forbidden!!) with my meal last night but just left the cup there so that the ice in it would melt and I could drink the cold water later on maybe in the morning. Hamish said to me, quite arrogantly and royally, "There is TRASH here on my path!!" As if I had placed trash literally on the trail path that Hamish takes to get to me.

What's funny is that then I got up in my bed to look around in the room. Hamish had plenty of space to walk to me from the door and to my bed. The cup was by no means in his way, he couldn't even have bumped into it had he tried. Just that by walking across and over to me, the trash (an empty styrofoam cup) is something that he would see. Oh dear Hamish my Dragon. He then remarked on the dirty dishes on my desk in the bedroom, and he told me that "he used to see" another dirty plate on the counter (where the cup now was instead). Which is true, a few days ago I had a dirty plate there for maybe a few hours or one day at the most, but it wasn't there now last night. Oh dear, oh dear.

He doesn't get angry when he complains, don't get us wrong. Hamish is very calm and sweet when he talks to me. But he sure was in an unusually "inspective" mood last night! It was fun. I do actually clean more often than I usually would, due to having Dragons and Reptilians visiting me in my room. I mean, they are my guests, just like you would tidy up a bit to some of your friends visiting.

Just now:
"Yes-No crabcakes. They have a scale." - Hamish
A few minutes ago I was watching an episode of "Chopped", a cooking show. The intro to the show had - among other things - crabs as ingredient, even though the episode I was watching did not have crabs in it. I didn't finish the episode and thought about finishing watching it, and Hamish - who I didn't even know was watching me - was obviosly noticing my thoughts and then he said this, and when he said "crabcakes" he showed me his mental image of brown uncooked crabs on a table

As an interlude, it seems Hamish does not only sympathize with lobsters, but also with crabs. (And centipedes.) Any creature that looks as if it has scales. It's very sweet and charming, isn't it. Hamish, you make me nearly burst with love and affection for you!!! "Yes-No burst." - says Hamish to that. Aaahhh!!!! Haaamiiissss!!! Sooo cuuuteee!!!

Annie, meet Creepy Eye Man

Last night Malik - believe it or not - introduced me to speak with The Eye. Now this is an important story that needs to be told. The Eye that sits on top of the yellow pyramid is a real live flesh eye, it is an actual living creature. Malik says that the Eye controls him. I was shown months ago a creature that is like a brownish fleshy body with just one big eye in the center of the belly. It has no limbs or other interesting structures. The eye is a real fleshy eye that looks around a lot. It has wrinkles above and below like eyelid wrinkles though I don't know if it can blink or close the eye. I had assumed that Reptilians, being so obsessed with their Lord being "the single eye", must have created this as an artificial creature, to somehow symbolize their God.

But now, it seems, that this one-eye creature is in fact, well, I guess like what came first the chicken or the egg, umm... the creature must have been there first, because I don't think that they could have created the eye creature AND it being a God to them. I mean, even if they managed to create such a monster, it is unlikely that they could have created it to not only look right - but also to be Godlike and such.

Malik introduced me to the Eye and I got to speak with the Eye! It speaks, gosh darn! I can kick myself (and you may kick me too) for not getting up from bed and writing down our conversation verbatum. Has any other human ever before gotten the "privilege and honor" to actually speak with The Eye? It said that it wants to rule the Earth and all of the universe, but it also said other things, umm... It talked to me. Malik has told the Eye that I am kind of "with them". Malik had spoken kindly of me to the Eye, so that is why we got to talk together. I wasn't afraid of the Eye, but I told the Eye about love and compassion and things. Then he didn't want to talk to me anymore. Bummer.

Poo? Just let me eat my cupcake PLEEZE

Ok so it being Sunday and Fall Break from college and all, I had made the extra special treat to stop by the bakery on my way home today and got some cupcakes and a coconut macaroon pastry. Normally I try to eat healthy and I also worry about money (limited college budget) and then there's the fact that Reptilians and their alien gang strictly forbid "refined sugar". But anyway I've been tempted for a long time and decided to go in and have some treat.

So while I'm munching on my banana nut cupcake, yumm, the aliens bring me into contact with "the Doctor of Radiology". He is a character who has been a part of this since I was a teenager. Human military humans have to oversee alien abduction activity so that the aliens don't get carried away and basically shred us to pieces in the most gruesome of innovative ways, so the military are basically guarding me. So the aliens connected with their Doctor of Radiology. He has brown hair and large 80's glasses, he has always looked like that. So me and the Doctor of Radiology are seeing one another, through that kind of a "mental Skype connection" that the aliens establish. (I know this reads like science-fiction, but this is all real, because elements have proven real, such as consistency with other people's stories, real UFO's, abduction events, being lifted by physical force, etc.)

The aliens show me a scene where my body is hoisted up held up with like black belts so that the aliens can get to the underneath of me. This is how they then have a human abductee produce a fecal sample. I have been shown this by the aliens, in mental images, before, but then it wasn't me it was other people, like human men. (The aliens can collect small fecal samples with a small stick with the person on their belly, but this is when they want a larger sample and I guess want to see it happen too.)

Now I know that sounds too horrific and gross and then you want to think that it's too ridiculous to actually take place or be real. But one thing I want to mention. Reptilians for instance they are not so disgusted by human poo. In fact Snake refers to human poo as a word in my European language which is the word for (has no English translation) when you've had organic matter whether leaves, plants, or even a dead animal, that has decomposed into a fine compost. Yes, we can translate it as "compost". There is no disgust when they say compost. Snake even wanted to see my "compost" once when I had "accidentally" eaten scales (fish scales in a salmon soup), Snake had said that after three days I should show him my bowel movements in the toilet so that he could have proof that the scales were no longer in my body. (I did not comply, so the quarantine was officially ended after sufficient number of days had passed where it was assumed that I no longer had scales in my digestive tract.)

But the aliens study human metabolism. They are very keen on what foods I eat, and how each food is processed by my body and what became of it when it comes out. And I don't blame them, I actually almost went into medical school and was considering specializing in the digestive system. And if you think about it, how cool is it all the stuff that happens to food from beginning to end? I guess you have to be a science nerd and medical enthusiast to appreciate the wonders of biology, physiology, human life and metabolism.

But come on (alien) guys (and Doctor of Radiology, human). I was eating a damn cupcake. And since I don't usually eat cupcakes, the aliens gathered around and got very keen and the aliens showed me the procedure where I am hoisted up and they would collect a fecal sample and they were asking the Doctor of Radiology for permission if the aliens could show me this procedure, maybe they were even asking if I could be let to stay awake during it. Of course I told the Doctor of Radiology - and aliens - that I did not mind one bit.

But the aliens were talking about poo and showing me the procedure for extraction and come on guys - I was eating a cupcake. So much for that. Let me just eat the damn cupcake, then come and tell me about it. Oh aliens. Living with the aliens. Gotta love 'em, creepy eye, Incubus Malik, the whole thing all of it.

Hamish makes a sigh exhale and says "Yes", and the sound of the Yes has a Draconian grunt-purr and almost with the coffee brewer sound. The coffee brewer sound is like the sound that a coffee brewer makes when it has steam and just as it is about to let through the first drops of coffee. It is a delightful sound that I rarely hear from him. I love Hamish. He said this as I wrote the "Warning" text up above. Love Hamish. He was content, and there is nothing as meaningful in my life as having a Dragon who is content.

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