Tender Moments With Hamish,
and Olav makes an intrusion
October 02 2012


Our year is running out?

When the aliens first appeared in August 2011, they made it clear from the very start, that they were only here to stay for one year and until the summer next year was over. And they kept on reminding me of this throughout the year.

Well, I kept on begging for more time with my aliens, in particular Hamish The Great. I did not want to lose them or let them go. Not only were they a fascinating inclusion into my life, they became a part of my family and normalcy. Life was so much fun and exciting, shocking and interesting, with these guys.

As Fall crept closer, the aliens started telling me that our year was almost up. And every time I would try with them, "but the trees all still have leaves, and it is warm outside!". Eventually Hamish started telling me that his time with me had been extended by "several more months". I was pleased. I was safe. Hamish would be mine forever. Or at least so I could think for a few more months, my Ever Precious Dragon.

But the Zeta Greys were a wholly different matter. I hated them. I despised them, because they despised me. They have such arrogance and cruelty, they treat me like a dirty old rag that is worth nothing more but nuisance. "Dog race!", they call at me. "Hunch!", means stop, be quiet. And frequent threats of being hit with the white bat. They are racists, they tell me I am one of their cattle in the pen, or that I am part of a botanist's garden. Then they expect me to be sweetness and nice and to - literally - open up my legs and intimacy to them when they bring hybrid males of all ages to learn sexuality with me.

Zetas are disrespectful, disgusting, racist, rude, offensive, violent, hostile, intimidating, terrorizing, arrogant, impudent, ridiculous, filthy and uncomfortable creatures to deal with. Because they treat you that way. I don't care how kind and good you are as an abductee, how much you cherish alien contact, or how neatly you put your own emotional bias aside as you venture into alien contact. They shread to pieces instantly all of your good intentions and they deliberately agitate and distress you. Either because they derive personal gratification from thus, or because you really are in their eyes some type of filthy insect that needs to be poked at and frowned upon. But it doesn't exactly make it ideal circumstances to then be asked to partake in sexual circumstances.

I have screamed and I have yelled, I have put every offensive word and language onto them, and I have threatened with graphic scenes of murder if they ever come close and don't get away from me. But no manner of words or threats will push these disgusting creatures away. "Dog race!", they yell at you, or threaten with the white bat, as they become offended that you would not align yourself with their rudeness and accompanying sexual offense. "Hunch!", the white Lady says to me. And they would continue bringing the hybrid children to see me.

I was about to have a mental nervous breakdown many times. I can't tell you how bad they are. It's not me, it's them. I really wanted alien contact to be nice and cozy, and I could have put up with any manner of uncomfortable procedures. But they do everything wrong.

So I finally used that one secret weapon that could only be launched 'once', that would get rid of all the aliens. "Dear Hamish, it is now Fall and it has been a year since you came. Our time is up. Go away and don't let the Zeta aliens come back to me." And it stopped. I could have cried my eyes and soul out of the thought of losing Hamish and my Dinosaurs, even the loss of Malik the Strange One would bring soreness to my heart, my Black Gremlin Incubus that I have learned to tolerate, a kind of creepy curiosity that is both nice and scary, depending on how close he gets. But I had to get rid of the Zetas. The amount of agony that they bring would have put me in a hospital.

Tender Moments With Hamish

There were many long days without Hamish. I started missing him. I would occasionally cry to Hamish to come back, I told him I miss him. I missed having his feet wiping real fast on the bathroom rug, his back scraping against the sharp edge of the shower door handle. His lovely Yes-No, as he gives me his opinions on things around the house. Seeing his scaly self, hearing him tell me, "Watch out for my back hump!". And constant reminders that "I forgot to honor him". How could anyone love Hamish and then let him go? How does anyone - really - live without a Red Turtle Dragon named Hamish The Great? How do you guys do it?

But he has been here a little bit now and then, and I have been pleased. Earlier today he kept saying "Yes", "Yes", "Yes", and showing me his mental images of little yellow flowers here on Earth. My heart melted and exploded with tender affection for this being. Something so humble and meaningless as little yellow flowers. And this is an intelligent beautiful handsome creature from another planet - and he thinks about flowers. I promised him that I would one day buy him yellow flowers.

But the best was a few minutes ago this evening. So I was writing about breast cancer and mammographies. Hamish came up to me in the most tender and gentle of ways. More tender than any human or animal mother on earth who is caring for a baby. Without words but with emotion and images he expressed to me so much care and concern, support and affection, about breast cancer. He radiated emotional warmth and love to me that filled me all inside and brought tears to my eyes. He kept nudging on me to let me know that he was aware of what I was writing, all the while filling me with his tender affectionate feelings and support.

It is difficult to describe what Hamish means when he does this. It is as if he wants to acknowledge that he is aware of what I am doing. But there is so much more in his expression. There was warmth, there was love, there was caring and there was concern, but all given in the most happy and positive perspective. There was no sadness in his expression to me about breast cancer, it was all positive and "best wishes and support". If humans learned to support one another in breast cancer with so much pure positiveness and love, we would go a long way. I don't think humans are capable of expressing so much love and support, as Hamish was.

Then Hamish indicated to my breasts. Without words, he set his attention to my breasts and with warm caring love in his intentions. As if he was concerned of my breasts and about cancer. The topic really captivated him and occupied his thoughts for a long time. I have never been treated with so much tender sweetness as I saw from Hamish. (I don't have breast cancer, I am just writing about it.)

I got tears in my eyes and kept telling him, "Hamish! I love you Hamish!", and all kinds of affection. I was filled throughout with the warmest most tender feeling of love from him. He then shows me a mental image of the Himalayan mountains, where some of his race resides, and he is suggesting without words that they live there. He also tells me that, who assumably are the black reptilians, have been trying to get to the Red Dragon Turtles in the mountains by means of using explosives. (The black reptilians use explosives to force all kinds of alien races to join their cause and evacuate their homes.) Hamish tells me that the explosives have not been successful, they are guarded by the mountain. "Oh! There are others like you!", I say to him, and that makes my eyes tear up even more.

After so many days without my Hamish, and now having him here showing so much tender love and affection about the thought of breast cancer, affection and love I have not seen from Hamish before (though glimpses of such positive and supportive affection before), I am so taken by it, I put my fingers up to my eyes and keep telling him how much I love him. Hamish then says,

"There now, dry your tears, or otherwise you will be slaughtered."

Hamish has a way with words. He is this dominant and confident beast, but he has shown time and time again that he also has an affectionate, sweet gentle side. Like when he likes flowers, or enjoys a soft comfy sofa and asks me if I would buy him an armchair ("but one that is not a revolving armchair"). Or when he likes yellow flowers. Or cries when I stomped a centipede dead with the bottom of my shoe and then put it in the trashbag. I can't tell you how much I love Hamish, or how I feel for him.

The contrast of sweet tenderness, followed by his typical remark, makes me giggle. And so I turn into a giggling crying mess. Oh Hamish, you have been gone for too long!

Why are you talking about me, for a long time? - Hamish says now
I will honor your race! - me, I try
I will guard you. - Hamish
From what? Which will you guard me from? - me
From those who want to take your eggs. - Hamish
THANK YOU MY HONORED! Do you mean Zeta? - me
I will guard you. - Hamish gently
Why are you guarding me? - me
You do know, that I am to be honored? - Hamish gently reminds me
Yes, my Honored. - me
Which, ... my Honored. Are you guarding me from Zeta? - me
I will flush away your DNA traces. - Hamish
"Which"? ... My Honored. I love you. - me
I will guard you, so that you do not get strangled by my race. - Hamish kindly

Last night I lit a tealight candle for atmosphere. Haven't had any candles for a long long time since Hamish came into my life, because Hamish is afraid of fire. It had seemed as if Hamish hadn't been around, but when I lit the candle Hamish made a Yes-No and was concerned and shaken by there being a candle. He said that he was afraid. I assured Hamish that he was safe, but I had to tell him many times that it is safe, I am guarding him from the flame. I didn't put out the candle because I felt like I needed it. Fall is coming and the dark and rain and the candle really lifted up my mood.

I think last night or the night before I had some sort of Zeta abduction. But I'm done through with the Zetas. They are not welcome back, and I make that very clear to them. We don't get along and we never will. It is beyond repair, I just want them gone. But Hamish and the Dinosaurs are more than welcome. I have a feeling that the aliens will stay, they just might not let me be as aware of their presence, as they used to.

Olav Makes an Intrusion

Olav Vetti, a Korpral with the Russian Army, a missiles expert who also loves ice hockey, is meant to take me over from the US MKULTRA team. Today while I was in class, Olav did the "mind transfer" to me. I asked him to excuse me as I was in class and if he could come back a later time, but he didn't leave right away and stayed for a little while. Olav kept thinking - again - about how he had rather wanted some attractive woman with black hair. I do not meet his expectations of what he was hoping for. He kept thinking of a hot black-haired woman with curly hair, in a white jumpsuit in a winter snow landscape out in the Russian wilderness. I don't know. Maybe he thinks this is a James Bond movie (I even told him that it was not a James Bond movie). I am not some super hot woman spy for them. I am just a girl. Sitting in class.

Olav placed his mind over my mind, and it felt as if our bodies were melted together. He could feel my hands and body and I could feel his hands and body. He used his will and mind power to move my left arm around, I kind of let him, and then I blocked it by contracting my arm so that he could not move my arm.

Hm, I thought I would have more to say about that, but I guess that's about it. Oh yes, I do wonder where this will all lead me? What will they do to me? It seems to be escalating, like, are they going to make me walk for them, go places, do things? I don't know, but you can count on that I will tell you all by writing about it here.

I am now off to enjoy a lovely evening with my Hamish The Great. I love him, and maybe I can tell him to "drink my juice", and maybe he will, in which he will come up close to me and look at my brain stem, and then I see his red scales and "feel the power" with him. That is how he does it. Me and my Dragon.

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