Cuddlz and Drugs with General Patton MKULTRA Handler
November 30 2012

Early in the morning between 3 and 5 am or so I dreamt that I was in a room that was full of people. It was like a family reunion only with people I did not recognize. A party or get-together for adults at somebody's house. I know it was around this time, because just before I had woken up at around 3:25 am because a roommate was watching videos too loud, so I went back to sleep. 4 am is the "magic hour" when I am abducted each night it seems.

In the dream I am outdoors by the pool by that house and there's a lot of people there. It feels casual and also elated like at a party where people know each other since way back. Festive and playful. I start becoming aware and it is turning into a lucid dream. It is a dream when you are awake and you think and act as if you were awake and there in person, you realize you are in a different place. A brown-haired man comes up to me, he puts one arm across my chest at the collarbone near the throat like a tackle and pulls me down to the ground with him.

There I am, fully awake

There I am, fully awake. It is not a dream, or if it is I am fully awake. He fondles me and after a while I notice that he is looking at some pictures that he has taken with his phone. Either that he asks me if I want to see them or I ask him to see the pictures. He shows me the pictures. On three pictures I am sitting naked on his lap, while he has his clothes on. The man was holding my breasts for the picture. Three shots like that. I am stunned, it is me. It must have taken place that night, just before I got conscious.

He cuddled me quite a bit. Then we were inside the house and another man starts to cuddle me and this man says and I will never forget that he is "a General" or "the General". Then he said something about "radiologist". The Doctor of Radiology might have been there, oops. The first guy who was cuddling me was the Doctor of Radiology I bet, because it looked just like him except he didn't have his big 80's glasses on! So I think it was first the Doctor of Radiology who had me naked on his lap and took those pictures and then it was General Patton. Heheh, isn't it funny if I just dreamt all of this? I don't dream about sex actually, I never do, so it's funny if I would with these guys, heh.

The man who said he was a General is older than the first one. He French kisses me like I've never been kissed before. It was reeeelyy good and nice and sweet. No man has ever kissed me like that, it was awesome. Then we're in a bed (spoiler alert: don't worry, nobody has sex).

I am still shaken after when the first man (presumably the Doctor of Radiology) had fondled me and cuddled and I feel a bit overwhelmed, maybe not hurt by it but just shocked a bit. And now here is this other man fondling me and cuddling and kissing me. So I start shivering and whimpering quite badly. It reminds me of when I was still a virgin and I had my first cuddles with a boy when we were camping and I couldn't stop shivering like mad! I guess I shiver like that when I'm just overwhelmed and not accustomed to it.


I don't feel scared or anything, just shivering and whimpering a bit, because I'm in this strange place and I am fully awake and here are all these (two) men cuddling me so it's weird. So that is when this second man, the General, brings me a plastic bottle of pills and hands it to me. I am trying to read the text. It looks to be prescription pills because there is a white label on the outside of the bottle. He tells me to take them for my nerves.

I didn't fully realize I was with the MKULTRA team so I was just thinking here is this man and I'm in somebody's house and these pills must be his own for his nerves and now here he is sharing those with me.

I look into the bottle, he had given it to me without the cap on. They are rather large pills, not capsules, they are elongated shaped and with a furrow in the middle if you want to snap those in two, and they are a red-pink color. I try to get my fingers in there to pull one out but it doesn't work so I pour some in my hand. Four pills fall into my hand and not knowing any better in my confused state I take all four into my mouth. He has given me a glass of water or other clear drink and set it on the side for me to take with those pills.

I am in such a confused state not knowing what to do that the pills just stay in my mouth. I am notoriously lame at swallowing pills even as an adult I can keep a small pill in my mouth for the longest time trying to swallow it and it just doesn't because I've come to dread it. So I did not have that instinctive know-how to swallow a pill so they just sat in my mouth. They began to dissolve and I could feel how their texture changed to a bit more coarse. Luckily there was no taste other than the taste of chalk from the dissolving pills.

I look at the man (General) a bit lost with those pills just melting in my mouth and I start to take them out of my mouth with my hand. The General sees me what I am doing and he comes up close to me and says, something to the effect of, "No. That is not good." It wasn't a good thing that I took the pills out of my mouth again. In my state and trying to understand this I am thinking that these were maybe his prescription pills and he had just graciously lent me one and I had now spent four of his and that would be trouble with his prescription, so I actually felt kinda bad about having ruined them.

He reached over with a trashcan and either he put my pills that I had taken out of my mouth and put them in the trashcan or that I did so myself. Then I had more pills in my mouth and I was taking them out too so he had to come at me with the trashcan a second time.

Then I woke up back here and remembered everything and how real it had been. Just as I woke up and closed my eyes they showed me a vial with bright neon green fluid, some type of medicine or drug, and they were asking me to drink it all up. I was saying that I would drink it all up so long as I could see where it was. Someone then said that it was ok that they could use a dropper to put it in my mouth one bit at a time.

So there were two drugs. The cuddles with the (presumably) radiologist and General (Patton) were really neat. I loved that. I hope I can cuddle with them again. General Patton has grown a beard. And in the morning I chatted with General Patton a bit. Again they said "Welcome to MKULTRA!" and General Patton called me "MK-Cat" once more, that he had wanted me to be his "MK-Cat". I like General Patton. I feel really close to him. I'm glad that it's he doing these things to me, and not somebody else. But yes, he has a dark-brown beard now. It suits him really well. That's why I didn't recognize him in this encounter, but he is still the most handsome man in the world. So this was all fun.

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