Scheisse - the intricacies of Malik The Black One
November 14 2012

Warning: this is a true story from an event that happened between me and an actual Black Incubus who is one of the Black Ones who are the bosses that rule over the Draconian Reptilians who notoriously do mischief here on Earth.

Scheisse. Last night for whatever reason I ended up doing a big boo-boo. So I was having an intimate moment with myself (everybody does once in a while, sooner or later), and that tends to catch the attention of Reptilians. Because they want to feel what I'm feeling. Hahah I once had a Reptilian show up and he said "Hurry up!" (I have that somewhere in the news sections I think, and I had said to him that "These things take time.") So Malik showed up. And it seemed that Malik got into it and had sex with me.

Problem is, it was really great. I know I'm way past my felt obligations of censorship, but the story needs to be told, this is part of history. So I thought it was really great and I started moaning at Malik for more more. Sorry to embarrass or disgust everyone, depending on how you react. But then!

Malik the Monster does not react the way that I had anticipated. I thought that he would get into it and cuddle with me, especially since he had instigated it. And because he had done sexual things to me on a few rare occasions before (actually I only recall one such earlier occasion). He gets upset and very fussy. Oh I sure wish I had written down Mr. Malik the Fuss One's comments cause you should have heard the spice in his language my indeed! "You are beginning to sound like your ancestors", Malik says approximately. "What were my ancestors like? Were they like monkeys?", I ask the Oh Holy Blackness One.

"Your ancestor was a ho!", Oh Holy Blackness says approximately like that. Oh my oh my! And then he called me "ho" once more, but the way that he said it he was roaring like only an infuriated and disappointed Oh Holy Blackness could! Malik The Black One is like a cartoon evil villain boss lord on top of the black mountain with thunderbolts and fire around him, and when you upset him he roars so the (heheh, Dinosaur is following what I write here and he giggles in the way that the Dinosaurs snicker at fun stuff, they see humor in things, he just laughs, in the way that Dinosaurs laugh, he is delightfully entertained)... Oh the Black One was not amused.

It was as if I was a total and complete whore slut ho. I have never in my life been talked down by any guy like that before. I know that in some cultures a woman acting needy and wanty toward a man then men would react that way. But in my cultures from Europe and United States, when a woman starts moaning and asking for more after a guy already got real close and intimate and rubbing against a lady then the man feels mighty flattered and happy about that. Malik's reaction was totally uncalled for and surprising. But hey, that's not all of his Mr. Fussness. There's more.

So Malik was supposed to come and rape me with his penis (though I liked it more than any other sex before.. sorry guys if that's too graphic) but I'm not supposed to ask for more more cause then I'm "like my ancestors who were a ho". And he was roaring mad! Not mad like in an angry scary way, just more like an angry father whose child accidentally dropped the dinner on the floor and now nobody in the family gets to eat anything for supper kind of thing. Like the kind of mad when somebody really messed up but it's not like you're gonna kill them over it kind of thang. But he was totally fussy about it like I was suddenly pure filth of a woman, where prior he was caressing himself against me. I don't get it.

Is Malik perhaps some ancient old Black Monster and he adheres to some other culture where women are supposed to be all chastity? Where we're supposed to offer but not ask for more? Because when Malik wants something from me I'm always offering, cause I think he's neat the way he tiptoes around here, and I don't hold his black scales and tail and white eyes with a pale gray pupil against him, I treat him like a person. But I'M not supposed to ask HIM for any cuddlz or then I'M a HOE! Oh my indeed now!

I guess I can't emphasize enough with words how upset he was. It was all kind of like how some cultures on Earth treat female sexuality, like how a father would be pissed if his daughter wasn't a virgin before marriage, that sort of thing. I had broken some stupid dang taboo by asking His Holy Self for some more sex even though he was already doing it with me. Whatever, what gives, Malik is weird.

So me being from a country in Europe where women's sexuality is not frowned upon, I don't think twice about being called a "ho" by Blackness, I just continue moaning for more and I say I don't mind what he calls me, I just want more more of him. But Black Oh Holyness Mr. Grumpy Man is still pissed and roaring mad. (I don't get nuthin more from him by the way, that killed it for him.)

So I told you there's more to the story? Malik had gone talking to General Patton and the human governments team who work with watching closely the alien interferences with human abductees, and while I was asleep at night Malik had went to those guys and told them what a sick filthy ho I was! So as soon as I woke up in the morning first thing General Patton was roaring mad at me for what filthy whoreness I had been doing to Malik! So I was like, what now? I didn't even bother explaining it to General Patton. If he wants to think that I did something offensive then so be it. I know my integrity is intact. The truth of it is, that Malik raped me and I asked for more and then he called me a ho.

Damn you Malik. You're no fun anymore. I thought I could cuddle him, but I don't want him anywhere near me anymore after this. If he ever comes close again to touch me or be intimate or drink my juice (juice=human life energy, drink=inhale, ingest, absorb through the air) then I will not be so nice to him again. Oh!!!!! Dang how could I allow myself to almost forget! But in the midst of all this upset, guess what! Malik then said last night (before he went to tell General Patton and team) that then we should get married this Sunday! Yes! Malik said that me and him should go to a church (here on Earth) to get married this Sunday! (Today is Wednesday, so we have a few days to go before I have to get the cards out or people have to buy us wedding gifts.)

But he was upset about it like if it was an obligation. It was kind of like when a young man accidentally gets a woman pregnant and then dang it he has to marry her even if he doesn't love her and she's ugly sort of thing. Just by me asking Malik for more he acts like we now have to get married on Sunday. Confusing?

So let's look at this for a moment. There was something seriously involved here. Somehow me reaching out to him had tremendous implications. Culturally, what I was doing was very invasive and reached very near to him. To the kin of me wanting to be his wife for ever and ever and merge with his body and soul for always. What I did to him was very invasive. Because now we were having to get married. This is all confusing, oh lord help me I don't always understand the Draconians... what a weird bunch they are. I don't know. Beats me.

"Watch out so that you don't fall." - Malik says now, after looking deep into my eyes with his all-white eyes with a small grey speck for a pupil for about ten seconds
"No my King I will not fall." - me, oh, and then it becomes evident that this was not a threat, he showed me when I had gone out of bed to sleep on the floor back when I was sick the other day, so it was sincere concern not a threat - sometimes you don't know what these guys mean when they say something, so that's what it was

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