General Patton? I do
November 13 2012

So I'm still recovering from what has probably been the worst flu and fever of my life, brought on by when Arek and his alien team of geneticists knocked down my immune system so that they could get me pregnant with the black Reptilian so that my white blood cells would not destroy the baby. (That is a whole other story I will have to properly write up as soon as I get well.) Early this past night General Patton appears and he asks me to marry him.

I have had the military and men in black suits in my life that I know of, since the age of 14. Over those years I sometimes heard the men say, "General Patton is here!", and then everybody would start fixing and messing and getting ready for what was clearly a VIP visit. In the midst of all this commotion, brought on by General Patton's visit, I would ask the men, "Who is General Patton?" and "Can I talk to him?" They never said who he was. And I never got to say a word to him, or hear a word from him. Never saw the man. Until April 2012 I believe, years later.

General Patton became a central figure when he appeared. Before his entry into my life I had 24/7 surveillance by men in black suits, I call them the "surveillance people", or "survey people", with every once in a while high ranking military officers checking in to see what's up. But once General Patton arrived, he pushed aside all the regulars, who at the time were pretty much mostly Aulis Greenshaw, Nolan, Derek, Gillespie, Assistant Carlisle, and Jack. (See a list of all the guys here)

Around that time I had a conscious military abduction. The aliens had brought me in to a hospital in Syracuse, presumably Syracuse New York (which coincidentally happens to be one of the MKULTRA hot-spots, but I didn't know that). Read more about it here. I found myself awake in a hospital, fully conscious. Someone had dressed me in hospital clothes and slippers. I wanted to escape so that no one would find me and put me under. I felt like I wasn't supposed to be conscious. The night before I had begged Malik the Black One to let me stay conscious, and he was the first thing I saw standing there in the hallway. But now I had to run!

I fled through hallways and doors, not knowing which way to turn. I end up opening a door that leads to a large dining room on the ground floor. It is filled with men in black suits and high ranking military men, each of the men have a lady date with them. All the ladies are like asleep and the men are feeding them with forks. There I am, in hospital clothes. The waiters are dressed fancy and carrying plates and just look at me. All the men and the ladies are dressed nice. I head to the door, winding my way in between tables.

I get out and end up a few hundred yards away but then stop. I am all alone in a big city at night and it is dark and I am cold and I don't know where to go. I just stop there and think about going back. Two men catch up with me and they take me to one of theirs house. I now think that these two men were General Patton and Sargent Wilkes. The three of us sit on the living room sofa. A female Zeta sits on the stairs that lead upstairs, but she glows like a ghost of a grandmother. The two men were dressed nice and wearing bowties and they are removing the bowties and relaxing. They talk to me but I can't remember what was said.

If I recall I was acting all giddy, the two men were both acting very relaxed and calming. I end up going to the upstairs bathroom and now for some reason I thought that I was on a date with the darkhaired man. I am slipping back into a dreamstate, but I am still conscious enough to see where I am. So I think I am on a date. That is how my mind interprets what is going on, as it is slowly slipping back into asleep and trying to make sense of things.

I try to find my makeup on his bathroom counter but there aren't any, and I'm fumbling over his shaving things and male grooming things that guys have and I can't find a single thing of my makeup. All I could remember is that I keep my makeup right there on my bathroom counter. Because I look in the mirror and I don't have any makeup and my hair has not been done, so I'm not ready for him. The darkhaired man waits for me growing impatiently he is in the bedroom. I don't know more after that. Only that I think this man was General Patton.

General Patton was "training" me for the "MKULTRA". I have written more stories about that elsewhere on this website. He can do this thing where his body overlaps with mine and then he can move my arms for me. It is very close and intimate. I am not harmed by it and not too worried. And when he does it is like he is looking out through my very own eyes. But then I can see and feel him too.

General Patton used to belong to the Navy when he was younger. He worked on a Navy ship, one of those big long ones that are gray in color. He wore a Navy uniform on his picture, that is black or dark brown with red or white stripes I can't remember, and the uniform seems to come with a cane and white gloves. He was then asked if he wanted to do this other project, and he agreed. And he regrets it often, he wishes he was back with the Navy.

He is a very handsome man, methinks. In fact, on April 22 2012,

Ever since I met General Patton I fell head over heels in love with him. And that rarely ever happens with me. It's not like I can find men everywhere that I find appealing. In fact I wanna marry him. I've felt that way ever since our first encounter. Even during the MILABS abduction when I escaped from the hospital in Syracuse and General Patton (obviously a cover name!) and this other guy came out and found me and they took me back to the General's house and when I was losing consciousness again and entering back into a drugged state, for some reason my mind believed that I was here in this house on a date with General Patton.

Thinking without inhibition or restriction, and misunderstanding that we were on a date, I felt that I would want to marry him and live with him forever and have kids with him. But I bet I'm just one of the many abductee whores that he's brought to his house. He wouldn't care about me. And I hate that everyone, ETs, MILABS, play with my emotions like this. They never care. I bet he hates me even.

But I would definitely marry General Patton. What if in a perfect world two people would feel the same? What if he hates me? What if he is flattered and decides to let me go with him on a date? Then that time I could really put my makeup on.

What if I actually were to get married to General Patton. To actually get to hold his hand, umm... wait now, I have actually done that already. I don't think that he is married and I don't think that he has any kids. What if he would marry me? What if he showed up here tonight with a wedding ring and got down on one knee like a romantic man? And we would be together forever and ever? Yep, I'm in love. With General Patton. And I would do anything to have him for my husband.

Early this morning, I had fell down on the floor to sleep on the floor thinking that since the bed was so unbearably uncomfortable maybe the floor could offer improvement (it did) and I had my pillow there and in my diseased state had torn down all the blankets and sheets to cover me, surrounded by juice bottles and fresh fruit and an overall mess in the room, me a total mess, having not eaten real food for three days, no makeup on, hair a-mess, miserable, cold, fever, sicker than I've ever been before, ... General Patton was with me when I woke up at night. He asked me to marry him.

Is life just so perfect that I could marry this incredibly handsome man who I fell in love with first time I saw him, in Syracuse? Or is this because we're doing the MKULTRA thing together? Have they talked me into wanting to marry him? But he is still the most handsome man in the world, really he is. I would do anything to be his wife.

"There's an MK-Cat." - General Patton says now

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