Crocodile Man
November 10 2012

You want sex? Here's some sex

I've been single for a long time and had noticed that every time when I daydream about a man, then Hamish shows up and bites me in the arm to break it up. I had wondered whether he was jealous, excited, or just upset with me. His biting achieved to break it up, so I had to assume that the purpose of the nibbles was to break it up.

Yesterday I made several attempts at daydreaming. I was only wondering what kind of a boyfriend or husband I would like to have, what would he look like, what it would be like to go out to dinner, or to be kissed along my neck. Hamish bit me on the arm. Don't worry, cause Hamish doesn't have teeth, so it doesn't hurt. It's actually adorable, I love it when Hamish bites. But when he bites he is feeling frustrated, so it is not nice for him.

I have seen Hamish bite into a few Zeta/Thubans (on two occasions) but he only does it after they first don't listen. He will bite into them and flop them around. It also serves to break up what they were doing, a misbehavior.

So I had declared to Hamish that I desperately need to be with a man. Hamish had made it clear that it is forbidden. And he was very explicit about it. The Aliens need my DNA because it has 12 DNA strands, and so my eggs are very precious and valuable to them. My eggs and DNA are rare. They cannot risk me getting pregnant, "with my own race", Hamish had said. And Hamish did not allow me to take a man's semen into me.

The Thubans then brought to me a human man who they keep there living with them. I was offered to have sex with him. The young man didn't want me, and I didn't want him either. Don't the aliens know that you can't just put two humans together? Or it rarely works out that way.

But what I haven't written down yet, was that later last night, when I was having my evening shower, they brought to me none other than one of the Illuminati hybrids. The Illuminati hybrids are gentle fellows, they are part human and part some alien. They are big chubby white guys. They have sharp teeth and their eyes are white with a grey speck for a pupil, no irises. They are sweet. They usually talk quite a bit like "guys" talk. This particular guy always tells me how he would like to drive fast cars. He used to think that he was homosexual but the aliens don't want him to be because "it is a waste" of a male individual who should take part in reproduction over there.

So they bring this chum to me. It might have been Stephan, otherwise one of the others. They showed me his privates. What I like about their privates is that they are not circumcised. (If you are a woman and you've had both then you know what I'm talking about.) So I said to them that yeah, he is an adult and that's great, but also I know this guy on a personal level and I think we get along as friends. So I said that that was a better offer. But it had to be consentual to him too. I wouldn't mind. I've been with these Illuminati chums before. They are the best lovers in the world. Yes better even than the Reptiles.

So I went to bed that night and fell asleep. I had a long nightmare where someone was chasing me. It was a scary monster and guess what? It looked just like the Illuminati guy. Too bad the aliens had kept me asleep during the abduction so that I was reinterpreting it all in a dream. I wouldn't have been scared of him had I been conscious.

Right now Hamish appears and puts his cute little sock puppet head of his right close to me. "Hamish, Hamish", I say full of love and affection to this beautiful Space Dragon. Hamish then indicates to me without use of words, in their wordless language, that the reason this Illuminati guy was brought to me, is because he does not have any sperm. The reasons why this is important we will get to later.

So he must have chased me around all night and I was scared and trying to get away. In the dream he didn't get to me and I managed to get away. But in the dream it all took place in a big city with skyscrapers. Then in the dream someone else is chasing me, and this time it was the boy who the Agenda had paired me up with a couple years ago. The boy who was into Satanism and creepy but chosen by the Agenda for us to be together. (This is a real person from real life. I ended up excommunicating him, well because he is creepy. But the Agenda has made him obsessed with me. We were meant to be together and get married and have babies, so thought the Agenda. But, nah.)

So in this dream this guy is now chasing me. I was in my home in the dream but after a long ordeal of trying to get away I decided to just talk to him and see if I could calm him down. So I opened the door to let him in. He threw himself over me and was going to have sex with me. He took his shirts off and when I touched him along his back I noticed that his vertebrae were sticking out from the skin and that his upper back was arched outwards and I declared to myself gosh darn his back follows the same contour as Malik's arched back with bumps! So it was somehow Malik the Oh So Mischevious One who was doing it. So, I don't know what really took place during that alien encounter. Just that they were trying to fix my neediness problem for me, but I wasn't having any of it because their selections were creepy.

Don't spoil the 12 Strand eggs please

I woke up in the morning and it was me and Hamish again back to normal. All was well. I then told Hamish, rather sternly, that I have certain needs. That I insist that I may have a boyfriend and have sex. And that they could use my body too to take their eggs, but that we would both need to somehow work together. Hamish's response to my "insisting" and "objecting" was to begin to toss me around, but I stopped him in his tracks, and said "No".

Hamish was going to flip my body around from where it was laying on its back to lying on my right side and curled together. He does this to show me his power, to remind me that he is in charge, but this time I had stopped him and said "No" to Hamish.

Hamish explained to me, that I must not take a man's semen into me, because then the sperm would be surrounding any eggs that I have, and that would ruin the eggs for them. Hamish then declared to me, that ok I may have sex with a man but then I must take his seed into my mouth instead. And not anywhere near my eggs. Then that might be a resolution. I just laughed, poor Hamish.

Hamish also showed me in his mental imagery that if I am having sex with a man, and in that image I was on all fours and the man from behind me (I guess Hamish's obvious choice for posture) then Hamish would be there watching very carefully and that he would bite the man in his thigh if he was about to spoil my eggs so to say. I must have objected to Hamish then, but that is when the Crocodile Man returned.

Crocodile Man

"Malik says that you have not made threats against us before." - Crocodile Man says now

Last night when Hamish had seemed unsuccessful in "guarding the eggs", Crocodile Man had come to see if he could do the job instead. This morning Hamish had resumed his position as "prison guard" (that is how Hamish describes his job) but again he seemed to be unsuccessful in "guarding the eggs" so Crocodile Man returned.

Crocodile Man is wonderful. Whereas Hamish speaks mostly in images, and in Yes, No, and several versions of Yes-No (which I've gotten used to, and "it's our thing"), Crocodile Man forms perfect sentences, gives information, answers questions, and educates me about their work. Crocodile Man says that he was genetically made from a crocodile, because crocodiles are so good at guarding their eggs. That is why Crocodile Men are put to guard eggs. They actually work in underground facilities where they keep various genetic projects that are still on the infant stages, in various types of water-filled incubators. There will be a Crocodile Man working there to guard these eggs and foetuses. So Crocodile Man had been set in place to guard my eggs now, since Hamish had seemed unsuccessful because I was planning on having a man's semen spoil my eggs.

Crocodile Man is a tall black Reptilian, but he has an elongated snout and teeth. His eyes are black and Reptilian. His belly is a creamy yellow-white with a checkered pattern from the rows of square scales. And some of those scales, very few of them, and in random places, are black squares instead of creamy white. The scales of his back, arms, legs, head, tail, everywhere else besides the belly, are black scales.

He showed me his hands with clawed short stout chubby fingers, and he said to me that "if he does not clip his claws then they grow long and curl inwards", and he showed me a mental image where they were long and curled. I told him that I would be happy to file his claws and give him manicures, if only he would put his paw into my hand. Wouldn't that be fun.

He has chubby feet with toes and the toes have a black claw. His tail is very thick, it is thickest at the base of the tail and then slenders down a bit, but remains thick throughout. I had to rub my eyes but it looked as if he was sitting on his tail more than once and for a long time. He makes his tail point straight downward and then where it reaches the floor he lets the tail make a sharp angle. The tail is thick and sturdy enough so that he uses it to sit on it like that, while he keeps his legs bent, but then there is nothing underneath his bottom. He just sits like that with the tail bent supporting him. It was the most peculiar sight. I asked him if he was sitting on his tail, but he didn't say.

I checked between his legs to see if he had the legendary big penis that other contactees have reported that Crocodile Men would have, but there was no genitals there. No I just had to check because other contactees have these stories. I've seen that Malik has a penis (which is most of the time tucked in, kind of like how horses have theirs tucked in) and Hamish has a small one like what dogs have, Hamish's is also tucked in. So if he has one it is tucked in.

Crocodile Man has the most wonderful body scent. He smells really really good, but it is a strong smell. He smells like a man's cologne. It smells like the most wonderful version of a man's scent.

He is kind, he is gentile, he seems sophisticated, intelligent, and calm.

"We are nurturing them here." - Crocodile Man says now
"So we need to be kind." - says Hamish or Crocodile Man

He speaks in a gentleman kind of fashion that reminds me of British people.

Crocodile Man entered into my home and he showed me in images and then told me in words that I would have to wash the kitchen floor. And he then indicated to the carpet in my bedroom and that I would have to clean it. (Later after I had my morning shower and had started on my breakfast, he reminded me again. I just promised him like "Yeah yeah, later." Whenever. Whatever.) It's nice to see that Crocodile Man is cleanly and tidy just like the other Reptilians are.

One of the things Crocodile Man said in our conversations was that the asteroid belt (which is between Mars and Jupiter I presume), he asked me if I knew where it had come from? I said no and would he tell me? He said that it was the remnants of planet Nibiru. Finally, some confirmation. Because I have been reading this statement online but I don't take internet pages as proof of anything, because people could be making things up. But I trust my Crocodile Man. Reptilians have actually never seemed to lie to me. They are surprisingly honest. And when they don't want me to know something, they just don't tell me! I trust Crocodile Man more than I trust the internet. That's just the way it is.

Crocodile Man stood beside me and just stared at my pelvis for several minutes. He was guarding the eggs. He explained to me how valuable my eggs were, how rare it was to find 12 stranded DNA. I asked him to please explain to me how DNA can have twelve strands. He showed me a mental image in which I recognized two DNA strands coiled together (but not in a string but the string made an angle so it wasn't all along one line) and then there was some shimmer around the DNA coils that I assume contains the other 10 strandness. I didn't quite understand what I was being shown. But that's because I don't know that much about DNA. No one on Earth knows DNA like they do. Just see how they managed to make a Crocodile Man. And make Hamish out of a red lobster type of creature in the sea.

So. What now. Will I have to clean the kitchen floor? Will I vacuum the carpet? Will I resume to daydreaming about men, and then Hamish bites into my arm to stop it? Will Annie ever have a boyfriend again

"Yes, but we can let you feel some lust." - Crocodile Man says
"Yes but I need a penis." - me, laughter, just being honest
"I need to be with a man of my own race. It's important to me." - me

Will I die out of the agony from not being with a man, ever? Or will I somehow sneak out at night and go on a date with someone and have sex, and will Hamish then bite the poor man in his leg and break it up?

Does my body belong to myself, or am I somehow obligated to lend myself to these Aliens? This morning I whined a bit saying that I can't lose my Hamish. I love Hamish. I don't ever want to lose my Hamish. How can I live without Red Camel Dragon Turtle Kissy Dragon Feet, who stompety stomps his feet real fast up and down? Who says "Yes" and "No" while his sock puppet red head pops up. "No, Onions!", he said again this morning. And, "His scales do not come loose!", Hamish had said about Crocodile Man's scales. Hamish still thinks a lot about how his scales were once shedding, and it traumatized him a bit, poor Haaamissss.

"You can come here in the elevator." - Croc says, I am almost stunned to hear perfect sentences, rather than just "Yes", "No", and "Yes-No", having grown so used to conversations like with a human 2-year old
"I love Hamish, I don't want to lose him." - me says

Me and the Crocs. And Dragons. And Thubans.

"You are a very angry lady." - ? not Hamish
"Nah." - me
"You have been very angry at us." - ? not Hamish

Just another day, though this has been uncomfortable. I really want to have a boyfriend. And I also feel that it is a bit invasive and offensive how they try to supplement my sexual needs by first bringing me a human that they have there, then offering me the Illuminati hybrid chum, and then presumably Malik himself tried to fix me up. And they try to fix my desires by offering the "Reptilian lust", which yes is a very sexual and intense and gratifying sensation. But what I need is a human being. It's not about the sex. I just need to have someone to sleep next to. Someone who holds me at night. Someone to have dinner with. Watch TV with. Things like that. Kisses and hugs. The simple stuff.

I don't know what will happen here, but this will grow worse and worse. This will grow into a serious conflict. There will be crying and kicking and screaming as I grow more frustrated as time goes (maybe some of that is just to put up a show to the Aliens, kind of like how a girl throws a tantrum to the parents, we are family after all). And they will do whatever they can to defend the roe.

"..... You haven't been pushed aside by him again, we have told him not to do it. It doesn't help." - Croc calmly says about Hamish's pushing at me this morning
"Hamish can't guard you, if it doesn't work." - Crocodile
"But I need Hamish... I can't leave Hamish. I need Hamish. He is my best friend in the world. I promise not to take a man's semen. If I can just have sex with someone." - me

Now a Dinosaur appears and is "smiling" at me and watching me closely. The Dinosaurs have been asking me to have sex for a long time, they are interested in watching it. It's because they specialize in human reproduction, obstretics, and all things related. Not because of an interest in "sex", but you have to understand that they are doing a genetics project.

About Crocodiles

Let's end this page with some thoughts from this lovely page about Crocodile Reproduction:

Breeding season in saltwater crocodiles usually begins in late August in captivity and up to a month later in the wild. During this time, the crocs, male and female both, become very aggressive and territorial.

The females protect areas a kilometer in diameter and drive out other females trying to nest in their area. They also drive out unwanted males. Males normally defend a much larger area. Other male adults are rarely tolerated once they enter these territories. Though they are very dangerous and highly aggressive, the males will try to avoid fighting. They put on elaborate shows of intimidation. They use a combination of different visual, acoustic, chemical, and mechanical signals.This includes tail waving, jaw opening, geysering, head lifting, musk gland secretions, vocalizations, and infrasonic pulses which travel through the ground or water.

Two dominant males that meet will try to out-intimidate each other, but if it doesn't work, they will fight. The males use their heads to slam down on each other. The head is mainly reinforced bone, and can do great damage to another croc. The teeth also rip through flesh, bones are shattered, and teeth go flying. After this fighting is over, the winner gets rights to the nearby area, while the loser swims away in defeat.

The nests that crocs lay their eggs in are mound nests made of a variety of grasses and other materials. This means they are piled high so that the eggs are above the water. These nests are made between November and March, during the wet season. The nests have to be well balanced so that they are neither too wet nor too dry. If they flood, the eggs will drown, and if they dry out, they will die too. That is why they are built above water, to avoid flooding. Still, many nests are lost to flooding every year. The females have been seen splashing water on nests though too, if they become too dry. In addition to drying out or drowning, some eggs are also lost due to predation by goannas, feral pigs, and other animals.

There are generally between 40-60 eggs laid, but can vary between 25-90 depending on the age and size of the croc. Laying the eggs takes about an hour.

Unlike most reptiles, female crocs play a large role in caring for their young. The female will stay around the nest until the eggs hatch, and upon hearing their chirping calls, she will dig into the nest and open it up. She delicately uses her massive jaws to help the babies out of their shell and into her mouth. Then she carries them to water. The babies will remain close to her for several months after hatching in a creche, keeping in touch with her by using several different acoustic calls. The females try to protect the juveniles from their biggest threat, getting eaten by other adult crocs!

Hahaha! Hamish returns and is being very cute, he just looks at me and I go, "Haamisss! Haamisss". Hamish then "possesses" my both feet and then Hamish stomps his feet up and down up and down and has my feet do it with him. That just made my day, how cute that is. He must know how that cheers me up. Oh Hamish, maybe you are better than sex? But can you be a substitute for a human boyfriend? Oh gee, what a life this is to figure out.

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