Problems with Alien Cattle
- and how to solve them
November 09 2012

Not allowed

So I had arguments with Hamish today (See here) over the fact that when I daydream about wanting to be with a man, he comes and breaks up my thoughts by biting into my arm to make me stop. So I had cried and screamed at Hamish and called him mean and rude and I had whined plenty. I rarely argue at my Dragon, but he takes it well. He doesn't get angry with me when I do, he just made the short static hisses to tell me to "go quiet".

A while later I am in bed again and ready to daydream about a man. As for the daydreaming, all I am doing is thinking and wondering to myself, I wonder what kind of a man I would like to find. What would he look like, what kind of things would we do together. It isn't even sexy or anything. But Hamish caught me doing it again, and came to break it up.

Hamish then showed me a young human man that they keep here. His hair is a bit longer than the length that human men keep their hair, and the "hairstyle" or "haircut" he had was unlike any haircut I have ever seen on human men on Earth. It's like, the fringe hair is long but narrows down to a point at the center bit of hair. Hard to describe. It's just different, but not bad at all. It's not trimmed to be "short" by any means. He has brown hair. He looks to be healthy and well.

Oh, and this human is "their" human. They keep him there. He probably grew up his whole life there, so seeing aliens is normal to him. And of course they have instilled in him that he is a "dog race". His whole human mind of thoughts has never been able to be expressed on the things that young men grow up with here on Earth. With a loving human mother, a dad, normal brothers and sisters, and maybe a dog or a cat. Friends and school, homework and maybe baseball games or video games or going to the movies or watching YouTube or listening to music. He doesn't have a normal boy's bedroom, with posters on the walls, maybe a pile of dirty laundry on the floor or under the bed. He doesn't have all that. I don't know what he has. He has Aliens.

Hamish told me that if I am with a human man and allow him to put his semen into me, then Hamish would put hooks into this young man's eyelids. Hamish showed me the young human man (who was naked by the way, maybe they keep them naked over there) and Hamish showed me there large what looked just like fish hooks in Hamish's hand. Hamish said again, that if I allow a man to put semen into me then Hamish would injure the boy by putting the hooks into his eyelid. In a way, Hamish was now no longer asking nicely - he was using threats, or "action versus consequences" to get his way.

First thing I did was tell Hamish "No!" more sternly than I have probably ever spoken to Hamish before. Not only was I mad about not getting to have any sex, but that he would threaten to harm someone. I said many "No!" to Hamish, and I told Hamish that he was being mean. But I whined more at Hamish about the fact that they don't let me have sex. I started to feel really bad about it, sad and empty. I told Hamish how I longed to be held by someone, to feel human touch, company, comfort, that it wasn't just about the sex. I felt lonely, I told him.

Thubans have the solution

Then an alien appeared. I got to see it in its whereabouts. I recognized the Thuban arms. It said that it had chosen not to wear eyeprotection this time. Either eyeprotection or eyecover, and his thoughts in images indicated to me that those were some black or dark lenses that they would normally place over their natural eye. Placing such an eye cover would make their eyes look just like on the black-eyed Zeta Grey. Now, without the eyecover, their eyes looked just like on the drawing of the Thuban.

These eyes are peculiar, and they rotate clockwise and counterclockwise about the central axis. Think about it for a little while. Human eyes rotate in any direction about a socket. Thuban eyes are different. And not only do their eyes look like binoculars, but the way that they rotate the eyes looks just like someone adjusting binoculars. Isn't that neat-o?

But then his arms looked like Zeta arms instead of Thuban arms and he was wearing a brown jumpsuit which even has a collar that wraps around the neck but not a tall collar. The fingers had suction cups.

No offense, but this guy was a bitch. He was being very rude and arrogant. And Hamish showed up to show me a very clear mental image of a mouse that had escaped behind the bedroom closet. This happened to be precisely a scene from my childhood, when my little sister's pet mice had escaped from their cage and would come to my room from underneath the door and they would run behind my wardrobe. Hamish saw it precisely as it had looked like, and he used these images to show me, that I was not behaving like a caged mouse that had escaped.

Mice that tend to escape

Hamish then showed me the cage I had had on my desk for when I had mice earlier before my sister got some. And this too was precisely as it had looked like. I had never known that I had Hamish and the Aliens living with me then. That was a bit of a surprise. I didn't start to have conscious Zeta encounters until when I was 13! (Oh, those years were fun!) Or actually, nah I had always known. Who am I kidding. But anyway, let's get back to this penis story. Heheh, yeah that's what this is.

"They keep me here." - the young man says now, wow, it was the young man who said this, in English, telepathically, his voice and all
"They wanted to know, if I wanted to fool around with you." - the boy
"How old are you?" - me
""How old?" That doesn't matter." - boy
"Are you ok?" - me
"Yes, they give me all of my lunches." - boy
"But, did you grow up there? Your whole entire life! Are you alright? Do they treat you well?" - me
"No, they make me use my penis.." - boy
"I don't have any sanctity, I would say." - boy
"Do you... Are you a human? A human being, like me?" - me

The boy started crying, but not with me but there with the aliens.

"Are you crying? Are you sad? What happened?" - me
"They tell me, they will bleed me out." - boy
"Are they threatening you? Are they being mean? Why do they say that? ... You know, they can't force you to have sex with someone. It has to be your choice." - me
"Yeah! I always knew that girls were nice, that they weren't mean." - boy feels happy
"Yes, we are very nice here on Earth. Look, I am not going to touch you or even look at you, because it's your body. No one has the right to touch you. Tell them that! They are wrong about us!" - me
"We just need to throw more hay into his pen, and he will be alright." - Hamish

So, where was I. So Hamish was using the mice metaphor to indicate to me that I was their lab animal, and he did all this entirely without words. I knew and I felt precisely what he meant. And he said it, with images and thought-feeling, so that I knew precisely how they feel about me. And when I went back to having another thought of being with a man, Hamish then instantly showed me the escaped mouse again.

I said to Hamish that even caged mice get to have one another and that they too get to have sex. Hamish was implying that I was a lab animal that was escaping from them and needed to be caught, because then Hamish showed me how he would try to catch the mouse from behind my closet in my childhood bedroom. I told Hamish that I wasn't running away from him, and I showed him my mental image of as if the mouse would go to stand right beside Hamish's (cute adorable cuddly Duck) feet...

Right now the Thubans spread my legs apart. I think they are thinking that me and that boy are going to have to have sex.

Anyhow, so I placed that mouse beside Hamish's feet, and then I showed Hamish an image

"It's not like we don't think that what they are doing is wrong, it's just that we can't do anything to help you." - says government man in black suit right now

So then I placed the mouse in Hamish's hands, to show him that I wasn't running away, I just want to be with somebody, to feel a man. It's not just the sex, more than anything it is things like having someone to sleep next to, having someone's eyes to look into, little things like that.

The Thubans then showed me the boy's (that same boy who Hamish had threatened to injure with those hooks) genitals, and I forget everything the Thubans said but he was being offered to me. Other things that the Thuban said was, calling me "dog race!". I said to the Thuban/Zeta and to the other Thuban/Zeta friend who was shorter and smaller but otherwise the same as he, that the Thubans were beautiful.

"Don't forget that you were told, that we were to be honored." - says Thuban now

Yes, I forgot. That's right, the Thubans said to me that they are to be honored, so I did honor them. (All it takes is to say "I honor you", or "my honored", and that appeases them.) Anyhow, while they were showing me themselves and in their surroundings, which was a laboratory in dark black or dark brown colors, it was as if I was on their medical bench in the center of the image. One Thuban, the tall one, to my left, and the other shorter Thuban to my right. It was as if I was there, but I was here also.

I kept reassuring them that they were a beautiful sight to see (which they were), and that I was not afraid and that I would not harm them. They said that I would be allowed to see them if I promise not to make any drawings of them, so in honor of that I will not draw what I saw. (Camerashy people, heh heh.)


So. I was being offered this young man to have sex with. Of course I am not going to! He is too young for me, and I don't know the man. The Aliens don't understand that human sexuality is, well, a bit complicated. We need to like each other, spend time together. Usually. Unless two people just go to a bar and hook up and just do it. But this is not that kind of an arrangement. This is awkwardness. Pure awkwardness. If I were there, I would have to spend time with him first. And I would ask for him to be allowed to get dressed. I would want to just sit with him and chat and giggle and laugh and tell stories about this or that, completely without anything to do about sex. Just two people getting to know each other. Becoming friends. And then, if that magic happens, that is mutual, where that mystical chemistry in the brain happens that then begins to make the heart beat faster and certain lust sensations arise, then that would maybe lead to things. But you don't just put two people together, and tell them to do it!

They told me that the boy has no bacteria on him, and that I have bacteria. That reminded me more than anything that before they maybe possibly bring me over "in the elevator" (they call abduction "being lifted up in an elevator", "through the ceiling") then I should have my evening shower, plus I could get undressed for them so that they don't have to mess with my clothes. I asked the two Thubans if they would want me to be undressed for them, but they didn't say.

All the while this was happening, I was here in my bedroom. But it was as if them showing me their other whereabouts, these two whereaboutses were somehow being merged. And I also felt as if maybe I was there in their place, but somehow kept in the visual, felt, and auditory illusion that I was still here in my bedroom. I don't know, but sometimes it has felt that way. So I hopped into the shower.

Iron and magnetism

A Thuban said that there were many rocks here outdoors that he would like to have. He showed me the mental image of a black sharp uneven rock about the size that fits into a human hand nicely. It contained iron, he said. And that is when it hit me. All of the things that they do with iron. The fact that they always tell me to eat more iron to the point where I find myself having to (sometimes, I'm lazy about it) take iron supplements to satisfy them.

I've known for a long time, but it took time to figure out, that when they push and toss my body around with real physical force, such as spreading my legs apart, lifting my arms up over my head, or turning me from one side to other side, or other body manipulations - that are quick and harsh, often - done with great strength, agility and speed, that they are engaging the iron in my blood to make it happen.

So that is when it hit me, that they use iron also in their spaceships, and that they are using magnetism in their technology! Iron is a natural magnetic material, rare in that it produces unusually strong magnetic field responses. Magnetic fields can exert a force, even though those forces are considered weak compared to electric forces. And any pushing or pulling or making things move faster or slower or move in different directions, are done with forces. So somehow they are using magnetism. We humans use electricity and wires. They don't. And somehow - don't ask me how - I have a hunch that magnetism is much better to use.

But that was just our shower chat. Sargent Wilkes appeared just before I stepped into the shower and he was apologetic and asking me if he should have the aliens leave me alone. I said to Sargent Wilkes that I wanted to meet the aliens. I don't want the government people to take these contacts away.

Oh by the way before I leapt into my shower, the Thubans said that they would like to use "torture devices" on me. I said that I would offer to put up with *some* torture devices so long as they wouldn't injure me too badly. The aliens have a thing about using torture devices on humans so that it arouses our energy and then it turns into this whole lust party that the aliens can feel and ingest the feeling and feel really good. It is a sexual thing for them. I feel the sexual energies too. So basically they turn fear or pain into sexual energy. They are sadistic.

I remember the first time I ever met Snake the Draconian. He came to me accompanied by "Lady Thuban", and Lady Thuban was being a real bitch and threatening me with the bat. This was to arouse my energy, and it all turned into this massive sexual feast between me and Snake. It was probably the most intense and pleasurable sexual experience of my entire life, with me and Snake that day. But anyhow, that is what the aliens do.

Oh and the Thubans were telling me how this young man is part of their zoo, and showing me images of a zoo. The Thuban - or was it Hamish this time - also showed me images of a barn with pens with barn animals. They think of us humans as their animals, and treat us accordingly, but utter contempt. We are seen as inferior. They can be so mean, but it somehow turns them on sexually. I know this sounds weird but welcome to The Truth About Aliens. It is just an energy thing, it's not that the aliens would be using their genitals on us or anything. And it has more often to do with fear or torture devices than with anything that is actually sexual in humans.

Have I now covered everything? Oh yes, when I stepped out of the shower, the Thubans were saying that the young man had rejected being with me, he was saying that he did not want to have sex with me. I was too old or not attractive to him or something like that. I picked up from the communication - although it was not explicitly stated - that he was attracted to women with longer blonde hair.

As I was drying myself, Thuban asks me, and that made me just laugh, "Do you still want a penis?" I said yes, because the problem has not been solved.

And that's about it

I think I have covered the whole entire story now. I can't think of anything more to add. So, this was my penis story with the aliens. The story about how when I tried to daydream about being with a man, and I never even got as far as daydreaming about a penis, Hamish breaks it up by biting into my arm to make me to stop thinking about it. Hamish says that it would take "bread from his mouth" and I am told not to allow a man's semen into my body. And then the aliens offer me one of their humans, who is kept there like an animal in a pen. But the boy says no, and I'd said no too. So that is the end of the story. Fin.

Not so Fin

"Don't worry, we are talking to him." - the government man tells me, he is talking to the boy that the aliens keep there as theirs, to comfort him, maybe even to be like a dad
"Hush Hush!" - the Thuban says now

Thubans say "Hush" or "Hunch" which in effect is "Shut up!" or "Quiet there!". It's when they tell us cattle that something we did, thought, said, or didn't think, do or say, was outrageous and needs to be reprimanded. I think it's charming, it's fun how they say that.

But ever since I wrote Fin here, Hamish has been indicating to me in images and thought (without words) that he is concerned that I might start to smoke cigarettes. Because I had threatened to do that a while earlier. But I assure Hamish, that I was only lying, and that I am not going to start to smoke. Because I won't. I'd rather not have sex - ever - than to smoke cigarettes. And what would I do without Hamish and the Thubans? Yes, even the Thubans are starting to grow on me. And they would faster if I got to spend more time with them and see them more often.

By the way I forgot that the Thubans "slapped me around", they turned my body and repositioned me with their mind powers, in a way that comes across as a bit harsh. They seem to do it to remind me that I am inferior or something. Whatever. But, Fin again.

By the way, the "boy" or "young man" looks to be of age. He is maybe what, 19 years old? He is definitely a grown man, although a bit young for my taste. I am 30 and I only like older men. I prefer men in their 50's. Yep I do. Bye! Thanks for reading!

"Tell them, that we are researching into your DNA!" - Hamish wants me to add here a while later


A Thuban tells me without words that they despise me like we humans sometimes despise other human populations such as Gypsies (I don't despise Gypsies though). I tell Thuban that isn't it exhausting to have to despise, and is it really that bad, and can't he just get used to me?

I say to the Thuban - though I was a bit worried to say this to him - "Hunch!". Whoa, he is influencing my mind so that I can't remember what we said after that. I was going to say more fun things that we said. I just saw him enter my mind and do something that completely made me forget, darn shucks it was fun stuff that you would have enjoyed reading about, about the Thuban and me.

"Just relax." - says the government man now
"I don't know. This is weird." - me
"Yeah, and we are picking you up for salary." - government man sighs
"I know. Do I get to have sex with you? Is that it?" - me
*Government man doesn't say, but he tightens his tie.*

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