"Cuddles" with Lizard Man
in Russian underground bunker
November 04 2012

Warning: graphic and disturbing about Draconian Reptiles and what they're up to.

Not sure how else to put it

Keeping in mind that we are on the internet and that children might be reading, I present this story to you in a cleverly censored fashion using milder synonyms. You will have to use your adult imagination to replace the words.

So last night I was feeling unusually "eager for cuddles" to the point where I just didn't recognize myself. I now know, or suspect at least, that the Draconians may have made me feel that way. "Unusually eager for cuddles." I mean, I've been "eager for cuddles" plenty times in my life but not like this. It was almost torturous. But luckily! A Draconian came to the rescue that night! And good thing I was in a mood "so eager for cuddles" that I just couldn't resist, even it being a Scaly Lizard Man and all.

So I found myself in a lucid dream. A totally conscious and awake experience but somewhere else. It was an underground facility. I figured as much because of the cool basement feel of the air, and the massively dense walls, ceilings and floors that felt like endlessly thick dense compact stone. However the walls and floors (didn't look up to the ceiling, but probably that too), were covered in wooden planks, I guess to make it more homey.

This is where the Russians keep their sauna. (The sauna will not be featured in this story. Because it wasn't.) Russian Korpral Olav Vetti who works closely with the Draconian Reptiles has shown me the sauna before, and indicated to me that he would like to "cuddle" me there. I guess that's where the Russians do it, it being so cold there right now in winter.

So to the right is a floor plan of where I was at seen from above. You see that the room "north" is like a dead end. It does not lead anywhere but back. The hallway taking you "south" is actually a ramp, so you're going downhill on those planks of the floor. I then turned right where there was a big empty closet. I found myself naked, because I had gone to sleep naked. I dreamt that I had a bunch of my clothes on the closet floor and was trying to put those on, but unsuccessfully because they were not actually there.

There was a man standing in the hallway to the "east" and I was afraid to meet him so I hid in the closet. I went in and pulled the doors shut and hoped that he didn't know I was there. But after a while I found myself in the hallway with the guy anyway. And he wasn't mean or scary at all. We were just talking.

He was Russian so I asked him if he speaks any English. I think he said that he speaks Russian and then he said that he speaks some Greek. I said to him what European country I was from, and then I tried to remember something to say in Russian for him, and found myself standing there in perfect silence for a while. I couldn't think of anything.

Interlude of "cuddles"

Then I found myself with two or three human men in that same hallway and some "censored stuff" took place. But what I remember the most is that there were two unopened packs of "protection" and one piece of torn off opened one. Such a surprise that they would use that. But that was an interlude. The fact that Draconians brought me to an underground Russian hideout for "cuddles" with the human Russian associates, pales in comparison when I actually "cuddled" with a Draconian!

An old Russian warzone

But after the Russian men had done "whatever" with me, then I was shown around and told about this place and even got to see the outdoors. The entrance to this underground hideout takes you out to what looks like an abandoned red brick building like a factory.

"No. Don't tell them that." - says someone now

It is located in a forest. Overall both the factory area and the forest both look messy. There's like planks and boards, mess and rubble around the abandoned factory, and even the forest is messy with vines and broken off branches. And the ground is messy too, muddy and not neat. The trees are all leafy trees and the forest was soggy. Nearby is the edge of the wooded area with spans of fields that have no crops on them.

It was explained to me that this had been a warzone like back in World War II or something and I was given some brief history of Russian military involvement in this region. So basically the underground base I was in is a Russian bunker but spruced up to look more like home with all those wooden plank coverings to cover the otherwise boring concrete or stone walls.

"You are not an animal but we will treat you like one." - the Lizard Man says now

"Cuddles" with the Lizard Man

Then I got some "cuddles" with a Lizard Man! This Lizard Man is a Draconian of the "snake-type", as I call them. They are in other words not like Hamish, but they are slender and humanoid, with a narrow head with tight scales. The only snake-type Draconian I have is Snake. Hamish and Malik, my two other Draconians are of two other types than the snake-type. But this one was a new fellow, of the Snake-type. He is black or a very dark green.

He latched onto me from behind. And what's interesting is that he has a "what guys have". But his was like on a dog. And a pale color not black like the rest of him. He explained to me the long history of how his race didn't used to have "what guys have" and then they had seen that humans have that and they wanted to be able to do some of that too, so they had changed their race so that they too can "cuddle". They didn't want to miss out on anything.

There's really no way of describing what took place even in censored words, so you will just have to email me privately if you want the technical details. Or read my book it will have all the details. Oh! Haha! He didn't use "protection" by the way! He is a Draconian.

It was nice, but different. And a bit awkward. It was just him latched onto me standing behind me and there was no cuddles or intimacy or romance. I don't think the Draconians know what they're doing. They're just doing this for the sadism part of it, they just want to feel like they've conquered a prey.

He inserted into me once and then just stayed there without doing anything more. And a while later he inserted into my mouth. I guess I have to mention that detail because it becomes interesting when I tell you what the Zeta/Thuban then said about that.

Then he made it seem as if he and I were in the water of a nearby small river. Later I'll tell you why he did that. But at the time that it happened I didn't think much of it.

Afterwards and back here

So I wake up back in my bed. All of this is still vague in my memory. But I would have forgotten all or most of these adventures had the Lizard Man himself not been here and reminded me!

Of what I can remember of our conversations this morning, he says that I am their "hillock". Don't ask me and I'm quite frustrated with their choice of words, but "hillock" is their word for "prostitute". I guess it's part of the Zeta language, the same language that calls small children "pytt". Well to be honest, the Draconians and Illuminati hybrids have been asking me if I want to be their hillock. And I've been saying yes that would be fun! I'm pretty sure that they've somehow manipulated me into agreeing into it. But I don't mind to be honest.

One of the things Lizard Man says is that they now have paid the associates. The Draconians work with Russian military and part of the payment that the Draconians give to the Russians is in form of prostitute women. Hillock. Such as me. I don't know what's more atrocious, that the Draconians offer this or that the Russian associates accept it. Or that I have become indifferent.

I have to admit I feel a lot like Nancy Drew in a detective story. I'm intrigued by this Draconian saga and I want to investigate and explore. This is fascinating! So I don't mind going under the disguise of "hillock" to find out more.

I got to see Lizard Man in very clear and close images. He is handsome, and I told him how cute he looked. He is a humanoid reptile man with a narrow head and tight scales. His eyes are black and large. He looks very much like a snake. I think most humans would be afraid to see them, but I don't want to judge someone based on their looks.

One of the things Lizard Man says to me is that he doesn't like my breasts, that he doesn't understand why human men find them so important in these situations. I tell him that it is ok, that he is a reptile and that he isn't expected to feel the same way about it. He said this when I put my bra on to get dressed, he said that he preferred to see me in my bra, that it looked better that way. Later he mentioned it again that he didn't understand the importance of breasts, so he must have been thinking about it for a while.

Then he said that "he isn't pleased", and I asked who "he" is and it was the "field general" (translating from another language). That must mean General Patton. General Patton is with the US military and their job is to oversee what the Draconians are doing and to place restrictions. General Patton doesn't want me to have conscious encounters with the Draconians, and this "cuddling" with Draconians had not been approved of by General Patton.

I said to Lizard Man that it should be between me and the Lizard Man if both of us want to cuddle then it should be ok and General Patton should mind his own business. But seems that the Draconians had stretched the rules and restrictions by not only bringing me in for a conscious close encounter, but by having me aware of the "cuddle" with Russian associates and the Lizard Man himself as well. But I'm fine.

Then the Lady Thuban/Zeta said "Hunch!", more seriously than usually. Lady Thuban always says "hunch" when something is going on that she disapproves. It kind of means "my goodness!", but it can also mean "stop that!" and "shut up!". Her "hunch" was about the fact that I had taken the Lizard Man in my mouth. That was obviously too shocking for the Thuban Lady.

Lizard Man told me that they do not have any eggs and that is why they are here. They need me for my eggs.

"Yes, your pyy-pyy." - says someone now

He also said that I have many months to live and they don't. I asked about that but he didn't tell me what is going on with them. It saddens me to hear that they might be dying.

Hamish came around and he knew what I had done with the Lizard Man. But I can't remember now if Hamish was ok with it or not.

Oh and the reason Lizard Man had made it seem as if we were in that river, was because he had wanted to scare me into thinking that I would drown. Draconians want a human to be afraid. It stirs up our energy of the nervous system and then they ingest that energy and enjoy that. But I had not been scared of the river. Especially because he had been right there with me, so me being a woman I would have felt safe having a man so close to me. I don't know, what gives. We are of two different worlds so we don't always understand each other.

I have to say this, even though it should be censored. But there was a taste to his semen in my mouth! And it was just two drops. The Draconians always only have about two drops. So I think that was awesome. Heck guys, this was a real alien being! I guess we can call it a close encounter.

Second Lizard Man

Then, while I was awake and here in my bedroom, another lizard man showed up.

"Yes, they wanted to look at your pyy-pyy." - says a Draconian right now

This one was also black but he had growths on his head like ornamental horns and flat pieces sticking out. It looked kinda neat. Never seen a Draconian like that. This one showed me his male parts. It was bigger and not like on a dog, but it looked weird, very different from anything I've ever seen. But I don't think he did anything with me, but he might have been about to, or interested in doing something.

Why am I writing this, and what the hell am I writing about?

To those of you who might be shocked or wondering why I am writing about sexual topics, trust me this is not my choice of topic to write. I find this to be quite awkward and embarrassing to be honest. But here's the deal. There is an alien race called Draconians. They are reptiles. And somehow I have "twelve strands of DNA" so I am one of very few women on Earth who have the right DNA for their purposes.

Reproduction and fertility is central to their work. The Draconians like to do war and so they keep having their numbers depleted. Then they worry about population decline and need to embark on genetic projects to multiply in numbers.

Draconians have recruited the Zetas, another type of aliens. Zetas are taking human DNA and making Zeta-human hybrids. The goal is to take the infertile Zeta and make a fertile Zeta by incorporating human fertility, genitals, reproductive ability, all of that. My guess is that once the Zetas are successful with incorporating fertility into the Zeta-hybrids, then the Draconians may take that successful genetic batch and incorporate it into Draconian design. So that the Draconians too will be fertile. But I don't know, a lot of this is still a mystery.

"Hysch-hysch!!!" - says Lady Thuban to me right now, she wants me to be quiet about this

Draconians don't really have "sex", but they enjoy something else called "lust" or "power". But their lust is based on sadism and domination. They feel really great when they get to think that they are stronger than someone else. That is why the Lizard Man took us to the river so that I would think that I am drowning (but I didn't think that). He wanted to "feel the power".

The Draconians want to rule the Earth. They are all about power, so why wouldn't they give it a try once they came here. Draconians can disguise themselves into high ranking military humans. Even this morning Lizard Man showed me a room with several high ranking military humans, but I noticed that they were just Draconians under a disguise. Draconians work closely with Russian, United States, and Japanese military, and tell these that together with the Draconians they can rule the Earth. World War II had a lot of involvement from the Draconians.

Draconians still hang out at old abandoned military underground bases and bunkers at least in Russia. I've seen many entrances and bases used by them. It's funny now they're taking me there too. It could potentially become exceedingly dangerous. I've been shown what they do to certain victims. I can't go into detail here because it would ruin your day. Draconians are highly sadistic.

"Yes. We like torture." - what? Did Olav say this? Is Olav just another Draconian in disguise? What is going on here! I thought they were human military! Olav wouldn't say that he likes torture if he were a human!!!

Anyhow. That's about it. It's a great story. And I'm part of it. It's a story that should not be told. But it has to be told. Maybe this story goes away if we don't talk about it. At least most of us on Earth get to pretend that it's not taking place. Anyway, all for me now.

By the way, I nearly forgot. Hamish was thinking thoughts of biting into my arm again. And so I asked Lizard Man, what does Hamish think or mean when he does that? Lizard Man said that it was to make me afraid. So I didn't know that about Hamish.

Lizard Man has been with me all day since I woke up. I even saw him clearly as I was in the shower. I told him how cute he was, and I nearly shrieked at how cute it was to see a black lizard snake man! When I woke up and I said that he was cute and all, he said that he would "camp" here. It means "to stay here". Hamish also calls it "to camp here" about being here. Love my Draconians. They are so weird.

Hahaha! Lizard Man just now came up to me and started sniffing at me! Smelling me out! I've learned that Draconians have a very sensitive sense of smell. They always complain about the smell of trash, or of onions, for instance. Hahahah, he was just sniffing at me. How cute!

"Yes, I wanted to bite into you." - Lizard Man says now


Darn, I almost forgot. Lizard Man kept referring to me as "hunting prey" this morning. Draconians sometimes call me "little prey".

Addendum: Lizard Man was Snake the Draconian

Later: "It isn't a children's story." - Snake says as I'm reading through this page, I just got through reading that I've censored it keeping in mind children

-- Someone else been raped by Reptilians too --

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