The Weird Behavior Of Hamish
Biting and Stomping
November 03, 2012

So last night I got to observe some new weird behavior of Hamish. It is at times like these that I am reminded, that this is an alien creature, and that the world of our thoughts and reasoning are quite not the same always. He can at times be so exotic, so quirky and odd. Yet his behavior makes sense to him, and so he acts as if it's all natural and makes sense. Then I'm left wondering, what the heck was that now?

How Ham-mish feels about Photography

So last night I asked Hamish if please I could take his photography. Now wouldn't that be nice. How does Hamish respond? He responds by giving me clearer-and-closer-than-ever mental pictures of himself. Good closeups, but in my mind. I guess his interpretation was that I wanted to see him. Not that I would want him specifically on a camera shot. So he shows me his face closeup. And the scales in great detail on his face. Turns out his face has more brown hues and not just red.

So that was quirky #1, or sweet should I say, because that was actually a rather sweet gesture. But then he does oddness #2. He starts saying to me, many times repeatedly, "My scales can not come loose". I'm translating from another language, so you might also say, "My scales can not come off". He says that time and time again, as he shows me real close up of his face scales. "My scales can not come off", "My scales can not come off". I just had to wonder, what on Earth Hamish are you thinking? What is my Dragon thinking.

I know that he thinks and talks a lot about his scales. But what does he mean? Oh!!! Right now!!! Hamish right this instant as I am writing this he shows me the pile of leaves in the forest under which he placed his shedded scales a few weeks ago! Oh that is what Hamish was thinking! He meant to say that the scales he has now are not coming off. He was remembering when he was shedding his scales and when they were coming off! Poor thing, that was such an ordeal we went through, both him and I, when he was shedding his scales. Ok. So I guess that makes sense, what he was saying. Not so quirky or odd then. Just a thought of his. Oh poor sweet Hamish, how ever precious you are!

Biting and Stomping - is it sex?

Ok so what next. I then proceeded to daydreaming about a man. Cause I'm single and I'm wondering what kind of a man am I really even looking for? Cause that's not always easy to figure out. So as I'm thinking that, you all would know by now if you've been reading, what Hamish does every single time that I think of a man? Yes that's right, he comes up to me and bites into my arm. Every single time.

I still don't understand this behavior quite fully. Is he jealous? Excited? Turned on? What does this mean? But this time, Hamish is almost too fierce with me, because other than just biting into my arm he shakes me up real bad. He seemed almost angry, well if it had been a human we would have interpreted it as anger. But this is Hamish. He is not a human he is a space reptile. So we don't really know what he is thinking. Could be that he just really wanted to get my attention, or even that he really got excited. Or turned on, who knows. But he shook me and like charged at me like never before. He has never acted this way.

I mean, when he lifts me up or tosses me around he always does so swiftly and gently. This was more irratic and aggressive somehow, not that we know that he was being aggressive. But then quirky #4. (Is it four? I've lost count.)

"Yes-No, get married." - Hamish says now

Aha, so there we have it. I see now. He simply doesn't want me to get married. But we still can't assume that the reason is jealousy. It could be just that it would disrupt with his work.

But quirky odd behavior #4. Hamish then proceeded to stomping on me! Now this is a fun behavior that I have seen him do on a rare occasion on some of his prey over there. Or sometimes he thinks about doing this stomping behavior. You know how he likes to step his feet up and down on that bathroom rug of his? He has very sensitive feet, I call them his precious Duck Kissy Feet. Sometimes he likes to step like that on someone. But now he was biting into my arm, shaking me quite aggressively, and stomping on me with his feet, all the while still biting his mouth into my arm. It was such funny odd behavior. It didn't hurt me at all, I was more trying to figure out what on Earth, Hamish.

The only thing I could think of was that it was just like when lions mate. A male lion will bite into the female's neck and then I think I've seen that he'll stomp on her as well. It looked just like that. So I was like, ahem, is Hamish mating on me? By the way it need to be mentioned that Hamish doesn't have a penis, or if he does then I haven't seen it. So it wasn't like that. But was he mating on me? Did my thought of being with a man (ahem, I even thought of having sex with a man, just daydreaming and stuff) did that trigger in Hamish some sexual behavior of his? Isn't that funny! Man this Dragon is really awesome.

I have another example of something similar. Whenever I get really excited then on a few rare occasions, my excitement will be contageous or affects Hamish and then that will cause him to stomp his feet up and down really fast for a little while. It's kind of like when you tell kids "Kids we're going to the candy store!!! Yay!!!" and then kids start jumping up and down. That kind of thing. Sometimes when I get real excited (about Hamish of course) then it triggers in him a spontaneous reaction where he stomps his feet up and down real fast for a short while.

I don't know however if it is him relieving stress, it does come across a bit like that he might become stressed out from my excess excitement. But anyhow, this is an example where I have seen Hamish have triggered behavior, i.e. a behavior in him which is something spontaneous, like a reflex.

This him biting into me is also such a reflex, I must say. Because he does it almost without thinking.

Biting into people is part of Hamish's communication. We have to understand and accept it as part of his repertoire with which he expresses himself to others. Hamish doesn't really ever seem to use his arms. I've never seen him pick something up with his arms, or use his arms in body language. They're kind of "just there". Same with his tail, it's just there.

The Biting behavior

On rare occasions when Hamish gets real frustrated with the Zetas or Zeta-hybrids then he will bite into their shoulder or arm and shake them up a bit like a ragdoll. He does that to stop the behavior that they are doing of which he disapproves, simple as that.

Hamish does communicate first. He will say in words that someone needs to stop what they are doing. But if they don't listen, rather than get angry or roar at them (like a human would, a human would yell in that situation), Hamish tends to bite into the person and shake them up a bit. To make them stop.

I'm blessed and honored to be part of Hamish's real life, that he treats me the same. To be in contact with this beautiful alien creature is one thing, but for him to actually communicate with me and be himself with me, that is so humbling and precious. Hamish. My big red space Dragon Camel Turtle.

"Yes-No, get married"?

So Hamish doesn't want me to have a boyfriend or get married. (The Dinosaurs on the other hand do. Dinosaurs often tell me that they want to see me have sex.) But why, Hamish! Why? The way that he always bites into my arm. Even when I have no idea what this behavior means I've always figured as much that he does this to make me stop. Because his biting or nibbling into my arm achieves to interrupt me, so interruption must be what he intends with it.

"Hamish, why Yes-No get married?" - me
"Because I am to be honored my scales." - Hamish, grammatical error as stated (though translated)

Hm. Jealousy?

"Hamish. Are you jealous? Why Yes-No get married?" - me
"Because I am laying my scales down here." - Hamish says, with a mental image of as if he were to gently place down one of his scales down on my bed or in my room

I guess I don't know what else to ask him. Can I just conclude that it is jealousy? Is that what it is? I guess Hamish is the man in my life, but I really want to have a husband too.

"Please. Stop it." - Hamish says now

Whoa. Ok Hamish. I guess I'll just have to marry Hamish...

"Hamish, will you and I get married? Yes-No get married?" - me
"I will get married with my scales." - Hamish
"Which? Which did you say?" - me
"I will get married with my scales." - Hamish says

Interlude: what?

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