My Red Dragon Turtle
Hamish The Elder also known as Hamish The Great
November 01, 2012

After a few days of absence where it had seemed as if Hamish and the other aliens had not been here, or maybe that I had been so busy to notice, life had been as if they had never been here. I was like one of everybody else in our world, people who do not have Dragons visiting their home. I didn't come to think of Hamish, or remember that he was gone. But Hamish came back yesterday night, and I was reunited with the most delightful creature that brings so much joy to my heart.

Hamish curled up underneath my desk

Last night the desk chair happened to not be under the desk like it usually is. Because I had used the chair to stand on so that I could reach to close or open the air conditioning vent in my room. So Hamish actually, ha ha, curled himself together and crawled underneat my desk space. It was the most delightful thing I ever saw! It's fun, because Hamish is this great impressive powerful leader. He is a high ranking and massive strong Draconian Man. And there he is, curling up underneath the desk like a child or a puppy. Oh it was delightful. I loved it.

He was so cute, underneath that desk. It gives a human heart precisely the same joy we feel when our cats curl up inside of paper bags and cardboard boxes. There is nothing on this Earth as delightfully sweet as watching our animals curl up in cozy places. This was almost as precious as when Hamish cuddles up on the bathroom rug. He was so snug, my red Space Lizard Hamish, with that back hump of his against the wall.

But Mr. Hamish wasn't pleased. You see, there was a small stack of papers underneath that desk. And two plates of dirty dishes on top of the desk. Hamish told me that I should clean my room, and he showed me his mental images of the papers underneath that desk and the dirty dishes. It seemed as if he didn't like the smell of the dishes, and Hamish is always very disgusted by dirty dishes, genuinely repulsed by them. The other day Snake came to my room and there was a pizza box in my room and Snake was absolutely appalled that I would have such a disgusting thing here. I don't know why the Draconians are so cleanly and neat, it's funny and it's not what one would expect of them!

So I got out of bed, put the dishes into the sink, and lifted up the papers so that Hamish could be all snug underneath my desk. And in he went. I am overwhelmed and I just might burst, because this is like cat-in-a-paperbag-times-hundred. Dragon-under-a-desk, aahh.

Hamish said that he wanted to watch "my race" and that he was going to watch me as I'm sleeping. And he was also going to guard me "from the black ones", meaning Malik the vicious Incubus. But Hamish was unusually talkative last night, in fact he kept me up at least two extra hours past my bedtime, just talking! And at one point Hamish shook me real strongly while I lay in bed. I wasn't scared, because I know it's my Hamish, and I try to understand his culture and try to decipher what he means by it. I guess I like being handled by Draconians, there's something magical about being touched by a reptilian scaly space lizard. I wish the Draconians would touch me more than they do - which is hardly ever. I am fascinated by their bodies.

Hamish was cute today

And today Hamish was cute. He's been with me all day. I bought some salmon again and Hamish was sad that I would eat scales again. I had to explain to him - and a bit harshly this time, cause we've been over this so many times now - that fish scales are not reptilian scales, and that I am not eating reptilians by eating it.

A Dinosaur was with me today, I got a lot of good looks at him, when he was giving good looks at me. Also yesterday a Dinosaur was around. The Dinosaurs really look me in the eye, they gaze deeply into me. But they're nice. They're friendly and intelligent, they're a lot like "humans" only even better than us. They're only working with the Reptilians because they have to. The Dinos are mistreated and placed into refrigerators when they disobey, and they are frequently beaten and then they are killed by being beaten with a bat and the Draconians eat them. It's really tragic. The Dinosaurs are fed with live grubs, and the Dinosaurs love to bathe and don't get to bathe as often as they'd want. Dinosaurs are lovely.

Dinosaur sense of humor

And the Dinosaurs also have an immaculate sense of humor. We snicker at a lot of what the Draconians do, and believe it or not the Dinosaurs catch every single one of my jokes and puns that aren't at all obvious to the Draconian Reptiles! How do I explain the Dinosaurian humor... When they see something that they think is funny or humorous, then they show it to me and then they just watch me. They don't laugh or smile of course, but there's just a lot of comedy in the situation. They are definitely amused and entertained by the various silly things that they encounter. They are so smart, they notice everything, and so they know when something is ridiculous or silly and that they find humorous.

And then their humor is contageous, because it makes me giggle when they share with me the funny things that they found. And every time that I am saying something silly to Hamish on purpose, well Hamish doesn't understand that I'm playing and having fun, but sometimes a Dinosaur shows up and just gazes deeply into my eyes and he is totally aware of the joke being had. And then that cheers me up. The Dinosaur humor is amazing. We have so much good times. I am totally not afraid of them.

In fact I would want a Dinosaur to be my midwife when I have children. They are expert obstreticians and they know everything about the woman's body. The Dinosaurs also learn about human metabolism. They understand my body really well.

"You will be blamed." - Hamish says to me now, with his thought of the Dinosaur and bath that I just wrote

Seems that Draconians possibly use baths for the Dinosaurs as a currency, a reward and punishment system, and I was not allowed to talk about that or whatever. They do the same with the Zeta-human hybrids and sugar. But anyway, the Dinosaurs have an awesome sense of humor, and we have a lot of good jokes all the time. But don't worry Hamish, Hamish is and always will be my favorite. Love you Ham-mish!

Tonight Hamish has been with me and when I went to have a shower Hamish was around and then Hamish did what I love the most - he stomped his feet up and down really fast on the bathroom rug where he was standing! Oh it made me giggle and laugh, he brings so much warmth and joy to my heart! Hamish Hamish Hamish... you guys reading this have no idea. Words can never convey how delightful this Dragon Turtle is. My Ham-mish.

"We have no eggs here! That is why we come here!" - a Dinosaur tells me now
"Yes I knew that. You may borrow my eggs." - me

And a little while later:
"Yes, humans." - Hamish
"Yes, Hamish." - me

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