How Aleister Crowley Saved Me
May 11 2012

May 11 2012 is a Birthday. I now believe in the Draconian saga
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On May 11 2012 the Draconians said the magic words that finally after ten months of Draconian contacts convinced me that my Draconians, all that they say, and our adventures together are real. "Alistair Cromley".

Every once in a while and completely at random and out of context, the Draconians will mention names and organizations on Earth who they say are "with" the Draconians. I was actually speaking with the Queen Mother Draconian and her son when the Draconians out of the blue said "Alistair Cromley was also one of ours/us".

I did not know who this name was. While I was trying to figure out if I had ever heard of the name before, I thought that it sounded just like some old duke or earl in England or Scotland, like some nice old chap who lives in a fancy mansion up on a hill next to an old small town with herds of sheep roaming on the plains. Who has white hair and wears a sweater vest and smokes a pipe in his library and has the family crest on the wall.

I then Googled it, expecting to find some old duke. Google suggested Aleister Crowley. I was laughing and giggling for at least half an hour after that, and it still puts a smile on my face to think Aleister Crowley. Because the man has the freakin Draconian power symbol. On his freakin head. And even the hat is a pyramid. And a quick read through the page shows that he is an epiphany of what it means to be a Draconian bloodline. And it makes me happy because it means that I am not insane. I have not hallucinated all of this Draconian stuff. It is real and there is nothing wrong with me.

It took ten months of daily Draconian contacts, four conscious alien and MILABS/alien abductions, hundreds of pages of telepathic conversations with a variety of aliens, lots of Draconian conquests and having them move me around in bed, and lots of compelling and convincing encounters and information given to me by them, and I still refused to allow myself to believe it. It then took the two magic words of "Alistair Cromley" to finally convince this scientist, skeptic, debunker, and disbeliever.

Because there is no way that I could hallucinate a random name and it turns out to be this guy. There are seven billion people in the world today, and even more when you add to that all the people who once were.

And I have two sufficient proofs that I should not have known of Aleister Crowley in my subconscious, for instance if I had seen a documentary of him some time in the past and it now appropriately showed up into my thoughts from the back of my brain.

Proof 1 - As I really tried to think hard and figure out who "Alistair Cromley" might be, all I could think of was that it sounded like some quiet old earl who lives on his own in a mansion tucked away from the rest of the world. Had my subconscious known an ounce about Aleister Crowley it would have suggested things like "magic", or "the occult", or at least as much as a hint of what he was, because had I known of him as much as an ounce, then his name would have been stored in my mind together with at least a little bit of what he was. But I had no idea. Not consciously, and not subconsciously. I did not know who Aleister Crowley was.

Proof 2 - A proof that I was not at least consciously fully aware of him was that I misspelled his name in my notes. And I am a grammar Nazi (I am not a Nazi. This is the expression for people who are obsessed with correct spelling, syntax, and punctuation) I would never have allowed myself to misspell a name if I could avoid it.

For ten months I refused to believe that the Draconian contacts were real, because as long as I knew that there would be one science-minded person out there who would not be convinced if I dictated to them my experiences, then I would have to carry on and try to find evidence. But I am sorry, that Aleister Crowley guy totally proves it to me. It still does not and may not prove it to all you others that my Draconian contacts are real but I sure can safely say that I am now utterly convinced. You still don't know that I am not lying so hang on as I continue to try to obtain evidence for you, but in the meantime I have evidence for me.

And it has been real hard on me as I have been telling myself that I have to consider the fact that I may be insane and hallucinating all of this, all the while I have been given highly compelling experiences from the Draconians. It's like knowing something is real but telling yourself that you are losing it. It is a very painful thing to have to do onto oneself, all because of you cynics and disbelievers out there who would tell me that I am crazy I have done your job and told myself all these months that I am crazy on your behalf. And it is hurtful, hurtful because I have known, seen, heard and felt things that are so compellingly real. But I don't have to do that anymore! All thanks to Aleister Crowley!

Even the Draconians and MILABS were starting to get worried about me, as I sometimes would sit down to explain to them that I have reasons to be concerned for my sanity here, that I cannot simply listen to voices in my head and take them by faith as real. Then they would try to explain to me and assure to me, in words, that they are real. But I would tell them that no words are enough as evidence. I have at times cried and been quite bummed about it. I explained to the Draconians that if they do not provide me with solid evidence, I might have to go see a psychiatrist and get medication that makes their voices go silent. And that is not a fun thing to have to consider, it is very violating onto one's own integrity when one knows that this is real, but one is not allowed to believe so, because of all the cynics out there who would call me insane.

The first night I explained this to Malik the black Draconian, he got so concerned and he really understood my issue, that that very night he gave me my first out of the four conscious abductions. I woke up at the hospital in Syracuse and met Malik himself standing in the hallway corridor of the hospital. He then left me all alone and fully conscious to explore where I was. And I escaped out of the hospital and General Patton and who possibly was Sargent Wilkes caught up to me outdoors and they brought me back to General Patton's house. (That story is here.)

I mean, I know I should feel upset that the Draconian Agenda is real here on Earth and that all the gruesome things they do and have done have really happened. But that's not in my hands. I have no control over what they do. I am not responsible for that, in any way. I have my own battle and that was to know whether this was real or imaginary. That was the original objective of this website. The Orion Mind Project was to determine whether the Orion contacts (which later turned into become centered around the Draconians) was real, or imaginary?

I think of Aleister Crowley and I feel peace and happiness and I feel free and whole in a way that I have not in a long while, perhaps not in my entire life. When I called a friend and told him of this discovery he said to me that do I realize that I had just said "Aleister Crowley" and laughed? He said that this man was a very scary character who was into Satanism and the sort. But all I could do was to laugh and giggle. I did not invent this Draconian saga, nor did I invent Aleister Crowley. I am not responsible for those. But I am so happy to not be insane! I don't ever have to doubt again, and nothing can be said to me by doubters that could ever make me have to worry that I am sick again. I no longer have to discredit and hurt myself again by trying to force myself to not know that this was real all along.

My Ham-mish is as real as I ever thought that he was. And so are the Dinosaurs, and the Orion man. And all the rest. I can now take them more seriously. But what really changes? I don't have to feel concerned anymore nor hurt myself with the disrespect of telling oneself that something is not real when you darned well know that it is.

The Draconian Agenda is real. And I am not insane. And I hold Aleister Crowley as my savior. It is thanks to his character that I now finally am allowed to believe. If he were still alive by darn I would write to him and thank him for making a positive difference in my world, in that humble existence of mine that perhaps doesn't even matter on the larger scheme of things. When it comes to global Draconian rule and all these various selfish characters who are part of the Draconian Agenda, what do they care of one girl like me? But I care, I have to care, it is my life. I have struggled with questions my whole life, and I have had to disrespect myself my whole life by trying to disbelieve simply because everyone else would disbelieve. But I now have peace. Thanks to Aleister Crowley.

I look forward to reading about Aleister. Because I think of him in a way as someone like me. Right now it feels like he is the only friend I have in this. He was a real man. I was not imagining any of this Draconian saga. Hamish and the others may have seemed as possibly all in my head, but Aleister is a real man. On photographies. He has written books. He existed. I did not imagine him. He is my friend in this. I am no longer lost in a chaos where a world was being constructed in my mind out of stuff that are not solid, such as telepathy and alien abductions and the rest. A world was being built but it was not a solid world in the world that all the other humans live in, so while me and my life were being transferred onto that other world I was losing myself, because if that other world were taken away when people say that it isn't real, then I too would be lost in it. I would not exist anymore.

But, with Aleister Crowley, he and me can exist together. I know I am about to unravel some pretty grueling information about him, but in a way he is like me. Someone told him about the yellow pyramid, and the eye on top of the pyramid. He knew of the Draconians for sure, whether he called them the Draconians or the Gods or the Dragons or the Devils perhaps, who knows. But I am sure that he knew. He too was a human who entered into this other world, but perhaps he didn't care about what other people thought, perhaps he didn't feel that he was losing his mind and his foundation into it. He didn't care. But I cared, and I was suffering because of it. But because of him I don't have to suffer anymore. Nor be alone.

I may not have humanity with me anymore. For I have entered into another world that other humans cannot see, do not want to see, and that they would still tell me does not exist. But as strange and perhaps creepy as it sounds, I cling to Aleister. He was a real human being, and I don't know if he had lost his sanity, but I have not lost my sanity anymore. I may be all alone, where the rest of humanity will call me a liar or insane, but I can go on now being happy and confident that I am alright. Aleister saved me, and I don't know if he has ever saved another person before.

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