The Dinosaur is back
May 02 2012

Everything has leveled off now. And for that I am relieved. I went from writing 30 to 50 pages a day of verbatum telepathic conversations with the ETs, to this wonderful peace and quiet that I have been enjoying for the past several days. I ended up getting real frustrated with the Zeta Lady and her Zeta-human hybrids team and I basically made it very clear to them that they are not to come back. It takes a lot to tick me off, plus I've wanted to show utmost hospitality and neutral tolerance toward my alien visitors.

But there's only so many times I can take being called a "dog", "inferior race", "ugly", "sheep", "cattle", and being put down for being dumb. When in fact I am as good of a college student as it gets. With two advanced science majors. But when they started referring to me as "it" and talking about me as if I was an animal at the zoo, I just got fed up and told them to get the hell out. I used strong words to make it clear. The Zetas and their bratty hybrids are not welcome in my life.

Such arrogance and impudence. I seem to now have reunited with my original ET team. The Dinosaur and Orion doctor are back, and so is Hamish my dear. I couldn't be happier to have my friends back. These are the ETs I've had since this all begun in August 2011. The other team, headed by Snake the Draconian boss, with Lady Zeta and the Zeta-human hybrids, had only requested from Malik that they also get to use me. And Malik had agreed.

I am much happier chatting with my Dinosaur and having laughs and smiles together with him, talking about how the Thubans used to be dolphins in the sea, and how the Dinosaur needs high air humidity or his skin goes dry, which is why the Dinosaurs like to spend long times in baths soaking up. The gentle kindness of the Dinosaur, and his fun curiosity at everything I do. And the Orion doctor, how much he talks on and on about bacteria, I never knew it would make my heart so warm to hear those words again. I am so glad that they are back. And Hamish, my big red Draconian, what ever would I do without you Ham-mish?

No, I am quite fine without the impudence of Zetas. The Zetas threatened me with violence all the time. Lady Zeta would tell me that she has a bat and that she will hit me if I do not comply. And Snake likes to be quite graphic about wanting to do torture on me and so forth. My team were all so nice and they don't treat me this way. The Dinosaur and Orion doctor all treat me nice. Even Hamish does. I am so happy to be reunited with my team.

And what ever would I do without my Dinosaur-human hybrids? They are all so friendly and civil and polite. Not to mention that the big white chubby Illuminati hybrids are part of the Dinosaur-human hybrids team, and these guys have become like my brothers. Oh, when I first saw them I was terrified as they look like zombie corpses in the morgue, but in these men are beautiful sweet gentle-mannered persons, and my eyes have gotten used to their appearance. I actually find them very attractive as men now.

I am so happy with my team. They are the ETs I had come to regard as my family. I did not want to be taken out of their arms and into some strange other team. I tried to make it work with Snake and his Zetas, but they are all so rude and arrogant, plus I never had laughs and smiles with Snake's team. Me and the Dinosaur have so much fun together, he always makes me laugh when I get to see how he's thinking and what he's up to. Seeing the world through the eyes of a Dinosaur is priceless.

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