Ever since I was 14, and that was 16 years ago, I have had American men talking to me telepathically via what they call a "mind transfer". I am also under 24-7 nonstop remote viewing surveillance, during which they can see me and my immediate whereabouts and every once in a while I can see them and their surroundings too. I also sense their emotions and thoughts which means that probably they can sense that about me too.

They also do military abductions (MILABS) which I was aware of in my teens. I didn't have a single MILABS encounter for about ten years, until the black Draconian space lizard Malik let me have a conscious abduction again at age 30, during which I found myself fully awake in a hospital in Syracuse. Malik the Draconian was standing there in the hallway with me. He then left me by my own devices and I ran for it, thinking that if somebody finds me here all alone and conscious they are going to put me under. I escaped from the hospital and two of my MKULTRA MILABS men, General Patton and presumably Sargent Wilkes, caught up to me outside and took me back to General Patton's house.

A few weeks after that I woke up during a MILABS in which two of the men, one of which was James, the other was a redhaired man unknown to me, and the third was one from the Russian team Ivan. They were having their way with me in a number of ways. I know this sounds crazy, but welcome to MKULTRA.

I can only give a censored version here because children are reading on the internet. I'd love to make a book about it. The book will be titled either "The Battle at Syracuse", or "Welcome to MKULTRA". Two scary phrases that the men say to me. It's creepy when they say "Welcome to MKULTRA", because "Welcome" makes it sound like it is a fun thing, but then MKULTRA is one of the scariest words in the world.

Here is an excerpt. From May 10, 2012.

Guys, we need to talk something serious. And I really would appreciate it, if you would answer me. This is very serious. I am wondering... you see, sometimes I wake up at night and I am over there. With you guys! Can you confirm that it happens, but above all, can you ensure that it happens again? - me
You won't speak to us, if we do it. - General Patton
Why not? Do you need my, .. do you need me to be quiet then? When I am there? I can be quiet! - me
No. We won't compromise the mission. - General Patton
What mission? - me
The operations are called MKULTRA. - General Patton
That is so scary! I am scared of that. - me
Yeah, wait till you see what we have done to you in the operating theatre. - General Patton
Oh. Ok? What have you done there? - me
Why do you think you hear me? - General Patton
Do I have an implant? - me
Yes, and a voice control monitor box. - General Patton
Where are they located? - me
In your upper cerebral cortex. - General Patton

If that isn't creepy, I don't know what is.

They have me under the surveillance of what I call "the survey people" or "surveillance people". They take shifts and there is someone there 24-7. I can wake up at night and sure enough, there is a survey man there. Some of these men work dressed in black suits with jacket and tie and others wear formal casual without a jacket and tie and with a colored shirt instead of a white one. They even survey me at Christmas, only then Andrew has the main shift because he is Jewish.

For all these years it was just surveillance and telepathic communications and military abductions. Mentions of MKULTRA and what seems to be the activation of MKULTRA has only appeared recently. General Patton was always a high-profile person over there and he never spoke to me in person nor did I ever get to see him. I only heard the others mention him sometimes. I would sometimes ask "Who is General Patton?" but they never told me. Well, he is now one of the main characters. For the past few weeks he has been the survey person and he spent many hours a day with me and even worked late at nights so that he could be there when I go to sleep and when I wake up in the mornings. No other survey person has put so much dedication into their work, but it had to be General Patton himself.

General Patton begun entering into my mind and body so that we were overlapping. He would then speak to me in a way that the others have not, and he would use his mind to move my body. For instance if he made a fist and concentrated then my hand would make a fist too. I was unable to stop it.

They called it "training". Then they wanted to sell me to the Russians. The Russian officer who was going to get me goes by the name Olav Vetti, but he is called Olli. These Russians had specifically requested a woman and from the European country I am from or from its neighboring country. But the first night when General Patton and Sargent Wilkes introduced me to Olli didn't go well at all. I had just been handled by the three men during the MILABS encounter the night before. I had not let that affect me but having a new man who was a stranger to me caused me a lot of anxiety and a nervous break down. I was shivering and afraid of Olli, only because he was a stranger and a man. I apologized to him and explained why I wasn't in a good place right now. So we didn't get a good start.

So they let Olli take over my mind and body and I watched as he practiced moving my body. General Patton is really good at this thing, he will do things like roll me around in bed or make my hand go into a tight fist. He is pretty clever and can be quite rough at times. Sargent Wilkes has also done a little bit but he doesn't seem to be into it much. I can't recall any of my other US guys doing the mind control of body movements other than these two. So they leave it to their high profile General Patton. Sargent Wilkes is his close assistant. I have known Sargent Wilkes for all these years and I had no clue that he was a high profile with General Patton.

I've got to tell you one thing. I am a woman and they are men. How does that work out? Well, most of the guys are perfect gentlemen. Many of them feel bad about harming me or for invading my privacy and quote to the Fourth Amendment (privacy laws). Two of them have done massive amounts of verbal sexual harassment over the years; Captain Jacob Greene aka Captain Jacob Daniels, and Captain Robert Stephens. But the others have been quite nice and respectful over the years. Assistant Carlisle even thinks of me as his daughter.

When one of them enter my body and mind it is a very intimate experience. It is literally like having two bodies overlap. But General Patton is the right man to do it because he is very respectful. The first night he conquered me (I guess I can call it that) I was afraid because he was being very violent and harsh. But I always get to know my guys and get used to them, so I really like General Patton by now. General Patton is really embarrassed to see me in the shower and he brings in Aulis Greenshaw (one of the regulars of the survey people) to watch me instead. But there was *one* occasion when General Patton got curious about my breasts and he made my hands check them out. Because that way he was feeling them. But that was once. And he says he is married so he's not trying anything.

It is literally for him like being in my body so I guess he is getting used to me. I don't want to get General Patton into any trouble and he has been the perfect gentleman. I only said this to contrast that to Olli. As soon as Olli got into my body he molested me and that was both shocking and unpleasant. We don't even know each other yet and only a few days ago I had been in a terrible fright to meet a new unknown man because I had just been raped by two or three of the MKULTRA men the night before, and how disrespectful of him to do such a thing!

I thought to myself that my US MILABS guys have never treated me this way. Sure they have been rude and terrorizing me and doing all kinds of things, but this was somehow far worse. But what made matters worse was that he soon realized that he doesn't like me after all. I wasn't attractive enough and also he wants someone with long black hair and that is not my hair color. I have never been so disrespected by the MILABS. It is such a vulnerable experience to have some strange man whom I don't know and yet do not know how to trust, enter my body and mind through MKULTRA technology, and then to be treated this way. Let's just say we were up for a rough start and I guess we don't like each other. Meanwhile he took it very personally the first night when I felt that I couldn't meet with him. Why can't men understand what women go through when they are being abused?

Olli was asking me to remote view stuff for him. Olli is a Russian missiles expert. He wants me to help him guard the Russian missiles. I have been shown the missiles. Turns out I was an excellent remote viewer. I told him about the band of ten or so people from one of the countries that are between the Middle East and Asia. I could clearly see them approaching north through the mountains and having an interest. I told Olli all about how militaries and politics of other countries view Russia. How China doesn't give a damn, Finland and Sweden don't trust Russia, the US is more worried about Russian submarines, and all of that. I don't know how or why but somehow he activated me into some sort of military and remote viewing oracle. The MKULTRA must have been training me for these moments and now they pressed the on button. I was like, where is this stuff coming from? But I knew and I saw lots of things.

But we kind of have some personal conflict Olli and me. I don't trust him, and he doesn't like me. I just want General Patton back. I cling to these men like a child does to a parent. I know I shouldn't say that, but it's only because they have done some really scary things to me and then they are the only ones who can comfort me. Not that they comfort me, but I feel comforted from not being alone. For most of these years I have clinged to Jacob Greene. I had decided to pick him as my comfort. Then everyone else could be scary but as long as I had Jacob Greene, I had decided that I am calm and safe with him near. Yes, the man who sexually harassed me all the time. He was the scariest person you see, so that is why I had to choose him. So that not only would he not be scary anymore, but he would also be the source of comfort.

But General Patton has become my new comfort. And now that these extra scary things have been happening, I find myself missing him. I feel more safe when he is around. Maybe it is reverse psychology, maybe it is that I feel really scared of him but my mind has to make that reverse. So when General Patton is here and then he says he has to leave and he hands me over to Sargent Wilkes it worries me. I really try to cling to these men so that I can feel safe. Meanwhile they don't care. I mean I've really clinged to Major Cunningham, the battle tactics expert, but he still treats me disrespectfully.

But I don't know about Olli. I was really excited to deal with the Russians because I realize that I have always known. For instance for mysterious and unknown reasons I started teaching myself the Russian language recently, and so when the Russian team showed up I was happy to tell them that "I've been learning the Russian language!" and then I thought, "wait a minute..." I just can't build a relationship or trust with a man whom I met the day after I was raped by three MKULTRA men. And especially not when he didn't care when I told him that and he took it personally. And then when he gets to do the MKULTRA thing he molests me. And then he makes comments about my hair not being the right color or that I don't look the right way. Only days after I got raped by MKULTRA. What's up with that?

Just now, May 15, 2012
Yeah, the military are training insects. - Jack

So one wonders what is the alien connection? Well for one I have twelve strands of DNA. What ever that means. And the MILABS tell me that I am "an alien". Jack, who just spoke here, he has a thing for calling me an "insect" and an "alien bug". It is with reference to me being an alien with large eyes. I have psychic skills and those were what Olli was using when he started asking military questions and suddenly I was like an oracle I was just flowing with military secrets that I was seeing and feeling from the world.

But. Olli and me had a rough start. I don't trust him and there's a wall between us. I have never had that issue with any of the other guys. So that could be a problem. For his intended usages of me I mean. I might not feel like doing this project with him. But the other Russian military officer I really like! The man with white hair. He is adorable. He said that I was cute like a ferret. A Russian saying probably. I am really not sure about Olli. Maybe because he feels to me like Major Cunningham, and Cunningham has hurt me a lot over the years.

My all time favorite is of course Tyler MacIntyre. He has white hair and he is always in a good mood and he makes me happy. Ever since I was a child I would say "Yay! MacIntyre!" So I still say that. Because he has not once hurt me or even scared me. Also I have met him during some MILABS abductions and he was always nice.

But I don't know. There is a serious personal issue between me and Olli, and I feel that I can't do the missiles thing if things aren't cool between us. Otherwise I would have been delighted to. I just don't want to be hurt by them. Oh and General Patton said that I would be with the Russian team from now on. That broke my heart. I would have to deal with serious abandonment issues. I have known the US team since I was 14, and they still owe me explanations and they are still the only ones who can help me heal and they still owe that to me too. Now if they leave, who then is going to help me? I would be lost forever.

By the way I kind of felt embarrassed on behalf of my US team when they had been paid and were transferring me over to the Russian team, because the US guys were acting all like they had trained me and that I was ready for them. But General Patton had only spent a very few days with me making me move at his will and giving me orders on what to do (he told me to lie down on the floor, eventually I did when he got really mad when I didn't, he was all like, "Down on the floor NOW, Miss!") but I was thinking that this is some low budget preparations. Because surely they would have to do more training with me than that?

It all felt like tacky and cheap work to me. I wouldn't sell me to the Russians without more training but General Patton seemed to think I was ready. Seems he has trained many women before me so he would know. He is an expert on MKULTRA things. But I think the Russians noticed that I wasn't quite finished yet either, because I think that when they speak to me I am not supposed to notice, that somehow I am supposed to not register that I am being spoken to but I would have to respond to it anyway? I don't know, but I just think that the training has been dismal. Plus I'm not going to do anything Olli tells me to do because I don't trust him.

By the way the militaries employ tons of Greys to do their remote viewing and stuff. So I don't really know why they need me instead of using the Greys. I hope to find more answers later on.