MKULTRA likes Cats

" BETA. Referred to as "sexual" programming. This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions. "cat" alters may come out at this level. " Source

The Free Mason Master who was brought to me courtesy of Illuminati Dating Services Inc. was using mind control and hypnosis and working closely with Malik the Black One, a demonic Draconian entity who likes Aleister Crowley and Pentagrams, he was working to make me into an overly sexual, well, sex slave. But what is interesting is that I recall a segment while I was under hypnosis he told me to crawl on all fours like a cat over to a window to stand by the window naked. The only reason I remember is because some time afterwards he told me of some things I would have done and I refused to believe that I would do such things and he then unlocked some memories for me.

But what I find most interesting is that in recent times for whatever strange reason I have begun to think of myself as a white cat-type being. Not exactly a cat, no tail. But like an animal that wants nothing other than to live like a cat. And I had no idea where this was coming from, as I was watching this change in me. But what is creepiest is that I have been having images that I am acting out in my mind and living in like daydreams where I am living very much like a cat

Just now:
"We have commissioned many women like you before." - General Patton says
"What kind of women, General Patton? Tell me about them?" - me
"Are you sure you wanna know?" - General
"Yes General Patton. What kind of women are we?" - me
"The most, docile and friendly kind." - General
"Really? How did you do that?" - me
"Through mind-reprogram." - General
"How did you do that to me?" - me
"It is best that you do not know. But it happens at the hospital, where we have the battle." - General

The MKULTRA guys have always talked about "the Battle at Syracuse", and whenever I ask them what is the Battle at Syracuse, they tell me that "It is where we fought for you". They take me to Syracuse. I was once awake in the hospital and I ran out from the hospital and two of my MKULTRA guys found me there.

(Yes. She is nosy.) - General Patton with another guy, not to me
"Would you like to, see something?" - General
"Yes thank you. What can I see with you? What is it?" - me
(The nervousness is gone.) - another military dude says to General Patton about me

"Who is the other man? Who is that? What is his name?" - me, I am inquiring the General about the other person
"We don't want you to be from a star." - the other guy
"Why not? What is wrong with that?" - me
"... What is wrong with it? Why won't you tell me? What can I do for you?" - me
"The Syracuse!!" - General Patton

"... They tell me that, you take years to train!" - the other military dude
"How many years Sir? How many years? Why does it take so many years! ... Who are you?" - me
"General Patton's friendly assistant." - dude
"How friendly are you? Are you friendly? Why are you friendly to me?" - me

I have to say something here. When me and my MKULTRA are having a chat, like here, I tend to get nervous and then I start asking stupid questions. My behavior changes completely towards them at times like these. It does something to me, I can't quite describe the way that I start to behave toward them, but you get the idea when you read how I talk to them.

A while later:
(She will be ready for you soon.) - General Patton says to Olav Vetti with the Russian MKULTRA Team, and I could see and feel Olav and he was getting excited about the prospect of finally having his "me" delivered
"You won't be in with the NASA team." - General Patton
"I don't know who the NASA team are. Tell me about it? Why do you come here?" - me
"Or, .. would you like to join me with my family?" - General
"I would LOVE to do that! When can I do that?" - me
"... There are some recipes for success, and for disaster." - General
"What are the recipes, General Patton?" - me
"We've got to make sure you don't commit suicide." - General
"... How will you do that? Will you help me?" - me

What I was going to say before General Patton interrupted me was that I have been having vivid daydreams in my mind that I don't know where they are coming from. In them I am a white cat-type being and I am living with a man who works for the CIA. I know he works for the CIA especially because he has their logo in his living room clearly displayed on the mantle. This is embarrassing but I guess I can say it because I really don't think it is coming from me. But in this "image" I am given, me and the CIA man are married and I live with him and I live pretty much like a cat does. I don't speak much at all and he treats me as if I were more an animal (a cat) than a person. There would also be domestic violence.

Where does such a thing come from? So, when should I be expecting my CIA husband? And who will he be? (Pst. Don't tell anyone but I kind of think it might be none other than General Patton!!! My MKULTRA handler!!! I don't know what's going on. I would die and go to heaven if it was he. But don't tell him, please, because just in case it isn't true it would break my little girl heart.)

Two interesting things tie in. The not speaking while I live as an animal. Every time when General Patton moves in closer to do his conquests of me and mind control and things he always whispers to me not to speak and not to say anything at all. Another thing I am reminded of is during the gang rape when James/John and the red-haired man were raping me (and two other women) during a conscious abduction then Ivan the blonde Russian man entered the room and the others said "Here comes the domestic violence team!" or something like that. And then Ivan got scary and I refuse to remember any more after that.

Sometimes when General Patton overlaps his mind with my body he can act very brutal with me in ways that if he were here in person rough-handling me like that I would almost classify it as domestic violence. If he were my husband. But it's not as bad as it sounds, I can handle it.

The weird thing is I am growing a very deep relation to General Patton. I don't know if that's normal or expected or if it is a nuisance and they would rather that I stop. Strangely, I am very infatuated in him and I am always very pleased when he shows up for a visit. I hate to admit this, but in my first encounter of whom I think was General Patton, when I had run out of the hospital in Syracuse and the two men took me to the house of who I think was General Patton, for some reason I started to think, while I was there in General Patton's upstairs bathroom by the hallway, that I was on a date with him. And I believed that I was in another life entirely where I was going to marry him.

Are they programming me for this? Is General Patton my MKULTRA handler? Am I going to be married with him? And what unimaginable MKULTRA things will happen once he has such unlimited access to me in his home? Why am I being reared, or so it seems, to live, act, and think like a domestic cat? Why the domestic abuse? And why am I developing such a strong connection to General Patton? Why do I find him irresistible? The only thing I am worried about is if this is all me getting carried away and I end up getting my heart broken.

It is strange. I mean I use the Stockholm syndrome to consider all of my MKULTRA guys as friends (which is when kidnapped people do reverse psychology on themselves in order to survive the emotional trauma and so instead of fearing their abductors they begin to genuinely appreciate these people). But have I ever had feelings for any of them? Let me think. I've had these men in my life for sixteen years now and there's been probably more than 20 individuals.

So statistically speaking if these were ordinary men I would probably fancy at least one of them and at least one time in the past sixteen years. Especially since I prefer older men. But my emotional relations to these men were formed when I was at the age of 14 so they have come to mean something very different to me. And so even when they make approaches, I just find it odd, because I think of them, and I even talk to them, like a 14-year old girl would. (Which is why you see me saying such an endless stream of silly things to them rather than taking the opportunity to have a real proper conversation with these men.)

But I hope the MKULTRA doesn't read the internet because this is personal. From my April 22 2012 Thoughts,
" Ever since I met General Patton I fell head over heels in love with him. And that rarely ever happens with me. It's not like I can find men everywhere that I find appealing. In fact I wanna marry him. I've felt that way ever since our first encounter. " " But I would definitely marry General Patton. " " I can just... throw myself by General Patton's feet, wrap myself around his legs and beg him to please, please marry me! I would do anything! I will be the best wife ever! " " Yep, I'm in love. With General Patton. And I would do anything to have him for my husband. "

Embarrassing. But I haven't had feelings for a man since I was an 18-year old virgin with my first boyfriend ever. It's like it's all new again. Oh, why did it have to be with General Patton? Because that man's gonna break my heart and then I'm going to be humiliated before all of the MKULTRA and CIA. I hope they did plan this for me. I hope this is the Illuminati Dating Services Inc. that is behind this again. I wouldn't say no... I would throw myself into his arms. Forever and ever. And it would be so romantic and beautiful. Now I can just hope and long and dream for that day...

But tune in for our next episode of "MKULTRA Creepy Love Stories", sponsored by the Illuminati Dating Services Inc. Can't find God's match for you? Why not try the Illuminati Dating Services Inc. We'll match you up with someone very special. Guaranteed. And if you don't accept our match for you, we'll find you another one. And then another. And another. Until you give in an join with our forces.

(No! No nervousness!) - General Patton turns around to talk to a man who entered his office
"Who are you talking to? ... Am I going to meet you soon?" - me

General Patton started his career working at a US Navy ship. He was then offered this job at some point and he switched over. He thinks back to that Navy ship often, I see his thought images, which means that he can see mine.

And, before I sign off, General Patton now left and John takes his place with surveillance. John is the guy I used to think his name was James. Yes the James/John who raped me during that conscious abduction. And here he is doing the remote viewing surveillance completely unashamed of what he has done. Does he even know that I remember? "Yes, we know that you saw our dicks." John says now. Ok, I guess that answers the question.

"Where is General Patton?" - me
"Well, you won't be shy will you?" - General Patton or someone else there
"Why would I be shy? About what? ... Can I come to Syracuse again? I would love to go to Syracuse?" - me
"No, me and John won't, let you come here. And John is not your handler." - General Patton
"Who is my handler? Do I have one? What is going on here? What is this?" - me
"We are, taking your eggs for them." - General Patton I think said this