A Mix of Draconians, MKULTRA, Genetics, The Pyramid,
and that dang creepy eye on top of it
June 19 2012

I woke up at around 2 AM last night, maybe because I had left the music on playing. I don't normally wake up at night, ever. But, since I was up, the Draconians decided to pay a visit.

They were not physically in my room, ie. I could not see them with my eyes. But I see them mentally, or in my head. They transmit that image to me, because they can be "present" but without letting me see them. So it really is their choice as to whether I see them or not.

I should've taken verbatum notes of the conversations so that I could share those with you word by word. But I'll just have to remember and sum those up. The first Draconian to let me see him, he made a very clear image of himself into my mind, and I could see the beautiful pattern of scales. And all of their evil shenanigans aside, Draconians actually are quite handsome creatures. From a strictly appearance-based observation. Such handsome Lizard Men.

This first Draconian Reptile to show himself to me was one of the Snake-like Draconians. The one who calls himself "Snake" notably is one of those. They are more slender, their intellect and thoughts run real fast, and they have a lot of creative sadistic thoughts and plans that pop into their head. They present an impression of being unreliable, vicious, and always ready to attack. It kind of gives a feeling like watching a spider that is aware of a prey that has been caught in its web, and you're watching the spider knowing that at any split second it will strike at lightning speed. The Snake-like Draconians make that impression of being ready to strike at any second. And I am the prey under observation.

The Snake-like Draconians are very keen and observant. There is something uncanny about being watched by them. Or, that it is just an alien encounter, something foreign, different, and exotic. They have a really tight head, the head is narrow and the scales are tight and firm. Being in a mind-connection with a Snake-Draconian is a fascinating experience. To feel and watch his thoughts as they form, and how he feels and responds to his own thoughts. I notice that he is constantly restricting himself from acting on his impulses. He works hard not to be an impulsive creature, undoubtedly he has gotten into trouble from it in the past. If there were not repercussions he would most likely act on his impulses of sadism and attack. It is a very interesting visit, being in the head of a Snake.

There was also another Draconian. Both of these guys I did not recognize as one of my own. There was also a third Draconian I think. It didn't seem like my Hamish, Malik and Snake. At least Hamish was not one of them. I got to see the other one up close and his scales too. Very handsome. Such beautiful animals, from a strictly biological point of view. Large Lizards that talk and think and act, that have formed psychology and culture and a myriad of interesting behaviors particular to their species.

But first the MKULTRA team...

Prior to the appearance of the Draconians, I was under the attack of my MKULTRA men. The US MILABS guys. Sargent Wilkes, Derek, General Patton, seemed to be the culprits. They were doing "Reptilian conquests" on me, which is like demonic possession. They make their spirit overlap with mine so that it seems as if our bodies are overlapping. It is very invasive and offensive, but I decided to let it take its course so that I could watch what happens. They then, while having their arm essentially in my arm, make a fist and contract their own arm and that makes my arm do the same, and then they push my arm or move me around.

They have said "Welcome to the MKULTRA team" many times so I have to wonder if they really are the MKULTRA. The MKULTRA was a mind control project testing out a myriad of methods attempting to learn how one can essentially possess or control another individual. So, looks like they have developed some very fine methods, because it works. They are able to remotely access my body and move me around at will. I know it's them and not me, because the force they use is beyond the muscular strength of a mere girl like me.

The MKULTRA men were acting cold and ruthless during it, not sensitive or gentle at all. I wish I would've written it down what they said so that you could see it verbatum, but I guess I was busy being "conquested" by the MKULTRA team to take out a pen and paper.

What's interesting is that during this "overlap" there is a huge buildup of sexual energy, I would say tantric or Kundalini energy. I wonder whether it is from my body or from mine and theirs both. The same "sexual energy" is very prominent during Reptilian conquests, which is when a Reptilian throws himself over me. However - the Draconians so far have almost without exception only "conquested" me once each per Reptile, and almost never again. Meanwhile the MKULTRA team seem to be taught by the Draconians how to use this technique, so that they can employ it in the MKULTRA purposes, so these MKULTRA men are using it more than once.

But for some reason I started requesting that "they" tell me are they MKULTRA humans or are they Draconian Reptiles? It sometimes appears to be as a blur between are they humans or are they Draconians. I have had the MKULTRA team in my life since I was 14. And I have had conversations with them that make them really seem human, such as with the coffee with Derek and Gillespie conversation. Derek talking about being married and having two children. Assistant Carlisle always thinking about the fact that he has a daughter my age. Things that Reptilians would not think or talk about, so I have to assume that there's some human essence to them somehow, somewhere.

Plus during my teens which were filled with MKULTRA/MILABS experiences, there were no more than two Draconian encounters. One when a brown Draconian showed up at my door at night, and the other when green Draconians floated me up to their spaceship. But I have never seen Draconians during a MILABS abduction, nor have I seen any of my MILABS guys morph into Draconians.

There is one exception - from my recent encounters. Ivan Sukulov. The US MILABS introduced me to the Russian team, who were supposedly going to pay a lot of money to use me since I had supposedly been trained by the US team. The first time I met Ivan was during a MILABS abduction where I was being raped by US team member James/John (not sure which his name is), another red-haired US team member - and then entered into the room a new character. When he showed up they said "here comes the domestic violence team". I walked over to this man. He is blonde and a bit short. A very European appearance, definitely could be Russian. I watched him take different pills from his hands. And then he went berserk, totally raging mad and charged at me. I have never been so scared in my life. Well, not until I met with him again several weeks later.

But in the first encounter with Ivan, he seemed human. Although he was so mad and scary that was inhuman. So a few days ago I had the worst nightmare in my life, since it wasn't a nightmare. In it, I was pestered and tortured endlessly by a white lizardly creature. The creature was notably short, it was a pale gray white. There was a night after that encounter when this same guy would show up and put his appearance into my mind in a scary way, of course that frightened and upset me. But the thing is, this white creature was morphing between this white lizard form - and Ivan. I have come to somehow think of these two as the same.

Maybe this white lizard is Ivan's resident Draconian. I know that some humans get a next to permanent possession of a Draconian, who then lives through the human and does acts of cruelty here on Earth. So it becomes like a Draconian conquest, only more of a permanent situation, or longer-lasting one. There is a certain high profile female monarch in Europe who also has a white lizard. Her lizard has spoken with me on multiple occasions, and is referred to as the Queen Mother. This lizard and Ivan's lizard are of the same make.

I feel sorry for Ivan. Namely he works as a hired hitman for the Russian MILABS team and Draconian Agenda. He gets a lot of money for killing people - but then he spends it all on the drugs that the Draconians have gotten him hooked on. Draconians supply the MILABS humans with a lot of drugs. They tell the men that these drugs are harmless. Yeah right, just look at how Ivan acts when he's high on drugs. I'm sure it's not what Ivan had in mind when he thought ahead into his future as a boy and I'm sure it's not what his mother had intended for him. It's a sad situation, I try to talk to Ivan. I actually tell him to go to church and find religion, Jesus, and God again, to find his spirit and soul that have been lost - and to get off those drugs!

Drinking my Juice...

But anyhow... the point I was getting to was that the US MILABS men were conquesting me last night (and being quite brutal about it). But then it sort of turned into the presence of Draconians instead! The MILABS men were gone, and instead I was now being conquested the same as before, but by Draconians. The Draconians were trying to get me all worked up with fear and anxiety so that it would charge up my nervous system energy. They were literally feeding off my energy, like energy vampires. Don't worry I was calm during the whole thing. I find it interesting.

One of them said that this is what they mean by "drinking my juice". So I finally have confirmation. Because I've often wondered what it means. In the early beginning when Hamish first appeared, and Hamish had done his first conquest, he talked a lot about "drinking juice" yet he never told me what that meant. So I was split between does it refer to blood drinking or to the extraction of my vital energy? These Draconians were feasting on my energy, meanwhile I was becoming drained, my normally white aura was turning black, and their dark Satanic energy was surrounding me. They basically steal my light and eat my soul.

One of the Draconians was a black one. The black ones come across more "demonic" than "bodily". They tend to look like a black figure and I can rarely make out any scales or solid outline of their body. It is not a far fetch to say that the black demonic Draconians are pretty much like Satan.

Black demonic Draconians feel sickly and cold. They completely lack any chakra energy, soul, or light in their body. It is because they are aligned with demonic and evil things, and that doesn't enable a soul. I feel sorry for the black ones. I can feel their mind and thoughts. They are in a constant state of discomfort and suffering, with a constant hunger to feed on the souls of other beings. But when they feed on souls, all it does is give them a brief glimpse at the sensations of love and light that they lack, but that light is instantly dissipated as it cannot stay in their dark demonic body. Yet they crave it, they need it, but it is incompatible with the concepts of cruelty, selfishness, evil.

Doing Thoth tarot card readings taps into a dark force which, if done right, will enable a person to place the cards right. I did a Thoth reading on myself, a friend of mine - and on the black Draconian Malik (also known as Betelgeuse) because he asked me to. I wouldn't touch Thoth cards again, because even though they totally work, it taps into the Satanic and I'm a Light and Love person. Malik's cards revealed that he has moved himself away from love and light, but that he is moving toward the light in his future. I often use this example when I explain to him about Light.

I tell the black demonic Draconians that there is an endless supply of "juice" once they learn compassion and love. And I tell them that it is not really "power" for them to be controlling other civilizations, because look at how much work that takes to keep them all in check! It is more powerful to have a conscious mind that lovingly overlaps with other worlds and that has them as part of one's own body. In it, a perfect respect for the needs and well-being of others emerges, and one is no longer depending on anything external to oneself. And that independence is far more powerful. I have told Malik and the black ones that they are all headed toward the light, because that is true. (I know so for a fact because I am with the Arcturians.)


But, after all the conquests and tumbling around and drinking of juice had stopped, Draconians got to telling me things. The Snake Draconian showed me a penis. I hope I can say that without having to censor it. And he started talking about genetics. He said that he himself was going to fertilize me. I still have to wonder whether that was symbolic or literal. I can imagine the Draconians throughout the ages contacting "the daughters of men" like me in our bedrooms and figuratively explaining the creation of new hybrid species but in simpler terms of simply men having sex with women. Meanwhile there is genetics involved, and humans didn't know about the DNA and genetics until only very recently in the history of science.

The Snake Draconian said that he was going to have sex with me many times. Still, I suspect the extraction of ovum and laboratory methods. He said that the Draconians had searched all over the Earth and turned everything upside down in their search just to find someone like me. I was specifically suitable.

The Draconian showed me a mental image of a chimpanzee. He said that I was not genetically related to those. Instead, I contain the genetic material from more than 50 different races, presumably alien races. I asked him whether the chimpanzee had evolved naturally here on Earth, and then been seeded and further modified by various aliens? He did not answer that.

The Draconians told me that ETs from Vega and Lyra have seeded the Earth. The Draconian showed me an image of a seed and told me that I was a seed here on Earth. He showed me an image of what a Vega or Lyra man looks like. Their faces are elongated and have vertical lines. The skin is kind of pink. Kind of human-looking but still not.

I know from before that the Draconians do not like Vegas and Lyrans. The Jewish population of Earth is genetically very close to Vega. I was shown that once, many years ago, and I also now know from how the Draconians and Draconian Agenda are mistreating the Jews. Does it really make sense that Hitler and Nazi Germany would persecute the Jews? And still today there are Draconian organizations that persecute the Jews. Logically it makes no sense. And how do racists rationalize it? The Jews are white people. It just doesn't make sense. Unless you know that the Nazis are a Draconian creation, and Draconians don't like Jews because the Jews are Vegas.

Pyramid and The Creepy Eye

The Draconians showed me a distorted Draconian power symbol. It was the pyramid, only it was stretched up so that its base was smaller, and it reached higher up than it normally does. They said that this was what my power symbol looks like. I was trying to figure out how this distortion is to be interpreted? I tried asking, but I wasn't quite given an answer. How would you interpret that?

The Draconians then showed me their actual power symbol, the yellow pyramid, which has equal sides on the three faces. They were pointing to different portions on it, on the bottom of it, the middle, and the top, and trying to describe to me their significance. They were lending from its symbolism as they communicated their ideas to me, but I have to say I did not quite understand. I cannot look at a portion of their pyramid and understand what it is supposed to signify, so I wasn't quite on the same page. But I tried to keep up as they were telling me things.

The Draconian power symbol on the US Dollar bill Image from, also see

Then they showed me the eye on top of the pyramid. The eye is a vital part of the symbol itself. The pyramid is not complete without the eye on top. But rather than being a mere drawing or symbolic shape of an eye, they actually show it just like on the dollar bill: with a creepy real live flesh eye. Several weeks ago I was shown the pyramid eye but it was in the torso of a body, like a real live flesh creature. Oh that was so creepy! I use all the patience of a scientist as the Draconians show me creepy things. I guess I'll also make a good mother, it's kind of like when you have a son that brings home disgusting worms and things. I just have to be patient and let them show and tell. It is not depicted as a Draconian reptile eye however. Figure that.

The eye moves and looks around and is a real live flesh eye and it is creepy. But it doesn't come across as an evil eye. It's like if it were a person behind the eye that they show me, it would be a nice man. Not a creepy Satan. The eye never speaks. But once I was forced to stare into the eye. I didn't want to, but once I did, the eye atop the pyramid turned into a star portal or a star gate and teleported me into seeing a scene from the past when a spaceship fleet were evacuating the Draco star after war or conflict had desolated the place. The evacuees came to Earth and founded Atlantis. The Atlanteans were escaping the Draconians.

So I started asking the Draconians more about the eye. We were having a good conversation last night, the Draconians and me. After the boys had drunk their "juice" from me they were quite mellow and chatty and up for some talking. They were not snapping at me or mean or anything. It was quite civil. "We have many torture devices!" - one of them decides to throw in right now. I guess I tipped the balance too much to the "cute and friendly" side and we needed to push it back into the Draconian side a bit more. So that nobody gets the wrong impression that these be weak or friendly creatures.

So when I asked them what is this eye, the Snake Draconian swiftly moved the fingers of one of my hands to touch the "third eye chakra" position on my forehead. It is the all-seeing eye. Personally I think it's a bit creepy. It's darn creepy, that darn eye on top of the pyramid. Because they show it as a real fleshy eye that looks around. Gah!!

"Don't you think it's creepy that you have one! That you have eyes!" - Malik the Black Draconian, but in scaly Reptilian form not misty demonic form, asks me, not in an angry voice
"No..." - me
"We can't cut it out. It sits there!" - Malik, still, not angry by any means
"What is it? What does it do?" - me
"It gives us heaven and hell here." - some other Draconian, but not Malik
"What do you want. Heaven or Hell? Do you want both?" - me
"No. Both are not needed, are not required." - Malik
"Then, which do you want? And why do you want it." - me
"We don't talk to bitches here!" - Malik tilts his head a bit and says in a "friendly" manner
"*heh* Oh you are charming!" - me
"We don't make you bleed." - Hamish or Malik
"Why not?" - me
"It is not bleeding time now!" - Hamish I think
"Alright! Thank you!" - me

I'm trying to find the name or a picture of the mythical creature that people in the 1400s believed to inhabit other continents across the sea from Europe. It was a creature with no head and its eye or eyes were on the torso. It reminded me a bit of that, real creepy.

Angels and Demons...

So it was an interesting encounter with the Draconians. But this morning the black demonic Draconian was with me still, and I could feel him "drinking my juice" while I was in class at college. I felt myself drained of energy and it has a really nasty feeling to it. So I asked the poor critter to please stop so that I could focus on my class. He did stop at that point.

I don't recommend for anyone to have dealings with the Draconians. It involves concepts of the Satanic and demonic. Basically a mix of all of the bad things you could ever imagine. I seem to be ok, however. I have Arcturian protection. Not just Arcturians watching over me, but to the point of Arcturian incarnation into me. During times of Arcturian incarnation, the Draconians are unable to do their "conquest" and they are unable to move my limbs or drink my juice.

Oh well. Me and the Draconians. I look forward to learning more about human genetic history and our extraterrestrial heritage from them. I also want them to tell me all about Draconian history, about all of their wars. I want to figure them out more, about how they think, their psychology, their reasoning, their religion (since it now seems obvious that they have one), and my Arcturian will continue to talk to them about the Light. And they listen. It is the age-old battle between good and evil, darkness and light, Angels and Demons/Devils, humans being in the middle and under attack yet under protection. Only it is not Angels and Demons, it really is the extraterrestrial groups Arcturians and the Draconians.

Arcturians vs. Draconians
Unknown source

"We don't want to fight with them. We want them to join us." - Malik about the Arcturians
"They want you to join them." - me

Oh yes and there also was an honor-fest last night. The Draconians were very careful to make sure that I would Honor them in every sentence. I was to say "my Honored" in every sentence when I addressed them. Or they reminded me! It kind of gets boring and perversed after a few times. I'm trying to tell the Draconians that "I honor you all the time, even when I don't say it". It's not that I mind saying it, it's just that it gets exhausting after a while.

The Draconians revere the eye above the pyramid. I was not to talk about the eye in a certain way so as to not offend or disrupt it somehow. The eye is their god somehow. But it can't be a good god, because it doesn't inspire the Draconians toward consciousness (which is what makes one able to sense the actual pain and suffering of another), love, or light. I look forward to learning more about the Draconian religion, and so many other things. Fascinating creatures. And actual extraterrestrial life forms. Right here. Breathing down my neck (Hamish is doing that right now). Oh and last night there was a moment when the image that they transfer to me became so clear that I almost stepped into where they were, and at that I could sense a strong body odor of the Snake Draconian. It was different from the smell that Hamish has. It's interesting that they have a smell to them, it makes the encounter so much more real.

I also recall the Snake Draconian told me that he did not think that I would be able to handle a power measurement (or how ever he called it, the conquest in which a Reptilian throws himself over a human to test our strengths). I said to him that all three of my Draconians had already done the power measurement, Hamish, Malik, and Snake, and that I could handle his too. But he never did one.

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