Me and Hamish
June 17 2012

Hamish has been in my life for eleven months now, almost a year. I remember when he first showed up. There he was, just suddenly, one day. He begun his contacts with me just watching me closely, like a hawk watching its prey. He monitored everything I was doing, and he followed me anywhere I went. For about two days he did that. Then the Reptilian conquest, when he suddenly and without warning, threw himself over me while I was in bed. His hot sulfur breath exhaling onto me, we breathing in sync. I could see his red scales, his impressive body. An alien being, but Hamish still. My Hamish. My Draconian Reptile.

Hamish pinned me down to the bed and wrestled me around a bit in bed. I did not know at the time that I was meant to fight him to show him what I'm made of. But I let Hamish do it, and after a few brief but intense seconds, it was over and Hamish stepped off and declared himself the winner. I was to Honor him after that, and I have been Honoring him ever since. My Hamish.

What I like about Hamish is that he does not make any apologies for his body. He is not shy or self-conscious about himself, like we humans would be. He just showed up one day, and he is so comfortable in his skin. I love that about him, I wish we humans could be that way. I have learned self confidence from Hamish and the others.

Hamish has been with me ever since. And I am so pleased with him. He is one of several Draconians I have met since eleven months ago, and I must say Hamish is by far my favorite. You see, Hamish belongs to the old Draconian race. He is not like most Draconians you see. Most Draconians are "snake-like". They are more upright standing tall and speak in a more intellectual way and often wear clothes too. But Hamish is different. He is special. He is built more like a "monster", hunched down and with an in-built "turtle shell" hump on his back. The hump is part of the back itself but has a ridge rim around it, and is covered in orange bumps and some black thorns. When other snake-like Draconians see it, they revere it a bit and go quiet.

Hamish has a proportionally small head. The top and back of his head flows continuously along the back of the neck in a slender fashion. So he doesn't really have a "head" and "neck" distinction like we humans do. His eyes are yellow and they bulge out of the head. His mouth is toothless. He has told me that Malik had his teeth pulled out. The inside of Hamish's mouth is a darker red and looks glossy. He has a row of blunt orange bumps that starts above each eye and runs to the back of the head.

Hamish is fire engine red. Most of the time he has the hunched posture, which is how the turtle shell on his back is properly displayed, almost like a saddle on a horse's back. It is very clearly a display of something. Other Draconians, who are not of the old Draconian race and who do not have this beautiful structure on their backs, when they see Hamish's back, they go quiet and instantly respect Hamish. Hamish has also showed me the turtle shell on his back and told me to "honor his scales".

Scales mean a great deal to Hamish and his psychology about himself. Sometimes Hamish declares that I have won over him. Something that I did, or didn't do, or that I said or didn't say, has somehow won Hamish in the "chess game" that I didn't know we were playing. But Hamish keeps track of positions of dominance at all times. So sometimes I win, even though I didn't mean to win. And then Hamish will reach over with his hand to his hump and pull off one of his red scales and then he hands it to me. Saying that he has lost the rights to some of the Draconian scales, and I have just earned some scales. I have about five Draconian scales by now. Yup.

Hamish grows some black thorns on his back hump. They grow straight out of blunt orange bumps on the back. There are few, but they signify the most power. Sometimes he has one of those plucked out and gives to me.

Hamish is really very handsome. He is tall and large with wide shoulders. I have been in love with him. In the beginning when he begun interacting with me, I think he did something with my brain to make me fall in love with him. After all, he was calling himself "Dionyssos" at the time. My body and brain would respond like to a man I was in love with, accompanied with heart pounding and all of it. I am still in love with Hamish. I swoon over him. He might have done that so that I feel no fear when I am with him. After all, Hamish spends a great lot of time with me. It is imperative that we get along.

Hamish has been with me for almost a year. He is a daily feature of my life. We talk to each other, he looks at what I am doing, and he shares his thoughts with me. He is part of my family. I have built a very strong bond to him. I have never felt a friendship or family ties as strongly as I have with Hamish. He is a person, and he is here with me all the time. We practically live together. It is like having a pet, a cat or a dog, but it is also like having a human being, like a parent or a significant other. But it is more than all that. It is Hamish, a Draconian Reptile.

I just realized today actually. That whoa I have a huge big lizard Draconian Reptile living with me daily and shouldn't that be dangerous and shouldn't I be scared? How come it's going so well? How come I love having him near? How come I shriek out of delight at the simple things he does and says? How come I miss him if he's gone and I call him to come spend time with me? How come he brings me such joy with what he does and says? How come I feel that my bond to him is so strong? Why do I love him so much?

Hamish has never hurt me. And I can't think of a single human person in my life who did not ever not even once whether accidentally or intentionally hurt me somehow. A simple argument, or feelings hurt, or something. Even cats and dogs sometimes hurt a person. Either by scratching, or by disobeying or causing trouble. Something. But Hamish has never done anything that would make me cross at him for a while. Everything has been going great, all this time.

And why does he look at me so much? Why does Hamish, the great big lizard, spend so much time just watching at everything I do? Does he not have other, more important, tasks to do with his life, than me? He devotes his time and attention to seeing what I do. He especially looks at what I eat, and he tells me when I eat something I shouldn't, in particular anything with sugar. He watches me in the shower and watches me as I dry myself after shower. He looks at me exercise in my room. He is here when I have music playing and he lets me know that he doesn't like "disco". He is with me when I light some candles in the evening and he tells me to blow out the candles. Always here, watching.

It is fine that Hamish likes to watch me. I am only curious as to why. When Hamish isn't here, he goes to spend some time in Japan with the Japanese Army and Dragon Dynasty people. He goes to the harbour, I forgot the name of it they told me before. Hamish spends a lot of time there and then puts me in direct telepathic contact with the Japanese men, so that we can look at each other. And sometimes Hamish is in Draconian bases just being Hamish. But he spends a lot of time here with me.

Hamish hasn't touched me since his conquest all those months ago. Sometimes he likes to toss me around when I'm in bed. He does that to show his power. But the US Military associates have forbidden any displays of power here, so lately when Hamish feels the urge to toss me around, he says that displays of power has been forbidden. I love being tossed around by Hamish, and Malik. It is great fun to have my entire body lifted up by an invisible Draconian force. Boy are they strong! You wouldn't ever want to get into a fist fight with one of these guys!

But there's something appealing about a big strong man like Hamish when you are a girl. I bet if I were a man I wouldn't feel so strongly about Hamish as I do.

I love Hamish. I love when he says "Yes" (in another European language). He says it when he is pleased about something that I do or say. Hamish likes things to be neat and tidy around here. When I begin to clean the carpet, Hamish - who I didn't even know was watching - will say "Yes" in that pleased way. I don't know, it sounds just like when you slip into a hot bath, or when you're sipping on some hot chocolate. That kind of a pleased "Yes". But Hamish also tends to say "No". He doesn't say "No" in an angry way, it is also a slightly elongated word, almost the same as when he says "Yes". I like both of them. Both make me happy to hear. :)

Hamish loves it when I mop the floors. The other day I begun to mop the kitchen floor, and Hamish - who I didn't know was watching me - says his pleased "Yes". That made me delighted. It was so much fun. And when an Illuminati hybrid was telling me that he was envious of all the sugar I was eating (this was today), I told him that well, I wouldn't mind having some of the gruel that they eat. Hamish said "Yes" to that.

I love Hamish. He has never scared me or hurt me in any way. And the thought of having him wandering around here (even though he is mostly invisible, presumably in another dimension) pleases me. I tell him that he is welcome here and that he can make himself at home. Every once in a while Hamish asks me if he may sit on the livingroom sofa. Of course he can.

I must say, that Hamish is being very gentle about me. He is a very big and imposing lizard, and he even fantisizes sometimes about injury onto others. But he treats me with care. Even when he reprimands me, by tossing me around in bed, it is done in a way that won't inflict harm. They could squash me if they ever wanted to. He could break me in his hands if he was careless enough. But he even speaks to me in a gentle manner. He uses a gentle voice with me, very gentle.

And no matter how many times I "forget to honor him", he never loses his temper about it. You see, in each sentence that I direct to Hamish, I am meant to "honor" him. I should address him as "my Honored" every time that he is addressed. If I forget - and oh do I forget - he tells me "you forgot to honor me", or "my Honored", or "we are to be honored!". But he never loses his temper with me. He never goes into a raging fit about that. He has never been angry with me. He is such a delicate being, with me.

And the way that he looks at me is so gentle and delicate. He doesn't look at me in an angry or malicious way. It is a gentle gaze. I do not fear him. I love him. And the way that he sometimes tilts his head when he speaks, it is so adorable. It reminds me of how some dogs tilt their head when they are listening carefully. Hamish uses that body language. When he is carefully explaining something, then he tilts his head to one side.

He doesn't even have a scary voice with me. He doesn't roar or frighten me. I have heard some other Draconians and they can have pretty scary voices, but Hamish is always gentle.

I know all of Hamish's expressions and body language with me. I know how he feels based on his breathing. The way that he exhales reveals how he is feeling. A long elongated calm exhale means that he is content. An extra long exhale, made longer than normal, means that - more than just content - he is pleased. Short exhale means interruption or disruption, or that he is displeased.

Every once in a while Hamish does Draconian vocalizations. There will be grunts in his exhale voice, almost like a cat purring. I think his Draconian vocalizations only come out at times when he is feeling comfortable, but I am trying to learn what those vocalizations mean. There is a Green Lizard Alligator Man from Florida who works with protecting their genetic offspring, including the Gargoyle in that area, and he has a hard time making English words because when he speaks it only sounds like Draconian sounds. I love the sound of Draconian speech.

Sometimes when Hamish speaks there are some Draconian grunts in his pronounciation, kind of like an accent. I love that and it is rare. I always encourage Hamish to speak in his own language.

He is my sweetheart, and I don't think anybody could understand our relation. It is Hamish and me. And anything else, anybody else, or any other part of the Draconian Agenda or of what they do, doesn't matter. I know I am supposed to hate the Draconians and despise everything about them. But I see something in Hamish. I see his soul and personality. I don't know if he sees the same in him.

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