The worst thing is that it wasn't a Nightmare
June 09 2012

This morning after I fell asleep again at around 8 AM, I woke up finding myself in a medical examination room with a blonde doctor who was wearing a white lab coat. The man had yellow-blonde hair and his skin was a copper tone. His face had a lot of lines and had a distinct chiseled look to it. I felt safe and calm in this environment, and with him.

He had a test tube rack filled with test tubes containing a clear liquid with an icy blue hue. The doctor asked me if I could roll my tongue, so I opened my mouth and did and let him see. I remember from biology class that only a few humans have the gene that makes us able to roll our tongue sideways, so perhaps he wanted to see that. Then the doctor collected a sample from me.

I was shown a massive huge statue of a Serpent. I was on the head of that serpent, way high up in the clouds. I got down on my belly and put my arms against the surface, I was afraid to fall off and was asking to be let down.

I found myself in a room again and with a creature. The creature was pale, perhaps pale gray rather than white. He had several lines etched into his body as part of his natural texture, the lines went all around his body in circles. He had no hair, no external ears, no nose. His eyes were round and pale with a pale blue pupil, no eyelashes or eyebrows. He was wearing no clothes, no shoes or socks.

He stood in front of me and put his mouth against my mouth like a kiss, only that he bit into my lips on the inside of my mouth. Blood was pouring and he was drinking my blood. His eyes were expressionless.

The creature tortured me for a very long time. He thought of one thing after the other to do, and every thing that he did seemed to be implemented with its very own torture device. He did the most bizarre of things. I was in a terrible state of fear and pain. The creature remained calm, and not crazed or ecstatic. He seemed curious about my reactions to the things that he did. It was like he was playing with me.

I called for help, I was crying for Malik time and time again, but Malik never showed up. I wanted Malik to find me and to come and save me, but he did not. Hamish did not come. I then called for the Arcturians, and an Arcturian man appeared in blue and white. As the creature was going to do a certain painful thing to me, the Arcturian scrambled up the sensations of the creature so that he could not feel his sensations, and this compelled the creature to back off. The Arcturian diverted two such approaches by the creature. I got up and ran away.

The creature found me in the other room and did more painful and terrifying things to me. I was becoming weak and tired, I was pleading to him to please stop. I managed to run out, I ran through several doors, the doors were double door swing doors with a round window on them just like operating theatre doors, they were real creepy. I went up some stairs. I figured that I had criss-crossed my way far enough so that he could not find me. He was unable to find me, and was searching for me.

I then woke up here in my bedroom again, safe, but I would never forget what I went through. Turns out it was Snake the Draconian who was torturing me. Snake has on several occasions said to me that he has some "torture devices" that he would like to try on me. Now he did. But on several occasions Snake looked a lot like Ivan. When I had a recent MILABS abduction and James and another red-haired man who I don't know were doing things to me, a third man Ivan appeared. I remember Ivan took some drug pills and became absolutely crazy and scared the hell out of me. I also saw James during this encounter.

On one occasion the creature was going to give me the blue liquids that were in the test tubes on the rack. I asked him whether he was going to have me drink them or inject them. He was going to inject them into me and showed me the syringes. This was probably going to be part of the torture so in self defense I knocked them all over and poured them on the floor, he could now not use them.

When I woke up Hamish told me that there was now a big mess in the genetics laboratory and that someone would have to go and clean it up. Hamish even told me about the test tube liquid being all over the floor. When I woke up I was trembling and whimpering and crying, and I declared to Malik that he was no longer my Honored King, as he had not come to save me.

Don't forget the real pain and suffering. Do not shrug and smile now that it is all over. It really happened, and for that long time I really suffered. Do not ever forget. Do not forget the pain, or fear. Do not forget when you had no one with you, do not forget that your body was being injured. Do not ever forget, or when you do that means that you are leaving yourself there alone, and then you will truly have suffered. Always remember the pain and fear, and don't ever leave yourself alone there in the basement with the Draconian. Carry yourself out of there, in the only way that you can, by remembering and knowing.

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