Commander Wilkes is training me for MKULTRA
And Hamish is being just Hamish
July 30 2012

MKULTRA Training

I had the MILABS men in my life, that I know of, since age 14. I am now 30 years and it's been sixteen years of remote surveillance, Military Abductions (some that I remember), and telepathic conversations and harassment, and only now recently do they seem to be "getting to business". I am told "Welcome to the MKULTRA!" and that they are "training me" so that I can "join the military" and be a "cadette", and that they are doing a "mind reprogram" on me and "voice command". Interesting happenings to say the least, and I am glad to be documenting this and sharing with the world because this is an interesting piece of our history. I'm just fascinated to be honest, that this is taking place and with me. Quite baffled, so I'm in on the ride to see what happens.

General Patton started the training just a few months ago. I now know that the MKULTRA training involves a military personnel doing what comes across as a "possession", whereupon he inserts his mind into mine. He is then able to move my body for me. I've come to call these operations "tackles", because when General Patton was first beginning to train me with these "conquests", he would literally tackle me.

Kindly enough, General Patton would only tackle me while I am in bed. Well, most of the time, cause sometimes I would be sitting by the desk. But he would most of the time wait until evening just as I got to bed. Good thing that, because had I been anywhere else it could have hurt me so we needed a padded area for that. Two times though in spite of being in the bed he managed to make my head bump into the wall and it hurt too. But I know he didn't mean for that to happen.

General Patton starts the tackle by overlapping his mind with mine. Don't ask me how they do it I have no idea, all I know is that it started with the Draconian Space Reptiles doing it, which is what I called "the conquest". My guess would be, and I have a lot of things to figure out here, that the Draconian Reptiles are real alien entities and not an imaginary construct given to me by the Military. And that the Draconians are training the MKULTRA team in how to use mind control on subjects. The Draconians and Military are collaborating and they are sharing with each other any wares that they can. So the Draconians are given me so that they can take my eggs and make offspring, and the Draconians are giving the Military MKULTRA technologies, enable Military Abductions via alien abduction techniques, and also provide me back to them so that they can rape me. Things like that.

General Patton

The MKULTRA conquest is a very intimate experience. It is more intimate than having two people naked and holding each other closely. When a military personnel overlaps with me, I can feel his body as if my mind were living inside of his body, and he too feels my body as if he were living in me. Our bodies and minds overlap. It is much more intimate than sex, though it is not a sexual encounter. As a young woman, I actually find it very comforting. It feels just like hugs. Having General Patton do an MKULTRA conquest of me, feels just like having him holding and hugging me.

It is not the whole body all at once, rather it seems that the person chooses what areas of himself or what areas of me to focus on. General Patton who started this training started with mine and his left hand. I would see him where he is sitting in his office by the desk. He is a handsome man with wide shoulders, dark brown or black hair, darker brown skin, beautiful Hazel or brown eyes. He is in his 50's or 60's, and he wears a dark suit to work with a white shirt, and he likes to tighten the knot of his tie. I like him, I think our personal chemistry works out great.

So I see him and I'm sure that he sees me too. Then our minds overlap and it is as if his place and mine overlap. He then takes his left hand and makes a very tight fist and he then uses his concentration and that makes my left hand go into a fist too. But he is a man and he is a lot stronger than me so it can hurt my left hand when he makes a fist for me. After making the fist he will typically bend my left arm rather fast and strong. If I'm in bed he can also flip me around and it is just like being tackled in wrestling. He is pretty physical and tough about it. He also likes to take my left arm and put it behind my back, just like when a person is being arrested and you restrain their arm behind their back, with that same kind of determination and force. General Patton has a very physical and strong and tough approach.

Commander Wilkes

Commander Wilkes is really a Sargent Wilkes and all the time when General Patton has been training me I was always told that Sargent Wilkes was also in the office with General Patton. I learned that Sargent Wilkes was the one who was really supposed to be doing this with me but General Patton was perhaps getting me started and ready.

Sargent Wilkes is quite unlike General Patton. Sargent Wilkes is younger, perhaps in his mid or upper 30's. He is taller and has a slender build. Sargent Wilkes comes across as a very gentle, cautious, and courteous man. He even seems to be very kind and friendly. His hair is a medium brown with some red or blonde in it or maybe both.

There were many times when Sargent Wilkes was supposed to do his conquest of me because I could hear the conversations the men were having, but Sargent Wilkes was either too shy or simply unprepared as to the methods. I really think that he is capable only that he is cautious about approaching me in such an invasive manner. General Patton though seems more routined, he has done this to many MKULTRA subjects before me and he just goes ahead and turns me around as if I were a bag of potatoes and doesn't walk on eggshells about it.

Sargent Wilkes had made a few humble approaches to me but he never did any fists or tumbles, just a few gentle and cautious approaches.

So last night General Patton and Sargent Wilkes were here to train me. They told me that they wanted me to join the military and that I was now their cadette. (At the time I did not know what "cadette" meant. Had I been imagining these conversations my mind would have used the word "soldier" because that would have avoided my concern as to what that word "cadette" meant and whether it even fit into the context of the conversation. Today I looked up the word and it fits in perfectly. I'm sure I'm not imagining this!)

I told them that I almost joined the Army and that had I done the basic training this would have been easier for all of us. I then asked Sargent Wilkes if he was going to tell me how many pushups to do. I said I could do 20 at most. And I asked him if he would give me training assignments like that, if he would send me out for a one-hour run or anything. I said that that would be great if he would because it would help keep me in shape. Like having a personal trainer! I was having fun with it, as I always do. I always find ways to be friendly and to amuse myself a little when my MILABS men visit. What you got to remember is that these men have been in my life since I was 14, and that's 16 years now. Many of them I know very well by now, well, sort of. I've known "of" Sargent Wilkes for many years, but never got to talk or interact with him much, until now.

But the training in question is of course not laps or pushups. I think the training involves them learning to take over my body and mind and me learning to somehow submit to that. I'm very sure that they intend to reach a point where they are able to whisper their "voice commands" to me and that I would somehow take those as my own thoughts and follow. But I am very honest with them I tell them that it's not gonna work just like that. I'm trying to help them out a bit!

But Commander Wilkes finally did an overlap with me last night. He wouldn't have done it had I not told him that it's ok. I told him that General Patton does this all the time and that it doesn't hurt me or scare me. I told him that they have been spending many years and millions of dollars (presumably) prepping me up for this and so he doesn't have to be shy about it. I'm sure they know what they're doing and how to do this, but they don't have to be all too cautious about it.

So, with my words of encouragement, Sargent Wilkes overlapped his arm with mine. It was a beautiful experience. I literally felt as if I was in his body, as if his body were my body, and he felt that my body was his body. He is muscular and obviously works out. His arms are long and slender still, and his hands are bigger than mine. It is very invasive, but I decided to let him do this for me. After all, it's the man's job, and I am curious. It was a little uncomfortable for me, him being a stranger and all, and it being an awkward situation.

What Sargent Wilkes experiences when he does this, is as if he were to take his mind and soul and live in my body as well as his own. So he was very slowly and cautiously feeling out my left hand and fingers. He thought about how soft I was. With his mind in my left arm and hand, he touched each of my four fingertips against my thumb and moved my fingers around. He was really feeling me out little by little, whereas General Patton who has done this so many times before instead literally just throws himself in and doesn't bother with introductions.

A while later Sargent Wilkes overlapped more areas of our bodies. And while he was feeling me out, he told me that he loves to watch the rain when it rains. I told him that I love the sound of rain and that when it rains I like to have a nap and just stop everything I am doing and listen. He told me that it is interesting, that I feel like a rainy day. He was noticing the feel of my mood and personality and getting used to that.

I expect Sargent Wilkes to return back. I would hate to lose my General Patton. I've grown very fond of General Patton, I'd say, but over the years I have had to get used to many different types of men on the team and I am sure that me and Commander Wilkes can get along just fine. I'll adjust, it's just tough on me to get used to different people like this.

"You don't have a dirty mind do you?" - General Patton just now
"What do you mean? Why would you ask me that?" - me

Trained for the Russians

"You are like a syndicate." - Sargent Wilkes just now
Here's what a Syndicate means, I did not know. So this morning yet another new Russian character introduced himself to me telepathically. Or, the MKULTRA team refer to telepathy as "mind transfer". His first name starts with "Y" and he had a new last name than the other Russians. I was kind of lazy in the morning so I didn't bother to write his name down. I just assumed that I would remember, but I've forgotten. I'm sure he'll be back again. He didn't say much more than his name though.

And as soon as I got out of bed General Patton and Sargent Wilkes started talking and were asking for my attention. I ignored them and just started my day and it's been quiet ever since and now I'm here writing.

And Hamish is just Hamish

Right after the MKULTRA team had left me after their conquests and information, then entered Hamish instead. So it was one team and then the next, and now it was with the aliens and their egg hunts again. Well I had some trash in my desk paperbasket, and you know that tied up trash bag in the living room with that dead centipede in it? (Read about it here, search for "centipede".) It was still there and I hadn't taken it out that evening.

Hamish kept on showing me his mental thought images of the trash in my desk paperbasket and then images of the trashbag in the living room and then images of the centipede when it was dead on the living room carpet before I had picked it up and put it in the trash. All this trash was clearly disrupting him badly. Then Hamish shows me an image of my trash in the paperbasket in my room and he shows me himself and as if he were eating things and he told me that it was disgusting that I keep food scraps that have been in my mouth. And then Hamish leaps out of my room and heads for the trashbag in the living room.

He was just a chaotic mess and completely unfocused on any other things. These two trashbags, and the whole concept of me killing a centipede and there being a dead centipede in that trashbag in the other room, well it was too much for poor old Hamish. And as soon as he leapt out for the trashbag I had had enough. I got straight out of bed, at 1:43 AM, put on a skirt and a jacket over my neglige, and grabbed both bags and went straight to the dumpster. Oh the things I do for you Hamish. The things I do for my Red Space Reptile.

When I got back he told me that I had "honored" him by doing this. He was in other words both pleased and relieved. It caused him such agony for me to have "food scraps" of foods that had been in my mouth that I kept in a paperbasket in my bedroom, and that whole dead centipede, it was far too much for my Hamish.

You'd think that these big scary and powerful lizards would be tougher than this. But what defeats them is one dead insect and some trimmings from a fresh pineapple. He then calmed down, but all evening he had been on an attitude that was quite uncomfortable for me. It was a bit more chaotic and with a touch of hostility. Maybe the dead centipede had disrupted his calm, because he sympathized with the centipede and he said that he was sad about it dying. Why? Because it has scales. The damn centipede has scales. Hamish doesn't cry about hybrids dying, because they don't have scales. But lobsters and centipedes and salmon soup with fish scales oh my!

Hamish showed me a very clear image of one of his arms. I was so pleased. I got a really good look at his arm. His arm is covered in little scales that are stacked very close to each other. The scales are rather long and stick out, I have to make a detailed drawing. And on the outer side of his arm are the orange bumps that he also has on top of his head and on the backhump turtleshell thing.

And of course there were the usual "you forgot to honor me" whenever I would address him without adding my Honored either at the start or at the end of a sentence. Oh and then he went on and on about the sewing kit shoebox again. You see, I've kept a little shoebox full of needles and other sewing accessories in the bookshelf. But Hamish was very concerned, he would stand by the bookshelf every night since he got started with this and he would show me mental images of him being poked with the sewing needles into his arm or into his eye and he would get lost in his concerns and spend quite a bit of time doing it.

And so after a few days, once I figured that he wasn't showing me some sadistical fantasy themes, but rather was expressing real concern, I took that box straight into the very back of my walk-in closet. And that had been the end of it. (Read more about it here, search for Sewing Needles.)

Well just yesterday I took out the shoebox again and put it on my desk and took out the sewing machine from the closet too cause I was going to alter some jeans shorter. Well, I had to leave the material out cause I couldn't find my scissors to cut the hem of the pants so I worried if Hamish would mind the shoebox full of needles being out there again. But maybe, if I didn't mention it to him, he wouldn't notice and all would be well and calm around here in the Dragon's Lair.

But last night after the trashbag episode had been resolved by me going out to the dumpster literally at 1:43 AM, Hamish then stood by the bookshelf. Hamish sent me a mental image of him seeing that the shoebox was not on the bookshelf, and then quickly switched to another mental image of seeing the shoebox sitting on the desk, and then switched to an image of the shoebox not being on the bookshelf, and then back to the box being on the desk. As if he was telling me in pictures that this was the shoebox that had been in the bookshelf and now was on the desk. And he seemed concerned and agitated.

Hamish then expressed concern that he was afraid to walk on my bedroom floor in case there would be needles on my floor that his bare feet might step on. He showed me a mental image of the needles and of those possibly being on the wall-to-wall carpet on the floor. So I told Hamish that it would never happen, I would not drop any needles. And I showed Hamish a mental image of me crawling all over my rug and feeling out the carpet and seeing that there would not be any needles there. The box is still on my desk but I can't wait to get it out of his sight.

You might find all of these stories of Hamish's humbleness and I guess vulnerability amusing, but what you must understand is that Hamish is not a "real Draconian". I have gotten to know this beloved beast for the past year and turns out he is actually a very sweet and gentle person. He doesn't think about murder and torture. Some of his favorite things include standing in a creek here on Earth and feeling the soft water and soft round rocks against the underneath of his bare feet, or sitting down on my living room sofa and being oh so snug and comfy!

Hamish is preciousness, even though he demands to be Honored by me. He has never hurt me, and in fact I feel that he is protecting me. He is more precious than any pet cat or dog you would ever know. He is my big and cuddly beast. Hamish loves comfy sofas, the soft river rocks against his bare feet, my plush bathroom rug, and to be Honored. And some of the things that Hamish does not like, are dead centipedes, people eating lobster, smelly trash, music, or tealight candles.

I am so in love with Hamish. I only wish that I could convey who he really is, and how beautiful it is to be connected with this creature. Hamish and his kind are themselves victims of the "true Draconians", and many of Hamish's kind have been injured by the Draconians. Think of Hamish more as a big red lobster. Hamish often shows me an image of a large red lobster-type creature in the sea, which is his genetic ancestor.

Hamish is my Darling. And I am quite happy to take out the trash for him, and to make sure that he doesn't have to see that box of needles anymore. Love You Hamish! You Are The Best!


Last night General Patton whispered to me something secret that he didn't want anyone else at the MKULTRA team to know. Namely that I might get to meet him after Summer. I would die and be in heaven if I got to meet General Patton in real life!

And this morning Hamish showed me a mental image of himself. He was not in my room but somewhere else, in nature here on Earth by that same creek in the forest that he loves to go to. He was just standing with his feet in the shallow water of a slowly flowing creek. The water is perhaps just a couple of inches high, and the bed of the creek is covered in smooth round rocks. Hamish has shown me many times by now him standing in this creek, just enjoying the sensation of the water and the soft rocks against his bare feet.

Hamish is a very sensual type of creature and he loves comforts such as sofas and soft rugs and the smooth rocks against his feet. Now if that doesn't make him like a big plush TeddyBear and Big Kitten then I don't know what will. Plus he purs almost like a cat. When Hamish is pleased he makes a Draconian vocalization like a pur. I love it! Love you Hamish. Love You The Most.

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