Illuminati MKULTRA and all this Creepy Shit
July 25 2012

Warning: This page describes insight into the creepy thing of Illuminati, MKULTRA, and all of that. If you are going to be upset from reading it or if you are going to accuse me of lying or of being delusional about this, then by all means read it as a fictional story about conspiracy theories. But those of you who know what this actually is can read it as a documentary.

I have written all of this without going back to read and edit. I know there are many personal things there that I would end up editing out so I'd best just leave it the way it is. Authentic, personal, and genuine. I can't change what it is.

It's the Black One - possesses Draconians

Hamish and the Draconian Reptiles are not personally responsible for the ill-deeds that they do as part of the Draconian Agenda. Last night Hamish faced me with his mouth wide open again and again like last time I saw something distinctly black over his mouth. But this time I noticed that the black was indeed the Black One. The Black Ones are demonic entities who rule over the Draconian Reptiles. A Black One had possession of my Ham-mish and was making him face me with his mouth open.

And this isn't the first time I have seen Hamish possessed by the Black One. When the Black One possesses Hamish it changes how Hamish feels and it is uncomfortable and invasive. The Black One has possessed me too a few times and when he does it changes me. There was one time when I decided to really get into it and to let him in so that I could study the Black One and see how he does. I let my guard down and if I hadn't stopped it on time I would have gone insane.

Me being with the Arcturians I instantly defended my Hamish and I told the Black One to get away from my Hamish. Good God I mean the other day Hamish was under my bed and Hamish said that he was hiding from the Black Ones, and then the Black One was standing in my room. So last night when I saw the Black One possessing Hamish and being a nuisance over him I was telling the Black One to get away from my Hamish and I said that I defend Hamish with my own life. I then used Arcturian "white light weaponry" to evict him from Hamish.

Hamish told me then last night that his species used to be like lobsters. He showed me again a mental image of his ancestors. Hamish has shown me many times, it looks like a large red crab or a lobster and I can see the family resemblance, Hamish especially has the round bulging eyes of the lobster. Hamish was genetically engineered by the Black Ones and from this lobster creature. Hamish said that he had been made infertile by the Black Ones and that the Black Ones had pulled his teeth out.

Hamish has told me before also that the Black Ones had removed his teeth. That is why Hamish is toothless. Sometimes the Black Ones pull his black thorns from his back. Ever since the early start when I first got to know Hamish, Hamish would warn me about the Black Ones. And sometimes when I want to talk to Hamish about the Black Ones, Hamish tells me not to talk about them or it will call for their attention and bring them here.

I know that. I am able to "conjure" the Black One any time by directing my telepathic attention to him and he then shows up. So I was right all along. Hamish is a Sweetheart. He is the gentle soul that I got to know. I love my Hamish.

It's the Black One - influences me

The Black One tries to make me into a corrupt evil Satanic person. First they ruined my life and when I was at the lowest point of my life I had been made susceptible and ready and so they sent a Free Mason Master to me who put me under mind control and brought the Black One closer to me.

Then after the mind control prep by the Free Mason man the Black One would stand near me and flood my mind with imagery. The images would depict scenes of medical torture and he would give me intense sexual pleasure from those images. I would be thinking what the hell is going on? Why is my brain basically turned on by this? And then as soon as the Black One left me, the images would stop and I would have no interest in it whatsoever. I quickly realized that it was the Black One, not me.

I am a Sweetheart gentle loving cuddly person. But the Black One has tried to make me into sadism and torture. And the Free Mason he sent to me did such things to me, and while he did I was fully aware of seeing "a black monster" or "a black Satan", as I would describe it to the Free Mason man. The Black One had this man under possession. The possession was so strong that the man was even doing the beast exhale, which is the trademark breath of the Beast or the Black One. The Black One has also possessed me a few times and we have been breathing in sync like that too.

The Black One also tried to make me interested in sexual crimes. They would show me sexual scenes with the hybrid children and other things I can't go into. But, I'm not impressed and I've been strongly against since the very start so much in fact that they had to stop showing me these things. But the Black Ones boast about how they can make human Christian leaders such as priests, as well as sports coaches, become pedophiles. Why sports coaches? Because they are leaders of children in a situation that is not much different from a military general with soldiers. Sports coaches are one of the favorite targets of the Black Ones, which is why we see so much pedophilia in sports coaches.

I have explained to the hybrid children and to the Black One and all the other ETs there many times and very carefully and politely why children should not be used. And so they stopped showing me these things and they now bring me the adult Illuminati hybrid men instead. I've also managed to convince the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men to stop using the hybrid children that are brought to them. The Japanese men now, I am told, are asking for adult hybrids (such as the Japanese Lady Hybrid) but most importantly for adult human women, such as me. This is progress and I am so proud to have accomplished something good! I may even be able to convince the Zeta Bigheads (their heads are really big) to leave the children alone and let them just play with their toys and be children.

So, their plan failed with me. Of course it would. First of all I don't even see why they bother with me? I am a woman and I'll be darned if any woman can be made corrupt like this against children? And don't they know that I'm only especially attracted to older men in the first place? I wouldn't even date a 20-year old man. It's sad that a lot of men are corrupted into pedophilia by the Black Ones. We could also say that it is Satanic influence.

The young man whom they first sent to me (whom I then excommunicated because of his creepy tendencies), as well as the Free Mason, have both revealed things to me that make me know that they would indeed prey on children. Men who fall into the clutches of the Black Ones become very keen on sexual violence.

I still don't see why they were trying to convert me? I am so strongly with the Arcturian Angels that it even makes me celibate for most of my life. But I think it has been interesting watching the Black One and learning about his tactics. I can actually document and report about them, from an uncorrupt mind.

They also tried to make me interested in animal torture and I received hints that the Black One was going to have me sacrifice animals and later children to him. Note that the young man who was sent to me initially (and whom I then excommunicated because of his creepy tendencies) was going to sacrifice children.

This is deeply disturbed stuff and I have to worry that I could get in trouble for writing about these things. But I am above all of this, very much so.

The Illuminati guys are actually sweethearts

Then we have the Illuminati hybrids. These are big chubby white men who are part human and part Draconian I think. They have sharp teeth like a shark, they have human-type genitalia, a few of them have yellow-blonde head hair but most of them are bald, they have no external ears, and their eyes are white with a pale gray pupil. They look very creepy. Like zombies or dead corpses from the morgue that have been in the water for two weeks. I was traumatized the first few times that I saw them. But over time I got to know these gentle guys and today I consider them as my brothers.

The Illuminati hybrid men are docile sweethearts, but a lot of them are victims of the medical torture and are coerced into acting out sadism and sexual violence toward others. But all my brothers want to talk about are their dreams about flying in a hot air balloon, eating pancakes or ice-cream with me, or driving real fast in a car. They are the sweetest guys I ever knew. They too are victims of the Black Ones.

I named them the Illuminati hybrids because they in fact did use the name Illuminati for themselves. They are given black business suits to wear, except for the ones kept under ground in dungeons. The ones locked up in dungeons, I am told are aggressive and dangerous. But I am not afraid of them, they too are precious and I understand them, they are only frustrated and agitated.

Illuminati hybrid men are precious sweethearts. They all seem to tell me that they are homosexual, isn't that something? I think one of them indicated to the reason being that he had once had to be with a young girl and she was harmed by it and so the guys don't want to hurt anybody else, so they'll just form their own family group.

The human men are also used

US, Russian and Japanese military and government and CIA workers are also possessed by the Black Ones and made to take part in sexual acts which are not in place to please the men but to provide juice drinking fests for the Black Ones. The Black Ones feed off human life force which is aroused during sex, pain or fear. Which is why the Black Ones like to combine sex pain and fear, such as when I was with the Free Mason Master who was under the Black One's direct control.

I have been shown some pretty shocking things that the men are doing that I'm sure they would not be doing if it weren't that they were under the influence of the Black One. I frequently tell the men that I am brought in telepathic connection with, that they are under the possession of the Black One and that they must resist his temptations and go to Church, find religion and spirituality, and find their souls again. I am especially concerned of Ivan, the Russian man who is given sex with women and recreational drugs, and in exchange he has to carry out murders for the Agenda.

The ETs give humans recreational drugs

I have also been given these recreational drugs. Very often one of the Bighead Zeta-type hybrid creatures puts a drug under my nose. I have to make it very clear that in my "real life" I have only used one drug and once only and it was mushrooms and they were of a safe non-hallucinogenic kind. I have never used anything else nor do I want to. I also do not smoke or drink alcohol. I eat very healthy foods. I am the kind of person who is very much against drugs, I hate the way that they cloud people's consciousness and clear thinking.

I have no idea what drug the ETs give me. I must say it is an enjoyable drug, except that most of the time when they give it to me it is a nuisance because it disrupts what I am trying to do. The drug does not cause any sensory changes or hallucinations or otherwise. What it does is produce an exhilarating sensation which includes a sexual arousal which is far beyond what I have ever conjured up by myself. It is very intense, and I am always aware of how they rub something under my nose first.

The drug has no side-effects, which is why I would not know how to classify it as one of our known recreational drugs. The ETs provide their human workers with these drugs and the men are told that these are harmless, but I am not convinced. Ivan who is a heavy drug user is clearly neurologically damaged. He is impulsive, dangerous, and I would bet that he is no longer the man he used to be.

I was once during a conscious abduction where I had been provided to the men for them to use me sexually. James (or John, which ever his name is) from the US team was there, as was an American red-haired man whom I don't recognize, and then later Ivan arrived. And when Ivan arrived the men said that "the domestic abuse team is here". I then walked over to Ivan, who is a blonde Russian man. He had two or three narcotics pills in his hand. I watched as he put them one at a time into his mouth. He then got under the influence of the drugs and went totally berserk and charged at me. I have never been so scared in my life, except for when the white lizard was torturing me during an abduction weeks later.

The ETs give humans prostitutes

Men who are humans who work with military and CIA are given prostitutes and drugs from the Agenda. And I am one of the prostitutes that they are given. The aliens use regular abduction technologies to bring people like me into a different place. I am sad that these men who are human beings would so openly accept prostitutes and drugs. They are with the military and CIA, their jobs are to protect women and children. Then how can they sink so low?

The bring women like me and put us up on a stage and then there are hundreds of men sitting in the audience who get to look at me and decide if they want to use me. They will come up closer to me to have a closer look. I find that degrading. They don't even know who I am. And I am not supposed to remember any of it.

I was 17 when it first begun. Captain Jacob Greene aka. Captain Jacob Daniels, Captain Robert Stephens, and Major Cunningham aka. Donovan Brown all three got together one night and told me that they were going to rape me. These were three of my MILABS (Military Abductions) men who had been talking to me telepathically and doing remote viewing surveillance which I had been made aware of since I was age 14, but it had probably been taking place even longer than that.

And ever since that night, these three men would continue to harass me almost every night. Making me tremble with agony and cry. I never remembered any rapes by these men, but they sure talked about it as if it would happen as soon as I would fall asleep. One night I did become aware in a hallway with two men in black suits, and Jacob Greene who was also wearing a black suit that time came and took my hand and walked with me to Admiral Benson's office. I know it was Admiral Benson's office because of the name tag on the door and on his desk. And Captain Greene molested me.

And a few weeks ago I was taken to Mr. H. one of the Japanese Dragon Dynasty.

I guess these human men think that it is ok because the women do not get to remember any of it. But what they don't care about is that I have always felt that something was wrong, and for my whole life I have tried to understand. That is why I still keep begging them for conscious abductions. I want to know and see what happens to me. Because not knowing is worse than anything that they could do to me.

I also suspect that the Agenda wants human men to make us women pregnant as part of their breeding programs.

My third husband

The creepy young man was brought to me by the Agenda but I excommunicated him once I realized that for instance he thinks that rape is cool. He has an obsession with me and he is still trying to get to me. Then they brought me the Free Mason Master and I have been trying to break up with him for the past eight months at least. I send him very elaborate letters where I explain to him that I am not into the dark things. I even write to him long letters telling him that he is under the influence and control of Illuminati and Free Masons and Satan himself (the Black One) and I confront him and ask why the hell does he know and use mind control techniques on me?

He won't let me go, he is convinced that we are getting married and having many children. The other day I confronted him on the phone about the Black One. I told him how I had seen the Black One and how the Black One always appears when this man calls me on the phone. The thing is, he wouldn't deny knowing the Black One, yet he wouldn't tell me anything about it either. I know that he knows of the Black One.

And so I have turned down two men who were matched with me by the Illuminati Dating Service. So of course they are already planning on a third one. I have been shown a man, in the same way that I was shown the first and second ones. This man would be my "third husband". He works with the CIA, go figure. I know that because they show me the CIA symbol and how the man works in the CIA offices. The man wears a black suit to work, he drives a black car.

Oh, what do you know. As I am writing this, I have a Draconian listening carefully with me. I think it is Elmer, but Elmer is a nice one. There are actually Draconians who are not part of the Agenda. They wear a blue symbol, I think it may even be a blue pyramid. As opposed to the yellow pyramid.

Anyhow. The CIA husband would do domestic violence on me often, and the Black One is trying to influence my mind so that I would fall in love with this man - before I even meet him - and so that I would actually enjoy being beaten up by my own husband.

What would be worse? Marrying a young man whose mind is controlled by the Agenda, who likes things like Satanism and child abuse and murder and who thinks that rape is cool? Ok trust me, I am not drawn to guys like these. I look for men who are sweet. Like me. Or a man who is a Free Mason as well as a Master and who does mind control on me and has had me do things that I cannot remember. Or a CIA man who does domestic abuse. Is it just me, or is it getting worse each time?

It's like the Agenda has a Dating Service but why do they want me? They tell me that I am a Crystal Child, an Advanced Starsoul, and that I have Twelve Strands Of DNA. Which makes me the opposite of the Satanic Agenda. But why then do they need me? Are they trying to convert me so that I cannot be their enemy?

What's creepy is that I am already fallen in love with this CIA man and I am anxiously awaiting his arrival. Every day I am hopeful to see him. It's reached a point where I can no longer remember if he was a dream of mine or made by the Agenda? I can't tell the difference anymore, all I know is that I love him and I want him here with me. It has corrupted my mind and heart so much that I cannot even imagine any other kind of man anymore. Of course I want love in my life, but every time I try to imagine someone to date, all that comes to mind is this CIA guy who is already a complete person in my mind. And I can't change that.

Aleister Crowley, Satanism, and Pentagrams

The Black One loves Satanic rituals. At first I was really surprised by this, because I used to think that Satanism with all of its magic rituals and chants is nothing but an artificial mythology. I would have thought that symbols and pentagrams and such were nothing more than when little girls play with coloring books and cut-out paper dolls or figurines, though in a different theme. To me it always seemed like just a game, like creative pass-time.

But the Black One is really keen on his Satanism. I knew absolutely nothing about Satanism when the Black One begun introducing these things to me. I have never had an interest. I am a Crystal Child, a Starseed, an incarnated Angel. I am into crystals and healing and the sort.

The Black One really loves when I used the Thoth tarot cards, and the thing is that when I used the cards I saw and felt that I was tapping into a dark force when I used them. I have always sensed that tarot cards was an evil art, and now I know. He still talks about when I did the Thoth reading to him and he wants me to read his cards again.

It was the Agenda that told me about "Alistair Cromley" and when they did I swear I had no idea who Aleister Crowley was. I was so intrigued by this Crowley character and how perfectly he embodies what the Agenda is and tries to do, that I took Aleister Crowley's mention as the final evidence that my experiences of the Agenda and aliens and MILABS and MKULTRA and all of it was indeed very real. Which is why the day that I discovered Crowley I count as my Birthday in this. The day when I finally allowed myself to realize that this was not in my imagination.

The Black One arranged for a friend of mine to bring me three Aleister Crowley books. This friend of mine had never talked about these things before, yet only like two days after I was told about Crowley by the Agenda, this friend of mine is talking to me for hours and hours non-stop about Thelema. He stayed with me and talked all night about Thelema, and the next day I had three books. It is completely unlike him, both his behavior and the topic at hand.

And once I had acquired these three Crowley books under mysterious circumstances, the Black One visited several times to remind me to read those. He told me that I was meant to have them and so sit down and read! He also instructed me to take Mescaline before reading. I had never heard of Mescaline before. Turns out it is a recreational drug. I will not and have not taken Mescaline, so don't worry. I have also not read Crowley, it is too dense and I find myself unable to read. It is like a repelling barrier across those books, it's harder than pushing oil into water. I just can't read them, it feels like trying to walk through stone.

The Black One also wanted to teach me how to make a pentagram on my floor. We haven't done that yet.

The more I watch videos and read about the Illuminati and Agenda and MKULTRA, not that I'm really digging into it cause it's creepy, I find that the whole thing is very centered on Satanism and symbolism. So it now makes sense that the Black One is so keen on things like Crowley and Pentagrams.


Then there's the creepiest of all. MKULTRA mind control. What could be creepier than having a man who calls himself General Patton creep up so close that his own body and mind overlaps with your own, he then makes a fist with his left hand and as he does your own left hand makes the same fist. He then uses his own mind and strength to tackle you down and your body is pushed. He then tells you the creepy words "Welcome to MKULTRA". Come on General Patton, saying "Welcome" makes it just creepier.

General Patton is one of my MILABS men. My MILABS started - consciously - when I was age 14. It started with them saying to me telepathically, "We're sending you home", and "We're not gonna hurt you". For many years following, I had constant remote viewing surveillance by the MILABS men, as well as several conscious MILABS abductions, where I was there with the men in black suits (I call them the surveillance men) and high ranking military officers. These guys were all Americans, yet I was from and in Europe.

I don't know what "We're sending you home" means. They have said that a few more times. What's creepy is that the MILABS men know that I am a Starseed and that they knew before I knew. So either they created an alter-ego in me like a dissociative multiple personality that they can use me with, or it is a real ET incarnation in me that they are trying to control and to stop. I still don't know the answer.

The Doctor of Radiology was here this morning to look at me. I then saw him watching me with remote viewing. I tried to chat with him but he never talks to me.

The team mentioned General Patton every now and then throughout the years but I never got to see him or speak with him and I always asked them who is General Patton and they never said. But everybody acted like he was a VIP when he was visiting. And now since several weeks back General Patton has completely taken over my team. I used to have a team of many surveillance people, with several high ranking military officers who come and check on me. Then it was almost only and always just General Patton. The man would spend what seemed like seven days a week without taking any days off and he spent many hours a day working.

General Patton is a handsome man. I know exactly what he looks like. I hate to describe someone's appearance because then it always sounds shallow no matter how you put it. But he has dark brown or black hair. He is not balding. He is not pale. He has copper brown skin. He has wide shoulders and a large frame with his skeleton but he is not fat or chubby. He is not slender or thin. And he has the most beautiful hands, large wide man's hands. He has some pain in his left hand that might be arthritis because I can feel his pain and also I often find him rubbing his left wrist and just by looking at his left hand you can see that there is pain there. Sometimes my Arcturian Angel does remote Reiki healing on his hand and wrist. Just because.

But I wouldn't be surprised if General Patton has injured his hand because he uses his left hand to summon up his strength with which he then takes over my body and tackles me. He will make a really tight left fist and then that causes my left hand to make a tight fist too and he can then move my entire left arm and body after that. So he probably broke his left wrist by doing too many MKULTRA mind control tackling things.

I wish I could describe General Patton's personality, again it's hard to describe a person without it coming across as judgemental. But I would describe General Patton as being someone who is very focused. I wouldn't call him stern but I almost would. He isn't creepy as a person and he isn't mean. I actually like General Patton a whole lot. I always act all girly and silly with him because I'm trying to disarmor him a bit and make him happy. This is a remnant from when I was first introduced to them I was 14 and so I still act and talk to them like a 14-year old girl who is trying not to be scared by these men.

So I tell General Patton things like "Yay General Patton! You are so much funn!!! We are going to have so much fun!!" And I also tell him, "General Patton, I've missed you!" It helps me not to feel so scared, then I can be happy to see them instead. And it totally convinces me. I'm convinced that if I can convince myself that they are fun then they will be. And then they won't do electric shocks or angry interrogations at me again. So that way I don't have to be scared or cry about it anymore.

I've made them my best friends in this because when I'm there I have no one else. For instance Jacob Greene was the scariest one of all, because he would talk about raping me and be very graphic about it. So in my mind I switched so that I told myself that he is the one who is going to save me. So every time the others scared me I would lean on Jacob Greene for support. And then I could feel completely and genuinely comforted and safe. I went from being absolutely terrified of this man and I transformed him into my comfort and safety. And that was a smart move, it's helped me out a lot. Because not only did I make my biggest tormentor magically vanish, I also made appear someone who would help me and protect me and keep me safe.

"Dear Sally", says General Patton right now. "What do you mean "Sally"? What are you talking about?" I say to General Patton.

General Patton possesses my body and he makes my right hand rub the left side of my neck for a while, as if to let me know that he is here, but there was also something a bit comforting and caressing about it, he then says: "We won't be beating on you. Yet." - General Patton

What I like about General Patton is that he is not a creep. He is actually a really nice man. Captain Stephens for instance on the other hand is a creep and I scream at them (telepathically) whenver Stephens comes around. So he knows he is not welcome.

The US MKULTRA team was going to sell me to the Russian team in exchange for payment in the form of diamonds. Yes, diamonds. Why not money? I don't know. So General Patton said to Olav (Olli) Vetti who is with the Russian team that I had been "trained" and Olli was going to be using me.

When the men do mind control on me it is extremely intimate and invasive. Their body and mind will be overlapping with mine. I would rate it as being more intimate than having sex with a man, though it's not necessarily a sexual experience. It's kind of like hugging someone while both of you are naked, only the two persons are overlapping. There have been only a very few moments where any of my US MKULTRA guys decided to check me out. General Patton put my hand on my breast once only, but it wasn't more than like just to get familiar with me. I don't rate it as molestation.

Olav however touched me in inappropriate ways once and I was upset about that. What I hate the most is that the US MKULTRA team introduced me to Olav and the Russian team the day after I had just been gang raped by James/John, the red-haired US man, and Ivan from the Russian team. I was shivering the day after and telling them that I'm sorry I can't be acquainted with any new male person right now. So Olli and me got to a rough start, I didn't like him for a long time and he didn't like me either.

The Russian older military officer with white hair I liked him a lot. Because he told me about how cold it gets in winter in Russia and he said that I was cute as a ferret. I was afraid of Olli because he was a younger man and I was afraid of anyone who might rape me again. But I wasn't afraid of the older Russian military officer, I could tell that he was sweet. Although later on there were images shown to me about how I might be taken to his home. So I don't know, they don't let me remember.

Olli is a younger man, he is probably in his 30's. His hair is a bit long, brown and thick and he has a fringe that almost covers his eye. It is a very youthful look I think. His skin is a bit orange tan. He has a rather large nose. His eyes are brown. And he loves to play ice hockey, I see him there all the time. I tell him to be careful because it's a dangerous sport. Olav is a missiles expert. I just wish I hadn't met him the day after my rape, because I still can't trust him, and we were supposed to work together. I was supposed to guard his Russian missiles, as well as remote view Russian satellites in space, and Russian submarines, and tell them a way to get to the Jewish gold at Goldman Sachs.

I would love to go to Russia and meet these men. They told me that I could meet them in Novgorod, although their headquarters is underneath the Kremlin. Meanwhile my US MKULTRA are located in Syracuse, of all places. But most of the men in my US team actually live on Staten Island. I would so much love to visit New York, in fact the CIA man who is supposedly my third husband per the Illuminati Dating Services Inc. lives in Amherst, New York.

So what do I do? Do I "join the team" like they tell me to do? I think of mind control victims and how they are coerced into killing people and that is why I don't want to join. If it were innocent fun and humble things like remotely supervising Russian missiles and submarines to protect them or listening in on General Patton and receiving secret messages for him that I then get to travel to other agents and locations and deliver them their messages then I would do that. If they pay me a salary, and no I'm not interested in hookers and drugs. Diamonds or money will do. (I don't expect them to pay me anything. Gee.) But I won't do anything that is illegal or that harms a person.

General Patton is an older man, I think he might even be in his early 60's. I know that he is married since many years back. I think I got to meet General Patton once. I think he was one of the two men who found me after I escaped out from the hospital during a MILABS abduction in Syracuse. In fact I think the two men were none other than my General Patton and Sargent Wilkes. General Patton is an expert in the mind program techniques and that is why he personally has to do the mind programs work with tackling and all of that.

But usually when General Patton is working, he has Sargent Wilkes there with him. I think he might be training Sargent Wilkes, because Sargent Wilkes - whom I've known for all these years - seems very shy and reserved about doing the mind control tackles. Sargent Wilkes is a very gentle man and he seems very sophisticated and proper. He is more slenderly built, his skin is an orange tan, he is tall, and his hair is I think a brown red. Sargent Wilkes is supposed to take over from General Patton and then Sargent Wilkes would be what I guess I should call my "handler". That is what people call the person who does the mind control thing.

But Sargent Wilkes is a really sweet man and he doesn't want to hurt me in any way. He is very delicate about this and he almost doesn't want to do it. I was to refer to Sargent Wilkes as Commander Wilkes, so I guess he is my handler. Sargent Wilkes has done the mind control only a few times. He's quite different from General Patton. I would miss General Patton if he were to leave me.

What's scary is that the Free Mason Master did mind control techniques with me. And this is a real live person and not someone who talked to me telepathically or who watched me through remote viewing. This was a real man, and he did hypnosis and mind control on me. I have learned that he has put me under and made me do things that not only am I normally unable and unwilling to do, but he made it so that I cannot remember them.

I don't know why or where this comes from but I am scared that he will take me under hypnosis and naked to a Free Mason lodge and that things will happen there that I can't remember during or afterwards. Sounds crazy, right? I don't know why. I don't even understand why the Free Masons would be such a big deal. They seem harmless enough, at least by what impression they make in everyday life.

Why would he do mind control and hypnosis on me? And why was the Black Monster aka. Malik the King present? And why is the MKULTRA doing mind control and tackling me? How does it all tie together, or perhaps that it all ties together real well? The thing is, this isn't all in my head, because the Free Mason man is real.

So what about it...

Well I'm not going to join. Because the Illuminati MKULTRA makes its victims do crimes to other people. The Black One and the Agenda don't mind making criminals out of people and having them spend the rest of their days in prison where they are made to do further crimes against each other. It is no way to live. Why would anybody voluntarily join? Plus they keep you in a haze, they make you forget who you are, and they make it so that people in your life ruin your life for you. They make loved ones, family and friends and coworkers (while under their possession) do violent acts against you. They have ruined my friendships and family ties and they have ruined my finances and my professional life. They do that so that I am vulnerable, alone, and so that they can get to me.

Because when I was at my lowest, everything in life had been ruined and severely so, that is when my "salvage" showed up in the form of the Free Mason man. It was made so that he was the only thing I had.

Where is my life headed? Am I going to be the wife of a CIA MKULTRA operative? Is he going to do mind control techniques and domestic abuse on me? I would love him, I know that I would, because it has been made so. But would I somehow vanish from myself? Would I be made to do things that I then can't even remember?

It's interesting watching all of this take place. I feel like I am watching a documentary about the Illuminati, New World Order, MKULTRA, and all this "creepy shit" like I named it in the title above. I don't think I need any of this. I just want to live out my own life. This is like a dark cloud over me. "You are our sheep!" the Black One Malik says to me right now.

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