Disgusting rude violent bastards from outer space
July 22 2012

It's been a year of alien visitations already and I am growing impatient over the fact that they are not allowing me to stay conscious during the abductions. I know that they abduct me, probably every night, because they tell me that they do and I have had a few rare glimpses of conscious alien encounters while somewhere else with them. Last night again I pleaded to them to let me stay conscious when they pick me up. I got what I asked for.

I found myself somewhere else and I became aware of strange creatures all around me. They were tall, and very slender, but their heads were huge! Their eyes were large and slanting with sharp, not rounded corners of the eyes. The eyes were not all black like on the original Zetas. Their eyes were blue and green. Very bizarre. I've seen many kinds of extraterrestrial creatures, and these guys were very weird-looking.

The encounter was very uncomfortable. I felt somewhat rough-handled by them and I felt that I was treated disrespectfully. The situation felt very uncomfortable and I would almost go as far as saying traumatizing. There was nothing pleasant about it at all.

The creatures were very rude toward me. They referred to me as a "dog" and a "dog race" in the most disrespectful way. I wouldn't call them hostile or aggressive. More like arrogant, unpleasant, demeaning and very condescending. At one point a male creature tells me that they are going to remove the skin from one of my hands. At that point I become very concerned.

I start screaming for Hamish as loud as I can and I don't stop. It's funny how my instinctive response is to call for my Hamish the red Draconian. A while later I fall into a partial slumber and my mind enters into dream states, weaving dreams that partially depict what is going on for me. In my dreams I lock myself into a shed and feel afraid that someone would come after me. Sometimes I wonder if the ETs choose to put me into a dream state, or whether the experience becomes too much and my mind has to escape into the dreams instead. A while later I wake up back here in my bed and I am trying to remember the creatures and all of what they said to me. It wasn't a dream.

But, very graciously, I turn my telepathic attention to those creatures and I thank them. For having let me stay awake, as I had asked to do. And I have what is probably the best heartfelt and sincere conversation to these arrogant bastards since they showed up earlier this year around April. I explained to them that all I had wanted was to know that they exist, and that I thank them for letting me know. They spoke to me telepathically, by this time I was in my room and returned back from the abduction. They expressed relief that I wasn't so stuck up and violent as I had come across as earlier.

These creatures have been nothing but arrogant, demeaning and disgusting towards me since they arrived. I mean, Draconians can be a bit hostile but it's just a bit of a growl without any bite. Draconians I can tolerate, they just have a butch attitude but they're charming in a way, and I really feel that Draconians treat me with courtesy and respect. But these creatures whom I've thought of as Zetas and Zeta hybrids are exceedingly demeaning. They are constantly putting me down and they sure know how to insult and offend.

So me and these creatures had a good talk this morning after I returned from the uncomfortable abduction encounter. They started telling me about their story. They told me how the Draconians had captured their original species, and how their species had been genetically modified by the Draconians into what they are now. I expressed them my sympathies that they were not allowed to own their own species and bodies and cultural identity. It was a sad story.

They also told me that they have to act brutal and cold to me or the Draconians would injure them if they were kind or loving towards me. So that way I understood, and it made a bit more sense to me. The creatures said that they had joined the Draconian Agenda, something which I already knew and had assumed to be the case. So I am hoping that our relations are somewhat improved from this. I am wanting to have friendly and meaningful interactions with these beings. I have got nothing but love and kindness to offer them. I have said that I would volunteer for (some of) their medical projects, but I can do without the arrogance and I can surely do without being called "dog race".

So. That was that. And I am hoping that it happens again. But I won't say I enjoyed it, and I don't expect to enjoy it next time. Sure, it's alien beings and all of that, but the glitter and excitement of the mere concept of it aside, these are some very pesky and ridiculous creatures and I don't care who they are or where they come from, the fact that they are so rude reduces them to filth and they deserve no special treatment simply for being from outer space.

By gosh darn I almost forgot to mention. While I was there they had me on a white medical table. These medical tables have a solid base and you shouldn't be thinking like a table with four legs or anything like that. But the tables are narrower at the base so that a person could be standing beside them and have some room for their feet, so they are not block-shaped rectangular tables either. They had me naked there, but that's ok.

The creatures approached me from almost every side and they started touching me all over. One of them was tickling me on the side of my abdomen, and god knows I am extremely ticklish there. I fight to the death if I'm with a boyfriend and he so much as accidentally brushes against my sides. This creature was tickling me and he wouldn't stop. It was terrible, I must have been telling it to stop and it was just all an uncomfortable experience. It's like they deliberately taunt and injure me. I can't tell you how vile these creatures are.

Another thing we discussed in the morning after the abduction was that they had been afraid that I might hurt them. I have more muscle than they do, they told me. I said that I was the friendliest sweetest thing in the world and I would never hurt them. They also said that they see so many human beings there that they get tired of the work and that this was another excuse as to why they treat us so carelessly. I told them that I would love to teach them how beautiful we human beings are so that they could learn to enjoy their interaction with us.

Oh well. I have a project here in my hands. I want to have more conscious encounters with them, and hopefully we can both benefit from each other. But I feel that they have more to learn from me, in terms of respectful treatment of human animals, than any things that I might have to learn from them. They are disgusting creatures I'll tell you that much. They completely despise the human creature, trust me I don't care how much or for how long you've been craving to have alien contact, you do not want to have an encounter with these creatures. No words can express how rude they are.

And I nearly forgot. A female creature of their kind approached me there during the abduction and while I was there I thought that she was French kissing me with her tongue, but now later I realize that what I think they did was insert a long plastic tubing down my throat, because of the shape of the tubing I saw. But in a slightly drowsed state during an abduction your mind tries to make sense of what it sees and it goes for the most likely explanation. So when someone has their face close to mine and something goes in my mouth it would seem like kissing. Your mind doesn't instantly think that someone is inserting a long tube down your throat.

It wasn't smooth and slender but was sectioned like the human trachea, and also because when I was back in my room they apologized for having had to extract something from my stomach.

Here's hoping for another conscious encounter tonight. Well because I'm curious and I want to see them some more, and because I want to accomplish teaching them to appreaciate us humans.

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