Bizarre is the new Normalcy
Copper Rods and Drinking my Kundalini Juice
July 13 2012

Copper Rods and White Bats

Not last night but the night before, I became aware during an alien abduction and they had me standing naked and with two cylindrical copper rods in my hands, one in each hand. The copper rods sparked up the energy in my spine and I felt a very intense cold flare of Kundalini at the center of my back, centered in a rather small area. The spark was so intense, cold and uncomfortable I couldn't participate. It is similar to when you put your tongue against a battery (some people do this to check if there's still power in the battery). It's uncomfortable.

The aliens have a thing for rods or bats. During an alien abduction or alien visitation there is always one ET who is an overseer and the overseer has a bat. For a long time the overseer was Lady Zeta Grey (the mean Nazi lady) but last night for instance the overseer was a tall slender male Zeta hybrid who wears no clothes, and he had the bat. The overseer has a white bat and probably the first thing that happens during an abduction or visitation is that the overseer shows me the white bat and tells me words of offense to put me into an inferior state of submission so that I would fear them and, I assume, be more inclined to subjecting myself to their procedures.

Last night I had a proper chat with my Zeta Hybrid overseer and I asked him about the bat. I told him that I was the sweetest gentlest person and I asked him if he was afraid of me? I think that they do fear me, I can only imagine that many human abductees have woken up during abductions in the past only to attack their abductors, who physically speaking are very frail and not strong at all compared to a human being. But I can also assume that humans generally are very uncomfortable with the procedures, and the bat helps to enforce their leadership so that assignments can be carried out with human abductees.

But I suspect also another reason for the bat. The first night I ever met Snake, one of my beloved Draconians, he had in fact with him Lady Zeta Grey accompanied by bat. They were using the bat to instill fear into me, along with clever usage of threats and other taunts, so to flare up my Kundalini. It all turned into a massive sexual arousal in Snake, who then at the peak of my Kundalini flare hopped on top of me and was "drinking my juice", in what I have come to call the Draconian conquest.

Drinking my Juice and playing with my Kundalini

One of the main activities that the ETs have with me is the usage and extraction of my Kundalini. The Kundalini is the human energy or life force that is centered on our spine and the central nervous system. It is typically rather calm and dormant in most of us, but our energy and nervous system flares up during times of emotional distress or response. I'm sure most of us have had the experience of sensing emotional "energies" flare up in our body during sudden and intense emotions.

The aliens are absolutely fascinated by my Kundalini and they use three things to cause my Kundalini to flare up. Sexuality, fear, and torture and pain. These triggers when cleverly used by them in sequence they manage to cause my body to glow in an intense Kundalini energy. They provoke my Kundalini I'd say at least once a day, I guess I haven't really thought of it as much until now, but it is definitely one of their main objectives with their visits.

Once my Kundalini is glowing, the Draconian Reptiles can drink it, they call it "drinking the juice". This gives the Draconian an intense feeling of pleasure, it is by all means comparable to the use of a recreational drug. Also see Ken Bakeman's experience with the Alligator Man drinking his juice, THE ALLIGATOR-MAN WHO NEEDED A FIX. When a Draconian drinks my juice, I am so connected with him that I am also feeling what they are feeling. I love it when they drink my juice, because I get to enjoy it too, so it becomes a mutual as well as a very intimate pleasurable experience. I would rate it at being at least 1000 times more pleasurable than any human sensation I could ever imagine otherwise. I love it and I'm always happy to drink my juice with a Draconian.

It's another thing when the Black Ones are drinking my juice. The Black Ones are, as I am finding out, demonic entities that seem to have the Draconian Reptiles under their possession. I recall having heard Hamish tell me many times "watch out for the black ones". At first I had assumed it meant some black colored Draconians, which do exist, but in fact the Black Ones are demonic entities, they are very powerful, evil and scary.

Like the other night, my Black Ones came up close to me and put the most horrific hellish scene into my mind. It was simply an image, that probably he has seen, of some place like an alley here on Earth, but it was depicted in red and just overall an eery hellish feeling and vibe to it, and it didn't help that it came accompanied by the most hellish and creepy roar from this thing. I shrieked at the Black One to please not put scary things into my head. I talk to my Black One as if he were "just a guy". It helps me to not be so scared.

But when a Black One drinks my juice it's not exactly fun or a party as when the Draconian Reptiles do it. With the Black One there is no sense of ecstasy or pleasure for me at all, in fact I feel nothing. I just see this black demonic figure over me and I can literally see him pulling my white Kundalini light into himself, it looks like pulling veils of cotton candy. And it leaves me with his black emptiness and it will take me at least three hours to just get out of bed. It leaves me entirely drained and lifeless with an uncomfortable black energy about me. I don't like it.

Sometimes I offer for Hamish or Snake to come and drink my juice, because I do actually enjoy it. The Reptiles don't leave me as drained plus it's a really nice cuddle and moment with my Reptiles. But seems that every time I offer one of my Reptiles to have my juice, Black One shows up like an uninvited party guest saying something to the effect of, "Did someone say juice?" And then I say no I don't want you to drink my juice. I *only* want Hamish to drink my juice. I kind of feel bad for the Black One because I don't want him to drink my juice, like, I don't want him to be sad or anything, but I just don't like it with him!

I'm such a nice person I even treat the Black One like a feller. He's this creepy Satanic demonic entity, but I greet and talk to him as if he were any other. There's some comedy in that for me, plus it takes the fear away. So that makes him kind of ok, he doesn't attack me, and we have some sort of weird friendship going on. I try to talk with the dude and get us to understand one another a bit.

But the Zetas try to flare up my Kundalini, either because they themselves like to feel it and - in an essence - drink it, or because they are flaring it up for Draconian and Demonic consumption. The Zetas use three things to flare it up. Sexuality, fear, and pain and torture. Keeping in mind that I have decided to censor any details that might be offensive for the general audience, I'm afraid I cannot elaborate on how they go about using sexuality as a trigger for Kundalini. You will have to read about it in the book or send me an email and I will be happy to tell you.

But even during the day they try to flare me up every now and then. I wish I could tell all the details, I really need to share this information with the world, but it is far too graphic and I don't want children to be reading this on the internet.

They're so cruel

A "visitation" is what I would call when the ETs show up and I can see them as if they were all around me and as if I were on their examination table, only I am still in my bed. An "abduction" is when I wake up and I am actually there and not at home in my bed. During a visitation or an abduction, there is always an overseer (with the bat). Last night the overseer was a male Zeta Hybrid. But usually it is either a lady Thuban or a female White Lizard. The overseer is always very bossy, rude, arrogant, racist, and mean. In fact, I call the female overseers "the Nazi lady" (though not to them directly).

The overseer calls me "it", "dog race", "cattle", and speaks to me in a manner that is excruciatingly frustrating. I can't even describe the skill they have for getting to my nerve. If these aliens can build spaceships, then imagine the skill that they can put into communications if their goal is to make a human uneasy and in agony. They are so mean I have never seen anything like it in humans, in fact I don't think humans are capable of inflicting such agony in a person by words and communication alone. It is terrible!

They absolutely and totally treat me like an animal. In fact the male Zeta Hybrid overseer last night was showing me images of how humans in labs or animal shelters keep cats and dogs in small cages and how those would "have to be" treated coldly. They literally treat me like an animal in a medical experiment, with absolutely no compassion.

The overseer always brings in a bunch of my Hybrid children who stand around the examination table and are looking at me. But what bothers me is that they are taught by the Zeta Greys to consider me as an animal. They even tell the kids - and let me hear - things like "Look at how that dog is eating" and they really make it sound so demeaning and cruel. I am trying to teach and show the children that I am actually a conscious sentient person and not some primitive animal. The kids are missing out on elements of their contact with their human mother, because they are having to treat and regard me as a "thing".

The kids are brought in to touch me and to poke at me. I see and feel their little hands touching me. It amazes me that the Zetas and hybrid kids have been watching and touching me for a long time by now, yet every night they return to do it all over again, with the same fascination as if it were the first time. I'm kind of waiting for them to get used to me and get on personal terms and treat me like an individual.

I am told that I am their "cat" and then they show me a mental image of a cat. I am literally their pet and their animal. They tell me that and they make it perfectly clear to me, only I cannot accept it. Well, last night I tried not to let that make me get frustrated. So I actually had quite a good time with my kids and with the overseer.

The overseer had a lot of things to talk to me about and ask me about and I had a great time talking to him. He asks about my foods and my math education and all kinds of things. And then I started telling him about my human body, about my teeth and all sorts of things.

They are especially keen on genitalia and I was shown the genitalia of young male hybrids. The fact that these are genetically my own children is a matter I will have to discuss in my book. The kids also need to see my genitals. The details will have to be given out in a book.

Hamish is always around during an abduction, and Hamish watches me also throughout the day. Hamish is like the main overseer. I love Hamish. Every time I see or hear or even think of Hamish I am filled with joy. He is so cute, he is not at all like a typical Draconian. Typical Draconians are irritable and they look like humanoid snake people, but Hamish is adorable, he is large and he talks and thinks so cute. Hamish is the best. I have never known anyone or anything that I have been so deeply fond of as my Ham-mish. Of course he was around for last night's visitation and he was reminding me very frequently that I need to honor him. So I was honoring my Hamish.

The Black One visited last night as well, and he was asking me to read his cards again. I read his Thoth cards once, upon his personal request, and he is now eager for me to read his cards again. I do not personally own the Thoth cards so I cannot do his cards at this time. I was chatting with the Black One as if he were just a guy, I try not to think about the fact that he is probably the same thing as Satan himself.

Just life

It really is a crazy thing this alien encounter. All kinds of creatures and I am still trying to wrap my head around it. They are such a part of my life now. The other day Dinosaurs were looking at me, and they tell me I am a "strange race". I asked him why I was so strange, he says it is because I have an internal skeleton. The Dinosaurs have connective tissue external skeleton. So I told him all about my skeleton and the different bones and what they do.

These ETs totally act like I'm the ET! And that's something I am still struggling with. It is not they who are the space aliens, it is I. I am the strange creature, the animal, the thing. I am getting used to the thought that they are just people, and I am a cattle and a cat. It is very weird for sure. But I love the fact that Hamish is a person to me now. He is not some strange alien being, he is a person. I understand him, I love him. Hamish refers to himself as a "prison guard".

Oh and last night Hamish and other ETs asked me if they could sit on the living room sofa. So I said of course they could! I said that they should make themselves at home! I LOVE when Hamish is sitting on the sofa, because then I see him sitting there and I can feel how comfy and cozy he is. He absolutely loves the sofa, it brings him so much comfort, he just relaxes and feels good and comfortable in his body. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

And the other day Hamish shows me a mental image of himself lifting the mug on my end table beside the bed and him looking into the mug and seeing the tea grounds that are on the bottom of the mug. And he asks me something like, "What is this supposed to mean?" It was the cutest thing in the world. Because if I have an empty mug with tea grounds on the table Hamish thinks that I meant to put it there and that it would serve a purpose as such.

The other day I cleared out some old clothes from my closet. Hamish and Malik both were very curious and wanted to see what clothes I had taken out and which ones were still remaining. Hamish found my red shirt and he showed me an image of the shirt and he said "No". Hamish doesn't want me to wear any red clothes because Hamish himself is red. I will never forget when I was dancing in my room in a red neglige and Hamish was just looking and looking, because he wasn't so fond of me wearing the same color as his skin. Good thing red is one of my least favorite colors to wear. Hamish is the best.

Life is pretty bizarre with these aliens. But it is becoming my new normalcy.

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