Meet my Creepy Eye
July 13 2012

Those who are acquainted with the Draconian scheme, have been introduced to their symbol the yellow pyramid with the creepy single eye on top. Those who have been shown this symbolism by the Draconians themselves, have undoubtedly seen it the way I was shown, the creepy eye being a real, live, flesh eye that is looking around. It really is a creepy eye.

The Draconians treat this creepy eye as some sort of God to them. They act respectful and careful around this eye, and I was not allowed to address it or speak about it in a certain way. Yet, the eye seems to be a source of - not evil and roaring power to the Draconians - but one of reverence and calm. The eye comes across not as some war god, as one might expect, rather it almost seems as if the eye is telling them what to do, inspiring them on a greater cause, but one which seems organized, calm, and even peaceful. It really is a strange god to have.

Who knows how Draconians first came across this eye god of theirs, and how in fact they rationalize its existence? They behave truly as if this eye creature thing really exists, rather than it being some sort of symbolic psychological interpretation. They introduce me to their eye god every now and so often, and every time it creeps me out. The eye doesn't seem to be dangerous or evil, nor does it speak to me, but it is just creepy seeing a real live fleshy eye looking around. God damn.

Wanna hear something extra creepy? The Draconians, being ever so keen on their genetics, are actually working on creating a being that is literally a torso with no head and one single big eye on its belly. I have been shown prototypes. So meaningful is this eye to them that they wish to connect with it, thinking that if only they were to recreate its body in a lab, their cherished god would somehow be closer to them. It seems that this creepy eye god is their source for guidance, and they seem to have full and complete trust in him.

But the creepiest of all is that the symbol of mind control projects of the Illuminati and the MKULTRA is the one eye. And the creepier thing of all is that I happen to know exactly what this is about. You see, I have discovered that I only have one eye on me. And that the other is occupied by a somewhat unknown creepy alien parasite, who uses the right side of my body to live in, and it is he who uses my right eye as his own. Creepy enough for you?

For a long time I have noticed how my right eye doesn't feel right. There is a distinct feeling of neurological damage, a mild sensation of cramp, and I notice how the right side of my face and the right eye does not respond to my emotions or commands the way the left side of my face does and my left eye. There is also a very distinct "dark energy" over the right side and the right eye. It is haunted.

And if you look into my right eye, it is a creepy eye indeed. You would truly be looking into the eye of that parasitic monster living there. My right eye has a life of its own, it looks where it wants to and it has a constant sense of discomfort that has only grown in recent times. Not long ago I made the shocking discovery, that what I thought was some mild neurological damage to my right eye, is in fact a real living alien monster living in the right side of my face!

This parasitic monster, I believe, is feeding off my energy, and he causes me to go into temper tantrums, depressions, and overall a negative mood. He stirs up arguments not only in me to my loved ones but also causes my loved ones to attack me. He truly is a curse. I live with a constant discomfort from having him there.

Now, what I am noticing is undoubtedly typical of MKULTRA victims of the Draconian Illuminati Agenda, I just haven't heard it mentioned anywhere else before.

The good news is I have got Angelic protection, the Arcturians are here to my rescue (and always have been)! I have an Arcturian who uses shards of white light across the monster and the right eye tissue and it causes the monster to let go. It evicts him from my body, and from my eye, and instantly I feel better. The dark cloud that causes arguments goes away with him, and my right eye returns to normal. Placebo? Imaginations? Or just one very interesting observation and encounter.

And every time I evict this monster, which is like putting a lit cigarette on a leech and it lets go, the Draconians show up to tell me that I am "powerful". They then tell my MKULTRA men that I am powerful, telling the US team members, Russians, and Japanese Dragon Dynasty that I am powerful. I was worried doing this for the first time, wondering whether the Draconians or MKULTRA would come at me and fight back? But they don't. The Draconians seem to have in their power structure a sense of respect toward anyone who has won a power measure, so they accept me as a winner and declare me as powerful. The monster tends to come back so I have to keep continuously shoving light into my eye. (Psychic or spiritual light, not light like in lamps or anything.)

Draconians and their creepy eyes. And mine also. I am so fortunate to have Angelic protection from the Arcturians. When I talk about these things, I probably make it sound very light and easy, but what you've got to understand that I haven't quite brought up before on this website, is that the threats and implications of Draconian/Illuminati/MKULTRA victimization are exceedingly serious and devastating.

When the Draconians and MKULTRA get their clutches on a human victim, they namely turn that human into a murderer, a sex offender, and Satanic worshipper. You'd better believe it. In the early times when my Draconian contacts first begun, I was puzzled to find my head flooded with images of medical torture and sadism. I knew quite well that this was unlike me. I then noticed that these images were only happening while the Draconians were near. The Draconians have in fact done their damndest to turn me into "one of theirs", in the sense that "Aleister Crowley was one of theirs", if you know what I mean. Betelgeuze personally even wanted to teach me Satanic pentagrams, and wanted to read with me from Aleister Crowley books. (Needless to say, I have not made pentagrams, not read in Aleister Crowley, nor fallen for any of their temptations or viciousness. I am a love and light person.)

Before I became aware of Draconian contacts, the Draconians set me up with a man who was into the sadistic Master/slave thing. In fact I met with my black and red Draconians during that encounter with the man. The man is also one of the Free Masons, he has a wall covered in swords, and he is very into the Knights Templar. Wait, what now? The Draconians set me up with a man? Yes that's right. It's a whole story of its own, perhaps too graphic for a public website.

(They also set me up with another man previously, turns out he was into Satanism and had thoughts about various assortment of crime and so I excommunicated him when I found out. And next the Draconians have been starting to set me up with a CIA man who would do domestic violence to me and put drugs into me, I haven't met him yet but I'm watching out for it, I know he's coming for me.)

Draconians are constantly listing humans to me whom they have "possessed", who are "one of theirs". They have named several famous people to me, including Aleister Crowley. These humans who are taken by Draconians and under their Satanic influence, will then do acts of cruelty, something which helps the Draconians to extract juice from victims. The Draconians often boast about how they put human victims into jails by having them commit crimes while under their influence, and how they can then use the prisons as their playgrounds where inmates are forced to continue to do more acts of violence onto each other. Draconians also influence the militaries (which is why you see so many high ranking military officers during Draconian and alien abductions) and they love to make humans do war, which is nothing but a chess game between two Draconians who are playing with the humans and enjoying feeding on their "juice" as they suffer and die.

What's worse is that the Draconians make joining them seem very tempting, namely they dress the invitation in massive sexual gratifications. Many weak-minded targets will fall into their trap, only to be ruined forever, and turned into a lifeless drone that has no soul of its own. This literally is what the Bible talks about in terms of the demons of Hell and Satan himself coming after us humans.

But thankfully another aspect of the Bible holds also true, the Angels are here in their light. I am under heavy Arcturian Angelic protection, and for instance when my Angel wraps herself around me the Draconians become unable to move my limbs and do the conquest.

Age old battle between evil and good, darkness and light, historically described as Demons and Angels, only today in our space age we are ripe to call them by their proper names, the Draconian Reptiles and Arcturian Angels.

"You are not our faithful servant?" - Hamish asks me quite innocently
"No Hamish." - me to Hamish, and he became angry
"We don't want to drink your juice, if you think that it is Satanic." - white lizard
"Then what is it, if not Satanic?" - me
"Oh trust me, you don't wanna know." - General Patton

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