Hamish and Eva watch some Animal Videos

Watching some animal videos with Hamish the Red Reptilian. Here are the telepathic comments of Hamish in response to seeing various animals on video. They are translated to English from another language.

Hairless Cat in a Bath - September 9 2012

Video >>> Splashy the hairless cat

Let's see what Hamish says:

Hamish, come I will show you a video. Come see! Hamish! Look at the screen. - me
I do not tremble before what you said. - Hamish (ie. I just gave him an "order", yet I didn't show enough power against him to actually make him tremble and do what I say; I challenged his hierarchial position by telling him what to do)
I want to show you something. - me
Yes, but I need something that I tremble before. - Hamish
Look! No, but Hamish look. - me (I now hit Play)
Look Hamish! What do you think about it? - me (video ends)
I will show it power. Snake, can talk to you. - Hamish
We want to see it, on our breakfast table. - Snake, Snake gives a mental image of my kitchen table, where we frequently have our two black cats lying on it, I guess Snake thought that he'd rather just have this cat on the table like the other two, or that this cat belongs there, but neat thing is Snake saw the video and that he recognized it as being a cat. The fact that the cat was splashing in the bathtub didn't trigger any thoughts in Snake, or Hamish for that matter.
Snake! Look! Look Snake! - me (I play the video again for him)

Was it, dirty? - Illuminati hybrid boyfriend
No, I don't think so. It was playing. - me

I guess Draconians don't think that hairless cats playing in the bathtub are adorable and cute.
A few minutes later Hamish tells me that they have emptied many races out of their resources. And a few minutes more, Hamish starts to show me mental image of the cat in the video as the cat was reaching over to that thing on the edge to touch it, and Hamish is saying many times a gentle Yes, Yes... Yes, while showing me what the cat did. Hamish used his gentle humble Yes.

Skunk - July 15 2012

Hamish, come watch some animals. - me
No, we do not want to see it, it doesn't become afraid of me. - Hamish
Look Hamish! Look! - me
I will rule over it. - Hamish
How? - me
We do not know that. - Hamish
Look at it Hamish! - me
No!! - Hamish
Why? Are you afraid of it? - me
It is not large-sized. - Hamish
But look at it! - me
.. It does not become afraid of me. - Hamish tilts his head to one side like a cute puppy
Do you see it? - me
We do not want to rule over it if it is not a monkey. - Hamish
What does it look like? - me
No!! - Hamish
Which is no? - me
It is not to be owned. - Hamish
Is it nice the way that it looks? Do you think that it looks nice? - me
Another city where it lives. - Hamish
I will show it how we rule, with power! - Hamish
I will not capture it. - Hamish
Why not? - me
Because it has no shoes on. - Hamish
It cannot be captured, and put to work! - Hamish
.. I will not set up camp here with you now. - Hamish
Have you seen the animal? Is it nice? - me
It might taste good. - Hamish
Are you going to eat it? - me
We will rule. - Hamish
We are the dominant race. - Hamish
I will be able to capture it, and force it to [procreate]. - Hamish
.. Do you like [the skunk]? - me

I would suggest, that you don't do that with them. - General Patton to me about showing videos to the aliens
I wanted to give it a scary example. - Hamish returns, with his mouth wide open leaning toward me, ie. Hamish wants to lean over to the skunk and show his wide open mouth, Hamish shows his open mouth when he wants to instill respect and dominance
Yes, Hamish. Very terrifying. - me
Yes. I have status. - Hamish, I don't tell Hamish that I find his toothless wide-open mouth to be cute and absolutely adorable

Dogs bathing - June 10 2015

*Most or all of what Hamish says below in this entry were translated into English from other languages*

The dog in the bath tub running on water at 0:50
I would like to lie there in the bath under it and drink its juice. - Hamish

Dog holding on to the door to avoid a bath at 3:00
It wanted to show power. However it cannot show power toward us. - Hamish, meaning the dog wouldn't stand a chance with showing power toward Draconians
Yes. - Hamish pleased about the dog's power demonstration at the door

Puppy splashing and going into water bowl at 3:45
I will hunt that one. - Hamish
It doesn't eat grass, it wants to have meat there. - Hamish, there is the bowl
It does not want to honor my race! - Hamish
Yes-No, what it is doing. - Hamish, Yes-No means No, Hamish doesn't approve of what it does with the bowl

Dog growls and shows teeth doesn't want to go to bath at 4:05
"Do you have a weapon?", it said. - Hamish narrates the man who is pointing at the dog, Hamish thinks that the dog is showing weapons by showing its teeth and that the man must be acknowledgeing the dog for showing its weapon teeth, that the man would have said to the dog
"Do I have a weapon", it said. - Hamish narrates what the dog would say
"Do I have a weapon? I do." - Hamish narrates dog
"Do I have hard eggs?" - Hamish narrates dog, he wonders whether this dog might have some eggs meaning ovum and for some reason he thinks they would be "hard" as in solid
"Do you have a mazu there?" No you didn't have one. - Hamish thinks the dog, he looks to see just in case the dog would have left a poo behind its rear but Hamish sees none and says no he didn't have one
"Do I have eggs?" "I took them." - Hamish narrates, first he narrates the dog to say "do I have eggs?" then the man would have said "I took them" meaning that the man took the dog's eggs

Basilisks - June 10 2015

Do you have a throat, juice? - Hamish asks the green basilisk if it has swallowed some juice

Yes-No, it! I thought that it was vulgar. With how it was doing. Looking at us, you see? The Eggs, did it have none? We might have taken it. - Hamish, the green lizard Hamish was unhappy with it, and then he remembers the previous eye scene in the video when he says "looking at us", "might have taken it" means might have taken the eggs from this green lizard already

There are not many of them. - Hamish about the green lizard he sees
Do they have throats? - Hamish
Are there many of them, no there are not. - Hamish
Do they come in other colors, besides green? - Hamish
I don't know. - me
Are they in other colors, I said. - Hamish asks again kindly
I don't know Hamish. - me
I don't know, you said to me, and I didn't bite. - Hamish calmly
Are they in other shapes? - Hamish
I'm not sure. - me
Are there yellow ones? - Hamish thinks of an image of a yellow such basilisk with the head comb
Are there many of them? - Hamish
There are many of them, no. - Hamish
Do they have weapons? To fight us with? Do they? - Hamish
I don't think they have weapons. They are little ones. - me
But they smell right to us. Therefore they can have children with us. That we raped them! - Hamish

Do they have poos there? - Hamish
Are there many of them. "Hey! I wanted to make you pregnant. Come to us." - Hamish speaks the quotation part to the green lizard that runs on the water
Do they have a good smell? Are they a proud race, too? Do they have? - Hamish

Do they have eggs for us? We need them here. To save and salvage our species. My eggs!
Do they have a shield? - Hamish, shield means back hump
I am not nervous with them. - Hamis, true he is not he is very calm to see these images
The Birds have already taken them. They have already been taken. They were somewhat similar to us. Would you, do you want to see us? - a Bird-Reptile tells me, talking about the basilisks on the video

*This Bird is one of the Bird Reptilians, I'm not sure if it has feathers or not but it does have wings and is a slender large Reptilian. This is the "Bird People" that you hear Reptilians often talking about, it connected to me mentally and spoke to me telepathically and I got to see it. From what I know, the Bird Reptiles existed first and they were geneticists who created the Reptilians.

We have not hunted them with rifles. - Hamish about the lizards on the video
Do I have a weapon, it asked. - Hamish narrates he thinks that the lizard on the video would wonder if Hamish has a weapon

Do I have hard eggs, hybrids? - Hamish narrates what the lizard would have said, aha so now I know what hard eggs means (see the previous dogs bathing video), it means eggs that are laid with a hard shell

Tortoise - June 10 2015

Do they come in other colors? Red? - Hamish
Are there many of them? Hey, it was slightly wide. - Hamish
"Do you have a weapon?", it asked me. Yes. Hamish has got many. - Hamish thinks it asked him and then he answers it with "yes Hamish has got many" as in many weapons

I am not afraid of you. - Hamish says to tortoise when the tortoise comes really close to the video

It has not been taken! Weapon. - Hamish about the tortoise not having been taken with a weapon
Does it have eggs for us? - Hamish

"Do you have a weapon?", it asks me. - Hamish narrates the tortoise
"You are not my chewing gum", it said. - Hamish narrates tortoise
"You are not my old shield". - Hamish either says to it or narrates it, that the tortoise's shell is not an old shield (back hump) as Hamish's is old
"Do I have eggs?" It crawls. - Hamish narrated the tortoise
"Are there eggs?" - Hamish
"Is there pollution?" No. - Hamish, pollution would be if this tortoise were to poo, and Hamish wonders if it has pood but then he concludes that no it hasn't done that

We also have a shield! - Hamish delighted about the tortoise's back shield and Hamish means that Hamish's species also has got shields
There might be eggs there! - Hamish delighted and curious, about the tortoise
"You had taken my weapon?", it asked. - Hamish

Did you have a jaw? Plants. - Hamish wonders and wants to ask the tortoise if it has a jaw, Hamish regularly tells me that he, Hamish, does not have a jaw, and I tell him that I have a jaw because I chew plant foods
Do you have a potty? - Hamish asks the tortoise with a mental image of the toilet in my home, he wonders if the tortoise has a toilet to use

It has a shield back! - Hamish declares about the tortoise as the tortoise turns around

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