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Pictures of Hamish

This is one of the first pictures I ever made of Hamish. At this time I did not know him quite well as a person as I would come to do as we spent time together. Note the orange glow around Hamish in this picture. I would sometimes see a glow around him, yet at other times not. I found an answer to the mystery of Hamish's glow months later, in August 2012.
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Also a picture from the early times with Hamish, around Winter 2011. The first months with Hamish were the "courtship period" when Hamish would seduce me with sexual intimacy so that I would not be afraid of him. That is why I drew this romanticized picture of him and me. Hamish has actually never carried me in his arms.

Note the added detail where my right hand has transformed into his. Hamish would overlap himself with my body so that I would see his red scaly hand where mine used to be. Those were some intimate times. I love the way my left hand rests against his chest. This is a very romantic picture and is one of my favorites of me and Hamish.
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A re-color of a reptile's paw. The scales that cover Hamish's hands are small and in tight rows, very similar to here. And Hamish has black claws on his fingers.

The rounded snout and orange bumps, round bulging eyes, orange color and overall look remind me in so many ways of Hamish.

In some places Hamish has scales like these.

One of the more anatomically correct pictures of Hamish, as I came to see him more often and more clearly. Here he is seen in his hunched body posture. Hamish can also stand upright if he wants, but most of the time he adopts the hunched posture which displays his turtleshell back hump the best.

Note that his legs have three sections. Humans have two sections: thighs and calves. Hamish, like frogs, have three.
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Hamish sympathizes with Lobsters, and he has a favorite Bathroom Rug.
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Hamish sympathizes with Lobsters, because these have "red scales" (or "red shell") like he does.

Beautiful Hamish. A picture that shows my affection for my Big Red Space Dragon. From around the Summer of 2012, by this time I had developed a strong friendship bond to my Hamish.
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This is the very best picture I have ever made of Hamish the Red Dragon. This is nearly precisely the way he looks like. This is the hunched body posture that he adopts most of the time. The fire engine red color is spot-on. The turtleshell hump back looks great, also the orange blunt bumps in two rows from above the eyes, on the back and covering the top of his arms. Hamish is a very handsome Dragon Turtle.
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Hamish used to use an interpretor (presumably a Dinosaur) but then he learned to say Yes and No in my language. And now he loves to say Yes and No and he even says Yes-No.
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September 3, 2012 I drew this picture of Hamish out of my infatuation with this beast. He had been cute all day, culminating in scratching his turtleshell hump back excitedly on the sharp edge on the shower door handle. It was just too much cuteness Hamish, love you.
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February 19, 2013 Hamish my Dragon Turtle is a cutie
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May 07, 2013 Hamish Dragon Turtle with his favorite a Japanese carp
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June 18, 2013 Hamish and Me. And Scales. And Egg.
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Drawn March 01 2015 Full-size here

Other pictures that help to tell the story.

Mammal and lizard