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Evidence - Does Hamish Exist? Page 2

So I have had the Red Dragon Turtle Hamish in my life every day since he first appeared in August 2011. For more than a year now. My initial reaction was to diligently and responsibly tell myself that I am hallucinating him. No matter how realistic my visual, auditory, felt, and olfactory (smell) encounters of Hamish were, I was obliged on behalf of humanity to tell myself, what others would surely tell me, that Hamish isn't real. It took several months until little bits of indications of evidence finally piled up to an amount that made me personally convinced that yes Hamish is real. But what about all you others? I cannot possibly share Hamish unless I have some ways of proving that Hamish is real.

The ironic problem is that Hamish is invisible
The irony is that Reptilians when they visit they seem to be in another dimension so they are not physically present in a solid body that one could touch with our hands or see with our eyes. The experience is purely mental. Hamish seems able to walk through walls and doors in my home. He seems to see what is here, he remarks plenty on things that he sees around my home, especially if there are dirty dishes or trash in the trashcan. He also notices the ostrich feathers in my vase and asks me to take those down since I am "honoring a weak race", the ostrich.

I seem to be able to walk through and past Hamish, and he doesn't seem to leave footprints on the carpeting or on the bathroom rug that he so loves and seems to spend time grooming and napping on. And he claims to be grooming his scales on the bathroom rug, but there are no visible larger scales, not that I have bothered to check for smaller shedded scales.

He physically lifts and pushes me
But I see him in mental images, I hear him telepathically, I can smell him when he comes close, and I feel him if he touches me. I have stood on the bathroom rug back when he was really territorial about it and he pushed me away from it with a real physical bump that I was not expecting.

Hamish tends to maneuver my body while I am in bed. He can turn me from one side to the other in less than a second. He moves me with tremendous speed and force. He can lift me straight up in bed. And I was once tossed across the air by a different Reptilian. These physical manipulations are the main reason why I have to believe that Hamish must be real. I am unable to recreate these manipulations. Even though humans can be capable of superhuman strengths and that we possess such an unlocked potential, there are times when the aliens have locked and folded my arms and legs in ways that are impossible to do by oneself by any recreation.

Photography and video
Can I photograph or videorecord Hamish The Great? The main question is would he subject to that? And then if he does subject to it would it be possible to capture him on photographs? And how handsome he would be to capture on camera. He is such a tremendously handsome beast. But why or how would a camera see something that my eyes cannot? I do not see him with my eyes. The visual of Hamish occurs in my brain. I will talk to Hamish about this.