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Evidence - Does Hamish Exist?

Lots of internet sites write about fantastic claims of mythical creatures, and many readers are convinced because the author writes persuasively or that the readers want to believe - this is not one of those websites. While I share my personal experiences with Hamish The Great, I also want to present that to you in a scientific, evidence-based format, best I can.

Consistency in accounts
One indication that Hamish might be real, is that so many people around the world are reporting these same Draconian Reptilians and in the same way. These scaly lizard men of various colors, who are in charge of teams of aliens which include the Zetas, and who come from the Draco star system. Who worship the Yellow Pyramid with the Creepy Eye on top of it, have underground bases here on Earth, abduct humans for genetic projects and make alien-human hybrids. Are generally sassy and dominating, and who like to throw themselves on top of women to have something like "tantric sex" with them. And the strong smell of sulfur in their breath. The stories made by many people follow these identical elements. (Interestingly my Hamish is very unique in a number of ways. For instance he appears to be the only "red Draconian" written about on the internet at this time, and the humpback is truly unique.)

So many people are meeting with these Reptilians. Are we all hallucinating? If we are all hallucinating, then there must be some underlying human psychology behind these symbolic elements. One might suggest that the "reptile" is a prehistoric fear in us, similar to how most animals have an innate fear of "fire". Something imprinted in our human genetics, deeply embedded in the brain, that "reptiles" would always come to symbolize "something evil" to us humans, and become somehow embedded in our symbolism, and perhaps even in these very multifaceted "imaginary alien encounters". (Personally I find reptiles to be delightful and beautiful so I don't buy into universal symbolism, especially not in the case of reptiles.)

Another explanation to a "mass hallucination" could be exposure to the symbolism in media. For instance many people have seen at least a glimpse of the tv-series "V", which featured Reptilians taking over the Earth by disguising themselves as humans. Unless the tv-series itself was inspired by encounters of real Reptilians?

Consistency in accounts does not prove Reptilian existence. Human psychology runs with several themes that cross cultural boundaries and across time. For instance, human psychology likes to think of there being a God, or Gods, that are human figures with superhuman capabilities. Another such theme is to portray reptiles as something "evil". For instance, many humans who have never come across the concept of "Draconian Reptilian people", will still look at a snake on the ground and shout "evil"!

Hamish can lift and push me!
The best "evidence" I have of Hamish being real, is that he can physically maneuver my body. Almost without exception, he will only maneuver my body while I am in bed. When I am lying down in bed, Hamish can lift my body up and he likes to position me on all fours, ie. on hands and knees in bed. Or he can also lift me up sitting with a straight back. Hamish can also flip me from one side to the other, ie. from left to right, or right to left. He can also pull me close to the edge of the bed, or push me closer against the wall, and such. He can pull my arm or both arms up above my head, or lift my legs up or spread my legs apart. He calls this behavior, "hitting". (I call it cuddlz.)

"We are a very dominant race." - one of my Draconians says right now
"That is why we push at you." - the Draconian
"Thank you. I appreciate it. It lets me come close to you, I enjoy the interaction." - me
"Oh! So you say!" - the Draconian
"We experience it differently, you and I. I love to be close to you, I want to come closer. I want to experience you, you fascinate me so much." - me
September 6, 2012

The reason why I take the "hitting" as a form of evidence, is because it occurs at speeds and strengths that far surpass what I should be capable of. Sure we have humans who are suddenly able to lift a car to save a baby or do other feats of superhuman strength when called for, but these physical manipulations would seem strange even if they were somehow made by me. I get flipped around and pulled and twisted in ways where I would need support against various parts of my body in order to be able to lift myself up that way, for instance. And I get moved in ways where I would most certainly support myself with a hand or a knee to make the movement far easier for myself, if it were me doing it. It's like seeing a human pull themselves straight up, rather than push themselves up with the helping support of a knee. It just doesn't look right.

Another thing is that they can maneuver my body and limbs into positions that I cannot recreate afterwards. For instance they can fold my arms in a way that I am entirely unable to do to myself afterwards, because it needs someone else, or basically "a third hand" to arrange.

The manipulations occur rarely enough so that it would not seem right for me to set up a webcam to record me every night. They were more common in the initial months of my contacts, but have tapered off greatly, perhaps as the Draconians considered that our relations had become something good and stable where they want them to be and I would not need more training or reprimanding. I do however wish to video record these maneuvers so that you can all see what they look like. I am not sure, however, that even these alone would suffice as definitive evidence of them being real, and not imaginary.

"Look, we are not ghosts." - a Draconian?
"Yes, but how do I prove it?" - me
"Leave that to us, and the human race." - Draconian
"And, we are not very gentle!" - Hamish?
"I understand. I like to think about your race. You are very interesting to me, very different from mine." - me
September 6, 2012

Though there was that one time when the Draconians were talking about Aleister Crowley and the fact that I hadn't been reading his books like I was supposed to, and a Draconian who isn't part of my team literally threw me across the bed, from lying down and to the very far opposite foot-end of the bed, through the air and in less than a second. That would make your jaws drop.

If you have your best friend visiting you and you did not happen to video record their visit or collect a biological body sample or collect any other form of evidence that they were in fact there and that they are real and not imaginary... does that mean that you will tell yourself that it didn't happen and throw away that friendship entirely? No of course not.

Hamish, while he may be a most exotic and unusual best friend, I enjoy his visits and I want to cherish my time with him. It's scary to say, because humanity doesn't quite allow me to say it, but I know that he is real. It just remains my personal encounter that I cannot properly share with the rest of my "race".