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Body Language

Hamish is not human. We all know and love to watch the familiar behavior of our dogs and cats. We love to know what their wag of the tail means, or their hissing. It brings us humans joy to be able to read the body language that animals express their thoughts and feelings with to us. We also love to interact with each other, with other humans, and body language plays a lot into what we say to each other.

On this page I write about Hamish's body language and behavior, the things that he does that expresses how he is thinking and what he is feeling, apart from the words in human language that he uses.

Mouth Wide Open-Behavior
Hamish will sometimes face me or show himself to me and his mouth is wide open. Unlike humans, who struggle to keep our mouths open because it is uncomfortable to our jaws and our mouth would start moving up and down a little after a short while, Hamish looks to be perfectly comfortable with his mouth wide open and his jaw doesn't start to tremble. This is something that therefore seems to be part of his repertoire, unlike for humans, in fact there is no behavior in which humans express themselves with mouth open - we humans have perhaps a sort of protective instinct to keep our mouths closed, because that is where our respiratory system is. We humans feel vulnerable with our mouths open and we don't like to do it and we don't think it looks right.

Hamish opens his mouth at me as a sign of warning or threat, basically telling me to "cool down" or "time-out". He does it when he wants me to stop talking and to drop the subject, when he doesn't want to continue to debate with me on something in which he and I have a disagreement.

"Yes, you are supposed to become afraid." - Hamish says now
"Yes, a frog tends to become dumb, then." - Hamish
translated from other European language; frog is a reference to Dinosaurs, Hamish calls them "frogs" because they don't like being called that
September 6, 2012

This is probably my favorite of Hamish's body language, expressions, and behaviors, because it looks so distinct, and so exotic and different from the human repertoire that we are used to. I enjoy interacting with somebody who is not human, and learning to figure out his body language. This is one of my favorites of his.

The mouth wide open is not accompanied by anything else, for instance he does not speak anything in human language at the time, and he doesn't make Draconian vocalizations either. He also does not adjust his body posture, his eyes remain expressionless, and so forth. It is just plainly the mouth wide open. This expression lasts for perhaps five seconds, or longer. It seems to be his version of "shut up", or it reminds me of the human behavior where sometimes when a human is fed up with a conversation they will face their hand toward the person who they are "shutting out".

Food and eating is a matter of dominance to Hamish, because he feeds on conscious beings, rather than on plantlife, simple animals, or dead cooked hamburgers for that matter. Hamish eats Dinosaurs, who are conscious intelligent people, capable of communicating, so Hamish has something of an "interaction" with his meals while they are alive. Also, Draconians struggle with shortages in their food supply, so the concept of food and eating becomes associated with being "entitled" to eating, and associated to being "dominant" enough to ask of someone to die to make a meal. That is how Hamish uses symbolism surrounding "eating", as an expression and assertion of his dominance in a discussion with someone.

Basically the opening of the mouth is a way to say "I could eat you", which in turn is a way of saying "I am stronger than you, so I want you to please be quiet". It is a very clever form of communication and body language, and I am thrilled that Hamish has this in his repertoire. It says a lot about his thought processes, and internal symbolism. What a magnificent creature he is.

I like when Hamish does this behavior to me, because personally I find his toothless mouth to be adorable. It doesn't bring fear into me, also because I've adopted an endless trust to Hamish and personal relationship and friendship. But I respect and understand when he does this, and I accept that he asks me to be quiet and to drop the subject, so out of courtesy and love for this creature I tend to respond in the way that he asks me to do by his behavior of mouth wide open.

Body language?
How about other forms of body language, does Hamish have any? Does he use his body posture, or gestures, to express a certain thought or feeling to others? We humans have a huge repertoire of body language. We put our hand on our chin when we want to signal that we are "humbly puzzled and thinking", we cross our arms when we are feeling "defensive or unhappy". We humans have so many examples. Does Hamish use any (besides his mouth wide open)?

Hamish does not express so much body language. I don't see him adjusting his body posture

"So, you can stop writing because you are of a lower rank." - says my black Draconian Malik (not the Black One)
"I said, that you can stop writing." - Malik
"You are of a lower race, so you can stop it now." - Malik
"I am not being courteous any more." - Malik
"What is the problem, my Honored? Why is there a problem?" - me
"We are not Draconians for you, here." - Malik
"What does that mean? I don't understand. I mean you no harm, nor disrespect. I honor... your scales." - me
"We don't want you to make soup with us, any more." - Malik gives me thought image of the soup I made months ago that had salmon with salmon scales in it, after which they had placed me in a three-day quarantine and were utterly disgusted with me as if I had committed the act of cannibalism
September 6, 2012

Hamish does not adjust his body posture, height, and so forth, as he speaks and communicates. One behavior he does is that when he takes a closer look at something, he will sometimes place his body and head and eyes right above it and very close, but that is because he is near-sighted, not because he is communicating something by doing that.

Hamish does not use his hands or arms in communication, nor does he use his tail. In fact, the mouth wide open is the only one form of body language that I can think of having seen, in over a year of interacting with this thing.

His body expresses on its own
However, Hamish holds a lot of communicative symbolism in various parts of his body all on its own, requiring no active use of body language.

Turtleshell hump back - instills fear, respect, dignity, and honor
The turtleshell hump back serves a major communicative role in Hamish. When other Draconians see his hump back, the sight of it instantly instills a mild "shock" in them, and they recognize it as a sign that they must honor and regard Hamish with dignity. Just for having the hump back. I have seen many Draconians instantly go quiet and humble and adopt an inferior role, just for seeing Hamish's hump back.

Hamish himself also every once in a while shows me mental images of his humpback, and he can sometimes also ask me to "honor" his turtleshell hump back. He expects me to understand what it means, in the same way that Draconians understand it. The humpback is a rather large ornamental feature of his back. It is very prominent, and clearly displayed as he adopts his standard hunched posture. The hump has a row of imposing black thorns running along the line of the back across the hump. These thorns are also meant to instill respect and fear in others who see them.

I do not fear Hamish's hump back, but I must admit that still today, every time that I catch a clear glimpse of it, it has the effect of leaving me somewhat startled and perplexed. It is in a bit hypnotic in a way, it is shocking and silencing, even to me who is not a Draconian. It has an effect on those who see it. But I can't say that I fear it, because having seen Hamish rub his hump back on the shower door handle, or leaning it against the sofa to be comfortable, I have offered him that I would rub his back for him, if he would like it. (He hasn't taken up on the offer as of yet.)

But Hamish doesn't need to use his hump back as a form of communication. It sits there on his back and exudes communication all on its own. It is a silent form of body language and expression. Yet, every once in a while Hamish does show it to me, or tell me to honor it.

The row of orange blunt bumps on his head - signify royalty and rank
Hamish has a row of blunt orange bumps that runs from above each eye along the forehead and to the top of the head and toward the hump back. These are neatly evenly spaced. Malik the black Draconian has a similar row of black blunt bumps. I was once told by Hamish that these signify "royalty". As a genetic trait expression, it categorizes Hamish as belonging to a particularly "distinguished" genetic population of Draconian Reptiles. This, too, is a silent form of body language and communication, where nothing needs to be said, or done. It just sits there, and signals royalty. Not once has Hamish deliberately shown these to me, nor made mention of them to me. But it serves to place Hamish and the other ones with blunt bumps, in a ranking higher than those who lack those bumps (such as Snake, who is not to be Honored).