Merry Christmas with The Nonsense
December 22 2012

I met Hamish in my dreams

I met Hamish last night in my dreams. They take me somewhere when I am asleep. Usually I am asleep but on a rare occasion I am awake. Hamish was so handsome. He shows himself to me in one of two forms. One form is I believe his true form, and looks like a large camel, is darker colored and looks more like a monster. The other form is his "friendlier" form, stands tall and looks more humanlike, but still has the turtleshell humpback that he is so proud of. The friendlier form is a lot brighter, the scales really shine in fire engine red, and bright neon orange on the bumps on his arms and head.

Malik too has two forms. His true form is also like a monster. "How dare you.", says Malik in his friendlier form right now. The true form is what I try to draw in the cartoons (and here). His "friendlier form" is more humanoid. Snake too has two forms. He shows himself to me as a tall humanlike standing man with tight beige scales. But on a rare occasion I see what looks precisely like a slender, humble-looking raptor dinosaur, without the uniform that he otherwise sports.

The Draconians are animal-like, but they show themselves to me in a form that is more familiar for me as a human. I encourage them to use their true forms with me. Hamish uses his true form more than his fake form but when I first saw him in the very beginning he only used his fake form. Hamish is cute either way, but sometimes it's like having two Hamishes.

The Thuban Whales like sex

I was brought to the aliens last night and they showed me that they have facilities where they keep the young hybrid children. I cannot tell you what happens to the children because it is things that you cannot write on the internet. I also don't want to hurt my readers. I might have to publish it in the books, because I'm obliged to document this. But one thing that the aliens do to the children, is that they had a group of young children in a room and then they bring in scary aliens to scare them with. Just to scare them. The children are subject to scary things and to sexual things so that it flares up their energy and the Draconians then ingest that energy and call it "drinking the juice" and "feeling the power".

The aliens had me do sexual things to what I think was a Lady Thuban. The Thubans seem to take full part in the Draconian shenanigans. Thubans are just as mean and sexually sadistic as the Draconian Reptiles are, if not more. The Dinosaur wants me to say that the Dinosaurs do not engage in any of this, which is true. Also you never see the Alpha Orions engage in this either. Thubans are large white praying mantis, but they also resemble whales. They make communication by rubbing their boomerang arms together, it produces soundwaves that you can feel when you are near them, it instills very beautiful feelings and there are nuances like communication and emotions in those feelings.

But before I was asked to do sexual things with the others, they had me get down on the floor and told me that I was a "dog". They wanted me to be on all fours on the floor and to literally act like I was a dog. Then they had me take part in sexual things, and who I think was a Lady Thuban was really enjoying it.

I had some more lucid dreams where I was fully awake and I found myself in some quarters that were messy. There were lots of children's toys and things there. I felt like tidying up.

The twelve strand DNA

When I woke up back in my room the Lady Thuban continued talking about the sexual things and she said that she always keeps her favorite in a golden cage. I don't know whether that's true or not, whether she actually keeps one favorite victim locked in a golden cage. But I am finally learning what they need my DNA for. Why my DNA is so special.

No! - Hamish says now with emphasis
What is it, Hamish? - me
We have not let the Thubans have sex. - Hamish
Then, why do they take part in it? - me
They are here, because they have to. - Hamish

Oh that reminds me. Before the sexual things, there was this little girl and she peed on the floor.

The aliens keep telling me that my "Ida, Pingala, and Shushumna" are active, and they ask me how and why I have that. These are energy systems of the human body. It makes a person bright with life force and shining with white light. The aliens don't have this, but this is the juice that they enjoy ingesting. It is a drug to them, but seems that they also need it for survival, more than a recreational drug, I think that it feeds them and keeps them alive, like a human battery.

Somehow I have twelve strands of DNA, not two, and even this morning we argued about this (well, I argue, because I tell them that no I have only two strands of DNA), they say that the other strands are floating around the other two. This is the reason that my hybrid children also have a lot more life force vitality than if they were to use an ordinary human. So that there is more "juice" to drink of from my children.

Love and Light with the Black One

Then what gets even more science-fiction (although this is all true), is that the Arcturians stepped in and started lecturing the Draconians about choosing God of Love and that they then would have a soul of their own and eternal source of life force. It was a good lecture, I listened to it. Malik listens too, and then the Board Of Benevolent ETs showed up to congratulate me. They had never managed to get the Draconians to listen to them about converting from their sadistic ways. But Malik listens to me, he really does. In fact this morning Malik came up to me to watch me shave myself in the bath.

Just another day. But now to get back to Christmas. Me and Hamish have a lot to do to get ready. Well he doesn't help, but he chats with me all the time and I love having him around. He still says that he is guarding "hunnun", meaning, my eggs. Oh and Hamish let me see a government worker who wears a black suit, who watches me every second to make sure that the aliens don't hurt me too badly.

Oh and the reason the Draconians so willingly let the MKULTRA government men have sex with me is because then hopefully that gets me pregnant and then they have more babies to use over there, the aliens. And also MKULTRA training is still undergoing, but I'm learning that it's designed and orchestrated by the Black Ones and not by human design at all.

One Eye

Oh and this morning and I think yesterday they showed me this weird creature that is tall and humanoid but has one big eye on the center. I think they genetically crafted this being in honor of their God the Creepy Eye. It was creepy to say the least. I would have had a heart attack or gone insane with fear. There is this complete hellish feeling about it that could drive a human mad. But then my Arcturian came over and I wasn't afraid of it at all.

I have a clue as to why the Black Ones such as Malik worship the Eye. Malik has a structure in his lower abdomen which is what controls him. He says that it controls him. It twists and contorts and that makes him feel very hungry and have unease.

No! It is the crocodiles that do it! - Hamish yells to object with what I said
What, Hamish? What did you say? - me
The crocodiles make us eat lunches. - Hamish
I didn't know that, Ham-mish. - me
You are so calm with us. - Malik in his "friendly" form

And when Malik ingests life juice then it goes straight into his belly that then contorts back. It is like a gaping hole embedded in his belly, it is also like a machine from hell.

There is so much going on, the Draconian Agenda is such a weird saga. And I am their prostitute, their egg donor, and now their sexual dog. And the MKULTRA and humans are involved. Oh well it's just a big box of trouble, like opening Pandora's Box and all manner of hell and creepy eye and blood drinking and sexual sadism and all comes out.

Now I just want to get back to Christmas. My family is coming over.

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