Christmas Night With Aliens
December 20 2012

Lizards like the Christmas tree

It's Christmas and the Aliens are up and about. When Snake made a visit the other day I caught him watching the red Christmas balls on the tree just like the other Reptilians had. There is something about those big shiny red Christmas balls that captivates the Draconian Lizards. They totally love seeing a Christmas tree, it dazzles them. However Hamish is afraid of the electrical Christmas tree lights. He says that it reminds him of real candles with fire. I keep having to assure Hamish that they are only electrical lights and therefore harmless, and also that don't worry I will protect you Hamish.

Yes, No. Candles. - says Hamish right now

Eating chocolates with the Dinosaur

And last night I sat down in the living room to munch on some Christmas chocolates late at night. I had one after the other, and Dinosaur showed up to watch. And when Dinosaur watches he really does, because his stare is very penetrating and he notices everything and has all kinds of thoughts and observations. Usually he finds humor in all daily things, and then he shares those funny observations and analyses of his with me, and we get to snicker about them together, because I just can't help it, seeing the world through his witty eyes. I thought that maybe I was in trouble for eating chocolates, sugar has been forbidden for me and here I was, munching away. But he didn't complain, just watched.

Board of friendly ETs

I wake up at around 2 am, not because they wake me up but probably because I still have a bad case of jetlag after relocating from the United States and to Europe. And everybuddy space aliens are here. It starts with a peculiar alien that I did not recognize at first. He looks like a Reptilian Frog Person, he is green and not covered in scales. He has a flat face and is really cute. He is wearing a lavender-gray bodysuit. I think that he reminds me of the Dinosaurs, but there are too many differences, on face, body height, and all of that. Turns out he is part of the Board. The Board of friendly ETs who are always checking on me and ready to pull me out of the bad ETs program if I ever am in need.

I can't remember anymore what our conversation was about, but he was clearly checking to see if I was ok about being part of the program. Where they take my eggs, collect samples from my body to test my metabolism and meals and all of it. I was just saying that oh yes it's all ok so long as they don't show me the hybrid children. Oh, the problem was because last night as I was eating chocolates I told the aliens that I would cut myself with a knife if they didn't stop bringing hybrid children over to see me, because it ruins my nerves.

It's because I don't want to see that I have children because then I want to be with them and can't and that is very stressful and agonizing. It's also because they show the children my naked body and try to engage the children sexually with me and that will cause me to have a nervous breakdown to an extent that could have some serious repercussions. But it's also because the children are very cruel, rude, arrogant, and racist and they have already been given their weeks of insulting and agonizing me and now I just can't be bothered to have them around. So the mere sight or hint of these children makes me approach a nervous breakdown. So that is the ultimatum I had given them yesterday, probably a Thuban showed up and showed me or talked about the kids or something.

And that is why the Board sent another friendly ET to check on me and asking if I wanted to quit on this program. But I said no. I would be happy to work with Hamish and the others so long as they don't show me the children, don't bring them here, and don't talk about them to me.

Hamish has been talking again lately about how I am not allowed to wear turquoise color on my clothing. He says that every now and then, even though I don't own a single piece of turquoise clothes. The reason he says this is because the Board uses turquoise color and they are opposing their work. The Board's friendly Reptilians have turquoise and they also use the upside down pyramid as their symbol, like the anti-power symbol. So that is why I am not allowed to wear turquoise. Because the Board is so frustrating to this team I am under. (About a week ago another friendly ET from the Board visited me. He is orange and has brown hair and tiny brown almond eyes. I thought he would be one of the Altair men, familiar characters from my teens, but he said he was from Ummo, and that was a total surprise. I thought they were Altair men! He had also been checking on me to see if I wanted to leave Hamish's team. I also have Pleiadians visiting me to check on me and ask me the same. They will pull me out, as soon as I say it.)

Then everybody else

As I had said no that I don't want to leave my alien team and then explained to them what the problem was that as long as I don't have to see the children I would be fine, then my own Aliens came to me. The Dinosaur came here and told me about how they are testing all of my foods and how they digest. A Thuban showed up and was acting rude as usual.

The Thuban said that "they are not evacuees" and so - almost in spite - I reminded him of their legacy, that the Thubans are from Alpha Draconis and that there had been earthquakes because the Reptilians had brought explosives (wow, am I really writing all this stuff? what a life, with all of these - real - aliens) to "smoke them out" and forced them to join them as evacuees, and that they had changed their DNA from something living in the sea to their current appearance... the Thubans don't like this. Not at all. They are upset about being evacuees, but they try to make it easier on them by saying that they have agreed to join forces, giving them a status not as evacuees, but as willing part of the team.

Thubans are white big slug-like praying mantis creatures. Their eyes are like binoculars and are very bizarre. Thubans are very rude, they are the ones who always cuss at me "dog race!". They also use a word similar to "bitch" i.e. female dog, in my native European language, but not to imply "a woman of a certain kind", but just as a reference to "female dog race". The Thuban is also the one who always calls out, "hunch!" I think Hunch means "shut up" or "outrageous!" that sort of thing. The Thubans are very arrogant and they really act as if they despise the human race. I talk to him about it and ask why he is being so rude.

When I told him he was beautiful he kind of cheered up and lit up for a while and almost changed his behavior, and it made him possess my hands and put my hands flat against the wall so that he could caress my hands and we almost kind of had "a moment" that was tender and sweet. But it didn't take long for him to resume to his hateful ways. When I asked why he was so rude and arrogant, his answers consisted of complaints about the fact that I am so friendly with Malik and Hamish. Obviously the Reptilians hurt the Thubans. I said that I will be nice and friendly to everyone, regardless of if they hurt others or not. I would not want to be rude myself.

Hamish arrived into my bedroom and Hamish did a conquest in which he pulled my body up to sitting and kept pushing me closer and closer to the edge of the bed. He does this to show his power. I asked if it was ok for me to get down on the bed again, well, only after I had first shrieked out of delight, my pet Dragon's name, "Hamish! Hamish!" I love it when he visits, and I am not afraid at all.

They talk a lot about what I am eating. Since coming here I've started eating cheese sandwiches again, but never ate bread or cheese while in the USA. So they are keen on this food and on how this digests and what nutrients it gives. They talk about all the things I am eating, and it is the Dinosaur's job to test it and to take samples.

Dinosaur told me that I was not allowed to take baths. Having a bath, as opposed to a shower, it washes away their "test samples". He talked about how they collect samples from my vagina too, and from behind my ears, and in my mouth. The Dinosaur and maybe also Hamish did, forbade me from having baths in the evenings and from rinsing my mouth. I explained to my dear Alien Creatures that I cannot neglect my hygiene and that I would continue having baths and washing my teeth. I declared to dear Dinosaur that "if humans don't brush their teeth their teeth fall out", only half a lie, heheh.

Lobster Hamish

I got several good close looks at Hamish the Red Dragon Turtle. I love it when he comes close and I get to really see him. He is so awesome, such an odd, quirky-looking

We don't want to speak with you over the telephone anymore. - Hamish says now

Oh dear, I guess I am not supposed to describe Hamish in such word choices. By the way the aliens often refer to "telepathy" as the use of a "telephone". The North Port Gargoyle even calls telepathic conversations, as using a "head phone".

But Hamish is such a magnificent and handsome creature. Last night Hamish showed me his thoughts about putting his feet into the footbath tub that we have. I said to Hamish that I would prepare for him a footbath with that tub that we have for that purpose. I haven't done that yet of course, but it was cute and delightful that he would have such thoughts. Hamish loves bathing and grooming himself, and he is especially sensitive about his feet. He loves to come into the bathroom at the same time when I am showering or bathing, and to engage in his own grooming behaviors at the same time. He really loves to, and I must say I love it too, when he does. Typically all he can think of doing, is to wipe his feet real fast on the bathroom rug. I have of course brought his bathroom snug ruggy with me to Europe. I had to pack it! I couldn't leave his rug and risk having Hamish asking me where is his rug!

My previous apartment did not have a bathtub so we didn't have these moments together, but the apartment I had before that had a bathtub and I remember how all the aliens, in particular Hamish the Red Dragon, liked to come up real close to me and watch me in the bath. It was always fun, once I got used to having aliens so close to me when I was bathing.

But in this new apartment I am in, here in Europe, I do have a bathtub! And you can bet I have been bathing once or twice every day here now! And guess what Hamish does when I have a bath? He comes up real close to me, right up against the bathtub's edge, and pokes his little cute Sock Puppet head of his to see what I am doing. Not just to see, but Hamish is also near-sighted, he has to put his head really close and just barely not touching so that he can see closely. And what Hamish then does is he has thoughts about letting his shedding white scales from his head fall down into my bathwater. Umm, gross, I know, or I would think at first. But then I remind myself that this is my beloved Space Dragon, and I tell him that yes Hamish you can do that. He just wants to take a bath with me. He has been shedding some facial scales again recently. He is shedding scales very often now, it seems! It is always traumatic to him when he does, so I have to comfort him by saying to him that it is ok, and that we humans shed skin scales all the time too.

But Hamish was cute this night when I was awake at 2 am with all the Aliens. Turns out that I had eaten some crawfish or lobster or something. Because Hamish started saying to me very loudly, "Sauce!", "Sauce!", and "Sauce!" And I was asking him, "What, Hamish? What sauce?" It took a few minutes for him to muster to speak the words and explain. Yesterday I had eaten some salmon and it had a red sauce over the fish. "The red in that sauce", Hamish explained, was from a creature such as a crawfish or a lobster. And we all know that Hamish thinks that his ancestors were red crustaceans in the sea, so this was terrible. He was utterly sad again, and I hate it when I do this to Hamish, umm, when I eat shellfish.

Hamish has told me that "don't you know how they are treated", and showed me the factories where they process freshly caught crabs on a conveyor belt, and it is kind of almost funny that he sympathizes so much with crabs, lobsters, crawfish and the like, but you also have to understand that this is a real creature, Hamish is, and that he really sympathizes with these little sea creatures. It makes him so sad and it really breaks my heart.

I tried to explain to Hamish that I did not know I had eaten some lobster thingy. Hamish was so upset and Hamish said that the red color in the sauce came from the crawfish, and Hamish was upset as he said to me that I now had pieces of crawfish in my gut, right next to the cheese! Oh ha ha, I almost wanted to laugh, but I have to realize that this is a real problem for Hamish, my Ham-mish. Yes, Hamish. There are pieces of red crawfish in my gut, oh yes and he said that it was mixed in with the cheese. The cheese I had eaten. Oh dear oh dear. It makes him completely out of himself, in a very sad way.

What we have to realize is that Hamish isn't your typical Space Draconian Reptile. He is something else. He has said that his ancestors were red crustaceans in the sea. The Bird People genetically engineered Hamish into existence. Hamish has scales, yes, and he he is very proud of them, but Hamish is not at all like the Draconian Reptiles such as Malik and Snake or even Arek. Hamish is big and shaped more like a camel. Hamish most definitely has that very striking feature of a turtleshell hump back on his back. But also in behavior, Hamish is quite unlike the real Lizardly Reptilians. Hamish has a sweetness and a tenderness, a childlike innocence sometimes. And he has so many thoughts, and comments that he shares with me, that are utter sweetness and delightful. He is not aggressive, he never does hurt me, and he is not a total sadist like Snake and the other Draconians are. Hamish is something extra special and sweet. He is my Dragon Lobster.

I told Hamish that eating fish (he also doesn't want me to eat fish, because then I am eating scales) is very healthy for humans. It gives humans protein and also iodine which keeps our thyroid gland healthy, and has healthy oils that make our brains function. And that humans who eat cows and pigs get heart disease and cancer instead. Hamish listened and he seemed shocked a bit, but he didn't say anything. I am sad that I want to eat shellfish and fish. These are healthy and lighter options, and also they don't suffer as much as the bigger animals do in the production industry. But it tears me to have to hurt my Dragon Turtle Lobster Crawfish Hamish. I really love him to bits, I really love my Dragon Turtle.

Then Hamish did the sweetest thing (I think). He turned his attention to the aquarium I have here next to me where we have a frog, and Hamish shows me a mental closeup of the frog's hand with fingers, and Hamish just says really clearly, "No!!!" Hamish was thinking about whether to use the frog for their genetics projects, and it was somehow unsuitable, he thought. So, No it was. Just the little things that he does, like this thing here, are what makes my heart melt for this Dragon Turtle. I do love him so, the little things that he does. My Baby.

Hamish also says that they come to me "protected by the dark of night". They have clearly shifted their schedule because of the time zone difference they are not coming at US time 4 am anymore, because they are coming at 2 am European time now.

Oh and Hamish complained about the bathroom floor. He thought that the gutter underneath the bathtub is dirty and disgusting. So I promised Hamish that tomorrow I would wash it. (Gee now I have to wash the bathroom floor, but ok.) And Hamish was so pleased when I had offered to fix this problem for him, that he possessed me and "cuddled me", he got really close to me and rolled me around in bed. It was really neat, to be cuddled and rolled in bed, by a big red Lobster Dragon Turtle.

We don't want you to eat fish. - says Hamish now
Why, Hamish? Why is that? Explain that to me? I want to understand. - me
No! There is no time to explain that now! - whines the Thuban

Oh my Hamish and Aliens. I must say it is quite wonderful. Bizarre, weird, but quite spectacular. I love these guys, well, the Thuban is "an acquired taste". But having someone like Hamish around is priceless. Just priceless. And I realize that these are actually real aliens. Real aliens from outer space. Oh and they brought a little hybrid girl who is my daughter and she said that she would want to live with me and I said that I would love that and she said that she would have to go to school here and I said yes, that she would be learning all kinds of things about our planet in school, and she said that the math here isn't as good as theirs and that she would like to learn math, and I said to her that yes, math is a beautiful language. Thuban then snapped at me that we humans are primitive, and I said to Thuban that I use alien math which uses patterns in vibrations and that this is probably already more advanced than theirs.

Just another night with the Aliens. And I can't wait to have another bath with Hamish the Dragon Turtle tomorrow! Right as soon as I first wash the bathroom floor for him like I had promised. I guess it doesn't hurt to draw some water in the little plastic tub for his footbath. I have also again offered to rub his footsies if he would let me. Hamish has some very sensitive feet. He is always aware of his feet, and they are soft and delicate. I want to kiss his feet. Which is why I so lovingly refer to them as my Kissy Duck Feets.

Now Hamish is doing that sweet thing that he does where he opens his mouth partially and then closes it, slowly, and it makes a fleshy guttoral sound when he does. It is some form of communication. I think it means that he is happy and pleased, that's what I think it means.

Hamish likes to watch construction shows on tv with me and the other day he asked to see some more, but there weren't any on, so we watched together a program about red crabs on the beach. Yes weren't we lucky that those were on. I love him.

Oh and another thing that the green Reptoid from the Board said was that "they" (the team that uses me) have been doing is trying to convert the gay Illuminati hybrid into being heterosexual with me. I said to this Frog Person that I thought it was invasive and potentially harmful to try to make someone change their sexual disposition.

Update like two minutes later: Thuban is here. He wanted to see a stuffed animal I had made in my childhood, so I took it down and placed it on the bed for him to see. Earlier this night Hamish had also thought about this stuffed animal. I love it how they are part dominating and wanting to rule the universe and sometimes rude and vicious, and then they have this delicate nature, that likes footbaths, red Christmas balls on the tree, stuffed animals, and other things that they see. Hamish sees the world like through a child's eyes. I often worry if he will get bored, but he never gets bored. He lives in the moment and he likes to look at things, love him to bits my Hamish.

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