Mystery MKULTRA man?
December 11 2012

Last night I had another encounter with an MKULTRA man. And they were fondling me again. I can't tell you what he did or how he treated me or what things he said to me, because it is very graphic and sexually offensive. Perhaps you will find the story featured in full in my book.

This man is a big guy, he is heavy set, very big actually. He has strawberry blonde hair, meaning that it is blonde and red at the same time. His hair is thick and soft. He is Caucasian. His eyes are not brown but blue or such. He returned to talk to me while I sat in a restaurant today. He was asking me for sexual favors. I asked him to introduce himself to me, and I said to him, "Welcome to the MKULTRA!", heheh, cause that's what General Patton always says to me. I asked him if he was the Christmas holiday substitute staff, and if all the regulars had gone to their Christmas holidays? I said to him that I usually expect Andrew to work over the holidays, because Andrew is Jewish they always make him work on Christmas day. Every dang year.

I told this fellow that if he wants me to do said certain sexual favors to him then him and me should appropriately go out on a date first. I would do my hair and makeup and we could hang out. Have dinner or watch some television or something first. I said that what he was asking me to do is very intimate and I would want to just hold him for a while first, listen to his voice, and get used to him first. It would also be disrespectful of me to just casually do sexy things to a man that I do not know or care about. Why are some people so casual about sex? As if the persons they are with don't matter?

Then General Patton appeared, and the General made me aware of his body and then also of his genitals. Which was cute, I didn't mind. Then Hamish appeared, and Hamish said, "He will have to ejaculate soon, or it's no use." The General wasn't even aroused or doing anything, he just showed me that's all, but Hamish is Hamish. I told what Hamish had said to General Patton. I thought that was cute. The General had only been around with me for a few seconds and Hamish is already impatient. Hamish doesn't seem to know that we humans like to cuddle and do stuff and that it isn't just about procreation. Oh Hamish you Dragon what will I do with you aahh!! My Red Hamish Sock Puppet Head Camel!!!

Just another day.

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