Alien Bastards that go Bump in the Night
December 02 2012

"Hunch", he says

So I have this weird white alien from Alpha Draconis that looks like a big white slug with boomerang arms. He has strange eyes that rotate clockwise and counterclockwise around a central axis, as opposed to human eyes that rotate with a fixed point so to speak. It is like when you focus binoculars, that is how his eyes rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Think about it for a while, so that you understand what it looks like. His eyes go like that all the time, as he looks at things. It is very peculiar, and if I weren't so tolerant and reeely nice I might have been scared of that. But it's ok, he's a chum. Sort of.

Why bastards? - asks Hamish now
No Hamish, you're not bastards. I love Hammish. It's the pedophile children that are bastards. And, and the one that says "hunch". - me
Yes, we have hunted dogs for a long time. - says Hamish
Yes, but I am no dog. I am human. Hunch. - me
... I will kick you! - Hamish
Yes Hamish. Kick me. I love your foot. - me

So where was I. So look at this picture HEY HEY HEY! A damn hybrid child just climbed into bed with me dang it! There's like foot space over at the foot end of the bed and that little kid just climbed into there! I saw the little boy like a clear hologram. So what this page was going to be about is that these guys are getting clearer. Maybe they think that is going to change my mind about pedophilia. But it ain't. Now the boy was looking at my toes. These aliens keep telling me that my feet are so awesomely perfect DNA-wise because the hybrids have defect feet and toes so they awe about my feet.

This morning I nearly had a serious nervous breakdown. The Thuban slug brought a hybrid boy (who is probably my own son) to do sexual things with me. I don't want anything to do with it. Not only is it rape because I am not interested in it. It is also with very young hybrid children and not only is that highly inappropriate and harmful toward young children who are still growing and developing an identity, but I am seriously only into older men. Like really older. I like to date men 20 years older than me. But it's also bad because they somehow make it very intense with sexual energies involved between me and the child.

The aliens are trying to mix human DNA with their alien DNA so that they can... HEY HEEY! That dang child is now touching my boobs. They are always doing that, and I hate it. Well it's kinda innocent I guess. Just that I don't want to be touched by them, period.

So you have eaten some of those? - Thuban shows me image of garlic clove

I chopped up some garlic into my dish this morning. Anyway where was I. So they mix human DNA with their own DNA to produce a hybrid genetic mixture offspring that would hopefully be fertile, because somewhere along the way these aliens have lost their fertility.

We do not want you to play music. - says Hamish quite seriously

I have had music playing on all day. Anyway where was I. So garlic, no. Not that. Where was I... ah yes, the DNA. So they make these children with my eggs, these are my children but they are white and have that white alien Thuban skin and blonde hair and they're actually really cute, only they are raised to look down on humans and to join in the Thubans in calling us "dog" and "dog race".

But what I really don't like is that they push the children's sexuality on me. Sure, fine enough, that these kids grow up real quickly because I've been able to communicate with infant hybrids as if they were ten year olds. But it's still kids, I think. They're little. They should be playing games and having fun, running around, and, well they do lots of that too. Just that they shouldn't be doing anything related to sex. And not with their mother.

We see you there in your bed. - says the little hybrid boy to me now

My hybrid kids often hide in my closet. I've seen them run around here. They are very playful and they like to look around. Which brings us to this. I have a toy stuffed zebra horse in my room. Ever since I got it the hybrid kids have been nuts about that Zebra. They have talked about it so many times and so many times have asked me if they can look at it. Well, I've had it somewhere in hiding ever since I moved to this new place about a year ago. Just yesterday I took the Zebra out again when I was tidying up my room, and I had placed the Zebra in a clear position on the desk. And that is when the special things have happened...

They're reaching for the Zebra

Yesterday the funniest thing happened, although it took me a while to stop being scared because it was so scary and unexpected. Nothing like that has ever happened before. So I was sitting here on my bed with the laptop on my lap, like I usually do when I'm home alone. So all of a sudden, in my field of vision to the left where I have the desk, a very loud thump and a big white flash of something dropping. Definitely a real phenomena, real sound and real visual.

It was way more than some subtle little thing of a thump. It was a big white object that fell down and a loud thump. So I had looked toward the desk. Something must have fallen down, but why? I have had that desk for a year now and things don't just fall off the desk. Nothing had moved, nothing on the desk had moved. I had to conclude that it was just "something" and "whatever" and tell myself to just forget about it, to move on.

This evening the same HEY HEEY! That little boy is putting his little tiny white baby hand right underneath my nose! They always do that. They are always touching my face and under my nose and on my mouth. They're always touching me with their little hands. Well, they have to. Because first the Thuban comes and manually puts their little hands on me. And now the little boy is doing it himself.

"See? She is not angry anymore." - says Thuban to the little boy
I am too. I am very angry. Don't touch me. You cannot touch me. Not ever, not by any means. Do not touch me, or I will, kill something. I will take the scissors, and cut his hand off. - me

Thuban just looks at me. He just doesn't get it, that I am seriously disturbed by these invasive contacts with my own children. I don't want to have my hybrid children touching me, because it often turns into something sexual where they put the child's genitals on me and try to teach them about sex. Because that is not how it is done here on Earth.

But I must say one thing: one should not worry. Don't think about it as if these were human children having to be put through all of this. Turns out, I have found out, that these hybrid children are as dumb and moronic as the Thubans or whatever that the rest of their DNA is from. These kids have no comprehension of sexuality whatsoever. Just like the Thubans don't. They are completely ignorant and it doesn't mean anything to them whatsoever. So it's ok. Sort of. Except that I still feel that it is rape. I nearly had a serious nervous breakdown this morning, because they were putting a hybrid child's penis against me, and I don't want to have to do it. I'm seriously going to need to go into counselling, or a mental hospital, if this continues. Seriously. It is very aggravating and harmful for a human woman to have to go through.

And Hamish doesn't care. I've cried and whined about it to Hamish so many times, and so explicitly and kindly I've explained to him that this doesn't work, that I can't go on letting this happen. But Hamish doesn't care. I nearly excommunicated Hamish this morning for not caring. I said to him that "I blame you!", which is a very serious way of putting someone in place, Hamish-style.

You will become a good race, you'll see. - Thuban says to that little boy now
He is a pedophile child. And that is disgusting. You should change that, I don't like it at all. - me

The Thuban is now holding that little child's baby hand. They are always bringing those kids in to touch me all over. I guess I could maybe put up with being touched by children, cause they are curious that's all, but it's just that it then turns into something sexual. And I don't think that's right. I will seriously have a nervous breakdown and seek mental help if they continue. I would have to tell a therapist all about these aliens that I am seeing, and how to get rid of them one way or another.

But anyhow. Just a while ago I had another big loud thump and a similar white flash of a solid object falling down on the desk, at the same place where I had it last night. But this time I had a closer look. I was sitting here on the bed with the laptop on my lap again like last night, and I saw that this time it was either a Thuban or a hybrid child. That white was its fleshy color, and what they are doing is snooping around the desk.

At first I had asked, what are you looking at on the desk? And I had said that it is ok for them to look around. The Thuban had then said to me to mind my own business. Thuban then showed me his mental image of my trashcan, and asked me if he could look into it. I said that yes he could, and that Hamish doesn't like me to have trash. I looked at the desk wondering what on earth they are after that made that special loud thump last night and tonight, and then aha. It is the Zebra. No doubt about it.

The hybrid kids are just nuts about that stuffed Zebra. They're trying to pick it up and play with it. I have lots of stuffed animals in my room. I have lots of bears, a little sheep, and even a bunny, but it's always that Zebra that they love and adore. Ha ha ha, that reminds me of that abduction I had (see one of my earlier thoughts pages) with that bratty hybrid

We feel that you are like in the Stone Age. - says some shit alien or hybrid right now
Well, I don't give a damn. At least I'm not a pedophile. Children are not supposed to have sex. And I'm gonna cut you up if you come here. You are not welcome. I'm gonna have a heart attack if you continue, this is stressing me and ruining my health. - me

A hybrid child now touches me across the forehead. They are so disrespectful and mean. I have never known that anybody could be so mean. Their arrogance and impudence is like having my belly cut open and my guts pulled out. That is how deeply disgusting it is and aggravating. But it's the sexual stuff, on top of everything else, that makes this so exceedingly damaging to my mental health that I'm about to have to go talk to someone about this. I mean, I've really tried. I've tried to be welcoming to my alien guests. I've tried to be purely scientific and tolerant, neutral and understanding. But they really get under my skin. They really intentionally taunt and torment me. And they don't care.

Don't scream at the children, please! - Thuban says suddenly, I hadn't screamed
I don't like this. I want this to stop. I don't like the children. I want them to go to hell. I want them to die. I want to kill them. Can I kill them please? - me

The agony is intense. Just the way that they harm me you can't even imagine the stress I am under. I don't think this page or my words do it justice, I don't think that you can understand. Now they touch my breasts again. I don't know what to do. Where can I go? Where can I escape? How can I forget? How can I be safe from them? They are so mean, they are so rude, and they rape me, and they are children. And they are racist, and I don't want to live this way. If only they understood how much this hurts me. If only they would care. If only they would stop.

Of course I am thinking of putting a webcam over at the desk to see if I can capture the Zebra being grabbed towards again and that loud thump and clear white alien grabbing for it, because I'm sure it would be captured on camera. Sure of it, because the sound is so loud. Sometimes I see flashes of the aliens wandering around here, and sometimes - extra special treat - Hamish's red footsies. I love Hamish, I really really do. Hamish is the only reason I can still do this. What would I do without Hamish. My Beautiful Dragon Kissy Feet. Every morning I wake up, it doesn't take many seconds and Hamish pokes his head right up close against me and I can see his little Sock Puppet head, red scales, sometimes with white shards of scales shedding. How cute he is, Ham-mish.

Hamish says "Yes-No" about this picture. Imagine having a Sock Puppet head like that sneak up real close to you first thing when you wake up every morning and are still in bed? Doesn't that cheer you up? It does cheer me up. Then Hamish is with me all morning. He is just such a delight. Yes-No, Hamish. I love you.

Hamish. - I say with many little hearts of love and affection
I will guard my eggs. - Hamish states

Now for my evening shower with Hamish. Hopefully he stands on his bathroom rug like he always does. If I'm real lucky he will stompety stompy stomp his feet up and down real fast on that rug. (He does that to wipe his feet clean.) And if the Gods so will grace me with kindness and bliss, Hamish will also scrape his turtleshell back hump on that shower door handle. Come on Hamish, let's go have our evening shower and grooming scales, buddy.

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