written June 07 2013

People all over the world experience encounters with alien beings, though not everybody claims to have had such an experience and it still remains something of a rarity, it is still widespread and common enough to form the topic of UFOs and aliens in books, movies and television. And the untold many who never share their stories with anyone else. Most people keep it to themselves undoubtedly.

As an experiencer myself I know that these stories are not fabricated. People really experience seeing, feeling, hearing and even smelling alien beings.

We also get taken to a spacecraft, tell them that. - speaks a Zeta-type now
Yes. I have told them. - me
I am a doctor here. And you are not intimidated! And we think that is very good. We wanted to look at you first, then subject you to some tests. And! Give us a lick of your tongue! - Zeta
Tongue, what? - me
A lick. - Zeta
What now? What what? - me
We wanted you to be played with like a ball. You are our toys here! And we touch you! A hybrid wants to know, what it is like to fall in love. - Zeta
No, she won't go insane. - says Zeta to the hybrid boy
No! She won't be a lunatic! - Hamish to the Zeta and/or boy
I'm ok, here. - me

So as I was saying, the phenomenon is widespread and people really are experiencing seeing and hearing and sometimes touching these beings, or being touched by them.

Tell them that we said hello. - Zeta
Noted. - me

The question then only remains, is the experience psychological or hallucinatory in nature, or are there real alien beings on the outside of ourselves? Are they real or imaginary?

An interesting clue worthy of considering is there is a drug called DMT, or Dimethyltryptamine, which induces in the human user an experience of alien beings. DMT, Aliens, and Reality

I would like you to learn how to touch us. - says the hybrid boy to me now
How old are you? - me
You said that I was old enough! - the hybrid says
Ok. I guess you are. Will I see you? - me
We want to look at your tongue! - says Zeta to me cheerfully, not angry

The use of this drug DMT makes a person experience seeing alien entities and many users become convinced that the aliens were real. DMT is a chemical that occurs also naturally in the human brain. Could it be that experiencers of alien contact are naturally producing high levels of this chemical? If so, then would not the other known symptoms of use of the drug also occur? Brighter colors, kaleidoscopic vision, and lost awareness of their bodies? The user also goes through emotions such as euphoria and fear and anxiety. I suffer from no unstable emotional ups or downs, I see colors normally and experience no loss in awareness of surroundings.

No cacophony! - shouts a Thuban
No cacophony here. All is well. Thank you. - me
We would like you to [censored 1, inappropriate sexual content]. - Thuban
My mother does not want to! - shouts the hybrid
We would like you to receive some flash prognosis. - Zeta
What is that? Flash prognosis? - me
On whether we are aliens or not. On what you are writing about. - Zeta
So! Hurry up! In a flash! Or we won't be your butt doctor anymore. - Zeta
What do you want me to conclude? - me
We want you to lay down in your bed. - Zeta, bed was said in my native language
We want you to hurry up! Flash prognosis is needed here! - Zeta

Ok. I will have to return to finish this article some time later. Zetas are calling me to get to bed in a hurry here now!

And you will. Because you are our cattle. And that child is waiting anticipatingly. - Zeta
So, how about your flash prognosis? - Zeta