All Kinds Of People,
All Kinds Of Things
August 30 2012

Warning: you should be an adult if you read this page because it has some sexual content. While we would *like* for the topic of extraterrestrial visitation to earth to be childproof and simple, the ETs for whatever reason have a huge emphasis on human sexuality and reproduction on their work here with humans. Frankly if you read a page about so-called alien contact and it is not about sexuality, then chances are it's not a real encounter at all.

MKULTRA ruins private moment

So I was going to have a private moment with myself. Sorry to write that but it's an essential component to what would unfold. I was aware that the Zetas and the hybrid children and the Black One were around. But sometimes you have to ignore all the aliens and try to just be human for a while.

Nolan, who works with the US MKULTRA team of surveillance people, was the staff on duty and he invaded by saying that he hopes I have a shower afterwards. I got upset with him and fussed at him that women don't need to have a shower afterwards, and what an idiot he is who doesn't know anything about women. I hate when the surveillance people interfere with my personal life like this, but it's been this way since the start sixteen years ago.

Ok so then I thought I could just ignore everybody else and forget about Nolan and everybody for a while and just focus on me for a while. Then Jack - I think it was - another of the US surveillance people pops up in a clear mental remote viewing image and he telepathically shouts out at me, "Whore!". Because of what I was doing and about to do. Because they know everything. The surveillance people are so intertwined with my body and mind. The aliens enable this close contact between the abductees (me) and the government people who have asked to get to keep a close watch on us.

So I stopped what I was doing and felt kind of dismayed. But then Jack (who I think it was) got really sad and remorseful, he apologized profusely and I could also feel his emotions that he was very distraught. He became all torn up with emotions and he quickly got close to tears and he kept on apologizing and trying to undo what he had done. It didn't work of course, and I found myself clawing my fingernails into my leg, in a way to numb the emotional hurt and offense, like I used to do so many times in my teens when the surveillance team were meddling with my personal life and acting deliberately offensive then. This, rather seemed to have been an accident. He hadn't meant to say that.

Then I tell Jack that yeah it used to be much worse when I was in my teens. Jack (who I think it was) then tells me that yes "Agent Brown" used to be harsh on me back then. Agent Brown went by the name Major Cunningham back then. Only in the recent year has his name for me been changed to Agent Brown. I've known - though I wasn't supposed to know, I guess you could say I was eavesdropping when I found that out - that Major Cunningham's real name was Donovan Brown. But still, out of respect to maintain their wishes of anonymity I had continued calling him Major Cunningham and not by his real name.

Sweet Hamish wants to help me

So Jack (who I think it was) gets pretty upset. He's sobbing and trying to apologize, meanwhile I'm firmly telling him to just go away and I don't want to try to talk it through. Of course he ruined the moment and I felt that what little remnants I'd had of my sexuality and expression had once again been stomped out and ruined. It left me feeling dead in a way, and this man crying about it wasn't helping.

Then the aliens meddle in. The tall lady Zeta who works with the hybrid children can feel that I am upset. The aliens who are telepathic do not only pick up on a person's thoughts. They are also sensitive to how a person is feeling. Emotions and thoughts are not that much different in essence after all, especially since the Zetas are proficient at wordless communication, which makes every emotion filled with meaning.

Hamish appears and he wants to help me. The first thing that Hamish does is that he shows me one of the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men. These are humans in Japan who are part of a cult because of their family bloodline which is very closely tied in to the legends of the Dragons in Japan, only that those Dragons are of course the Draconians, of which Hamish is one. The Draconians have an extra special appreciation for the men who are part of the Dragon Dynasty, and the men of the Dragon Dynasty communicate with the Dragons. The fathers and grandfathers of these men date back generations in the Dragon Dynasty, and they still today keep those traditions and historical memories alive, with Samurai swords on their walls, and all that.

So Hamish wants to cheer me up because I am upset and Hamish tells me about this Dragon Dynasty man and he puts me and the man in remote viewing connection. Hamish is offering this man to me sexually. What's interesting about Hamish is that he thinks that he owns all the humans that he works with, ie. the Dragon Dynasty men and me in particular. So that he can just give us away and trade us like cards, no big deal. To him this makes much sense. So Hamish is going to "give" that man to me, to cheer me up.

So I tell Hamish "no" several times. I repeat to Hamish that "I don't want to". I then also tell Hamish that it's my period so it's inappropriate and also that I'm retaining a lot of water right now so I'm fat and chubby and I don't want any man to see me like this. Which is all true of course but maybe helps to explain to him why I don't want to.

Then I follow Hamish's thoughts as he thinks about all the various male hybrids that he has around. He thinks to the young ones (children) and then he recalls that I've explicitly said that I don't do any sexual things with children. Yes, I've had to actually state that, and several times. Then he thinks to the Illuminati hybrid, the big feller who is somehow supposed to be my boyfriend. (This guy is an adult so I haven't put up a fuss about that so much. If they're going to match me up with somebody then I might as well be sort of accepting when it's an adult so that they keep those children the hell away from me.) But Hamish doesn't act on this idea.

He then brings to me a brand new hybrid man whom I've never seen before. This guy is an adult and Hamish is offering him to me sexually. Hamish chose this one because he is an adult and because I have ever so adamantly said hell no about the children. But this one is very different, he almost seems deformed. He is not your typical Illuminati hybrid, he is of an entirely different batch altogether. I get the impression that he is mentally retarded and slow. I tell them that I don't want to accept him because I don't feel that he is a man.

The feller then begins to talk to me telepathically and wants to let me know that he has thoughts and that he is not as retarded as I had thought of him to be. Which is true, he surprises me by having depth and understanding in his thoughts, far beyond what I had assumed of him based on my first impressions. He shows me a mental image of a hybrid-type female lady parts and then tells me that he is in fact not a female but he is a male and that he has genitals that are not like the ones that he showed me. At that point I kind of say whoa and that I do not want to see his genitals and I decline any offers of sexual services. No thanks.

Hamish then suggests the juvenile Zeta hybrid (where the disturbing part is that this guy may in fact be my son, that he would have some of my DNA in him). So Hamish is trying to fix things, but he is doing all this in such a sweet way. His behavior was just like when a child has a birthday party and the birthday cake is ruined by the rain and then a good parent wants to fix things and goes into the house and tries to make something out of what is available there home in the pantry. Hamish was really looking around for some consolidation for me.

At first I thought that Hamish was doing this just to "cheer me up" because I was feeling upset, but then I noticed that that was not at all what the aliens were doing. Instead they had seized on the very rare moment where I had almost expressed sexual behavior, and they were wanting to get me to elaborate on that behavior. The Zetas with their Zeta hybrid children are constantly waiting and hoping to see me do something sexual. They want the children to see me naked and in the shower and the Zetas often ask me to masturbate or tell me that they would like to see me have sex with a man. Which is specifically why I do none of those things. And not in front of those hybrid children.

Zetas just don't know

Zetas are a "race" of alien creatures who had no genitalia or sexual reproduction ability of their own in their body. They became intrigued by the concept of mixing human beings with Zetas genetically to produce a hybrid offspring of a new race which would be much like what the Zetas are, but with a version of human genitalia, reproduction and the ability to have babies naturally, and human-type feet also go figure. (And many of the hybrids want to have blond hair on their head, so the Zetas are trying to work on the genetics to give them that too.)

Sadly the Zetas have no respect or humility for the delicateness of human sexuality. Concepts such as that a human feels embarrassed or uncomfortable in certain forced or abrupt sexual situations, or the delicate nature of our emotional experience and vulnerability when it comes to sex, and the massive potentials for psychological and mental harm that can result from various exposures. The Zetas also totally disregard the firmly set cultural and legal taboos that we humans have enforced over thousands of years of practice and trial and error to figure out what works and what simply doesn't, the main one of which is that children simply should not be part of anything sexual.

Meanwhile the Zetas begin teaching the hybrid children about human sexuality at a very early age. They bring the children to watch humans naked and the Zetas put the children's hands on a human's body (not just on sexual areas but everywhere) so that they can touch a human and have that close contact. For instance the Zeta will take the hybrid child's hand and put it on a human's mouth and lips, just so that they can have a feel. It looks just like when we human parents take our child's hand and put it on a cat or a dog so that they can pet it. It looks exactly the same. Except that in this situation we are the pet.

So the Zetas had been interested to see if I would elaborate on my almost-expression, but by now I was crying too (just like Jack had been doing) and I was sobbing that I really don't like the Zeta hybrid children and that I don't want to take part in any sexuality with them, I don't want to see them or be told about them and that I am tired of it. I'm actually literally about to have a nervous breakdown because they keep showing me and telling me things involving the hybrid children's sexuality. And here on earth we have a strict age limit for such things and it's very traumatizing and hurtful for me to have to be shown such things all of the time and to be asked to take part in them. It really hurts me and I can't tell you how often I keep having to tell the Zetas that I just won't do it. But then the Zetas just scoff at me and call me "cattle" or "dog race" or "arrogant".

Praying Mantis and Grey

And then a white Praying Mantis ET shows up and I loved that contact. He was so beautiful and I love their boomerang arms and he feels so benevolent and lovely. Then I am shown an ET that is white and has large eyes that are all dark. They only partially show him to me, and I am told that the hybrid children are afraid of this type of ET because they look like what on earth are "insects". I say that I am not afraid of what he looks like. I do admit that he feels a bit different (in emotional radiance and content) than the other ETs do, maybe a little bit "musty" is the only way I can describe it.

They tell me that this ET with the dark eyes is kept away from contact with humans and from contact with me because "he has many secrets" about "what he plans to do with the universe". Namely he sits and plans out various operations in the universe in terms of taking over worlds and such and he keeps all those ideas organized in his mind, and they wouldn't want me to get in contact with him because then I would see his plans. But I tell them that it is ok and then I get to talk with this person.

The one with the dark eyes "and all those organized ideas" tells me that his home planet is getting ready to explode soon. He tells me that the Draconians came to his home planet and they make it explode so that his race has to "evacuate" and come live with the Draconians.

This reminds me of what the Thuban told me. The Thuban told me that they were evacuees because their home world had some earthquakes and that the Draconians had taken them with them. When he said that I had assumed that the earthquakes had been natural and that the Draconians had simply seen them when passing by and out of the kindness of their heart taken them in to give them a new home. I also recall, I think it was Elmer the Draconian, who talked to me about having some "explosives".

So the Draconians like to "smoke out" various alien races so that those have no other choice than to come work with them, and these various ETs then become nothing but midwives and laboratory assistants, they collect biological samples, raise children, collect bacteria, and do the various assignments in this massive genetics project which seems to be the mastermind of the Black Ones. However the Zetas have taken some genuine interest in taking part in the genetics, so it's not all the Draconians.

Anyhow, I am part of it. It is a big medley of aliens and we are all together in a big Noah's Ark (which is what my ETs call it), and cultural taboos are broken and new ones are made.

Hamish Saves the Day

Then Hamish started to do his Yes-No's. He showed me an image of The Black One and said No and an image of himself and said Yes. Hamish thus told me that he doesn't want me to go with the Black One and that I would stay with him to be safe. I learned from Hamish by his simple communication style of using telepathic images and feelings and with the use of Yes, No, and Yes-No's, that Hamish is in fact protecting me from The Black One. Hamish even expressed to me in a full sentence that he would use or show his power against the Black One to keep him away and to keep me safe.

And then, to top it all off, Hamish does the most wonderful thing. Without saying a word, maybe because he doesn't know what words to say without an interpretor, Hamish shows me a mental image of the bathroom rug. Yes, the bathroom rug, and he shows me himself standing on that rug, and he does a few really quick and elated "wipes" of his feet backwards on that rug. I was beyond myself with bubbling with the kind of joy that only a beloved pet can bring to us humans.

It is the kind of joy when a dog does its peculiar silly thing that you just adore. I have got no idea what the rug behavior means, or if it even means anything, but all I know is that Hamish used it to somehow "wrap up" the conversation. It was somehow a message, of something. But it was such a fun ending to an otherwise sad and upset conversation what with the US team ruining my sexuality and then the whole uncomfortable situation with the sexual studies with the aliens being brought up yet-again and then the more serious conversation with the one with the dark eyes about how their homes are being ruined with explosions. And then Hamish wipes his feet real fast on the bathroom rug.

And so I was laughing and cheerful again and I was no longer crying. I then remembered how Hamish once had said that I should "wipe my tears on his scales". So with watery eyes I told Hamish that I would like to wipe my tears on his scales.

Hamish then did what he always does when I have said something that requires sort of like the Hamish-version of a "double-take", kind of like his way of saying, "say what?" He will then possess me and his head and his mind are in my head and mind, we are overlapping. And he lifts me up in bed and positions my body and he watches me very closely. It is very clearly his way of saying that he does not quite understand what I said and that my thoughts need a closer inspection so that they would make sense, as well as seeming to indicate to me that I should perhaps put some more thought into what I had said. It's kind of like a "hang on, what did you just say?" moment. In which a red Dragon Turtle possesses my body and moves me into another position.

I love these moments with Hamish. Ok so he didn't see my comment about "drying my tears on his scales" the same way as I had. I think that Hamish had said it back then as a form of threat, and here I was using it as something charming, so there was a clash. And he didn't understand it.

But Hamish saved the day. I was taken by how he wants to protect me from The Black One, and by how he was trying to save my "ruined sexual moment" by bringing in a suitable "pimp" for me. (The ETs and Illuminati hybrids all refer to male prostitutes as "pimps", go figure. For instance my Illuminati hybrid "boyfriend" is most certainly designated as a "pimp", but they by means mean prostitute, not a pimp. Sometimes their choices of words are off. For instance this Illuminati hybrid refers to my underwear by the word used for male underwear. And it doesn't matter how many times I try to teach them the word for female underwear.)

I love it when Hamish wipes his feet real fast on the bathroom rug. It makes me happy, and I think that it makes him happy too. So, this is my interesting life with the aliens. It is what it is.

*So you start to see why this website is so heavily censored and why a book is necessary. The book will be filled with shocking and sexual content. Not by my design, as I would have it otherwise. I'm tired of the topic of "sexuality" now because of the Zetas and their ruining it for me and it's very traumatizing.*

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