Alexander, Sergei, Hamish, Yellow-Draconian
and a much neglected Red Rug
August 26 2012

Warning: Some horrible Russian MKULTRA stuff included

Draconian-Military Agenda

So last night was interesting. To say the least. As you all know who have been reading this, Hamish brings me to all kinds of places. Human militaries from across the world are working with the Draconians. Well, because our earth militaries are in power, that makes them natural curiosities for the Draconian Reptiles, who are all about power. So the Draconians come here to earth and go and talk to and bother our militaries in various countries. To try to make them do things for them, or to surrender their power. So the two camps end up going into various "agreements", a give-and-take relations.

The Draconians are permitted to abduct certain specific humans, which includes me. In exchange the militaries want to see all of the abductions, so that they can make sure that humans aren't unnecessarily harmed. Because if you were to unleash the Zetas on human subjects then they would gladly subject us to the most horrific of things. So the militaries are there to ensure that it is reasonable. So it could be - and would be - much worse. Zetas and Draconians often tell me of the experiments they would want to do on me, only that Sargent Wilkes won't allow it. Sometimes I try to get the ETs to break one of Sargent Wilkes' rules, namely the one that I would get to meet my aliens, but the ETs are very adamant about not breaking any of the Sargent's rules, not even if *nobody would tell* and *they wouldn't find out*.

United States, Japanese, and Russian militaries are three that work with the Draconians. And the interesting thing is how openly Hamish blends me in with the gang. Hamish is all like, "come on over, here's everybody!". You'd think that me as the egg donor and reluctant sex-education teacher and what not would somehow remain in those of my compartments, but Hamish lets me see the various nationalities of militaries that he interacts with. When Hamish visits with the Japanese Army in Komi Saki, Japan, well then Hamish shows me the Japanese men and opens up the telepathic communication so that me and the Japanese can both see each other and talk to each other telepathically, via Hamish's connection. (The Japanese men speak to me in English, but they sure do have a Japanese accent, and they sometimes use Japanese words with me.)

It's like I'm part of it all, and in on the whole big mess. Because Hamish doesn't think of it as a mess, this whole global human interaction thing. There's militaries, there's women like me, and our roles are entirely different. But we're just all in this together, and here it is. So I'm starting to see how the MILABS/MKULTRA thing fits in together with the alien abductions stuff, because those two for the longest time seemed to be two entirely different things. Which was confusing. And now it's not. It is what it is. It is not a beautiful story. And it is not a story that I could or would think of. It's kind of a mess, it's kind of a hassle, but it's all of us together. In this big Draconian Saga.

I would call Draconian business here on earth, an "inconvenience" to all of us humans who find ourselves in it, but then again somehow the Draconians think of it all as organized and that it makes sense to them. And the Draconians have a way of involving everybody into their mess. The Dinosaurs, Orions, Zeta Greys, Thubans, even the Alpha Centauri people. Everybody is with the Draconians. More or less reluctantly. Because we have to. Because "the Draconians have a plan", and they think it is a brilliant plan.

And that MKULTRA thing

So Hamish works with the United States, Japanese, and Russian militaries. I was aware of the US military meddling with my life since I was age 14. That is when they contacted me telepathically and decided to speak. And before you wonder how on earth does the US military have telepathy technologies, it was the little Zeta Greys who were present and establishing the connection. "We were using their head phone", so to speak. (The North Port Gargoyle refers to telepathy as the use of a "head phone", which I thought was cute. But anyway...)

And then the next question obviously is, why would the US military want anything to do with me? I still don't know the full answer. But part of it is that they had to promise some humans for the use of aliens, and I was one of those. So the US military and surveillance staff (men in black suits who watch me with remote viewing literally 24/7) have to keep an eye on me for my safety with regard to the creepy aliens. But...

The US military decided that oh well, my life was already spent and ruined so why not involve me into the fabulous most fantastic MKULTRA project. Right? Makes sense? Because the MKULTRA is so awesome. So I have various implants and shit as well as with the help of Draconian mind-technologies that the Draconians including Hamish are teaching to the US-MKULTRA personnel so that they can move my body around with their own mind powers. You'd better believe it, because I have to.

"It is usually not done with boys." - one of the Russian MKULTRA says to me in English (I think it was one of the Russians)

And various other things that I don't even know about yet. Then there's something about me having "twelve DNA strands", which both Draconians and MKULTRA personnel keep mentioning, yet nobody really tells me anything about it. Only that I am an "advanced starsoul".

"Oh the Rosicrucians want you." - Jack, a US MKULTRA guy
"And I know it." - me, cause Jack has been saying this for years now
PS. Rosicrucians

Last night was Russian night

You know how aliens can abduct abductees and bring them to other locations? Well Hamish uses those same abduction technologies to bring me over so that I can pop a visit to meet with the US guys, Japanese guys, and now also the Russian guys. The Russians - with the exception of Stanislav who has been around forever with the US team - only appeared recently, a couple of months ago when General Patton started "training me" (doing mind control to move my body around at his will, it's pretty interesting). The US team were supposed to "train me" and then they would get paid, in diamonds as the currency, so that I would be transferred over to the "Russian team" who would then use me for various things.

"We don't really do this with many girls, either." - the Russian again, slightly trembly in his voice, I suspect that this is Alexander, a dude I'm gonna introduce to you shortly

"Please don't ever speak with Ivan Sokolov again." - unknown human with US or Russian team
"He is not with the Russians anymore." - the unknown
"What happened to Ivan? What happened to him?" - me
"... He wasn't a softy, you know." - looked like John/James, the US team member with black suit and black hair
"But, what happened to Ivan? Was he fired? WHAT HAPPENED TO IVAN! TELL ME!" - me
"(Yes! He was with the Russians!)" - John/James to Jack, or Jack to John/James
"... You guys... are so much fun." - me, and I don't mean that literally

Well since the gentlemen brought up Ivan Sokolov, I've written of him on other pages. He worked for the Russian team. He was a blonde man, he used a lot of drugs, he was a paid hitman for the Draconian/Military Agenda. The first time I met him was during a rape with two US team members and then Ivan appeared and the US guys said, "Here comes the domestic violence team!", or something like that. I walked over to Ivan. I watched him have I think three different sized and color drug pills on the palm of his hand. He put each of those in his mouth one at a time. And in a matter of seconds he went totally berserk. I was scared to death, as the mad Ivan charged at me. I was trying to escape but he cornered me. I was so scared. Anyhow, back to most recent events featuring our new friends, the Russians.

"Aulis Greenshaw and me wanted to talk." - Jack says now
"Aulis Greenshaw!" - me, obviously if you do a search there is not a single person in the United States by that name

But back to the Russian night. Hamish brought me to the Russian team last night. I remember bits and pieces of meeting with them, seeing the men in their Russian style military uniforms. Which I might add are distinctly different from United States military uniforms. And I also remember seeing Hamish now and then at night.

And I woke up during the night, it was perhaps around 5 AM when I looked at the time. Hamish told me that he wanted to "eat a piece of my liver", which he wanted to have in his mouth. Or that he told me to "give to him" a piece of my liver. I know that Hamish likes to eat liver. I asked him if he was hungry? And I casually regretted to him that I was unable to extract a piece of my own liver to feed him with. Oh Hamish you silly silly Red Dragon Turtle.

Which reminds me. Years ago in my teens, I had once asked my Zeta Greys who kept abducting me, if they could let me sample one of their foods. Just so that I could see what they eat. They gave me a yellow substance into my mouth. It tasted really bitter and sharp. I asked them what it was. They said pancreas. So yes I've had pancreas, not the tastiest of treats?

"Aulis Greenshaw wants to tell you, to watch out!" - Aulis Greenshaw
"Watch out with what?" - me

Ok so last night was Russian night. Then I fell back to sleep again, and I had a lengthy conscious encounter. It started in a dining room where I had been instructed to get some things to eat. They had long tables with various foods. I was once served food from a similar buffet arrangement during a Japanese abduction, where the Japanese served various typical Asian foods, like things in Asian teriyaki sauces and things. Here on the Russian tables the food looked distinctly more European, not a lot of sauces or fried foods.

Then I remember that a man was coming at me and I was trying to get away and I got cornered into the corner. Oh and they also showed me to where the toilet was in case that I would need it. (Something that the Japanese also did during my visit with them.) Then as I was carrying my plate and about to eat, a man told me to look up. I looked up and several young men were leaning against the railing and almost hanging down so that they could see me. They were all mischievous and juvenile and like they were up to some fun. They were definitely all ages 18 to 27 or so.

I had to go upstairs to where the men were. I didn't manage to eat anything. Then I was naked, which isn't nice. The young men didn't fancy me but it was like I was offered to them. And that is when I got to meet Sergei and Alexander. These two were a bit older than the young guys. Sergei and Alexander are probably in their mid-30's or so. Sergei is the shorter of the two. He has black hair. There were also other women there, it was like prostitutes, that is what it seemed like to me. I was appalled by the whimsical manner in which people would consider being with someone without concern for who they are as a person, or the usual concerns we all should have about STD's and unwanted pregnancies and things of that nature. I'm not happy in a promiscuous environment, I'm a very sophisticated and reserved woman.

Well it was clear that Sergei didn't really like me, even though he was supposed to spend time with me. Because Sergei went off with two or three other women that he was happier about. I felt unattractive and undesirable, which I don't blame them for. I actually deliberately tone down my hairstyle etc so that I am not attractive, because otherwise I get a lot of unwanted attention where I live and I don't like that.

But Alexander stayed with me. He looks a hell of a lot like an American actor whose name I don't remember nor do I remember any movies he was in, but I'll keep thinking about it because I have to show you a picture. They look a lot the same. Alexander is a huge man! He is very tall, very broad shoulders, very large build, but he is not fat or chubby or unfit in any way. He is very muscular. He has light brown hair. I noted how light his complexion is, he looks very Russian. He has noticeably large features of the face, such as his nose, cheekbones etc. I would definitely recognize him if I ever saw him in person in a crowd for instance.

Alexander got naked and I was only partially awake, so I wasn't exactly acting the way that I would had I been awake. Had I been perfectly awake I would have said something like "what the hell is going on, where am I and who are you and how did I end up here and why the hell am I naked and where are my clothes". Instead I was trying to figure it out. I was touching him on his body because I was trying to figure out who he was. I remember feeling his biceps, they were really big and muscular. Oh and one thing I will always remember is how very hairy Alexander was, all over his body. I have never seen a man who was as much hairy as he. His body hair is also a light brown color, so it is not black.

His legs were hairy and just as much on the thighs and calves. His chest AND his belly were really hairy and covered in carpet. His arms were really hairy too, even on the forearms! And what I would never have expected was that his back was also hairy just as much as everything else. And, umm, he was naked. He did something on me that I have to censor, but he did actually not rape me. I will write all the details in my book.

I kind of felt safe and secure having Alexander there. He was warm and friendly toward me. I really liked him. I had also bonded with Sergei, because these two men had "found me" and were paying me attention and so I felt less alone and less confused by having them there. So I missed having Sergei around, I was sad when he left me. I wasn't aware and awake enough to understand the situation I was in. Because had I been perfectly awake, I would for instance have covered my body, but I wasn't doing that.

I don't think that this was a dream. When I woke up from this and back in my room I was in some emotional turmoil, but at the same time I was happy to be able to remember all these details, and I'm intrigued by these "adventures" that Hamish brings me to. I need to figure this out, and I have to see these men so that I can understand. I'm ok though, it doesn't bother me after all these years. The only thing I do want is to be allowed to remain conscious. I need to know what happens to me.

And when I was back here again, Alexander was speaking with me telepathically. He told me that he and Sergei were friends since way back. Alexander said that he was in the Russian military. Alexander then did some MKULTRA technologies on me, doing mind control to move my body a bit. It is always an intimate experience to have an MKULTRA man that close and doing those things. I kind of like Alexander, he is a very gentle and friendly man. Unlike Olav (Olli) who was first assigned to me, who didn't seem to like me all that much. Me and Olav didn't have the right chemistry, for reasons I have outlined before. But I think that me and Alexander can hit it off quite well actually. So I look forward to getting to know him.

I've felt uneasy about being transferred over to some Russian team. I've had abandonment issues because I've known my US team for sixteen years and I don't want to just be handed over to some other guys who speak another language and who are entirely different. But now with Alexander here I feel a bit less uneasy about it. I can also trust Sergei, a little bit. And I'm glad that Ivan is gone, he scared me.

Oh and when Alexander was doing sexual things to me, the Russian team told me how this sexual trauma is usually inflicted on a person like me, or how it is supposed to be done. I was kind of shown a mental image and I'm going to have to refer to my book for the details, it's far too graphic to put anywhere on the public internet. So they were actually kindly doing a milder version on me. It also inferred that the reason they were doing sexual things to me was to traumatize me. So that I could somehow be more susceptible to the MKULTRA thing.

The rest is still just a mystery. Oh and in the morning when I was back at home, when Alexander was kind of explaining a few things, he then got really sad and was very close to crying and sobbing. Because he felt sorry for what I have to be put through. And so I told him to please not cry, because I was feeling his emotions and it would have made me start to cry too. If what they do is so bad that this huge muscular Russian military guy Alexander can cry about it then that's very telling. Assistant Carlisle with the US team always cries at work, every day.

I always feel that deep down all of the men in all the teams really care about me and that they are really sweet persons. It's not that they want to harm me, this is just the job that they do.

So for some reason I have twelve DNA strands and I am somehow different and special. Maybe that makes me susceptible for telepathy and MKULTRA mind control. The aliens want me so that they can make hybrids with this DNA. And the MKULTRA want various other things with me, of which I am only now beginning to find out.

Oh and I nearly forgot. Once I was back here in my room and after Alexander had almost started to cry, then Alexander said to me that "he has the right to hit me", and in his mental images he was referring to if he would make a fist and punch me on my face near the chin. That was so shocking for me to hear. I told him that men are not allowed to hit women, or that it would be like if a woman were to hit a child.

Alexander said to me that he disagrees. I was terrified by this, I literally became frozen with the atrocious thought of if he would actually hit me like this. I just can't believe that any man would ever want to hit me, so I have to tell myself that he is actually a very nice man. Because he has to be. He just has to. I can't have a man hitting me.

By the way Alexander also told me this morning that "the red guy" (or something like that) had been "bothering him" for a long time. He meant Hamish. So I told Alexander that I love Hamish. Alexander doesn't seem to see the "cuteness" in Hamish. Maybe only I do. I wish I could cuddle Hamish, he is the best.

And Lizards fighting over the Rugs

Yes, rugs. As you all know Hamish has his favorite bathroom rug that he has claimed as his own territory. He loves to step on it and feel the softness underneath his feet. He loves that rug. A few days ago I bought for him a nice new plush red bathroom rug, just for him, for our one-year anniversary. I expected him to fall in love with this rug and be found stomping on it and loving it. But he has not, he in fact still stays faithful to his previous rug.

Today I cleaned the bathroom and part of that was I washed all the bathroom rugs and then tumbledried them. So I told Hamish that I had washed his bathroom rug and that it was now soft and clean and warm. Then the new Yellow Draconian showed up, the one that has been watching me a bit lately. The one that wanted to "feel the power" with me the other day (but who didn't, he's just lurking around, like a kid in a candystore). So Yellow Draconian said that "he wants to have a rug too". So I told Yellow that he could have the red rug, because I had bought it for Hamish and Hamish didn't want it.

Yellow said that he "easily gets jealous", so he wanted a rug too, because Hamish had a rug. Then Hamish appeared and Hamish was making grunt-purr sounds, which I think are a friendly sound. But considering the context of what was to follow, the grunt-purr could be a form of warning. Who knows.

Hamish then told me that he doesn't "like" the yellow Draconian. Hamish then did a few Yes-No's which indicated that the yellow Draconian was not to have the red rug as his own. And Hamish said to me that he no longer wanted to be "near" the red rug. Kind of like that it was now tainted by the yellow Draconian and therefore disgusting. And I then saw images of Hamish shoving the yellow Draconian off the red rug. Which is funny because the red rug was folded into a smaller piece because I had needed my floor space to do some dancing today, so the yellow guy must have been standing on that small piece of a red rug, as if somehow claiming it as his territory. And Hamish was shoving him off of it.

Oh Draconians and their rugs. They act like children sometimes. Or like puppies. But I sure do like to watch them do these cute little things. I love Hamish with his rug, it is just so adorable don't you think?

Oh and when I was having some ice-cream Hamish told me that "his mouth goes over" the ice-cream. I asked him if he wanted to taste some? He didn't say. Then I had a crunchy bar and again Hamish said that his "mouth goes over my food". I think that this means that he is showing his dominance, kind of like that he would like to take my food away from me, that sort of thing. Because I'm pretty sure he doesn't want ice-cream or snack bars.

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