Hamish is back - better than ever
August 23 2012

So the Hissy Fit Hamish was on lasted from the 17th and until the 21st. Because yesterday Hamish was back to normal and I had a wonderful day together with him. And last night and this morning again Hamish has been pure sweetness. Five days of Hissy Fit, now suddenly gone.

Yesterday I wrote to someone asking if this person would speak to Hamish and try to resolve his Hissy Fit for him and explain to me why Hamish was acting this way. The person never responded but I like to think that Hamish was aware of what I wrote to this person and Hamish then realized that his behavior was not necessary. Because yesterday he was back to normal. I was so delighted to have him back.

No more Hissy Fits. He doesn't hiss at me, his "Yes" don't sound like angry short static anymore, and he is interacting with me again in the normal way like he always did before. He is being playful and carefree again like he used to. He enjoys the soft rugs, and scratching his turtle hump back on the shower door handle. He makes his "pleased Yes" which are long smooth exhales accompanied by his "Yes" and sound absolutely delightful to hear. He is saying Yes-No's, he is paying attention to my eating habits and saying Yes or No to my choices of food. And during his five-day Hissy Fit he wasn't spending time with me in my room like he used to, and now he is back to interacting with me and being very sweet and playful and fun. I am so glad to have him back.

Turns out what I think caused this problem is that on the 18th I had sharply objected to him showing me mental images of the Japanese men with the Narugai. I had even went so far as to say that "I'd rather kill myself" than have to see these things. Hamish had misinterpreted that it was Hamish's presence that would make me "want to die", and so he was being very dismissive of me, not spending time with me in my room, not talking to me, and only giving short sharp and dismissive answers, each time telling me to go away. From my discussions with Hamish I learned that this is the misunderstanding he had made. And as soon as he realized it, he was back to normal. He is now acting happy and fun and cheerful around here with me again. I think we both have a great time together.

This morning I think it was (otherwise yesterday morning, but most probably this morning) as I went in to have my morning shower, Hamish came into the shower room and was talking to me about his "back shield". He means of course the turtleshell back hump, which is a very distinguishing feature. I like Hamish's back hump, it's so special and I like the way that he likes having it there on his back and that he will sometimes talk to me about it. It's cute, and it's different, so that makes it fun. He was telling me to "watch out" for his "back shield". And then as I was in the shower, and Hamish was standing on "his" bathroom rug (the old original one), he then paid attention to the shower door handle, and I saw from him his mental images of the shower door handle.

It reminded me of like imagine a big guy at the bakery shop, and he sees all of those delicious slices of cake and baked things in the counter for display. And he isn't supposed to have any, because it is almost like a guilty pleasure, but then imagine what he would look like as he happens to turn around and oh there they are, and he is just looking at them and imagining the pleasure if he were to give in. So Hamish turned around and noticed the shower door handle, which he of course knew was there, and he was seeming very tempted and considering scratching his back against the shower door handle. Oh it was delightful to have him back to his usual fun self. Hamish is normally curious like this, and he finds fun things to enjoy.

I had a yoghurt with breakfast and told the ETs that I was having it in honor of Hamish, who keeps telling me to have some yoghurt, so now I did. And when I went to class I found that Hamish was still staying very close by. It was as if he too was enjoying having our relationship restored, as if he clinged to me closer than he usually would. It must have been hard on Hamish too not to be able to interact with me like we did for an entire year until his Hissy Fit. So Hamish came to class with me! He is invisible of course, it's as if he visits from a higher dimension. Don't ask me to explain how it works, I can't. I also know that they can bring me into their other dimension, and then we are in the same place.

Hamish asked me if he could be in the classroom and I said to him that yes he can. He watched me closely for a while, Hamish was close because I was seeing his beautiful red and peculiar body quite clearly. He then left my side and went to the flowerbeds outside the building! He was showing me mental images of himself in his immediate surroundings. He was standing in the flowerbeds. Stomping around and enjoying the feeling of the grasses and plants underneath his feet. And he was looking for red, orange, or yellow flowers. I didn't know that Hamish likes flowers, but he does!

Before going to the flowerbeds Hamish showed me mental images of some forests somewhere where the leaves have already begun to turn orange. I felt his feelings that he enjoys to see those colors, because the Fall colors are the same as the colors of him. Hamish is red, with orange blunt bumps that are filled with a liquid and glow in the dark in neon orange, and then his eyes are yellow. Hamish likes all three of these colors.

And last night I had a lot of close encounters with Hamish the Red Dragon Turtle. I had so many bits of conscious activity with visitations that when I woke up in the morning I wondered if I had actually slept at all! In the evening when I went to bed and closed my eyes, I got a very clear and close encounter with Hamish as if he were right near me. It was a very scary sight, there was something frightening about the image, like a feeling attached to it. The image faded, and then returned, same as before. Again I was frightened by it. It took me a while to get over the frightening aspect of the image and to recognize that what I was looking at was none other than my Hamish. I reminded myself that this was the same Hamish that I know and love, and so I was able to talk myself out of any fear. It was my Hamish.

And now that our Hissy Fit was over, Hamish was coming closer to me than ever before the Hissy Fit. I saw many clear and long-lasting images of him. How beautiful he is. I know exactly what his face looks like. He comes closer to me now than he did before, and I am enjoying that. He is my Big Bear.

And last night I entertained myself in the boredom of waiting to fall asleep by asking Hamish to teach me Draconian phrases in his own language. So I was "roaring" his common phrases in my mind telepathically, trying to make them sound just like when Hamish does it. Turns out I had to use not only my mind, but also focus on using the chest and ribcage with it, because breathing is involved in the intonation. You add accent by making "emotions" from the chest. And when I was asking him to teach me how to say "Juice", he told me that I have to "taste my mouth" at the same time, and I realized that yes every time Hamish talks about food he opens his mouth a bit and makes the motion as if he were tasting on something that were in his mouth. He also said that I would have to show him my mouth when I say "juice", ie. with a telepathic mental image. So I was learning to do all that.

When you say "juice", it has its very own "emotion" and "mental roar" that is very gentle and subtle, and then you have to show to the person you are talking to a mental image of your mouth, and then you open your mouth a little as if you were tasting on something in the mouth and you show that to the person. Oh I had a great time learning to say things in Hamish's language with him!

When I left for school this morning I left some clothes on the floor. Once I was in class, Hamish did a Yes-No. He showed me an image of my closet and said Yes. Then he showed me an image of the white long skirt I had left on the floor this morning, and said No. So this was his way of telling me that I should hang my clothes in the closet rather than leaving them on the floor. I love his Yes-No's, I've started using them too when I talk to him. I love to tell Hamish Yes-No's. And my favorite phrase to practice with him last night was "Yes" in his Draconian language. The smooth long exhale.

Hamish brought me to the Japanese people last night. I was in one of theirs home in an apartment. I was in the kitchen, and just visiting. I woke up from it kind of thinking that it wasn't a dream. And later in the day Hamish said something that verified that I had been there, even though I hadn't asked about it.

Last night something incredible happened. I found myself in a perfectly clear lucid dream. I was in that other place, the higher dimension, where Hamish and the other ETs live, and which they bring humans to during abductions. I was waiting for Hamish to appear, I called for him and I was excited to maybe see him. I was in my bed. I had a feeling that they were in the hallway, but I knew that if only they were to come into my room at this time, I would have seen them perfectly. Me and them made of the same fabric.

What would I do if I saw Hamish him and me in the same place? Would I run to him and throw myself at his feet and give him a "pleased Yes" and say "Hamish". I want to see him, really I do. I'd have to refrain from touching him, I have to remember that we humans as mammals love to touch and to be touched, but to Hamish touch means something entirely different. And if I want to tell him that I like him, then touching him is not the way to go.

Oh my Hamish is back! I am so happy. My red Dragon Turtle Hamish is back to normal and even cuter and cuddlier than ever before. One day soon I will buy him some red, orange and yellow flowers. He will like that. I love him.

A reminder of really how cute he is

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