Hissy Fit Continues...
but Hamish gets present anyway
August 20 2012

For those of you who don't know, who may have stumbled on this page without reading the prior ones, Hamish is my red Draconian Space Lizard, he is a Dragon Turtle. He is big and red and he's been in my life for a bit over one year now. A few days ago after one wonderful year together without any turmoils, Hamish throws a hissy fit and he's been hissy fitting ever since. Today I bought for him a wonderful present, a red bathroom rug just for him, even though he is still hissy fitting at me with his mouth open at me.

Ok so Hamish has been on a Hissy Fit ever since August 17th when I donated blood plasma. Without asking for his permission. And ate chili cheese fries. And drank sweet iced tea. What *may* have aggravated it further is that on the 18th I had some Chinese buffet including *two* crawfish, and last night Hamish was mumbling something about "shellfish soup" and feeling genuinely sad about the death of the red scaled crawfishes. As if they were his cousins that had just died.

But last night and then again early this morning at some time around 5 AM or something, an Illuminati hybrid came along for a visit. (The Illuminati hybrids are big chubby fellows with white skin and no hair. They have sharp shark teeth and pale eyes. The first time I ever saw one I was traumatized for a long time just because of what they look like. But by now I consider the guys as my "brothers", and I call them that.)

So the Illuminati hybrid feller came along last night and he said to me that he was the Illuminati, which is why I call them the "Illuminati hybrids", or "IM hybrids" for short in my notes. These chubby white fellows wear black suits. He said that they work very closely with the CIA. He said to me in few words that the Illuminati hybrids with the CIA seize certain human beings who then are under their control. He asked me if I had seen the red-haired Batman killer, I said sure. He said that they do that sort of things. I said that I was not interested in participating.

Oh, earlier last night before the Illuminati fellow came along, I had a visit by a most spectacular new type of Draconian. He was a yellow crocodile. He had the most interesting scales, they were large and square and with raised boundaries from both sides, with a gradially sunken center. He was very handsome, and also very large and tall once he stood beside me next to the bed in my bedroom. He had a dark basooned voice like all the other Alligator-type of Draconians do.

This yellow croc cuddled with me a bit. It felt like having sex with someone. It was really neat. I realized that he was cautiously approaching me about what I call a "conquest", which is when a Draconian tests the strength of a new human that he has never seen before (and samples the "juice"), and he'll throw himself over that human and then wrestle them around, and it all feels very sexual and intimate and amazing.

Anyhow, I was awake early this morning and at around 5 AM the Illuminati feller returned. I kept slipping between being "here", and "there", and more often than not it felt like I was in fact "there" not here. And then suddenly, whoops, I was completely naked. And so I wondered if I had gone to bed naked last night because sure enough I had nothing on and I hadn't undressed myself. (But later when I returned to my bedroom I saw that I was dressed in my pajamas, so somehow I had gotten undressed when over there.)

The Illuminati hybrid had sex with me. It was really great. The details of that will have to be found in my book, because it's just too graphic for a public website to write about things like that. It was really nice. In fact the Illuminati fellers are so lovely that I can't even consider a human boyfriend anymore. Human men don't even compare, just saying.

I almost forgot to mention that being so close to the Illuminati feller I couldn't help but notice that the guy has/had a very strong body odor. Previous encounters with IM hybrids gave me the impression that they smelled like candle wax or Blu-Tack, but this guy had a smell different from that one. Maybe he just needed a bath. It's a bit tricky to describe the smell that he had. It wasn't gross or anything, I'd just say it is a body odor more reminiscent of smelly humans who don't shower, though even a bit different than that. It's ok though he's not gross. But definitely a strong body odor. Also not like the musky man scent that some human men have in their sweat. Anyhow...

The Illuminati feller stayed with me for the whole morning as I got ready for school. He said that he would like to live here with me, although he knows that's not possible. He also asked me how I felt about a "patriarchal society". I said that I personally believe in gender equality and am a very confident and outspoken woman. I told him that he and I will just have to accept that we adhere to different cultures. I've known from before how the Illuminati hybrids are brought up over there to look down on women. So it's not their fault. I've often asked about whether there are any Illuminati ladies, any of those chubby white women out there? I've not gotten an answer nor have I ever seen them. Oh and after he and I had had sex early this morning, he told me that he was not as much "homosexual" anymore.

Oh by the way, the IM guy likes to watch movies. When I watch movies here on Earth the IM hybrid and often also the hybrid children come gather around and watch with me. The IM hybrid likes "murder mysteries", which I never watch actually, but I can start putting some such movies on for him to watch. I know he is into "sadism" and "sadomasochism" so I bet I don't have to pre-watch a movie to consider whether it might be "too much" for our friendly alien-man visitor. But the hybrid kids are scared when I once watched a scary movie, so I have to be careful about that. The IM hybrid is very much like human guys, he's a really cool guy, he likes movies, he wants to fly in a hot air balloon, he likes fast cars and dreams about driving fast cars, that sort of things. Totally a guy.

Anyhow, as soon as I had returned from the sexual encounter with the IM feller, Hamish appeared! And Hamish came up right up close to my face, and he says Yes-No. I of course ask Hamish what Yes-No? What is Yes and what is No in this instance? He then makes several "Yes" to me, and shows me his mental images of my female privates. Ok so he was happy that I had had sex with the IM hybrid. At least Hamish wasn't all Hissy Fit on me anymore, for the time being.

Hamish continued to open his mouth at me in the morning though, however he opened his mouth only partially, and not wide open as he does usually. So I saw it as improvement in his behavior. "Dont worry, he is just using scare tactics.", someone unknown says to me right now, possibly the friendly tall lady Zeta-hybrid or the White Praying Mantis.

I bought for Hamish a brand new big red bathroom rug. This one is almost exactly the same color as Hamish is, is about twice the size of the previous one, and is also much softer. When I was at the store I asked Hamish to come look at the bathroom rugs with me. I asked him to touch them with his hand to feel them and asked him what color he wants. I suggested this one that is the same color as he, and when I asked him if he likes the color he did indicate that he did.

So I brought the rug home and spread it out on my bedroom floor. I then went in to have a shower and I invited Hamish to go and step on it and give it a try while I showered. "We are no honored race.", Hamish says now. "My Honored Hamish", I say to Hamish wondering if this will fix things. Hamish used to be picky about not letting me forget to "honor him" with every sentence, but for long times now he has not been reminding me, and so I have slipped and not been saying it. Maybe my negligence has accumulated to the point where today he is all Hissy Fit about me?

While I was in the shower Hamish said Yes-No, in which he shows me a mental image of the new red rug in my bedroom and says Yes, and then quickly shows me "his" old rug next to the shower and he says No. His Yes-No's are always very quick, he displays the image of Yes and the image of No close to one another. It is part of the style in which he says it, it has to be fast. It sounded too good to be true, so I asked him to repeat what he had just said. He did the same Yes-No once more or twice more, so I guess he likes the rug!

I asked him if he likes the color. He then said that he would have rather had one that is the same yellow as his eyes, and he shows me a mental image of his eyes. I say to Hamish that "next time I will get him a yellow one". He then says that he would like to see this new rug either in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Both of which is where I have rugs. I tell him that no, this rug is not to be stepped on by anyone other than he. And that if it is in the kitchen it would become dirty. I find it odd that he puts up with having "his" old rug in the bathroom where me and my roommate both step on it, since it is his prized beloved. This new rug stays in my bedroom, so that he can stomp on it while he watches me at nights during his evening visits.

I am now eager to wait and see whether Hamish will experience a sudden splurge and start stomping up and down on it with his feet like he does on the one in the shower room. This one's big enough for him to nap on. Say maybe if I lay it down on my bed after I make my bed in the mornings then he could enjoy having a nap on it or even sitting on it in my bed, why not.

So guess who I found under my bed the other night, maybe that was even last night come to think of it? MALIK! The darn bastard was found under my bed. Malik has a surprisingly small body so he can fit, but this new bed is much less tall so Hamish can no longer fit underneath it. I miss when Hamish would go under my bed and it would be like when you're a kid and your sibling or best friend is camping with you in bunk beds and the two of you can stay up all night giggling and telling stories. Hamish and me would do that, and once he even reached from under the bed and was grabbing at the heel of my foot since my feet were hanging and dangling off the bed. Hamish has an appetite for putting my heels into his mouth, at least he thinks about it fairly often, go figure.

But Malik said that he was camping under my bed so that he could feed off my "juice" (human life force) at night when I'm sleeping, specifically from the liver. Malik will always be Malik. He's kinda creepy, but he's like the uncle you don't really like but he also comes to family reunions so you just get used to having him there. I often find Malik tip-toeing around the place. For the most part he's really cheerful and kinda cute. If he does scary things like the Satanic Hellish energy I can actually yell at him and he quits. He's creepy but this ET situation works. He's part of the gang and it would be wrong not to have him on the family portrait so to speak.

But Hamish has been showing me his mouth open all day today when I turn to him, but he has thankfully been doing it partly open instead of fully open, so it is a form of improvement. And I don't think he has hissed at me today, but...

Hamish has started using a different language with me. Instead of making his "pleased Yes", which are long elongated and smooth Yes done with an exhale, he is doing short Yes which have some of that sharp hiss undertone somewhat. Maybe he is still grumpy. Meaning that he is still having Hissy Fit. Hope Hamish likes his present.

I feel like a man who has been in a relationship with a woman for one year now and I was planning on our special one year anniversary for weeks before it came, and it was supposed to be sweet and romantic, but instead she and I ended up having some stupid argument that I can't even fully understand, and now she's been hissy fitting for four days now and nothing I can say or do will ease it down for her. All I know is that I still love her and I'm willing to work with it, patiently listening to her and letting her know that I'm still here for her. And so the present I got for her wasn't delivered on that special romantic evening that I had envisioned, but on a day that feels like something cold between the two of us and we aren't even on speaking terms anymore. I'm just willing to give her time and patience, what else can I do when I love her.

I'm just hoping that she loves the present and that she can remember the good times we've had, and that she won't abandon me simply because of an argument. I say that I am like the man and Hamish is like the woman because usually women behave this way and act all Hissy Fit with a man and then the man can't understand what is going on. Well, he ruined our one-year anniversary, but I still love him. He can keep hissing at me and avoiding me and facing me with his mouth wide open, but this is one of the most meaningful relationships I've ever had with someone and I'm not letting it go because of some stupid argument. I love Hamish and I'm always here for her. I mean him.

Hamish appears now and just looks at me and breathes and is thinking. It takes him a moment before he says something, and he then says,
"Are you writing that about me?" - Hamish says to me right now
"Yes." - me to Hamish
"Then it must say that I am honored." - Hamish says, he doesn't sound angry

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