Year One Of Hamish
And a medley of aliens
August 8 2012

Hamish, my Red Draconian Lobster Centipede Elder, isn't he cute? He likes to hide under beds (if he can fit) and he likes the soft bathroom rug under his feet. He wants to rule over all races, yet he cries when a centipede gets killed with the bottom of a shoe and put into a trashbag. He has a distinct dislike of trash being kept in the trashcan and he has a way of finding trashcans even when I hide them. He wants me to honor his scales, and his breath smells like rotten cheese and vomit. I have soon known this extraterrestrial for one year now, and can't wait for year two of Hamish.

This website started in August 2011 when I was first contacted by the Orion man. I named the website The Orion Mind Project, the purpose was to figure out whether I was hallucinating this Orion man or whether he could be real. Over the course of a year I got acquainted with several other ETs. The friendly and fun Dinosaurs, Hamish the Red Draconian, Malik the Black One, Snake the Draconian, then the Zeta-hybrids, and many others. I found myself trying to hold on to the obligation of refuting this as mere imaginations, but these ETs managed to convince me that they are real, culminating in Malik's mention of Aleister Crowley being one of them.

And so this website became more like a blog about cats, where pet owners post pictures and fun anecdotes about their beloved cats, hoping that the whole world will also fall in love with their pets like they do. But my pet happens to be a big red space lizard.

Every day is fun and absolutely ridiculous with these ETs. I still have daily visitations from Hamish, Dinosaurs, Orion doctor, and the Zeta team, Thubans, Illuminati hybrid men and the Zeta hybrid children. It's funny cause these all look like various animals yet they act like people, and each race has its own distinct alien uniqueness to it that still reminds me that they are not exactly human. It's been one year of daily contact, yet I am still as amazed at the Dinosaurs and Hamish and all the others. It never ceases to be absolutely incredible to have alien contact.

I love to just see these alien creatures. Like the ever so handsome Orion man, how handsome he is. Like a man covered in black tubular scales, with large yellow eyes, and he wears that uniform with the upside down triangle. To see such a man, I never grow tired of it, it never becomes dull. It will always be fantastic to see the Orion doctor.

And the lovely Dinosaurs, I would say that I am a little bit more excited to see them each time, and not less. They are so adorable, they kind of look like big frog people. And their skin is so handsome, with an intricate pattern of dark with green and some light greenish yellow. And they have that beautiful smell, they smell like vegetation from a swampy lake in a forest, or like the smell of a greenhouse that has a big thing of water in it. I will always love the Dinosaurs. Seeing them is a delight each time, and it will never cease to be.

And I have only grown more fond of Hamish over the course of the year. I like to telepathically shriek his name to him, I find myself acting just like a crazy cat lady who finds clever ways of using baby talk to pronounce his name. I have Ham-mish, and I also do Ha-mis.

Hamish is the most spectacular being in the world, but I know that all parents think that their baby is the cutest in the world, and that all pet owners think that their cat or dog is the best, so perhaps I am a bit biased about my Reptile, but I truly believe that anyone who would get to know this big beast would also come to fall in love with it, and would also find ways to shriek his name in baby talk, because it just happens.

And in a way, I have also come to get used to Malik's tip-toeing around the place. I just didn't like that one night a few days ago when I woke up at 3 AM having Malik leaning over me and I had the scare of a lifetime. I ended up praying to both Jesus Christ and all the Angels for hours. But when I'm awake I seem to have some defenses up and then I don't mind Malik tip-toeing around and being up to his usual weirdness.

Malik is kind of ok. He's just this small frail black lizardly thing with white eyes. He likes thoughts of sadism and he likes to eat my soul and leave me weak and dark, but he doesn't always do that. Sometimes he's just Malik, another alien guy I've gotten used to having around. Malik and the Keyhole.

It's been a great year, filled with new friends. I also got to meet the Japanese men through Hamish, and my MILABS men finally revealed to me elements of MKULTRA and now with General Patton and Sargent Wilkes they are actually talking to me more than they used to, so that is great, since I've had them in my life for sixteen years.

There is so much to say about my ETs and all our adventures together, but perhaps that is why it is great that I am writing a book about it. In fact it is already as long as two books, because I couldn't possibly fit all of the telepathic communication into just one.

Just now, Hamish tells me that I need to see him eat a Dinosaur. He tells me that the frog makes a sound when it dies. I say a clear No! to Hamish, and I tell him that otherwise I will scatter trash all across my bedroom floor. Just another day with the aliens, and I am one of them. I am one of the many races of living things and we are all in this big family under the Draconian Agenda of genetics projects. And now the Dinosaur comes around to show me a mental image of the tissue paper I have in my trashcan with which I blew my nose a while ago, yes. He then shows me an image of as if I would have scattered that on my floor (this paper is about the only thing in my trashcan at the moment), and the Dinosaur thinks it is fun. And when the Dinosaur is delighted about things, which he always is, then that makes me happy too. So now we had another fun moment, he and I. Now the Dinosaur is looking at me closely and he is amused. He often tells me that I am a strange creature.

Me and the Dinosaur have many fun moments together, because he is very observant and he finds so many things here and about me that he finds amusing. Then since I am so connected to him I can feel how he is feeling and then that rubs off on me and that totally cheers me up too. He likes to show up sometimes just to show me a mental image of something fun that he has found. He sees fun in many ordinary things here on Earth and with what we humans do. I have never had so much fun with anyone like I have with the Dinosaur. He notices all kinds of little strange fun things around me. And yes he thought it was fun that I would think about scattering my trash all across the floor. I only said that to Hamish because he doesn't like trash and because he was acting dominating about the Dinosaurs and I didn't like that.

He now gives me a close image of himself. His skin looks a bit tight and rubbery. I could imagine the skin making a squeeching sound if I rubbed my hands on it. He has big yellow eyes, and his body is very slender and cute. His fingers are big and chubby, so are his toes. He often tells me how he has no skeleton. He thinks that I am strange because I have a skeleton. His eyes have a slightly droopy sad and tired look, well in the way that we humans interpret faces anyway. He's adorable!

"I like you!" - I tell the Dinosaur
"I would like to see you eat food." - Dinosaur says, and I realize that it is 2 PM and I haven't had a single thing to eat or drink all day
"I would like to come visit you." - me
"It is too late now." - Dinosaur
"Why is it too late? Don't tell me that you are leaving?" - me

Just another day.

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