Visit to the underground facility?
April 29 2012

Last night the Orion doctor showed up again. It seems that my strong words to Lady Zeta and her bratty hybrids have discouraged them from visits. Even Snake and Hamish noticed that there was a problem. So it seems I am more back with the original team now, and my beloved Dinosaurs and Orion doctor are returning. I was quite more comfortable with my old friends the Orion and Dinosaur anyway, and far more curious of their medical projects, than in taking part of a sex ed program/animal at the zoo with the bratty hybrid kids. So all is well.

Yesterday I had some fries with chili and cheese and Orion doctor did not approve of my meal. I told him that I regret to have to finish my meal anyway since I had already paid for it. He asked me to promise that I would not eat that again. I continue to make my own choices in food. They also want me to drink milk instead of fruit juice. But Orion doctor was back.

Last night he told me that he would like to study the bacteria in my mouth. He was also disgusted that there are even bacteria in the air here in my room. I told him that I was sorry but that there was nothing I could do about that, that it is natural for us humans to live covered in bacteria and dust mites and that it is just part of life. The Orion doctor told me that he and Hamish are both disgusted by the bacteria here so that is why they send the Dinosaur in instead. (Dinosaurs always have to do the less delectable of work tasks.)

I insisted that the boys let me stay awake from now on during abduction encounters! I would be ever so pleased to meet them, and to see the fascinating medical projects that they do. They are also studying my respiratory system and they want to do "weird medical experiments" to it. Sure I said fine just let me stay awake during it, I wanna see! It is interesting when Hamish appears and when he looks at me closely. Namely he thinks of me as a brain, or that he actually has a brain fetish. When we humans look at each other we see the eyes the mouth the facial expression the soul the person but when Hamish looks at me all he sees is a fascinating brain. That's it. It is a very creepy and visceral encounter with Hamish because when he looks at me closely I see myself as he sees me. I feel as if my whole soul and personality and face vanishes and I am just a brain box. Hamish is fascinated by my brain and he loves to look at it. Most people would go insane from that experience, it has a creep-factor that is beyond the scariest horror movies made on Earth. I can only handle it because I am very tolerant and loving. But most people would go insane with fear, it is really creepy and visceral.

So I told the boys that I insist to be let to stay awake. Snake appeared and wrestled me across the bed. He contorted me pulling me to the edge of the bed and then folding me and pulling my head off the edge of the bed, and then lifted both of my arms so that they were above my head and hanging in the air. All this in no time at all. The Reptilians maneuver me with such superhuman speed and strength that I couldn't be doing it to myself. It is my best evidence of this being real, the best formal evidence that is. (Evidence that might even convince other people.) He did such neat maneuverings of me that I thought darn I should have that on camera for you guys! I might set up a webcam by the bed to capture these Reptilian wrestle moments. They are really neat. It doesn't hurt me, I am excited and giddy to be moved about by a Draconian alien species! It tends to make me giggle.

They showed me a black work station which is like the medical exam table except that it is a chair. Makes sense if they want to study my throat and swallowing reflexes and respiratory system, if they need my body propped up instead of lying down. They were describing to me that I would be on that chair and telling me some of the procedures. They said that the first thing they do before bringing me in is that they wash the chair. I was excited about the prospect of waking up over there with my guys. And medical projects do not scare me as much as they intrigue me. I am fortunate not to be afraid of doctors and medical experiments because I myself am heading that way in my career so it doesn't make me nervous one bit. The aliens however are convinced that I would be afraid of needle injections and the sort. I assure them that I am not.

They keep a bucket beside the work benches when I am there. They have this black chair work bench and a white level one. They always tell me about the bucket on the floor beside it in case I vomit. I tell them that I do not vomit easily. It takes the likes of food poisoning to make me vomit, I hate it so that I have ways of avoiding it at any cost. It seems that when I am brought over, "through the air", it causes my body to become very dizzy and that would make me vomit. They are convinced that I tend to vomit while I'm over there. Too bad I don't have memory of that.

Did I get a conscious encounter with the boys? I had an interesting dream. But just now:

"We don't want to be caught on camera." one of the ETs says now.
"I just want to capture the manipulations, when you maneuver my body. It won't capture you on the film at all. I just want to show people what it looks like, it is very interesting." - me
"We don't want it to be captured." - Snake
"Ok." - me
"And we don't care if you are afraid or not." - Snake
"Ok Snake. Thank you." - me
"We just want to, capture you!" - Snake
"Yes Snake, thank you." - me
"And we are still the dominating species." - Snake

By the way last night the most horrendous thing of my life happened. So I had gotten comfortable to go to sleep. I don't recall whether it was before or after my conversations with Snake about the work bench, perhaps before. Suddenly in my head I heard the word "Nothing". You see, when I have telepathy - which I do often and lots of it with the ETs - the telepathy is soft and like something I grab out of a mist. Telepathy is always a soft and gentle experience that does not bother or alarm me at all. But this time, for the first time ever in my life, "Nothing" was said in my mind but it was an auditory telepathy! I wish I could convey in words how utterly terrifying it was! There was such a creep-factor to hearing this in my brain that it is worse than any creepy movies. The word was also very loud and it was clearly not my voice, but the voice of a man.

I was so scared I started trembling and screaming (screaming in my telepathic mind not out loud) and nearly crying. I worked real hard to get out of my utter terror and horror and to calm myself and try to repress it, because every time I recalled how I had heard it it put me straight back into the terror. But as soon as I got to forgetting about it so that I could be calm again and go to sleep, the same voice and in the same way said (in my other European language), something to the effect of, "That is a crap computer", accompanied with a mental image showing me my laptop that was folded and sitting on my desk chair. The voice was again in my head and not like all other telepathy otherwise which are like gentle things floating in the air that I pick up on. This was in my head. It was loud. It was the voice of a man. And there was something utterly terrifying about the voice.

I started screaming by now, although the word "Nothing" had itself been so utterly terrifying, because it felt like someone saying things like "destruction, all will be wiped out", that sort of thing, but for a more down-to-earth comment about a computer, it relaxed me somewhat because it didn't seem so demonic anymore. But anyway I got so scared I started screaming as loud as I could (in telepathy) for Hamish to come help me and to keep me safe! I begged for my Hamish to come to me I told him that there was some scary voice talking to my head! After a short while Hamish appeared to me and I instantly felt safer. Later I learned that the voice was Snake, a familiar character, but I sure wish he hadn't spoken in such a creepy way.

So Hamish and Snake were with me and I was talking about wanting to come see them and to stay conscious during an abduction encounter. Hamish got really close to me a few times, I could see his eyes and head and eyelids. I love seeing Hamish. He showed me some very clear images of himself and I shrieked "Ham-mish!" out of sheer delight like I always do! I've started pronouncing his name the way that I say cats' names. He doesn't know that yet so he hasn't objected to it yet - but he will!

Normal humans would be filled with terror and horror if they ever saw my Ham-mish. But when I see him it triggers in me tremendous love and affection. I think that Hamish early on did something with my brain so that I am in love with him. It makes his job easier over here and it makes my alien encounters far less terrifying, because instead of seeing a scary monster when I see Hamish, I see someone who is like a beloved cat or the love of my life and it fills me with bubbles of joy to see my beloved.

The dream:

The dream started with me visiting at a man's house. The next day we noticed that some things in the house were out of order, as if someone had moved them around. Next day we saw that some things were missing. We found out that there was a guy who was sneaking in at nights and living in the basement. He had been stealing things from the house and taking them down there. We now figured that he was planning on coming to steal all the expensive electronic equipment, such as stereos, tvs. I went to town to go find a police. I found a lady police officer patrolling on the street (she looked just like me). We had some encounters with the guy from the basement, and then the dream switched to the next episode.

The dream flowed into the next episode by having our little dog in the house now, and the burglar guy was now gone as was the man who this house belonged to. Me and our dog went out to see my brother. Then I don't remember and then it was another episode again in which me and my little sister were at the train platform to catch a train. But something was wrong, because the train that pulled up was all wrong. It was just one car, and I did not want to get in. There were some other people in there, and the whole thing felt creepy and wrong. I have taken trains many times in my life, because in my native country in Europe people go by train all the time.

So me and my little sister were in the train car and it started going underground. Like the underground metro trains only the tunnels were darker and not lit up or glazed or painted on the walls. It all had an uncanny feeling that something was wrong, that this wasn't the trains I was used to. The car turned into a monorail that went diagonally down along a track that led even further down underground. It didn't descend like an elevator straight down, but diagonally. Me and my sister peeked out through the window up front and to my horror the track went on FOREVER! Well, not literally forever but boy that was a long long long descent! I thought that what if the car were to detach then that would be a long drop.

We arrived at the bottom finally, we must have been miles under ground. We found ourselves standing on a fairly small arrival platform. The ground and walls were just rock and nothing had been painted or covered. It was a type of brown sandy muddy color but I declare I had never seen the color or make of rock as what we had in the tunnels and down here. The walls were dark and dense in a way that I have never seen. A type of brown rock, smooth and a bit glossy, firm and solid not crumbly or sandy, and as if the rock was made mostly out of metal and not stone!

There were people here but they were alien races. They wore gorgeous I think very stylish uniforms. I was asked by someone to go closer to the ledge to have a look. This arrival platform wasn't all that big and straight forward from where the cars arrived was the ledge. I got down on all fours on hands and knees and crawled to the edge of the ledge. Damn that ledge had no railing or support whatsoever and what I saw was THE BIGGEST ROOM IN THE WHOLE WORLD. From the ledge, a vertical drop went straight down for hundreds and hundreds of meters, and it was the biggest room in the world. The roof of the room went higher up from where my ledge was, and I noticed that it was HUGE - HUGE!!! The ceiling was noticeably arched and not flat, and it had some pattern on it like big chisel marks, so it wasn't perfectly smooth. The floors and walls were also not perfectly smooth.

I have never seen such a big room before. I declared that what I was seeing was more spectacular than the seven wonders of the world, this was the most impressive construction project in the whole wide world. I was very awed and impressed, it really made a tremendous impression of awe to see such a large magnificent space. But damn guys put a railing on that ledge I could have easily fell off! Or at least some warning tape. There was nothing on that ledge.

I looked down and saw people in the big space below. "Mexicans!" I declared to my joy and utter delight. Mexicans. The people had dark tanned skin and wore those gorgeous blue uniforms. There were both men and women, and they all had dark brown hair. All the women had dark almost black hair that was very long and straight and shiny. They looked like humans, only their eyes were small and dark and almond shaped. No they weren't Mexicans. They were from "Centauri" I remember quite clearly being told. "Alpha Centauri?" I thought. I do not know "which" Centauri, or if Alpha Centauri. But just Centauri.

I then saw little red creatures with me at the ledge. They were like tiny little Hamish but they were friendly little creatures, I'd say three of them. I started giving them some compliments for being such delightful beings. Snake then appeared at the ledge and the red creatures were reprimanded by Snake because they were not entitled to praise from me. They told me not to praise them because they would get in trouble. So I let them be.

Then a high-ranking Centaurian appeared. He felt like a military commander leadership person. He was a bit older and slightly more heavy-set than the other younger workers over there, though the worker Centaurians were all adult and not juveniles. This Centaurian had poise and seemed strong and like a good leader figure. But then Snake pushed him off the ledge and the man fell all the way down and hit the ground below. There was no commotion, the other workers did not stop what they were doing. I was terrified as I watched him fall!

Later on the dream took me to what I thought was a school. I am looking at a male teacher (who I now think looked a lot like Peter the blue Pleiadian) and I am a senior college student about to graduate soon. I have a female fellow student with me and she is also a senior. We see some freshman students and I mock them a bit for the hard classes that are up ahead for them. Me and this girl I just hooked up with go to a toy store and to my delight it is filled with original style stuffed CareBears! Those were taken out of production a while ago before I was able to finish my collection! I get down on my knees before the shelves and I grab so many of them into my arms! All kinds, that don't really exist. My girlfriend there doesn't seem as excited as I am. I tell her that I collect these things!

So me and my friend walk a bit further in these halls. The halls have red carpet and look to be made out of wood with lots of staircases and hallways. It looked quite lavish. We get to a conveyor belt that you stand on which takes you to the elevator. It's like at the airport so that people don't have to walk. But for some reason I wasn't fully awake in my body and didn't have my motor skills in fully conscious control, so you know how when you're on the escalator and you think to yourself "Ok I'm about to have to step off now", and then you think about how foolish you would be if you were to not, and how you would stumble? Well I didn't have my motor skills, so I thought that the conveyor belt went far too fast and I didn't get off it on time so it got me thrown into the elevator my body hit the wall and I was just a mess on the floor.

As I was getting up, my friend was there with me, and I was laughing with her about that rather clumsy entrance! We went up a few floors with the elevator, it then stopped and some men got in. Come to think of it, one of the men looked like Peter the blue Pleiadian in the face. The others were human men dressed in nice black business suits. But not like the black formal business suits that my MILABS surveillance men wear, but with a different style to them that was more business like. I told the new people about the funny entrance.

We stopped at a floor and my girl friend stepped out. It was a board room on that floor, I peeked out just to see but I still had my foot in the elevator in case we had to get back. I didn't feel like I had any business in that board meeting room. There were men and at least one woman sitting by the table there. They were all dressed like business women and business men. The woman had that long dark shiny Centauri hair. My girlfriend then quickly got back into the elevator with me. She said something like, "Guess what they were serving there!" She had been there to check it out, and now she and I were back in the elevator and moving up again.

"Lamb testicles served in a sauce made out of heart!" I could not believe what she had said, so she had to tell me twice. No, of course she and I would not be going there to eat that. In my dream-state for whatever reason I had to tell myself that they were Jewish people in that board room. I had to justify to myself that it was a different culture, though I don't know why I had to think Jewish. My mind always tries to make sense out of what I see. Which is also why the Centaurians had to be Mexican.

It seems that alien (and military) abductions take place when I am asleep. They somehow fetch me "through the air" they say, and through walls and ceilings and bring me to another place. The aliens I have talk as if they have me there with them often, yet I do not have a conscious recall of any alien abductions (except for that one time I woke up in a sexual act with an Illuminati hybrid, and when I woke up at the hospital in Syracuse). Sometimes while I am still awake and in my bedroom, I can see the aliens in their different scene, and it will seem as if I am in both places here and there at the same time. Sometimes I feel a pull as if my mind and body starts to exist more in that other place there with the aliens.

But I have been asking and so desperately pleading for conscious encounters. The first time I pleaded, Malik himself let me stay conscious and awake at the hospital in Syracuse. This time, it seems that Snake took me underground. But I was in more of a dream state this time.

Do I believe that I actually went somewhere? I would like to think that I may have. Or was it just a dream? It felt so much like an adventure unlike any dreams I've had. The unusual elements that surprised me and were beyond my wildest dreams, such as the train car, the long descent down the diagonal track, the way the walls looked, the Centaurians, and many other things. I like to wonder whether it really happened, only my mind was not fully awake to see it all as it was, and I was blending in dreams with a real experience?

I have done a lot of dream interpretation psychology so I know perfectly well what my dream symbolism meant. When I dream of the little dog we once had, it is a symbolic expression of me having feelings of being small and weak, because that is how I always thought of our dog. As someone who needs to be protected, who is small and vulnerable. So as I was seeing the dog in the dream, I was instead actually feeling small and vulnerable and feeling the need to be protected.

Dreaming of my little sister from when she was younger is also the same symbolism, only by being a person she is able to look and see, which the dog doesn't do in a dream. So as we were both standing on the train platform, riding in the train, and arriving at the arrival platform, it was just me feeling weak and young and like someone needing to be protected.

And me seeing the familiar CareBears in the halls was perhaps me encountering something that gave me the familiar feeling that I always get from my bears. Then my mind would see it that way.

As for the other details, the trains, the long descent that was so long long long that it made my head spin just looking at it, the huge hallways, the Centaurians, seeing Snake there, the elevator, the business people and the board rooms, the strange meal? Those are not typical elements of my dreams or of my psychological symbolism. Because in the dream I was even trying to make them something else. I wanted the Centaurians rather to be Mexicans. And I wanted the strange meal to make sense by perhaps being a Jewish meal.

The dream was very captivating. The real and strong emotions I felt from riding in the unknown train tunnels, the real sense of vertigo looking down that monorail track, and I will never forget the real and spectacular awe I felt when I was down by that ledge and saw the biggest room in the world.

When I woke up, Snake spoke to me and I learned that he did in fact push a man off the ledge. Snake says that he has to do it in order to avoid a racial war. I was also informed that they are building those underground tunnels. It is to extract minerals from the ground. Snake has told me before too that the Draconians are looking for minerals here on Earth. I do not know whether the underground facility is here on Earth or elsewhere in space. I was also told that it is not finished yet, which would explain all the workers going about, as well as why the walls and floors in the arrival area and in the biggest room in the world were not finished or covered, as well as why there was no ledge. Damn I was down by that ledge, come on guys put a damn railing on it!

As for the dream initially, with the guy breaking in to someone's home and stealing things. That now reminds me of what Snake had said before I had fallen asleep, about my computer. I have had the funniest feelings for a long time now even preceding this, that for some reason Snake would want to be after the data in my computer, especially the stuff I have written about them. I have felt worried that Snake might go in and delete or alter files, though he has never mentioned doing such a thing. Was I perhaps feeling his intentions? So maybe as I fell asleep Snake continued to express something more about my computer, or that I just dreamt about him having said what he said about my computer (it being crap).

Overall it was an interesting adventure. I know that the Draconians are real... I mean, they have to be. Because I cannot maneuver my body in the way that they do sometimes at nights. I have started to wonder whether I would just be happier not knowing any more? If they could just abduct me and not let me know everything? Do I want to know about underground facilities, the Centaurians, the medical experiments? Or do I just want to be a girl?

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