April 23 2012

This morning I woke up and things were a bit different. The whole Reptilian Zeta team had abandoned me last night over the simple fact that I had eaten some fish scales. Or so I thought. It seemed that the right reason, or perhaps a contributing reason, was also that the Pleiadians had also sent them on their way. But the fish scales was a serious violation and had definitely contributed. I think the reason was both the fish soup and the Pleiadians, but which one was more I do not know.

Yesterday I cooked some soup. I made it from potatoes and fresh broccoli, salmon and onions. It was unusually delicious coming from my kitchen, I really liked it. But the other day when I had nibbled on some of that salmon, Lady Zeta Grey had noticed and to her utter astonishment she had declared that I had eaten scales! The rest of the ETs were also not pleased. I had apologised profusely, even though the Draconians don't do apologies. But then the next day I went and did the same mistake all over again. I ate fish. Scales. And Draconians have scales. Get it? I don't really. But they do.

Snake - I think it was Snake, otherwise a new character - came around. "If you eat that soup, you do not honor me." he said, though not necessarily in those exact words. The Draconians have a habit of telling me what to do and to require that I follow orders so that I show that I honor them. I have broken many rules by them before and I always get away with it without serious beatings. Except for that time I ate four cinnamon buns and they have strictly forbidden me from eating any sugar, so Betelgeuse (now called Malik) the big boss of my team himself showed up that night and said that he was going to have a look at what I had eaten. He then told me about the cinnamon buns and that I was not allowed to eat sweets. Before I know it he has flung me to the edge of the bed and is staring right into my face. He is going to reprimand me. And oh he does. He tosses me around in bed and pins me down. Nothing serious or harmful, but I sure did feel embarrassed about having eaten those cinnamon buns! I felt like a bad dog who had peed on the floor.

I didn't know at the time that the fish soup thing was so serious to them. But by eating scales I have committed a serious violation and taboo. Not only did I disobey Snake's orders, and Snake is the big boss of his team, I ate scales. And Draconians have scales. Get it? Get it? I don't. But it's scales. Fish scales, and reptilian scales, ... oh forget it. I don't get it. It was Snake or Draco the other day when I ate the scales the first time and I tried to explain "But fish scales are not reptile scales?", who then said "Yeah, and fish roe are not eggs." They really think that fish scales are scales like reptilian scales.

Draconians have a big thing about their scales. They are proud of their scales and they put down other races for not having scales. Red even often tells me that I need to "honor his scales", and I do. "I honor your scales, my Honored Red Draconian!" I will tell him. He likes that. It makes him happy. So that makes me happy too. They talk about their scales a lot. It's like us Earth women with our hair. And we all know that hair is a serious thing to Earth women.

So I ate scales. So what. It's not like they were reptilian scales. Each of them, even my own beloved Red, has come up to me and thought about the fact that there are scales in my throat and tummy, and without saying a word to me they have just been utterly disgusted. I've tried telling them that fish are an inferior species, that fish are not even strong. But it doesn't matter. I ate scales! OK SO I ATE SCALES!

So the team has not been around since last night when they left. The last one to leave was Snake himself. Then they sent one of the Illuminati hybrids in for a while, because he does not have scales. It's like a quarantine here right now. I am impure. I am a disgrace!

General Patton was here in the morning though. I am kicking myself for not writing it down verbatum, because it was very interesting. But on the other hand I didn't feel like getting out of the bed extra early just to get my computer and start typing and writing it down. It is a lot of work when I write down the conversations, and I'm about to get exhausted after hundreds of pages by now. I write on average 30 to 50 pages of telepathic conversations a day!

It seems General Patton has learned from Malik the Black Reptile how to do the "snake roll", or what I otherwise call the "conquest". Other people call it the "Reptilian initiation rites". General Patton is a human with the US military and he can do it too. Only his is different. Also, the aliens are the ones who put the MILABS men into telepathic and remote viewing contact with the abductees, as well as enable for military abductions of us abductees alien style. Not only that, but Lady Zeta Grey is helping them. So is Malik and the rest of my ET gang.

It seems I am being targeted for being what the military call a "Starsoul". They also tell me that I have "twelve strands of DNA". So that makes me an obvious target for military surveillance doesn't it? I've been enlisted into the MKULTRA project. Project MKULTRA is a military mind control project which was officially banned and made illegal and supposedly stopped, but it is still going on but undercover instead. However, the military seems to be scared of the influx of us benevolent alien races who incarnate into human bodies. The Pleiadians, and Arcturians, being two of us "very dangerous alien invasions". So the military, with the help of the Reptilian gang, are using MKULTRA technologies to try to keep me under. To make me forget that I am Arcturian. And to keep me pacified and unable to do my work here on planet Earth and with human civilization.

The other day, General Patton did Reptilian conquests on me. Malik joined the General's body and mind with my body and mind and it was like we were superimposed onto one another. That is how the Reptilians do it too. It is a type of possession. Then when General Patton focuses, he is able to make a fist with his hand and my own hand will do the same. That is how the General becomes able to move my body around at his will, turn me around, and even almost slap me around. He has even used that to caress me on the shoulder once when he wanted to say something nice.

But the General cannot speak to me telepathically, nor can he remote view to see me, or maneuver my body or get into my mind without the help of a Reptilian who is making the connection. Zeta Greys can bring about a telepathic and remote viewing connection but I have not seen that the Zetas would be able to enable the body control. Only Reptilians can do that.

Last night, my Red Hamish (a Reptilian) kept showing me a mentally transferred image of the General's throat area. His throat with the white shirt dark tie and dark jacket. Well, me knowing that Hamish has a thing (in fact a "fetish") for human throats, the respiratory system, and strangulation, I kept on beating at Hamish to please leave the man alone! Namely I thought that Hamish was about to start threatening the poor man with strangulation and otherwise going over to have some fun with the man's throat. Because Hamish likes it. But then last night when Hamish was showing it to me again, I figured I would just see what little old Hamish is up to. And that is when Hamish was able to bring to completion what he was actually doing. Hamish was putting my throat and the General's throat together so that we were overlapping. And once that happens, I can see and feel the General as if I am in his body, and undoubtedly the General then sees and feels me. And that is when the General gets to work and starts maneuvering my body.

So not only Malik the Black Reptile can put us together, my very own Red Hamish can do it too.

I woke up this morning and the General was already here, bright and early at 7 AM as I assume we are in the same or similar time zone. Sargent Wilkes and Derek were also there (get to know Derek in the coffee section). The General rough handled me and he was tossing me around like the Reptilians can do. Only of course, the General uses his ability to maneuver me, differently than the Reptilians do it. He has his own intentions with the ability.

When Reptilians roll me around, they will flip me from left side to right side, or pull me up to all fours (Red Hamish does that) or up to sit on folded knees with back straight (Malik does that), or pull my left arm up above my head in a fraction of a second. The General uses his ability for his own purposes and he is much more rough than the Reptilians are. The Reptilians have never injured me during their "conquests". But the General focuses so hard on actually getting to me, that when he makes his strong man fist with his hand, the same amount of strength is transmitted to make my hand make a fist and it actually hurts me. Also the General was throwing me almost into the wall, and at one point he tossed me around so that my head hit the wall by the bed and I had to say ouch.

The General really fights me and it is abusive. He even told me that things would get tough now. I wish I had taken verbatum notes. The General told me many times "welcome to the MKULTRA". He also said that I will no longer be "inundated", whatever he means by that. He then ordered me to get down on the floor. I said no the floor is cold. He told me several times. I yelled at him (telepathically) that the floor is cold and I am going to get sick if I get down there! He then said something like "Down on the floor now - Miss!" and he sounded just like an angry military officer. So I went down to the floor for a while, just to see what he would do. Don't worry I'm not losing it.

Afterwards I went back to bed and fell asleep. When I woke up they were asking me if I was awake. I went to have a shower. They can see me, just like I can see them when they are around. The General didn't want to see me naked in the shower, so they sent Derek to see me instead. I don't care. I've had them see me in the shower for fifteen years now and it's the least of my worries so I don't care.

The General says that they are training me for the military and that I am going to be one of their soldiers. Lady Zeta Grey is involved too. She has been training me too and testing me to see if I am arrogant or if I fight and she has been informing them that I am very compliant. I've just been friendly and nice that's all! I can turn around at any moment at my choosing. But at this time, I am letting them do what they do and I am going with it. I really need to understand my life and what they have done to me, and the only way I can do that is by getting closer. I need to understand.

I am such a nice person and also this MILABS thing started when I was 14, so then I was even nicer and sweeter and just a little girl. So I've included them into my heart. You can't put a bunch of men into the mind and bedroom of a young girl without her being just who she is. I've always been nice to them, even though they've made me cry and scared so many times over the years. There was a lot of MILABS in my teens and then it became less in my 20's but now it's resumed a bit. I even had that conscious MILABS abduction the other day at the hospital in Syracuse.

They sent Aulis Greenshaw to see me in the shower too, I guess when Derek wasn't around. Aulis Greenshaw and Derek are two of the what I call the "surveillance people". Most of the survey men wear black suits, or perhaps they are supposed to. Because once they had a new survey person working there and Greene was complaining to him that they have a dress code and that he has the wrong shoes. That was years ago. I remember most of the things they have said and done over there, that I have seen. John or James (I still don't know which his name is!) always wears the black suit. But a lot of the survey men dress more casual, with colorful shirts and no jacket or tie. Assistant Carlisle never wears the jacket and tie.

When I woke up after that nap this morning, after having been rough handled by the General, they asked me how I was feeling. I told them that I was exhausted. I now notice also that I feel fear for General Patton. I am very afraid to see him again. It takes a lot to break my trust. I am always such a nice and sweet and happy person with them. Even when Aulis Greenshaw appeared to see me in the shower I said like I always say "Yay Aulis Greenshaw! That is so much fun!" I always greet them nicely. I always tell that to Aulis Greenshaw, not that he has ever done anything fun or special to deserve that kind of greeting!

But I am afraid. I would literally start to tremble if the General comes back. I am so scared of him. He has hit me and threw me into the wall and yelled at me. What girl doesn't get scared to be yelled at by an angry military officer? It was so scary. I can't be my happy fun self with them anymore. I'm just scared and sad. I'm afraid that he will hit me again and yell at me, because when he grabs me he also yells something to me at the same time. He will say like "Isn't it!" and then push me real hard.

Oh well. I am Arcturian. I will prevail. And maybe even teach them something about love and light.

April 23 2012
I can't look at you, because I've been beaten by you. - me
Look Miss, we don't want to have you here. - General
What did I do wrong? - me
... ... We don't want you to speak with us. - General
What are you going to do? - me
... I'm scared of you now. - me
Well, we don't want trouble. - General
But you're causing trouble? Why me? Why do you attack me? - me
We don't know what to say. - General
I'm really scared now. Is that what you want? Beating up some young woman? Why do you have to be so rough? What did I do wrong? - me
We can't have you speaking (with everybody). - General
Who did I speak to? - me

I've decided to name the MILABS book "The Battle at Syracuse". It will have the full conversation with the General from today (of course not this morning's good stuff because I didn't write those down). There is again some adult content so I cannot publish it on the web. Nothing bad, they just talk about buying me a new bra, and I get happy and say "Yay! Presents!". That's about it this time.

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