The Agenda have been showing me images of a man who is supposedly part of a European aristocratic family lineage. Here are the telepathic conversations I have had with this man or with Dark Lords where the man had been mentioned.

First conversation
Second conversation

Third conversation is written here: from August 14 2017

I want you to learn something! This means power and it means goats! - Dark Lord shows me a mental image of an obelisk
I can understand that it is a power symbol. But why does it mean goats? - me
Because we are the goat kings and we are taking over the world. - DL
It is called an obelisk. - DL
We want our iron first. - Dark Lord
Then we won't want to stop the bleeding that comes next. - DL
What is your name, Dark Lord? What is your name, Dark Lord? Your name, Sir? - me
I like the goats to bleed for me. And therefore you do not need my name! - Dark Lord
We don't like to tell you about the Moon. But it was (not) crafted here. It is used to pull the waters here. And it [Moon] is also preventing a great disaster here! [deflects asteroid or similar with its gravitation] And we have also crafted Saturn and its moons. - DL
We don't want you to be in a spiderweb, like a butterfly. But we would like that romance to last. [with the man] Because then we can drink our coffee. The this romance must last! You are there for us therefore. You will not be convinced of that you are the victim. And tell me, can you see me? - DL
Yes I see you. What is your name, Dark Lord Sir? - me
We want this to last. Because we want you to be our Buttercups forever. - DL put hand on my chest
So! Stay with us! And do not be afraid of the snake that goes here. - DL about the yellow Draconian
We would rather pull you to our clubs. - yellow Drac
[DL sniffs toward me, thinks of my red blood cells]
We would like to have you and keep you, Miss. - DL
Has it got to do with the man I've been seeing? - me
Her eggs are not in oestrus. - Hamish
Yes, her eggs are in oestrus. - DL to Hamish
We would like to, fool around with you. - yellow Drac
A goat king is me. I am Lord Rambutan. I am, a goat king. - DL
And I have been made very prominent, very significant. - Hamish
We would like to have a romance with you. One where you do (or do not) bleed. - DL
I was made to, go out to some clubs. Yes and sometimes she bleeds from out of her butt. [period] I was made to leave/go out. - Hamish
Hamish, stay, Tok Tok! I wanted my Hamish. - me to Hamish then to DL
You are not just going to be one of our women. You are going to belong to Lord Rambutan. And then we are going to have some coffee out of you. If you give me a kiss, Miss, then it won't be with a goat's head! I am Lord Rambutan. And, give us a kiss, Miss! - DL
You won't just have a baby for us, and one that can bleed. And it will come out of your butt. And then you won't/don't have many days left to live! - DL, either underlined or bold I forgot
You are not with my Toast. I was told to leave. And I have been here, and telling her to eat yoghurt. - Hamish
Do you want to try, and sample my eyeball soup? I was looking at you with it. - DL with eyeballs on his arms
I want Hamish to stay with me. - me
He won't bleed your iron out. That is why he was dismissed. You are now going to be my Dolly. And, Opus Ondi! - DL
Hamish stays with me (or Hamish is going to stay with me). - me
Yes-No, (or Yes), Tok Tok! - Hamish
Hamish is wanting his Bread and Toast, he says. - DL
[I see the man has a pinned butterfly collection]

We are not just related to Mussolini, but don't worry about it. I don't want you to be afraid. - the man, I was shown Mussolini
Who else are we related to? - me
You, Miss, are related to a Tsar. The one that liked to drink blood, you see. - the man, first an image of a tall slender white woman frail build with long red hair of like the 1600's or so
Are you camera shy? We have been shown images of you. So. Do not worry about that Mussolini thing. - man
Why should I worry? - me
Do you remember, any images of him? [image of Mussolini with thick brown fur coat] And do you know what he liked to do with his women? He was just a grab bag of fun. - man, or last one by DL
We won't/don't take you to the hospital anymore. I have been dismissed! - Hamish
Yes-No dismissed Hamish! I want Hamish Tok Tok! - me
So this way we are all going to be related to Mussolini. - man
What is the significance of him? - me
Genetics. - DL
And do not fight with me anymore! - DL to Hamish I see Hamish pushing at DL I see his duck feet
I wanted to talk to her about this. - Hamish to DL image of hedgehog
Hamish stays in my life thank you. - me
Yes, and then we can have our snacks, and Toast. - Hamish
They, and your kind, were made to bleed. - DL to me about the woman of Tsar relation, means bleeding illness?

We are not/now with the goats of Saturn, but we are going to go there. - DL
Have you told her about him? - man to DL about tsar
Yes, we have told her that she is related to the tsar! - DL to man
So, we are now all going to be related to Mussolini. I was related to him once. And now, our son, will be related to them both! - man to me
Tell me about Mussolini. Who was he? What is so interesting about him? - me
He was with the goats, Gods. - DL about Mussolini
And what does that imply? - me
He was made to be with riches, and kings. He was made that way. - DL
What are you arguing about? - Hamish or someone to DL
About the Mussolini. - DL answers

I will marry him. - me with my decision
No you won't! You will marry with the goat gods Kings! - DL
You are not their women, you are mine. You are with me. - DL
But I thought, there was a human man involved. - me
There won't be. It will be with ME! We are the goat kings and gods. You are with us. You are with us now. - DL, the last sentence he wants to put his hand gently against my forehead
We are the goat gods. - DL
Tell me about, Mussolini? - me
He was made great, to be with us! And he conquered. And he wanted other women than you. He was proud of them therefore. - DL
Can Hamish come back to me please? - me

6:35 PM
We are not Hungarian, but you have got (the) Hungarian blood in you. That is what we want to see here. The Hungarian goat gods. - the man but words sound like Dark Lord doesn't it?

August 15 2017
He was my grandfather. - the man about Mussolini
Your mother's or father's father? - me
My mother's. - the man
Was your mother an official - me interrupted
I was not an official heir to her son. What that means, is, I have not been cast, into her cast. - the man
Was your mother one of his official daughters? Which one? - me
I will no allow you to see me, yet. - the man
He was my maternal grandfather. And with him we have an outstanding debt to the goat king. They wanted us to be nobles. - he or Dark Lord

August 15 2017, 7:33 PM
Dark Lords? - me
Yes, Miss. - DL
Tell me about the man who told me that he was related to Benito Mussolini. - me
We don't like wars always, BUT WE LIKE HIM. - DL
Why do you like Mussolini? - me
Because he was listening to us, he was listening to our command. - DL
What commands were you giving to Mussolini? - me
The not kind ones. The goats, we feed on! - DL
Are you sure that Mussolini was taking commands from the Dark Lords? Or is that just a dream of yours you've had? - me
It was not a dream. And we don't want him to become angry with us. And, yes, with him we were building an Empire. An Empire of goat killers. - DL
Who else were you working with at the time to build an Empire? - me
No, no, not just with Mussolini. With many other goat keepers, and herds. The Mussolini one was just one of our prized ones. - DL
Well I do know that he did lead Italy into many wars, and I can only imagine that Dark Lords somehow enjoy wars? - me
No, it is not that, we are still paying the debt with jewelry and with rubies. We are very expensive therefore to talk to. Do you know about the red rubies then? And the castes, and classes? The ruling ones? The one who were known as the goat keepers by us? - DL
Is there a man who I have been paired up with who may have told me that he is related with Mussolini? Do you know about this man that I am talking about? - me
Mussolini yes, the other one, not. We don't want you to bleed blood for the wrong ones. - DL, blood means here my period blood
And am I related to a tsar? - me
Yes, you were once. And he was not married to you yet. And he has not taken your child out of you either. - DL, he refers to that tsar here in both places
Was he a Russian tsar? - me
Nope. He was not. He was made from the Hungarian Dynasty. - DL
The title of tsar was only used in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Russia. What Hungarian Dynasty are you talking about? - me
The goat gods! - DL
What is your interest in me being related to a Hungarian tsar? - me
He was made by us. He was made to be with the goat kings. To be great, and a ruler! To be with us. - DL
What is there in the tsar's genetics that would interest you, what makes him different? How would this tsar be different? - me
He was a different population than us and you. And therefore we do not want you to have babies with him. - DL
You once said that the tsar was made "to bleed". What does that mean? What was his name? What was the name of the Hungarian tsar? - me
He didn't eat us on the dinner table. But he ate you guys. - DL
Was he a human? - me
No, he was the goat gods! He was with us! - DL
Are you being sincere or are you just playing games? - me
We don't want to fool you. And these are going to be great books with you. - DL about my writing

Did you Dark Lords try to match me with a European man who said he is related to Benito Mussolini? Or was that not a story created by you guys? Can you tell me? - me
We don't want you to know that. Because we don't ever want to be repented here. But we were with the snakes here. - DL, at the end with an image of a dark Reptilian with scales
Just tell me the truth, a simple yes or a no will suffice. - me
A yes, then. The yes suffices. THE YES REPENTS, WE NOT! We were taking the red jewels from them, from their mouth. - DL about red rubies at the end
What is the special interest in red rubies apart from all other jewels? - me
They were given to us before. They were given to kings. We were made royal therefore. And we were from the Saturn gods. We were coming here therefore. - DL
Why Saturn? What is it with Saturn? Is Saturn a planet? - me
Yes, and it is also our new homestead. - DL answers to is saturn a planet
Where on Saturn do you live? Is there a solid surface to stand on? - me
We live inside its inner mechanisms. We can go there. - DL
What does it look like on Saturn? - me
It doesn't smell like us, the goats. It has a great rhythm for us. It sings our songs there. It gives us, all what a goats need. It gives us our polymers. It takes us as kings, and receives us. It gives us no more blood to bleed in our nose. We take it therefore?! - DL, the last part with a wretched voice probably another DL
You say that Dark Lords have created Saturn. How was it created? - me
With stardust and stuff. We coagulated it together. And it became, that planet! We coagulated the stuff for it, therefore. We made goats to bleed there. - DL, the last sentence he shows me a hooved foot of his own

Dark Lord? I have to ask you a sincere question. I have been having images in my mind of a man and I feel that he will come into my life. He is of a noble European family and there is this whole antelope thing. - me
Yes yes we know that. - DL as soon as I said the antelope thing, but prior to that I was able to say so much without an answer
Do you know about the antelope thing? - me
Yes yes. We are looking for it like goats kings. And they don't eat grass on pastures. We are looking for it. - DL
Did you guys create it? - me
Hohoo, have you seen my hoofs? - DL shows me its black goat feet
So this man that I have been envisioning, is he also somehow a creation of yours, do you know who I am talking about, do you understand my question? Or do you not follow? - me

I feel that I have received some information but not the answers to the questions I've had.