Alpha Orion and Summoning UFOs
January 07 2018

It is time to revisit the UFO contact now 20 years later after it first happened. I think about getting a good film camera and look up some good spots on a satellite map for UFO watching. I remember back to when I was 14 years old and how the aliens had taught me to focus to summon a UFO. Instantly an Alpha Orion man comes to talk to me and he is ready to fly his spaceships by to let me see them. Throughout this conversation I am in my bedroom, but here is what happened between us.

(NL) means that something was said in my native language and has here been translated to English.

6:13 PM. I am in telepathic contact with an Alpha Orion black lizard right now. I can see him mentally. He is just like I remember his species. They are not Reptilians. The skin is covered in spiky pointy black spikes instead of flat Reptilian scales. The eyes are large and yellow with some orange brown in the middle

We have not gotten to have all of our women left. That is why we have come to Earth. And that is why we are talking now. And, we are with the Alpha Draconis now. And they are our new Masters. - Alpha Orion man says, when he said the italic about Alpha Draconis, he bowed really deep folding his body in half so that his head almost touched the floor
The Alpha Draconis have battled with us. That is why we have left them. - Orion
We don't have a morsel of their snacks, they said. - Hamish sitting on the sofa here in my home and narrating Orions, listening in on our conversation he wanted to add this
We are not going to make any crop circles with you. This will all be very quick and swift. You will see our spaceships yes, and then we will leave, and we are the Alpha Orionis yes. - Orion
So you have heard my wishes of meeting with the aliens to see their spaceships? - me
Yes, and we are also originally mining rocks. You are welcome to see us, and to be with us. We know that you are eating other food now. And this time it is better snacks for you. You are not filled with metal, but your mineral balance is very good. That is why your thoughts are clearer for us too. You are better nourished now. We commend you for that! And next time, we will meet! The Alpha Orionis fleet will leave now, but call on us anytime. We go now! Salute! Adios! - Orion
Goodbye Orion man. - me
Omrigosh, you should say. As it means, "Happy to see you again." Omrigosh to you! - Orion
Omrigosh, Orion man! - me
We salute you too. We salute you all. And thank you for not eating chips, anymore. They were too salty for your taste. Omrigosh! And I shall salute you, once again! - Orion man
Omrigosh! Thank you! - me
We will make a round trip here, when you need us. Our, ours fleet will always be ready for you here. And the reason is, because you have been giving to us your eggs. So, Omrigosh!, we salute you and goodbye! - Orion man
We will go now, because you and your whole entire species is a dimwit. - either the same Orion man or a "black Orion reptilian" as I call them
You are also very courageous, to be speaking with us. And, we assure you, that no harm will come to you. - Orion man, with the italic, he lays one arm horisontal across his chest and bows his upper body and head down a bit very graciously to me
We are very happy to see you. OMRIGOSH! We salute you! - Orion man
And remember, you are ours. You will not go with any other space teams. YOU ARE OURS! - Orion man and/or black Orion reptilian in parts

When the Orion man spoke in the last part there where he said "we are very happy to see you, omrigosh, we salute you", I saw more of him, he wears a white long-sleeve clothing with long white pants and he has a yellow diagonal band that goes across the chest and also I think I saw a yellow belt, the yellow and white clothing is typical for what Alpha Orions wear in the Agenda, though this one did not wear the upside down yellow pyramid on his shirt

We salute you! Because, you are brave enough to be coming up with us! And, Omrigosh! We salute you therefore! Omrigosh! - Orion man
Omrigosh. - me
We salute you. Because we can remember you being a little bit frightened last time. When we picked you up, and took little things out of your nose. You were scared of us then, frightened. We don't want you to remember that. - Orion man or also in part Orion black reptile
We were taking your Lunches and Toast. - this can only be Hamish
We salute you! And we commemorate your bravery! You are brave, for us. We salute you therefore. You silly nitpicking little dimwit! - Orion man
Did you call me a dimwit, Orion man? Or did someone else say that? - me
We are one and the same here. The dimwit speaking one, and the bravery commending one. - Orion man
I realize that I am a humble and ugly little creature, in comparison to the great and very handsome Orions, but I am very grateful - me interrupted
You are not being very humble. - Orion man (seems that going into being "grateful" contradicted in his opinion of being in the same sentence as being "humble")
We have been calling you nitpicking. Because we take you when you sleep. - Hamish, "sleep" in my other language in the active grammatical form of the word
... You are not afraid of us, at all. And we are therefore calling you brave. Your little ovaries will not know what hit them. We are called, the nitpicking race therefore. We will come in here when you sleep. WE ARE NITPICKING THEREFORE! And some of us, we will not be needing to be working in the mines anymore therefore. Because we can do this with the eggs instead, it is a better labour. Instead of picking for the mines, for explosive minerals. I would rather be doing THIS! THAN PICKING FOR THOSE DAMN EXPLOSIVES IN MINES! This job is better for me then. - Orion man
Did you used to work in the mines? - me
Those that have tails, do not like us. And, they make us work for them. THEY ARE CALLING US NITPICKING! They are not falling in love with, or going into bed with, us/the Orions. We are called the nitpicking devils. For picking things. And so are you now, because you are going to commune with our race. We are going to form a communion, and work together in our city. AND THEN WE ARE NITPICKING TOGETHER! With our race. We won't mine for explosive minerals in mines for bombs anymore. They can nitpick those themselves. The good Lords that have come for us. The nitpicking devils, they have called us with. They give us, minerals to drink, and we explode inside. And we fall on the floor with our guts. That is what our lords, did to us. For not mining for them too fast. For not being good nitpickers. For not mining for them too fast. We were nitpicking devils therefore. - Orion man is interrupted only by:
Hold on! What are you telling to [Eva]! - seems to be NASA team Jack, used my real first name
(...) - Orion to the man (I heard the Orion language, it was like a stream of murmur, instead of the English words that I always get when it is directed to me)
This lady doesn't need to know! - the man to the Orion
Hello you, we are the NASA team specialists. And, do not talk to these crocs. Or they might harm or injure you. We want you to stay away. - the man who I am sure is Jack
We are only looking out for you. - the man to me
Hello you! We are also living in the desert! - a Reticulan in the Mojave desert, image of itself in the Mojave desert at the entrance to an underground alien base there, very cheerfully said
Dear Orion man, Omrigosh. You are talking about Shuurah. - me
Yes, my race needs them, for very advanced weapons. We are glad to be here with you. So that we can make more bombs and minerals. We are mining for them! - Orion man
I look forward to seeing your wonderful spaceships in the sky. Omrigosh. We can do that later. - me
LATER. Whenever that suits you. But we are ready NOW. And we are ready to take you on board now. To take and pick things out of your nose, we mean. Because we are studying your mineral balance, very carefull. And we do not get paid in money, we just get paid in rest and peace of mind. So that I do not have to go to those mines ever again! - Orion
Stop it. - someone to Orion man
We are not being silly! - Orion responds to the speaker, I don't think the speaker was Jack or the man
We need to stop this, we need to intercept this. So. What are we doing here. - first I see the white military Captain's hat, which he takes off his head, he is wearing a white uniform, a military officer
She is not even afraid. - Orion to the officer
Fear is not the factor. We evaluate this on other terms. One of the terms is, it needs to be on our conditions. - the officer to Orion
For me Toast. - Hamish (NL)
She was being very sweet to them. Now look at this. We are in big trouble now. We've gotta get out of this somehow. - the man I think is Jack seems to be telling to the military officer
Omrigosh.. - me carefully I cannot resist to say to the Orion man
We do not have to go back to the mines. - Orion, have to or want to I forgot
What is your name? - me to Orion
Well, it is not Kenumbraah! - Orion
We are not the very advanced space lizard, they have said. - Orion to me, seems the Alpha Draconian Reptilians would have said this to the Alpha Orions
We are not made with the same fathers. That is why we have fought. AND NOW LOOK AT US! - Orion, ie. Draconians and Orion lizards have been in war with each other, Orions lost and are now working for the Draconian Reptiles, we know that from earlier already but the same story here, or still
I am your friend. - me
Well then, Omrigosh to you both! - the Orion lizard says, meaning to me and to Hamish, and the Orion lizard in this sentence he bobbed his head in small tremors quickly up and down, turning his chin down and back many times in many quick small movements, I remember writing about this when I was first getting to know the Orion doctor back in 2011 when this alien contact started and I started writing The Orion Project, so does the head bobbing have to do with a greeting then perhaps?
What is your name? Do you have a personal name? - me
We are not your flower, we are not taking your flower. - Orion to Hamish, Hamish is thus telling the Orion that I am his Hamish's flower (meaning the eggs)
We are taking bombs out of liquid weaponry. That is why we are masterful. We are ripped apart from them too. Those mines are dangerous. SO WE CAME HERE! To look for, other things and items to do! We salute you therefore! And all, so that we do not have to make their weapons, those weapons that have picked our very selves apart. They are mining them. We need to take care, and caution. Or we get ripped apart by them ourselves. WE DO NOT WANT TO! - Orion
Sshh. - someone to Orion to be quiet, I think this was the NASA team Jack
Orion man, - me interrupted
We are not really even from the Orion belt anymore. But we belonged there a long time ago. And then we were ripped apart, I said! By those same scoundrels, that make us work for them, and for where our tears do not even matter! - Orion
Shush, I said. - Hamish telling this to the Orion, Hamish calmly sitting on our sofa here and (interrupted)
Tell them that I am relaxing. I am taking my spacesuit off, and putting my feet up. - Hamish adds to my writing about what he is doing on the sofa here
I am giving you, great messages. And for that you will be greedy. - Orion to me
Orion man, I am very sorry about the wars and about your defeat, and about the dangers - me interrupted
It all happened, for our eggs. We were still a fertile race. And these, these Masters, came. They wanted our fertility back for them. They wanted our eggs, given, they were not benign. And then came the Mantids, and masterfully enslaved us. We were told to drip down on our souls and feet! We were told to be!... in caves. Those scoundrels. They told us where to go next. And we have no more feet in our next dominion. We were not our own masters, we were slaves. WE WERE TAKEN! And abducted, too! - Orion
Shush, you! - Hamish from the sofa tells to the Orion, and I laugh out loud because this is such a space drama, and Hamish is part of it
Hamish, let the Orion man speak. He has things on his mind, and on his heart. - me
We have already seen, where you want to go with us. And with that. We are ready, we are prepared. We will take you aboard first. - Orion man, he is holding a white hard helmet with visor in his hands, his mental image was of the forest trails that I have chosen for my UFO spotting place
I first need to buy a camera. - me
And a sleeping blanket. - Orion, "blanket" in my other language
We wanted your eggs first. So, give them to us! - Orion
Shush, you! - Hamish to Orion from the sofa
I am taking them away! - Orion about my eggs
I am getting my, liver slivers from them. - Hamish all happily and calm explains from the sofa
Are you laughing at us? - a Dinosaur or Orion I see a reptile or Dinosaur face as I cupped my hands over my face to laugh a bit at all this because this was making me so happy all of this alien contact
My liver slivers make me happy, I said! - I see the Orion man, but this must be Hamish who said
Are you celebrating Christmas, or oestrus, with us? Which one do you like better? I like my Liver Toast. And, Scam those other rats those scoundrels! - Hamish, he looked at me, his wide open yellow bulging eyes like headlights of a car, he asks me, scam for the Orion
You wanted to see our spacecraft. We are ready here. And, we have got some other very advanced tools, monkey. - Orion, mental image of a fast moving white UFO that slides across the sky, a white sphere with a white tail that forms a tapering off v-shape, the tail also first surrounds like an aura around the white sphere then tapers off as a pointy tail toward the back in the direction of the trajectory of travel
I am not ready tonight. - me
I was ready. NOW. I am not ready about the chilled air. It has gotten cold here, but no snow has fallen. Do you want to see our chemtrails, you said? You were talking about them earlier. YOU ARE JUST AN OLD WOMAN! But we are taking things out of your nose! - Orion
She is like our old trinket, our old charm. - a naked Dark Lord says
Those are our ovum seekers, and hunters. - Dark Lord about either Orions or Draconian Reptilians or about them both
I would like to eat feet, but I cannot fit them into my mouth. I want to grab them, and take them. And fool around with them in bed. - Hamish with mental image of hypothetically putting a human foot into his mouth, he is amused and happy sitting on the sofa, then Orion said something about wanting to take the eggs I didn't write it down on time
We wanted our Toast, to be had here. That is why I was here. And, I was also the very old race. - Hamish says and at the end he points to his old back
I love you Hamish. I am glad that you get to eat some good Toast and Snacks. - me
Whoa, wait...? What are you saying to them? Don't you know that they eat our human children! - the military officer really sad
Whatever. Humans eat cows pigs and chickens. - me
You don't have to belittle me anymore. - Hamish to the officer
I will come in later. - I say to the Orion man about UFO watching, I use no words just a telepathy, and in response he shows me a mental image of a small yellow pyramid and tells me in a telepathic language without words that they are with that group

So this is what happens when I finally get serious and roll up my sleeves so to speak about going UFO watching again and I was looking at my current home area on a satellite map to look for good areas to go UFO watching and then I looked at my home area where I lived in 1997 when I first saw those UFOs and I compared the landscape and figured I know of a good place where to go and I thought, just thought, without doing it really seriously, about contacting the pilots in the UFOs. And the Orion responded. Or actually I contacted the UFO telepathically in the same way that I remember doing when I was a 14 year old girl back in 1997 contacting the UFOs and they always came. Although that first time when I went out to see them age 14 it was they who had contacted me. And today the Orion man answered. And what he talks about there about my mineral balance in my body is because after New Year I have switched to a 100% raw food diet so it is very healthy and the Orions who study the chemicals of my body have already detected that but this is the first time that I hear the aliens tell me about any changes to my health due to the raw food, they even mentioned how I used to eat a lot of potato chips which I don't eat anymore.

This man doesn't want you to say hello to me. - Orion shows me the military officer who is sitting on a chair looking really sad and making notes with pen and paper quickly, "hello" was in my other language
Yes I have called you my monkey, my pet. - Orion
I am making monkeys, not my enemies. But more like my pets! - Orion
I was saying Yes-No to that alien being visiting here! - Hamish from the sofa

I hop over to the bathroom and say to the aliens to please excuse me, during that time the Orion asks me "Have you ever watched some alien porn?", "No!" I reply, "Did you want to?" he asks, "No!" I reply, and he says "Good because we no longer can" or something like that meaning that they no longer can, which of course refers to that his species is no longer able to reproduce, the females have been taken away I know that from earlier.

I remember when I was 14 and how the aliens had taught me to focus my mind and to send the focus to a UFO and they would hear it and come and let me see the UFOs in the sky. I did that again tonight, not really summoning them but more remembering how I used to do it, and instantly even though I was not ready or prepared for it, the Orion man came here to talk to me and this is the conversation that we had. Does this mean that the UFOs I saw all those years ago were Orion in origin? I am quite intrigued if the UFOs I am about to see would be of Orion origin, somehow that is perfect. I had also noticed a military air force base not too far from where I had planned on going for UFO watching and I was worried as I looked for a good place on the map about the safety of the UFOs and alien pilots, and the Orion man had read all of that in my thoughts and one of the first things he said before I started writing it all down was for me not to worry because they, meaning the Orions, can take care of their craft and safety though he said it in different words.

The character that I feel when he speaks to me is very different from my own. The flavor or personality of him is very unique and distinct. The Orion mind feels focused, alert, a bit grudgy and grumpy, it has a very special and unique character of its own, but it is delightful to talk to them and to feel so close and connected to their mind that I can feel what he feels, when his body makes his slight movements, I feel those movements, that is how close the telepathic link is that is between us. I know for a fact that I did not hallucinate that conversation between us. And if I manage to capture some of their UFOs on film then I can show that to you too.

The Orion lizard is not an Alpha Draconian Reptilian. They are very different. And here I learned once and for all what I have already wanted to conclude on, namely that the Orion lizard does not have a tail whereas the Alpha Draconian Reptilians do have tails, because when he spoke about tails there earlier it was accompanied with the image of his backside with the white clothes and that he had no tail there. We also learned a lot more valuable information about the dealings between Orions and Draconians, namely that the Orions were fertile and the Draconians needed the Orion females and this would have been the cause of the great war that they had between them.

Alpha Orions are majestic. I know that after the contact is gone, all that remains are these words on a page. I am reminded of how special it felt talking to the Orion doctor back in 2011, you can find those conversations written down in the first telepathy book "Real? Or Imaginary?" where the Orion doctor had showed up to talk to me about using my eggs and studying my bacteria. The gaze in the eyes of an Alpha Orion is unforgettable. The focus and the look in their eye, reminds me more of an animal such as a hawk or a snake than of the human eyes who seem more mellow in comparison.

Mellow, yes. - Hamish from the sofa adds to that while swaying his body once to the left side, he is in a happy and cheerful mood, probably from enjoying the sofa

Alpha Orions are magnificent, beautiful, and handsome.

We have also been made into slaves, by those who did not want us to eat. - Orion, he refers to Hamish specifically, so it seems that Hamish has dominated by telling him to have no food, by dominating food which is typical Hamish

The gaze and personality of an Alpha Orion black lizard. He looks and feels very focused and serious. He seems concerned and always aware of the situation, without ever not even for a moment relaxing his mind or focus. There is this incessant frown and awareness. There is also a seriousness and an urgency when he speaks, and when they speak about the wars and of having lost many members of their species, they speak of a painful and violent past, while they do not cry tears or express sadness or feelings of weakness from the pain, it is heartcrushing to listen to and one cannot help but to feel a deep sympathy and to feel the urgency of the situation as well. Talking to Alpha Orions and listening to their painful stories, always lays their urgency and pain on my shoulders as well, and then being in connection with the Orion makes me feel the stress, the type of anger and hatred that they can feel which is not of the same character as how humans feel, and then we share a space where I am feeling what they are feeling.

There is deep hate and pain in them for what was done to their species, yet they cannot explode into a rage like how humans would do, so there is this bottled up feeling inside them which feels like a pressure, which is a silent torture which doesn't even take a break for the blink of an eye, it is always in the eyes of the Orion, and always in their mind. They have been badly injured and insulted by the Alpha Draconians, and I feel the torture that lives in every moment of their life. The stress, the memories, the pain, the helplessness, the rage, the anger, the wanting revenge, the wanting to fix and repair something that cannot be repaired, the lives lost that cannot be taken back, and so it feels like drowning but being alive, it feels like suffering for so long of a time that the suffering would have slowly tapered off but it doesn't, it cannot, and so it feels like a pressure inside, like the moment when the explosions happened, like that very moment captured, like a trauma. A constant feeling of stress, and that is what glimmers behind their eyes, when you connect with their mind, and you get to hear it in words when they talk, as you saw how eagerly they talk about what has happened to their people.

And sharing those words, feeling their emotions, cannot help but to wake up a sympathy and empathy in me toward them, a type of love

Do not feel pity. We did it to ourselves. We went to those mines! We caved them out. And we were annihiliated! We went to there, without our non-brothers! We did it to ourselves. We wanted the landmines OUT! And they blasted us to smithereens! - Orion
Pok Pok! - Hamish, hahah he said Pok Pok!, sitting on the sofa of course

A type of love

Look at that. She is writing an essay about us. About us being blasted to smithereens! - Orion
It is also called being blown up, or exploded. And we are the better races therefore. - says Hamish from the sofa and at the end with "and we are the better races therefor" he puts one of his hands into his mouth to gnaw on the webbed skin between his fingers, sitting on the sofa snug of course, a big fire engine red dragon with big yellow eyes like the headlights of a car
We were told to get on our KNEES! To FOLLOW them, like herded sheep! We were cattled. We were blown to smithereens first. We were cattled therefore. AND THE REST OF THEM, they were blown to smithereens! LIKE THE CATTLE THAT THEY WEREN'T! - Orion
And then we took to our air ships. And we were fought. We were made to do, the dinner plates for them. And to farm in the dungeons. We were blasted. We wanted to come now. And let you see us first. TO SEE WHAT WE HAVE BECOME! For WE!, WE were not blasted into smithereens! We were the lone survivors, for a long time. And now we need you, Eva. We need your long DNA-strand. To make us great again. To pick us up again. To make us not bleed, as a race. WE NEED YOUR, LONG PAST! For LOOK at what has become of us! We have bred with the wrong race! We are not good-looking anymore. We need you. To make us great. To pick us up again. - Orion
Toast. - Hamish, he puts a hand into his mouth again, sits on the sofa

A type of love and sympathy for the Orions, because it is impossible not to. One begins to care for them, because they have been through so much war and violence and continued slavery and insult, but the feelings that they have weigh far heavier than mine, and so my love and sympathy drowns in comparison to the great strength of his urgency, his focus, his stress, his bottled up anger, the suffering that feels like the never-ending anxiety that he lives with. And it transports me into a feeling, in which I feel it together with him, since we are telepathically connected, to not just convey the words in our messages, where all I had humbly meant to ask for was to see their UFOs, but he shares with me his whole entire heart and the thoughts in his mind, and it transports me into like being on a battlescene, where loved ones are blown up by explosives, where the females of their species have been lost, the anger, the vengeance, the feeling like you have died but wanting to fight back to survive, wanting to reach back to those memories to somehow undo them. And so I have been in the mind of an Orion lizard, he has looked at me from inside of his eyes, but I have looked into his eyes, I have seen him on the other side of his eyes.

It is a world shattering experience to connect with the mind of an Orion lizard, this time and all of the other times. It is a visit to another person's world, to a world that feels like war and injustice. And sharing that with him builds a bridge between us, even though we say goodbye (or Omrigosh) after a while, and we each go our own ways, it is always difficult to let go of an Orion lizard, because I have seen through his eyes and felt through his heart, and he returns back to his world of war and injustice and I go back to sitting on a bed surrounded by lovely stuffed animals and not a thing around me that would want to harm me, and I almost want to call him back, to go with him, to never leave him again, because what he shows me, tells me about in words, and what I feel in him, is unforgettable. His world is not a better world than mine, but it is always difficult to let go of an Alpha Orion. A part of him stays in me.

You were not made to drool after us. But look at this spit in me. - Orion just as I was to add a title and end this writing, he means the saliva in his mouth, this is not the first time that Alpha Orions think about the spit in their mouth, but why they think about it I do not know

He looks at me from a remote location. I can see him mentally and I feel his character and presence near me. Perhaps it should be uncomfortable having him seemingly so near, but they are captivating, perhaps it is the sympathy that I have for them that makes them enchanting and irresistible in a way. He tells me two times that they are not the same as the "Alpha Thethys", meaning that he is not the same species as the Alpha Theta Dark Lords. He continues to look at me, and the spit is gathering up in his mouth, it does that sometimes in them and then they think about or talk about the saliva in their mouth.

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