There Is Another World - Abduction And Ear Implant
March 09 2017

Patience here, as I retell the dreams I had this morning which include floating through walls carried by an angel and meeting two green ogres, because in the midst of dreams there seems to be a military abduction where a human doctor pushed an implant deep into my ear.

This is wonderful! I am so happy! I just got back from a perfectly conscious abduction! I couldn't be happier! It wasn't just bits and pieces here and there but the longest uninterrupted abduction experience! I was conscious during what seemed like a long time! I experienced being fully aware, and I remember all of it, everything now that I am back!

Begging for a conscious abduction

I fell asleep early in the evening when I got back from work yesterday, then I woke up again and it was around 1:30 AM at night. My sleeping schedule is still off since I am jetlagged after my 3-week trip to the USA last month, and so I could not sleep and stayed up sitting in my bed and playing video games until 7 AM. I had wondered why the Zetas had not shown up at 4 AM which is their magical abduction hour, but as soon as I decided to go to bed I heard them talking to each other that I was now going to bed, so they had been waiting that is all.

Now at 7 AM this morning, as I had gotten undressed and underneath the covers to go to sleep, I was talking to the Zetas pleading again for them to let me stay awake for the abduction which I assumed it was going to happen as soon as I would fall asleep. I told them, in both words and also in the wordless language which telepathy with a Zeta enables, one can convey to them just the meaning and they understand it, one does not have to use words. I explained how important it would be for me to get to stay awake and remember an abduction. After the pleading, I took a different approach, one of being courageous, ready and assertive, namely I said take me up to the ambulance, I showed them the mental picture of the red cross against a white background which they had shown me a few days prior, I said I am ready come and get me now! I said it in a way that left no room for hesitation or insecurity. I was ready and able and it was going to happen. I wanted it to happen. I've been waiting for a conscious abduction for so long.

An Angel carries me through walls

I fall asleep without realizing it. I find myself asleep and in a dream where I am in a living room on the sofa. Wow. Just now that I wrote about the living room, the living room in an instant became a lot clearer in my mind just like that, clearer than I had experienced it then. I was on the sofa there for a while, not really doing anything. I remember there being something very scary over to the other side, I remember feeling a scary presence and that it was a ghost, I was fleeing it and running away. I remember screaming for help and praying for God to help me!

I was on the sofas again, I remember how soft the sofa felt. It was a dark blue or almost dark purple color and made of a plush velvet fabric that feels a bit like fur. My mind now connects it to the blanket I have underneath me in bed, that is what inspired it, there was most probably no actual sofa. I have been too lazy to put proper sheets in my bed so the plush polyester velvet turquoise blanket has been spread out underneath me as sheets. I had gone to bed completely naked in the morning and I must have felt the blanket nicely against my skin. But anyhow, I was on the sofas and an angel appeared.

The angel was a white creature that shone with some white light or with a white aura around it. It was only slightly taller than me. It was covered in a plastic that sat not snugly tight around it but with plenty of extra space sticking out to all sides, the plastic was also not smooth but had big pockets and creases all around. Inside of the plastic I could see that it had two strange eyes that were looking around a bit, I mean the head would be still and the eyes were moving around in different directions. It was like two large all black eyes. The creature inside was white and it had two arms, I guess two legs, a head, no hair. This creature had no angel wings but when it arrived I was told that it was an angel, I think two times someone told me that it was an angel.

In a quick maneuver, the angel pulls plastic over my head and brings its hands that are holding the plastic tighter around my neck to hold the plastic over my head. My mind is now telling me, since I am good at dream interpretation, that I dreamt of this plastic because at work at the vegetable warehouse we spend hours putting salad into plastic boxes that are then wrapped in plastic, also there are plastic aprons and plastic to cover the crates of salad that go back to the cool room, so the reason I dreamt that the angel was covered in plastic, and why it put plastic over my head, was because we cover vegetables in plastic at work.

The plastic on the angel and that it put around my head was thick and see-through white but so thick that one could not see entirely or easily through it. I got alarmed to have the plastic around my head and I fought it off and escaped and felt how I could breathe and how the air was cooler now that I was again out of the plastic. The angel then pulled the plastic a second time over my head. I decided that I need to try to handle the plastic so I stayed calm this time and concentrated on my breaths thinking that if the angel wants my head to be tightly in this plastic then it must mean that it is possible to breathe under it. It was difficult to breathe under the plastic but I did not fight it off this time.

The angel lifted me up so that I was flung over its shoulder. My head was hanging quite a bit down on its shoulderblade height on the back. My mind is now telling me something about why I dreamt about being carried by an angel, that it has to do with some sensation that my body was having at the time. Anyhow, the angel carried me this way and I had the greatest exhilarating experience as it floated us right through walls! It was not in my home but in a different building. It was a magnificent experience to pass through walls, the walls seemed to turn into a cotton candy texture before we floated through them. Each time that we passed through a wall, the angel stopped for a while and stood in place on the floor and turned around about 90 degrees or less before it would continue moving through the next wall.

But each time when the angel was turning, and not when we were passing through a wall, I felt very dizzy and a bit nauseous. I realized that this was the dizziness that the Reticulans are always warning me about. When I have been asking for a conscious abduction for all these years, the Reticulans often tell me that I would become dizzy and vomit if I am awake when they take me. I was happily surprised that although the dizziness and nausea was there, each time that the angel turned around with me over its shoulder, that the dizziness and nausea was by no means overwhelming or too much. I was handling it just fine, and this wonderful journey we had of going through walls and me being carried by this entity it was so wonderful. I was awake in my mind and experiencing it fully.

Two green Ogres

When we landed and I was placed down on the ground, I was met by two green ogres that looked a lot like Shrek only with more wrinkle folds on their faces. They were both male and wore clothing made out of leather straps connected with dark metal rings. My mind now tells me that the leather straps are a reference to my ex-boyfriend who I visited a few weeks ago, the boyfriend does D/s with me and he wants me to always wear slave wristbands and anklets out of black leather with some metal parts on them and I was getting so bored and sick and tired of those, so irritated. So when I was seeing leather bands on the ogres it was my mind or body feeling irritated while I was asleep and my mind interpreted the feeling of irritation or discomfort by taking an image and an object from my real life and showing it to me. The two green ogres are a reference to the two co-workers I have at my new job, I am irritated that they speak another language and they are constantly talking so I feel irritated by it when I am at work. So my mind or body was feeling irritated while I slept, and it took two symbols out of my real life to show me the irritation that I was feeling. That is how dreams are made.

But now that I am thinking back to the ogres, in my mind they are transforming into two crisp and clear Alpha Reticulans, with those all-black eyes that have lines of a skin fold going all around them, that pale blue gray skin color and an indentation on the top of their head. I now see two Alpha Reticulans blinking at me, that my mind was seeing the Alpha Reticulans differently.

But while meeting the two ogres in the dream, I was experiencing it as a lucid dream so I felt fully awake and was able to react and interact and process it as if I were awake! So I was having a great time seeing two ogres! By the way the ogres were green because well, at work we work with salads and vegetables and stare at green veggies for hours each day. I think I recall that the ogres brought me some plants or parsley to handle and I was touching it, again a reference from work. I was not scared of the ogres but I was happy to meet with them and to talk to them, they were very realistic and life-like.

Dream about dust mites

There was one dream at one point, either before I was on the sofas and the angel would pick me up, or after I met the two ogres, probably before the sofas, when I dreamt about finding a whole lot of dust mites in my hair, so many that one could just pick up a whole mound of them, and I felt that I really wanted to go to a shower. One thing to comment on is that the aliens often tell me that I have "lice" but they actually refer to the dust mites on my body, so perhaps this dust mites thing had been mentioned again. But in the dream, first the mites were in a salad, which is from me trimming salads at work and in one salad I had looked closely to see if it was small insects in the salad but it hadn't been, so that is where this comes from the salad at least.

Military interviews me

Next I am in a building again and I realize that I am no longer with the two ogres. While still dreaming, I think however that I have woken up and that I am now fully awake even though I have forgotten the bedroom and life that I had come from (which is this one) and I think that if I fall asleep on that dark blue velvet sofa again then I can go back to see the ogres because I was not finished with them. I am thinking that I need to write down the experience with the ogres, and I am in a very happy mood because I remember being flown through walls with the angel and having met the ogres.

There is a young military in a green camouflage uniform with the long-sleeve shirt and pants. He has blonde or light brown hair and is Caucasian. My mind now tells me that I was seeing him because he is another part of me, so he was a dream symbol. He is sitting by a desk which forms a counter, my mind tells me that this counter is the counter at work in the office where the two bosses and secretary sit. The military officer is asking me questions and interviewing me, the questions I remember are he is asking me who my doctors are, he asks for about three different doctors, for doctors out of different categories. There are many questions, and he is writing down the answers. I am sitting down on the other side of the counter.

There is a punching bag that is made out to be like a head of a puppet of sorts and other recruits who are young women like me are asked to punch it, then I would punch it too. Someone before me punched it so hard that the head fell off. My mind tells me now that I saw this because yesterday I was looking at WhatsApp icons and there are new ones. This is because I have been writing to my flatmate about things that are necessary items but that I know would be irritating to her, about bills and about lending money from her, and I had been trying to choose good face icons to show her that I am happy even though I am feeling stressed out and angry about the topics we have to write about, so that is the punching bag in the dream.

Two a bit older military men in green camouflage uniforms and military boots are standing with their hands behinds their backs in the hallway just next to where the desk is of the one who was interviewing me, they are on my side of the table. A third military this one also a young one is standing in the hallway and is yelling out typical military things to them like bullying them around a little. My mind tells me that I saw this because I adopt a military style running of the vegetable factory I am working at and how I give out orders and critique the quality of the work made by the two others I work with, I'm just trying to keep up the standards. In the dream, a military puts a large white rectangular plastic tub of cole slaw salad on the heads of the two, first on one and then the other, then when the tub is empty he pushes it against my face and tells me to lick it. This is because I have been starving these past few days because I am getting my salary late so I have run out of food money, and at work I saw actually a big though round plastic tub of what looked to be cole slaw at work which was going to be shipped out to a customer and I was feeling that I was so hungry that even that looked good.

I am standing in the doorway between two rooms and I am telling some men that I had just now been to see two ogres and that I need to get back to the sofa so that I can go and see them a second time. The men ask me "What color were they?" about the ogres. I tell them they had been a "medium green", I describe the green color with more words too. I am quite sincere about having met them, but here I had a feeling that these men here who are human hospital staff they do not believe me, it was as if they had made me seeing things, or so I thought then.

Doctor puts ear implant in

Next I am in a room sitting on the examination bench that hospitals have, you know it is like a thin mattress on a stretcher. I am holding my hands on the edges, and my legs are dangling off the edge slightly above the floor. The hospital staff hand me x-rays of my head, there are many images some of which could not have been made with today's medical technology because there is a remarkably good rendering of the detail of tissue. The x-rays show dark objects on the right side of my head and right ear. I tell them that yes I know, that I am always feeling this on my right side which is true also in awake life.

The ear implant, being pushed in with tweezers. I could draw better and less shaky if I had a proper drawing tablet. The ear is of course proportionally too small, but look at the diameter of the ear canal.

A doctor with brown hair and glasses... wait a minute this looked a bit like how Captain Robert Stephens used to look, a face with a strangly almost too large nose. Anyhow, this doctor is talking about ear implants. I sense that they have chosen one size implant out of a range of sizes and that this size would fit into my ear the best. The implant is made out of what looks to be a slightly soft metal, a metal that looks as if it would almost crumble if pressed in a certain way, and that is because this is made out of at least in part iron, iron which I realize from my science studies, has special magnetic properties. The metal is dark and almost black in color, I am saying that it looks to be a bit brittle and porous. The shape is like a cut off of a cylinder and the two bottom faces make an indentation curve inward, so the implant is not a perfect piece of a cylinder. It is much wider in diameter than it is thick, about two lengths of thickness fit along the diameter of a bottom or top face.

There is a lot of talking about the implant, they talk to me about it a lot but by now I have forgotten what they said but it was perfectly clear then. I felt myself fully awake. The doctor says he is going to place it into my ear. The implant is held with tweezers. He puts it into my right side ear canal, positioned so that one of the bottom faces is going to go down along the ear canal. He pushes it in slowly, slowly but steadily more and more in with the tweezers pushing against the bottom that faces out. As the implant is going deeper, it starts to feel real scary because I can feel it going into my ear and it feels like it is going too deep and I get scared and I start to cry and whimper and object. I remain calm and I am not fighting or attacking the doctor, or the young recruits in camouflage uniform, but I am crying a lot and asking the doctor not to put it more in and telling them how bad it feels.

The doctor has put the implant really deep into my right side ear canal. When he brings out another implant, to put it into my left side ear the same way, I am really not going to have it. I make a run for it. I see a door and push it open so that it falls down flat on the ground. My mind tells me that this door symbolizes the door that goes to the big cool room at work where vegetables are stored at low temperatures. Outside is a patio, which my mind tells me is the patio from my first job in this country, where I had been working hard for seemingly no reward, because I am always doing this to myself, my mind says. I made it past a small crack in the fencing around the patio, I run away, the recruit is after me. I run through a yard at night with grass, my mind tells me now it is the yard at the back of the houses opposite to ours that had forest along the side in the area where I grew up, and that it also symbolizes at the same time the grass around the health services building in the area where I grew up. There is a tall mesh wire fence and I start climbing it up and I jump down on the other side.

On the other side is a vast landscape that looks like Africa with some trees and wide expanses of plains with short grass. I almost ran straight to the road which is where the recruit would be coming as he is going to find me by going around on the roads so I run the other way toward more trees. My mind tells me that this symbolizes the video game that I watched someone play on the internet, and that it therefore symbolizes my escape into laziness, how I long to run into being lazy, because one of my favorite things to waste time being lazy is to watch those videos of video games. The landscape here looked like in that video game.

I then find myself, with my eyes closed tight shut, I am back in the hospital room where the implant had been inserted into my ear, I am right there where I had thought there had been a door that I would have pushed down flat on the ground only there is no door there that is on the ground and no door opening out into the freedom, the recruit and one more recruit are holding me tight with their hands pressed around my arms, my arms are held tight against my body along the sides of my body, I hold my eyes tight shut and I am shaking my head repeatedly. I hear them say, "Let her run in her mind". It is as if they know that in my mind I am experiencing it as if I am running away on the African plains to get away from there, but now I find myself back in the room and realizing that I had not been able to run away at all, I am still there, I had not made it out or anywhere.

I had left music playing in my bedroom here in the real life when I fell asleep at 7 AM. Now while in the hospital room being held by the recruits I start to hear the music from my bedroom. And in literally one second I am away from the hospital and back in my bedroom and awake here and I realize the experience I have had and I remember everything.

They still talk to me

I am awake and in my room here, I am remembering the angel who flew me through walls and how I had felt dizzy every time when it turned around, the two ogres that interacted with me, the military recruit who had interviewed me about many questions including about who my various doctors were (not doctors from real life, because in real life I have no doctors, I am healthy), but most importantly the doctor who had pushed in an ear implant and how real it had all felt and my crying and then being held by the recruits. I was there just a second earlier. I am here awake now but I keep my eyes still closed. I can hear the music playing from the computer next to me.

But as I am awake, the doctor is still talking to me from over there. He talks to me kindly and calmly and it is very nice how he talks to me, things such as "alright now stop crying". He tells me that the implant is used for "mind technology". He said many things when I was back in my room awake but I was stupid enough to not write down. He said that his name is Peter. He said that every about two days they take the implant out to check it and put it back again. He said more things about the ear implant and about what it does. Something the doctor or the recruits then said, implied that my body was still there with them.

Then a Zeta said (notice that this is the first time in all of this that I see or hear a Zeta) that they will now do some gynaechological procedure though he didn't say it like that he said what the procedure was, he then told me to stop shivering. I said, "But I am not shivering here?".

So here is the scary part, and this is not the first or only time that I have experienced it that way. It seems that my body is always, at all times, there in that other world where abductions happen. Sometimes the aliens convey to me a mental image which depicts my body there, or in a hospital bed unconscious, as if my body were always at all times there kept in some hospital with human military staff. And here again, I just woke up from the abduction and dream experience, but the doctor and recruits were talking to me as if I were still there. And the Zeta said that my body was shivering but it wasn't, another version of my body that was still there, was shivering there, and here my body was not shivering at all. There is another world.

I thanked the Zetas and the doctor and recruits for letting me have this conscious experience and for letting me remember. I told them that I was fine. I said that they now have a huge token with me and that the Zetas need to take a moment to think about how I am going to repay them for letting me experience and remember. The doctor said that they need nothing from me in return, that they only needed to do this work that they did and it was all and I did not need to do anything for them in return. The doctor asked me if my ear hurt and he was asking me how I was feeling. I said that I have no pain and that I feel fine. I apologized for having cried and I explained to the doctor that it had just felt so bad in my ear.

I cried so much while I was over there in the hospital and because of the ear implant. I have never heard myself or anyone cry so much, but I just couldn't help it the feeling was so horrible of the implant going deeper and deeper than it should as the doctor was slowly pushing it deeper in with the tweezers.

Understanding it

I woke up here realizing that something had happened. And now, writing it down and thinking about it and coming back into real world, I see that I was of course asleep and dreaming. The the velvet sofa, the plastic wrapping that the angel used, the ogres, the punching bag, the cole slaw salad, the African landscape I ran to, those were elements taken out of my life to symbolize things that I was feeling in my real life, irritation about bills, running into laziness, irritation over my two co-workers at work, being so hungry that I could even eat cole slaw, the velvet blanket that my naked body was sleeping on while I dreamt these things.

But there was the experience of an angel carrying me through walls. This is supposedly a typical element of the alien abduction phenomenon. But above all, the doctor, who continued to talk to me also while I was awake here. The doctor who was asking me to go ahead and describe the two green ogres that I was telling him that I had seen and that I said to him I wanted to get back to. The doctor who I thought I was running away to but I woke up to be back with in his room. The doctor was like a different level in the dreams. As if the ogres and the running away were dreams, but waking up from those dreams I found myself with the doctor.

The implant. That long, vivid, life-like procedure, where I felt the implant being pushed deeper in. My crying. The things the doctor and the recruits were telling me about the implant, both during the dream and after I woke up from the encounter. The sensation of the implant going deeper in, the sound of my crying.

Many things here were clearly dreaming. But in amidst the dreams, were human military recruits, a human doctor, and an ear implant. This is part of the mystery of the alien and military contact experience. I definitely had a close encounter with this mystery. Is it all happening in my head? I know from past physical evidence that the aliens are real and not imaginary. I am caught in a struggle to try to understand. I have gotten closer to understanding. I do not know however if the abductors chose to let me stay awake and to remember, my guess would be on that it is so much easier to remember dreams when one falls asleep in the early morning hours, lucid dreaming which means dreams where you are awake, as well as the ability to remember dreams once you wake up.

The ogres seemed real, but when I wake up I know of course that ogres do not exist, also they were not realistic characters then either, well with the leather straps they were wearing and all, even though my mind was awake there. But there is something about the doctor and the military recruits and that ear implant, I just can't shake it off easily as a dream. Maybe because it is more feasible to believe in humans and medical ear procedures, because human doctors and medical things exist. Ogres do not exist so I can dismiss that as a dream, so if one dreams about humans, that do exist, maybe one cannot just let go as easily. But, there is something going on here. I wish I knew what was going on. Ear implants? Alien abductions? Hamish? Mind technology? How? What? Why?

A few minutes later:
Do you need a box of tissues? - military
No. - me
Are you angry? - military
No. - me
You were very brave. - military
You see... we can't tell you more than this. - military
I need to know everything. There is no turning back now, it cannot, and should not, be undone. I have years of not knowing. I am ready to know, and I said everything. - me

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