We Need Them For Germination
July 14 2017

"You whore!", those were the words of Jack when I woke up early this morning to get ready for work.

I was aware of aliens in my life since I was 14 years old. Since about age 15 I had what seemed to be U.S. military officers and what I called surveillance people, men in black suits, in my life. The aliens and these guys knew each other and their reasons for visiting me were related. In my late 20's the aliens informed me that they were taking my eggs to make alien hybrids. To make alien hybrids they also need men.

The original reasons for the military to be involved with aliens included probably interests in national security, exchange of weapons and technology, and various agreements with permissions and restrictions. But the aliens had also asked their military friends, if those would be willing to have sex with the women who were being abducted for eggs, and surprisingly many of those military and surveillance associates thought it was a good idea and said yes.

Meet two of those guys who said yes when the aliens had asked them if they would be willing to have sex with me. Army Officer or Agent Bryant. And Jack who says he is from NASA Ames.

Agent Bryant

Yesterday all of a sudden the aliens show me a mental image of a man's shoes and ankles, he is wearing black dress shoes and a black business suit, the alien says to me, "Do you see that?". Next, and I was not naked at the time, I hear this, from July 13, 2017:

Hey you! I'd really like to see you naked! That is, if you don't get too dizzy from seeing me. - man
Because, they tell me you get dizzy when you come here. But. If we could somehow work over that fact. Then you would be more than welcome. We would be glad to see you! - man
I would love to go there. Not sure exactly where "there" is, but I would be EXCITED to come and visit! - me
Hey you, are you talking with the extraterrestrials? - man
Yes I am. - me
And how is your belly, belly? - man [the second "belly" in my third language]
I, I don't know? - me
What's in there? - man
I don't know? What is in there? What do you know about it? - me
We would like to see for ourselves. - man
Are you a human? - me
Yeah! You bet! I am from that... Cape Canaveral site. So. Some of these matters are urgent matters. - man [Earlier that same day I had written the short page about Cape Canaveral on my website.]
What is urgent right now? - me
That you do not talk to the extraterrestrials anymore. - man
Some of them are my best friends. Hamish in particular. I don't want to leave Hamish. He was my best friend... - me interrupted from "for five or six years".
I have shown her my scales. - Hamish to man and I see him showing the red scales on his arms to the man I see Hamish's arm too
(The man says that he or they are from Cape Canaveral and that they know I have been inside of a UFO. I was brushing my teeth so I forgot the exact words couldn't write it at once.)

We know that you are really eager to get to the battle at Syracuse. We know that Ma'am. And so therefore, we are preparing a bed there for you! - man
Really? Can I really go there, and meet all of you? Do you know how much that would mean to me? - me
You look like a woman from the 1970's. - man smiles to himself
So you know about that Cape Canaveral site... Um. Several bombs were planted there for us. And none of them we could find. - man
What bombs? From the aliens? Why did they do that? - me
As an act of dominance. Dominance needed them the most. - Hamish is very eager to answer this question
I wanted to take you to Japan, Tik! - Hamish looks at me with eyelids smiling warmly and he leans his head one side then the other
I LOVE YOU HAMISH! I would go anywhere with Hamish! - me
She wanted to go with me. - Hamish
When can I go to Hamish? To see my Dragon? - me
We were not humored by you before, about our base? - Hamish to me
What did you mean, Hamish? - me
My beautiful Turtle. - me, as I see Hamish
They wanted to see you in your panties, in your underwear. - Hamish to me with an image of me in my white lace panties though today I am wearing a dark blue one and have pants over that right now
Who are you, man? What is your name? - me
I am Agent, or Officer Bryant! And my first name is not for you to know. - man
And, what is your work here? Where are you from? Are you a human being? - me
*sniff* *sniff* Yes. - Hamish sniffed at Mr. Bryant to confirm from the smell of him that he is in fact a human
Thank you Hamish for helping me. Hamish? What do you know about Mr. Bryant there? What can you tell me about him? - me
Hello. We are with the Locusts. - Mantid I see one
Hello Locusts. Nice to meet you. - me
We wanted to take your eggs. We are gardening them. And we are with the Mantids, Locusts. - Mantid
Nice to see Mantids, every time. They are lovely to talk to. - me to Mantids
Mantids? Who is Agent Bryant? Where is he from? - me
He is working with our space team. - Mantid about Bryant
Is he with the military? - me
I will take your arm. NOW! - Hamish wants to take me by the arm to lead me to go someplace
I would love to go with you Hamish. Where are we going? Are we going to Japan? Where do we go, Hamish? - me
They have beautiful koi fish there. - Hamish his eyes are smiling so beautifully as he thinks of large koi fish with beautiful orange golden scales and some white patch of scales on them too
They are beautiful koi fish. - me
Therefore, I thought being there was important. - Hamish because of the beautiful fish
Yes, Hamish. They were important fish. They were very beautiful, just like Hamish is beautiful. Hamish is also important for me. - me
Please, that is enough flattery. - either Mantid or Bryant but more likely it was the Mantid
I am mostly curious about Mr. Bryant. - me (which is ironic considering that I have got alien beings here)
Mr. Bryant? - me
Hey? What? - Bryant
I am curious about you. Who are you exactly? And when can I see you? - me
Well, you are here because of the extraterrestrials. And that is all I am going to say to you. All, and about nothing else. - Bryant
Do you and me know each other since many years back? Or did we just meet for the first time? - me
"But I would call this a big ass spaceship! Hahah! That is what it is really looking a lot like!"

I am in their locomotive. They are calling it that. But I would call this a big ass spaceship! Hahah! That is what it is really looking a lot like! - Bryant
How did you get this job, Sir? - me, and feeling uncomfortable with calling an unknown stranger a "Sir"
I sort of see you? You have got a black suit on and black dress shoes. And your hair is dark. - me
Oh! Come on. - Bryant almost breaking into crying because I see him, or what, or why?
Is this the first time you met me? - me
Hell no! I have been doing these affairs for a long time. For a very long time, you see. - Bryant
I am curious about you. Do you work for the military? And, you said to me that you are either an officer or an agent? Are you also a military officer? - me
Hell, yes! As, one has got to be, to be working around here! - Bryant
Army, Air Force, or Navy? - me
What is our battle plan, you should ask him. - Hamish looks at me clearly and says
Hey, yeah, it gets really tough when they are taking our women. - Bryant
I am really not fond of this. So! I am sitting here, up inside of their spaceship! - Bryant
Are you in an alien spaceship? - me
He wanted our foods, no more. - Hamish, a bit uncomfortable with how Hamish was thinking of Bryant seeing him from his shoe and pants leg, almost like Hamish saw it like a moving target even though Bryant was still at the time
Bryant? - me
So! They have planted these bombs here. - Bryant, there is a strange panic or crying inside him because of that, and a feeling as if it is making him cold inside, the threat being very real for him
What bombs, Sir? What bombs are they planting? - me, although I am hearing this all the time
Hello. Yes. We are the Mantids, and we have got to eat. We don't have any food otherwise. The bombs are planted, to ensure our survival. - Mantid
Tok Tok Tok. - Hamish showing his back and his hands are at the lower back
Mr. Bryant? How old are you? - me
I'm not gonna tell you, Miss. - Bryant
Can I come to the UFO too? To meet with you? To see if you are real? - me
Hell yes! Come on over! - Bryant
So how do I go about coming into the spaceship? And to be awake and conscious? I really want to go. - me
So, come on now, tell us Sugar. - Bryant or another military officer
Tell you what? What should I tell you? - me
Bryant? What kind of an officer are you, Sir? Are you a Captain? Or a Sergeant? You're not a General you seem very young to be a General. The Generals are always older than you. It must take time to become a General... Are you with the Army, Air Force or the Navy then? I would really like to know. - me
Come on, they're calling you a dog race. We don't want it anymore. Come on now! - Bryant, the last underlined he said to Hamish and he seemed to be pushing Hamish away from him or to be thinking of pushing Hamish away with a lot of strength
I don't personally care when they call me a dog race. *After all Hamish is a langoustine.* - me
I would bite. - Hamish heard what I said but didn't want to say about langoustine and he must have known how I meant it
Hello, Barbie! - Bryant cheerful to me
Hello, Bryant! How nice to meet you! Why are you acting flirtateous, saying you wanna see me naked? - me
Because I do. - Bryant standing his ground
Well then. I guess you could? Really? - me
Tik Tok. - Hamish smiling with his eyes
Have the aliens offered for you to get to have sex with me? - me
Uhhuh, yes they did. - Bryant
And what are you going to do? Are you going to? Well, is there any chance of me being awake for that encounter with you? - me
Say what? What, say you? - Bryant
Why would I not be awake for it? - me
I would bite your arm. - Hamish to me and thinking about leading me by the arm, as if if I were awake he would have a reason to bite my arm, as if I am not meant to be awake for it
Bryant? Are you in the military? - me
"There goes on a lot of stuff here that you don't wanna hear..."

Yes, uhhuh, yep I am. I was, since 2006. That is when I joined in the Army. I didn't know about this. I just wanted to, shoot stuff. I was a pretty good, with my rifle. Never knew I would meet women like you either. So. There goes on a lot of stuff here that you don't wanna hear... I don't wanna tell you the rest of it. - Bryant to me
You are going to fertilize her egg. - Hamish says to Bryant
Hamish? - me
Tik Tok! - Hamish to me
Hamish? Is Mr. Bryant going to have sex with me? - me
Yes-No. I was not planning on that, Yes-No. - Hamish kindly answers me
Hamish? Where is Mr. Bryant right now? Is he in the United States? Is he in a military base? - me, Hamish is listening to me and making the effort to listen and to follow, leaning his head from one side to the other several times slowly as he listens carefully, gently and kindly
I love you Turtle. - me
Yes, Miss, you were with mine. - Hamish to me about me
Bryant? What is your first name Sir? - me
I was not going to tell you! - Bryant smiles happy
There are onions there. - Hamish about the baby onions that look a bit like leeks that are in a bundle in the kitchen on the counter, in my native language (NL)
There are onions there. - me (NL)
No. For them is not hunger. - Hamish approximately (NL) [Comment when editing: Note that Hamish never says "No" in English. This is in my native language. In English he always says "Yes-No" for No.]
Bryant? Did you ever see a Draconian Reptilian in person? - me
Oh god yes, they smell! They do horrible things here. They do things to women like you. You wanna know what they do to ya? - Bryant
They put things in your mouth, and then they take things out of your ass. - Bryant, but I saw a Zeta so either Bryant or Zeta said, but it sounded like Bryant and was also said in his way of speaking

Pleiadians are here. I sense that they want to be helpful. But I find them more of a nuisance right now. I will not engage with them.

The bombs, that they planted, that was done very mean. We wanted to help them with them. And so we have removed some. But some of them are inside men! - Pleiadian
They put bombs inside humans? Is that so? Do they really? Why? - me
Because of cruelty, that is not inside of humans. - Pleiadian, probably all referring to cruelty
"I was in the Iraq war. In Kuwait too. So, they thought, and they figured, that I could probably handle all of this."

I was in the Iraq war. In Kuwait too. So, they thought, and they figured, that I could probably handle all of this. But I couldn't. I break down and cry a lot all of the time. I saw women like you, the first time that I did, I hurled, I threw up. I threw up all over my clothes, when I saw what they did, to women like you. They take your babies out screaming. THEY THOUGHT THIS WAS GONNA BE LIKE KUWAIT, GODDAMNIT! TAKING BABIES SCREAMING OUT OF THEIR MOTHER'S BELLIES! - Bryant
This is nothing like Kuwait. - Bryant or Zeta, because I saw a Zeta
So we also take things out of your nose. - Zeta to me
Thank you Zeta, I know. I know that. - me
And then we put things into your belly. I also thought you should know. - Hamish smiles with his eyes to me and tells me
Thank you Hamish. I am proud of you Dragon. I love you Turtle. My Turtle Sock. - me
My ova. - Hamish sways his body side to side out of happiness with eyes smiling, this word would refer to like egg yolk or something like that in me (NL)
Bryant? When were you in Kuwait, what year? - me
Oh god, that must've been in 2002. Or wait, that was probably more like 2003. - Bryant
Tik, Tik Hamish! - me happy as I see Hamish standing up tall with his feet wide apart and flat duck feet
My Hamish was there, my turtleback. - me to Hamish (NL)

Are you a Liutenant, Bryant? - me, looking at a list of all the Army ranks in the United States

What was that? I felt and saw as if some man would have suddenly kissed me over my mouth, his chin and face against my chin and cheeks, and I saw him a man in another room, a room where I am not in right now, another room brightly lit.

Hello I am here with Officer Bryant. And he doesn't need to be thinking that he is getting all the ladies. I want some too. - the 2nd officer
My Buttercups. - Hamish
Who are you? What is your name, Sir? - me
I am a tackle officer. Do you know what those are? For close combat. I am here for your safety. If anything happens over here. - 2nd officer
Did you just kiss me? In another dimension? Or am I insane! - me
I was on a Navy ship once. Battling it out with some officers. Then the hell broke loose and I was brought here. For fighting. They said I was a good candidate. For this? - 2nd officer
Hell yeah! Now you're in it with me! Hahah! This is more like a prison sentence for him! - Bryant cheerful like a teenage kid
So. You got into a fight with some officers? Over what? - me
What do you think? About bragging rights. - 2nd officer
The door's over there, if you wanna go. - 2nd officer or Reptilian, probably said to a Reptilian
What is your name? - me
I am a, combat officer, and I am now not only in flight. I am coming in to see you Miss. - 2nd officer
A "combat officer"? Is that an actual term? Are you a human? - me
No, but I am here with the lizard boys. - 2nd
And I know you are looking for Cunningham. So I wanna tell you about him. Do not bother him right now. Because, it seems that he has just lost his mother, and he wants to get lost himself in booze. He's drinking, and wining, and in women. So I don't want you to bother him, he is a comrade. A really good pal of mine. I know him personally. So? You wanna know where he is? He is travelling cross-country. He wanted to take his jeep, but this one's better. - 2nd officer
She has got our ova. - Hamish says to the men
I don't wanna fight with you, dude, bro. - 2nd officer to Hamish, it seems that Hamish was pushing himself really close to this man and the man was pushing Hamish away

From both of the men it seems that Hamish, if Hamish is there physically present with the men, Hamish has pushed his body really close against them, Hamish is large and heavy and the men need to use a lot of strength to push him away.

He also smells. Do not forget about that. - 2nd officer to me about Hamish
I will bite you for what you said! - Hamish about being said that he smells
Hamish is fine. He is my best friend in the whole world! - me
Hell, yeah! - Bryant, someone had the mental image of me in those white panties again
My Toast. - Hamish (first word NL, Toast in English)
So, Gentlemen. You are with the military. - me
No, I only was. I was dismissed. For fighting. For getting into a jam. With my fellow mates. Now I am here, serving the United States military in a different way. At least I'm not a janitor, heh! - 2nd officer
You were dismissed for fighting? - me
Yeah, I lost several years of good service. - 2nd
Didn't they, couldn't they have just given you a warning? What did you do to the guy? - me
Hey? Are you some kind of a princess? You really wanna know? What we did? - 2nd officer, but his face melts into the warmest and kindest smile that looks truly loving and kind, quite unlike what one would expect from all this talk about fighting and being dismissed
How come they couldn't just give you a warning instead of dismissing you from your services? How bad was the fight? - me
I was in the Navy, you hear! - 2nd
And? What was your rank? What was your rank in the Navy? Am I hallucinating you? - me
Hell, yeah, we are here with Officer Bryant! We wanted to see ya. - 2nd
I wanted to see you too, so badly. - me
They have told me that I smell. And, I wanted my eggs therefore. - Hamish talks to me the first, the second more to the men
Can I meet you guys? Please. I would do anything. - me, and in response, a Zeta shows me the mental image of the white gloved hand with four fingers of a Mickey Mouse, just the hand, as if it were coming here on the sofa right next to me
I want to meet Bryant and the Navy officer. - me
Can you boil yourself some tea? You are going to need it, if you sleep with us here. - Zeta talks to me kindly
I don't want some tea, no thank you. I want to meet Bryant and the other gentleman. Can you bring me to them, to be in the same place, please? - me
I never had anyone so eager to show me their panties! - Bryant cheerful like a teenage kid again, thinking of an image of me in the white lace panties again

What is the name of the other officer? The Navy one? What is his name please? Can I know? - me
I wasn't just dismissed for fighting. - 2nd
What else did you do then? What happened to you, what is your story, tell me your story? - me
I had stolen narcotics. From the officers' pantry. I stole some clothes too. - 2nd
Why did you do those things? - me
Why? I wanted to get high! - 2nd
The Zeta Remulans were here. - a rumbling voice of an alien
Hello Zeta Remulans. Nice to meet you. - me
Sir? What was your rank in the Navy? - me
I already told you! I was a cadette! - 2nd, yes he did tell me earlier I didn't write it down cause I got confused about what a cadette means and then the talking continued and I guess I just forgot, sorry about that that normally never ever happens that I do not write something down, never ever
Have you been to the stars with them? Do you wanna go? - 2nd
I wanna go. - me, borrowing his choice of words

[Removed some conversations from here since they are not relevant to Bryant and the 2nd officer. These talks were moved to news53.html July 14 2017 and were based on questions that a reader of the website had for my aliens and military. Following are a few questions that the reader had for me to ask for Bryant and the 2nd officer.]

Officer Bryant? Where did you go to basic training and OCS? Do you have jump wings and air assault wings? - me
Hey, my name's Paul. - Bryant I assume it was Bryant talking
Paul Bryant? - me
Hey, that's my name! - Bryant? Still not sure if it was Bryant who was Paul
I didn't get my air assault wings yet. - Paul, same as Bryant?
Do you have your jump wings? - me
Yeah. - Bryant/Paul
Why are you a blue falcon? Are you that, what is that? - me
I am not going to tell you, what they show us. - Paul, about pornographic magazines but shown by aliens of course the women

Is Paul the 2nd officer or is Paul Bryant? I don't know, because here the last sentence about being shown things seemed like the 2nd officer. Now he kisses me on the mouth again in the other dimension and I felt it on my mouth, so Paul is probably the 2nd officer.

One of the two men tells me now that if they were to talk to me they would go to jail.

I don't want any of you guys to go to jail. - me
Which of you men said that? - me
Officer Bryant. - Bryant
And they tell me that I smell. - Hamish
Bryant? Are you Paul? Or is the other gentleman a Paul? - me
We are just us two guys here. - Bryant smiles
Can I meet you there? I would do anything. Tell me what I can do to meet you? Tell me, and I will do anything. - me
Would you, let us see you naked? - Bryant
Yes of course. - me
Whoa! - Bryant
I would do anything I said. - me
Well then. Let me lead you away. - the other man or Bryant about taking me by the arm
Where are you guys? Where are you located right now? - me
We are not going to say. - Bryant
We don't want to harm you, or harass you, or make you troubles with going to school. Given that, some of that has already happened to you. - 2nd man with real sadness in his throat
I'm ok over here. I'm just dying to meet you guys. I just wanna know, which of you is Paul? Is that same as Bryant, or is that the other man? - me
Bryant is me. - Bryant
And are you also Paul? - me to Bryant
Is Paul the other guy? - me to Bryant
We have been given presents. - Hamish to me (in my other language OL)
Tok Tok Tok. - Hamish
About my back I said. And, Tok. - Hamish
I love you Hamish, you are beautiful. - me
I want to meet you. I will do anything in the whole world to meet you. - me to Bryant
Would you come here? - Hamish about underground alien base
Yes. - me

I now feel again the 2nd officer kissing me on my mouth, over there in that other place.

Are you kissing me Sir? I could feel it and see it. - me
I could also grab you at your tail. - 2nd
Then, do I get to meet you there? - me
Tiik, Tiik! - Hamish thinking about or showing me a place in Japan with an old woman or was that woman meant to depict me

The next day, July 14 2017, 1:30 PM:
Commendant Larsen does not like to say this. But that other guy was Commendant Larsen. - Commendant Larsen, so this would mean that the 2nd guy the day before was Commendant Larsen

What we learn...

Looking at my list of military and surveillance guys, I have previously encountered a "General Bryant", who was tan with white hair. The recent Agent Bryant, I commented seemed too young and otherwise immature to be a General, also he is not tan with white hair, so this Bryant is not the same as the previous General Bryant.

On the list we also have a "Doctor Captain Bryant" who was a woman.

This young male Officer / Agent Bryant is thus a new character as of July 13 2017, and a third Bryant which sounds like too many.

The second man yesterday was, by his own admission today, Commendant Larsen. I can agree to that, since the 2nd man I could vaguely see yesterday did resemble Commandant Larsen to a good enough likeness that I can believe that it would have been him.

Agent Bryant was thus an Army Officer who served in Iraq and Kuwait. And Commandant Larsen is also a cadet. At a first glance I am thinking "Oh no! Larsen is already a Commandant and now he is saying he is a Cadet! No one can have two titles or ranks at the same time!" There is something called a "Commandant of Cadets". Was it Larsen yesterday who said he was a Cadet? And was it Agent Bryant or the 2nd officer whose first name is Paul?

How is Agent Bryant doing emotionally?

Agent Bryant was different from the many other military officers I have gotten to know from our mutual alien contact experiences. His energy and emotions comes across as young, like a teenager, that is why I told him he couldn't possibly be a General for instance, since all of the Generals I have known are older but also more mature and emotionally solid and stable.

A lot could be said about his emotions and mental state, even though I struggle to find the words. I have never met a person like this. It's as if he can easily get really excited from thrills, imagine if he had to jump out of an airplane or if he was in war and in the situation where he has to shoot at an enemy. I think what I'm seeing in him is what can happen to a soldier who was in war, what I'm picking up on is that he has been in situations that push a human mind to the very extremes of an emotional response, I would like to say without meaning it as any kind of insult that it seems he has some psychiatric damage from those many stressful situations that he has been through. His mind has been through a lot. In a telepathic contact it is not just words that are conveyed from person to person, we are also reading each other's emotions and minds. It's like his mind has been taken to the outermost extremes of what it emotionally should be able to handle, and he has been there several times, and now even though he is at home and the wars are over, the door or walls are busted and his mind has a tendency to spill overboard and cause him this feeling of emotional overload.

He did say that he had been in Iraq and Kuwait and that he was chosen to be one of the guys who sees the Reptilians and alien abductions in person, because it was known that he had already seen and been through a lot so they thought that he could handle these extremes as well. He is a very unusual person for sure, but what I am saying is that I worry about his mental health, he could have been several times close to the limits of what a human mind can handle. It is perhaps normal for people who are in war and have to shoot people and be shot at, but what I see it's really done things to his mind that I wish hadn't happened to him. Or maybe Agent Bryant was always like this.

How is Jack doing emotionally?

Let's get back to the man who called me a "whore" this morning. How is he doing emotionally? Jack is not with the military. He says he was with NASA Ames and he is working together with my aliens. At some point, my aliens asked him if he would be so kind to have sex with me to get me pregnant and Jack said yes and now we have many hybrid children together which he likes to call "cabbage patch kids" because he thinks that they look like those dolls.

The men who agree to get abductee women pregnant, are given the luxury of a choice of women to choose from. The women do not seem to have a choice or say at all and also do not seem to get to stay awake or remember any of what happens and one can debate whether remembering would be better or worse. A lot of the men there do not choose me because there are younger prettier women available, but I still have plenty of them. There have been a few men from Japan which is a major site of Reptilian and Zeta involvement, we also have the Russian Korpral Olav Vetti, and one of the long-time faithful ones from the U.S. team would be

Now at 4:02 PM, July 14, 2017:
How about Stanislav? He was also there. - Hamish adds now
Did Stanislav, also? - me
He wasn't alien abducted like you. But he wanted babies too! And then, grrh. - Hamish, the growl he thinks about biting into such babies

One long-time faithful one from the U.S. team would be Captain Richard Swansea, but the one I think about the most when it comes to these "fathers" is NASA team Jack. Maybe because Jack isn't one who was with the military, perhaps he was a scientist, perhaps someone more thoughtful and compassionate, than impulsive and careless by training, I was not just some meaningless woman out of many women one to be had and then forgotten about. Jack forged an emotional relationship to me over there, where the aliens had brought us together. I mean something to him. He loves me.

Jack obviously found out that I had offered myself to Agent Bryant, and as soon as I woke up in the morning he was very upset and he called me a whore because of it. Jack is not one to say rude things to me ever, so he is really feeling betrayed, cheated on. He thought I should be faithful to him. He thought that I could cherish the feelings that he has for me, and that I would feel the same for him perhaps. He does not understand that I cannot remember any of the abductions where I and these men would have been together, he also does not understand that I would do anything, including offering to sleep with these men, just to get to meet with them in person and to look them in the eye and to know that they are more than just voices.

This isn't the first time that Jack has been upset and feeling jealous, for the same reasons he has been very upset a few times before, when I have agreed to sleep with other of the men. But, even though I say that they can, I do not get to remember, so I don't know what it is worth. Jack gets equally jealous and upset if I sleep with a man in real life.

In the early morning

When I went to sleep last night, after those long conversations with Agent Bryant and the 2nd officer, I had told the aliens and these men very clearly that I wanted them to let me stay awake for the alien abduction that night. I told them to either come earlier when I was still awake, or to wake me up at night when they do come. I was woken up by the aliens at around 3 AM, they said to me I think good morning. But I was too sleepy or something to recall what happened. I remember feeling as if those two men were really close, and the aliens too, but I do not know more than that.

Today on my way home from work I was thinking about writing this page about Agent Bryant and the 2nd officer and about how Bryant had been allowed to use me, and with the mental image of sperm cells, a Zeta told me about these men:

"We need them for germination."

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